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Ah the K drama. When you drunk and all you wants to do is pond  it. And she ain't giving you any. But for real why you put yourself all over the FB feeds.

General Discussion / In a months or two from now
« on: January 27, 2021, 08:49:51 PM »
I will officially be a member of PH for 10yrs. Wow, are there anyone left in here from my era that still roams in PH from time to time? Holler if you are still here.

Poetic Souls / Re: always waiting
« on: January 11, 2020, 06:34:06 AM »
How time flies
Just a blink of an eye
We said our goodbyes
Not gonna lie
I did cry
Deep down inside
As I swallow my pride

Once in a while, a drop of tear rolls down my face
Till this day
I still miss you babe
But it's okay
Cause today
All the way to May
I will come and snatch you away
And renew our 'ole ways

Hmong Stories / Do not answer your name/others
« on: October 05, 2019, 08:59:44 PM »
About 5 or so months ago. As I was heading off to bed, I had just laid my head on my pillow. It's one of those feelings like you're half awake and half asleep.
I saw 2 hmong look alike shadows coming towards my bedroom window. As they got closer I heard one of them calling my wife's name. Out of instinct  I answered "huh or yeah". Then I saw them both freak out and took off running back from where they came. I immediately shot up from my bed. And was like WTF. Why did I answer the name. I didn't think much of it, but knew something wasn't right. I thought of asking an OG but thought eh. Must of been a fluke.

A month or so later I started feeling very depress. Like depress to a point I started seeing my own image. Of me hanging myself from a tree and wanting to die. And that life on this Earth has no meanings. It got worse and worse. And I started seeing cats around my house. Dude it was pretty fawk up. Not to mention many moons ago when a ghost followed me home from Moundsview Park.

I knew something wasn't right with me. I told some elders as to what's been going on. They told me to seek a Shaman. And so I did. A week later the Shaman did their Neeg stuff on me.
I'm feeling a bit better. Those images are not as strong as it once did. And the depression mood is kinda of fading away.

 My wife don't believe in Ua Neeg stuff. You know those hmnG who grew up in the Ameeka ways of life. I

So heed my warning. Do not answer names unless you see them in person.

Hmong Stories / Re: Neej Neeg ONLY!
« on: October 05, 2019, 04:53:31 AM »
I do believe dabneeg and neng neng are two different era's.
Example. Dabneeg is like 10yrs or older kinda stories. Therefore its call dabneeg. Cuz it's in the past. Like Americans call it 2 centuries ago.
Neeg neeg is like under 10 and it's most recently.
Example: this hmong family lived in a haunted house.
And the wife cheats. And so hubby and wife gets into it. Hubby kills wife while he's having sex with her and then himself.. haha I know it was too extreme.and it was just like 3yrs ago.

Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Re: question about 22 rifle
« on: July 24, 2019, 09:59:22 PM »
I have a Ruger 10/22 long and I only shoot cci hollw point or FMJ.
different 22 has different dimensional in casing sizes.
Example Remington .22'casing is a bit smaller. which the extractor of the Ruger 22 sometime cannot extract this casing out of the firing mechanism. Which in turn will get jam. And then ur firing pin will be mess up.

If this is true, shouldn't all the dudes on Youtube videos drinking cow blood be dying with the cows too...? :o
they must be from Afica. I never saw a Hmong dude drinking cow blood.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: I Love Hmong Boys
« on: July 13, 2019, 12:10:33 AM »
When I say "Hmong boys" I meant "Hmong men", "Hmong guys", "Hmong boys".  Oiii!  Can't believe I have to spell it out for the guys who commented in this thread.

Saki_Saki, me too!  I love boiled squash with sugar as well.  So yummy!  I love eating it with rice and beef jerky!  That's the ultimate Hmong soul food right there!   :D
lmao, it's the  best wen it's a super hot outside.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: I Love Hmong Boys
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:52:33 AM »
I love my Hmong boys, and I'll tell you why.

Because Hmong boys eat rice like me.  They grew up on pork and zaub ntsuab soup, boiled chicken (qaib vom), and know about and have ate qaib with Hmong herbs, and other common Hmong dishes, including pepper with cilantro/onion/lime.  There is just such a comforting feeling in knowing that you have a deep connection with each other because you grew up on the same food.  I love that I can conversate in Hmong with my Hmong boys. Even if they speak English more, they still understand and can speak Hmong with me.  They know what it's like when Hmong people ua neeb and hu plig even if they and I may not practice doing those things.  They know how Hmong parties are: chaotic, crowded, lively, and filled with lots of good food.  They know how annoying "Hmong time" can be but know that it's to be expected.  They are familiar with the Hmong customs and traditions, and know how Hmong weddings and funerals are like.  They've heard of and understand what it means when people say "tsov tom" (tiger bite) and "daj ntseg" (yellow ear) and other funny Hmong phrases.

There are just so many commonalities and it's just such a nice and comforting feeling to know you share a deep level of understanding and connection because you come from the same background.

BUT, I feel that my friends and my uncle may be right.  At my age there are not a lot of options if I am wanting just a Hmong boy.  If I want a Hmong boy that is a good person who's successful and single and who's my age, they're basically saying to me "good luck."  I'm not saying that I am looking because I am not in any hurry.  I'm just saying that if a man of another race has everything that I want, except for not being Hmong, I will be so sad.  Because my heart belongs with a Hmong boy.  But I know the possibility is there that I may not end up with a Hmong boy.  And this thought makes me sad.   :'(
why you keep say Hmong Boy?. Why not Hmong Menz?
Kinda odd unless ur a cougar or a Milf?. Lmao
I can not eat too much Americanized foods. I gotta have my hmong Zaub and wat not. I do my own Garden in my backyard.
I grow wat I want to eat. I got beans, onions, and Zaub, this year.
But I normally grow squash. As I love 'em boil with sugar. And keep it in the frige to be super cold. Then pour it over rice with a little piece of meat on the side with pepper.

I do my own cooking. I don't wait for someone to cook for me.

If it was a Trump event, he'd be saying more people showed up than in the 90's.  :2funny:
OMGawd.. this is funny

I don't go because there's nothing there that interests me.  Sports?  Nah, been there, done that back in my youth. Tired of it now. Women?  Nah, I'm married and happy.  Food?  Can get it cheaper anywhere. So what's there for someone like me?
very true, I too can get it else where for cheaper. And less ppl to wait in line. Hmong village for examples. J4? Naw, easy pass. Plus it's kool indoors while all y'all be burning outside waitting in line to get y'all foods.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Honey, what's up?
« on: July 09, 2019, 09:50:53 PM »
How you doin'?   ^-^
s'up babe?.y'all miss me?. How's about I take you out to Dinner?. Lmao

Any of you peeps in here notices that their green veggies are small and already sprouting seeds?. My veggies aka( run away bride) are so small yet they're old AF. Yet my jack in the beanstalks growing wild. My onions faring pretty good.

Then if the 1st lady you did the blood oath with dies. Then she gets your soul. But if the other one dies first. Then the first one misses out.

Wow! You did that much with her? I know who she is. lol
bwhahaaa. Chicks were easy back then. You go up to the single lady at the table. And ask.. "what an honor for me to ask such a fine lady in hand for this dance tonight".The more you ask her for a dance. The better chance of you scoring. Lmao.
Heck I remember meeting up a buddy and his wife at the one of those party. And his wife introduced me to her friend.  At the end of the day I went home with them. And the chick that came with my buddy and his wife.
Long story short. Me and (her) were in the back seat of the car. We both started doing it in the back seat.  while my buddy was driving and his wife was in the passager seat. It was wild. And I can't even remember her name. I slip my rain jacket on and pumped away. Lmfao. It was crazy. Sad to say it was the last time I saw her too.

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