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One of our local mayors here makes $300.00 a year. But it's a little town. They meet about 6 times a year.

I think the salary varies with the responsibiliti es involved, not with the title.

Small city mayors and big major city mayors are completely different. The city where I work at has a population of about 40,000 and the last three (and current) mayors are all schoolteachers and I donít think they get paid a salary at all. Whereas some big city mayors are the equivalent of state Governors when it comes to responsibility, power, and influence.

For those who knows about cars, the car market today, and have good negotiating skills in negotiating for a car Iíd greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!!!

Each play is different from the previous ones.

I still bet on the U.S. for this coming playoff in Anaheim.

I like how some players jump and others spike from another
part of the net. Very tricky but nice strategy. Those guys are
so tall, fast, and spike very hard.

Yes, unless youíre playing the libero position, volleyball, especially pro volleyball, is a tall peopleís game. But then, this guy came along and change everything and all the volleyball experts just scratch their heads. But then again, Yuji Nishida is THE EXCEPTION, NOT THE RULE.

Each play is different from the previous ones.

I still bet on the U.S. for this coming playoff in Anaheim.

I like how some players jump and others spike from another
part of the net. Very tricky but nice strategy. Those guys are
so tall, fast, and spike very hard.

The U.S. womenís volleyball team is very strong and I think they could go all the way to win the championship, but yes, the menís team could beat France. After all, last year during the championship, it took all 5 sets for France to beat the United States. France was also the champion gold medal winner during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics played in 2021. Whatís interesting is that during that Olympics they were one of the weaker teams. I mean you have four powerhouses in Russia, Brazil, Italy, and Poland. Nobody expected France to beat any of those teams in the knockout stage. Furthermore, the United States also beat France 3-0 during that Olympics in the pool play with France barely making to the knockout stage with 3 losses and 2 wins.

No matter who wins itís going to be a very good game on July 8 between the United States and France.

If it's futball (aka soccer), I'd bet on France. But, since it's volleyball, I'm betting on the U.S.

France is ranked higher than the United States at number 3 in the world and France is also the defending VNL
champion. The United States is ranked at number 6.

Oh...and just to clarify, this game which will be played on July 8 in Los Angeles (Anaheim to be exact) is not the championship game. This is still pool play but both teams could very well make it to final round and possibly even the championship game which will be played in Gdańsk, Poland. The Volleyball Nations League is played in 7 cities in 7 countries across the world.

I canít wait to see the rematch of last yearís championship game between the United States 🇺🇸 and France 🇫🇷.

Congratulation s to the Clovis East High School boys volleyball team for winning the Northern California State Championship and being ranked number 3 in the nation out of nearly 3,000 teams. You guys are awesome!!! Itís so nice to see so many Hmong people coming out to the championship game.

General Discussion / Wow!!! Graduation time again...
« on: May 26, 2023, 11:13:51 AM »
I see so many Hmong high school students going to prestigious universities this year such as the fine young man from Merced High School going to Harvard on a full-ride scholarship.

First of all, Oakland is a major American city and very few Hmong lives there. Congratulation s to Sheng Thao!!!

These are not just above average. They are way better than you and me, dude.They are excellent! They are cream of the crops!

But I didn't know Dion Lim was from a Hmong clan. Did she change her last name's spelling? Or is she Cambodian?

Itís all a matter of perspective.

General Discussion / Re: Another first for Hmong
« on: November 05, 2021, 06:54:20 AM »
Inspiring the Next Generation: First Hmong Principal in U.S. Works Beyond the Classroom

Kaying Xiong's passion for education and community goes beyond her work in the Eau Claire Area School District

How long has Kaying Xiong been principal? There have been Hmong principals for  quite a few years now. And no, Iím not talking about those Hmong schools that are in places like St. Paul and Sacramento but just your regular traditional American public schools.

Sunisa will be approached by more Hollywood producers, even without Brenda. I feel that.

Brenda Song is pretty much irrelevant today. The woman is just looking after herself by connecting with Sunisa.

What I mean is that Sunisa and her family are highly revered in the Hmong community not just in America but  worldwide. Does Sunisa really want to tarnish her image in the Hmong community by associating with Brenda Song?

Concerning Hollywood, Sunisaís story is the kind of story that Hollywood dreams about. Donít be surprised if in a few years from now a movie about Sunisa is made. I just hope that when itís made theyíll cast some Hmong people as well especially for the lead role playing Sunisa...and not just a bunch of Chinese people playing Hmong.

Brenda Song already connected with her. It wouldnít surprise me if Suni eventually acts for Hollywood.

If Sunisa is smart she would stay as far as possible away from someone like Brenda Song. Itís not like Sunisa needs Brenda to achieve money and fame. If anything, itís the other way around.

You know this was coming and more will come soon.

Sunisa is extremely lucky. The new NCAA rule was just passed months earlier where she could go to college and still make money. I doubt if she would even have gone to college if that new rule didnít pass and I wouldnít blame her.

First of all, why would anyone be ashamed of taking stimulus money? The average Americanís stimulus money is pennies compared to what the rich are getting in their stimulus money.

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