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Palestinians don't know this guy. He hates his own religion and his own kind. He loves money and loves to lie. He's a wussbag just like HUNG_LOW.
General Discussion / Re: California wasting more public resources?
« Last post by Visualmon on Today at 03:17:13 PM »
Biden spend trillion of dollars on weapons and transfer that to Israel. He doesn't care about his own people. No wonder nobody bothers to voting him upcoming election.
General Discussion / Re: California wasting more public resources?
« Last post by Hung_Low on Today at 03:13:48 PM »
Apparently that $20billion wasn't wasteful enough in the eyes of Californians.. . they voted to pass Prop. 1 to give $6.38billions more to the state to waste it on mental illness and homelessness problem. That's just pocket change to Californians.. . they're all rich anyway.
General Discussion / Re: CA spent $20billions on homelessness...
« Last post by Hung_Low on Today at 03:04:52 PM »
All those taxes were paid to buy weapons of destruction and send to Israel.  :2funny:

Nah... CA is a Leftie state. It was sent to Hamas to wipe Israel off the map of the world.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:
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General Discussion / Re: if OJ SIMPSON didn’t kill her…. than who???
« Last post by hmgROCK on Today at 02:02:35 PM »
wasup with the copy n paste troll spam

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Family of grandmother attacked on church steps blasts lawmakers for not holding criminals accountable

Tahliambouris walked up the church stairs on Sunday when the teenage suspect ran alongside her and then pushed her from the top step, surveillance footage shows. Her family said a lax approach to law and order, coupled with a high recidivism rate, continues to put unsuspecting victims in harm's way.

...attack  ???:

Germany to pay US$27 million to Holocaust survivors in Israel amid Gaza war
Many Holocaust survivors have been impacted by the October 7 attacks on Israel
Each of the 113,000 Jewish survivors in Israel will receive a payment of US$235

Germany said on Thursday it is providing €25 million (US$27 million) for Holocaust survivors in Israel to help them cope with the effects of the war in Gaza.

Each of the 113,000 Jewish survivors in Israel will receive a one-off payment of €220, (US$235) according to the Claims Conference, an organisation that seeks damages for Holocaust survivors and which worked with the German government on the scheme.

“Many Holocaust survivors were hit particularly hard by the Hamas attacks,” a German finance ministry spokeswoman said, pointing to the loss of homes or support systems in the form of care.

The additional funds were aimed at helping them “in this frightening war situation”, she said.

Gideon Taylor, president of the Claims Conference, praised the payout as a “message of solidarity” from Germany to Israel’s Holocaust survivors.
The payments are being distributed in Israel in cooperation with the Claims Conference and the Holocaust Survivors Rights Authority of the Israeli government, the ministry said.

Germany is a staunch supporter of Israel and its response to the Hamas attacks and ensuing conflict has been driven by its own dark past, and the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis during the second world war.
General Discussion / Re: if OJ SIMPSON didn’t kill her…. than who???
« Last post by theking on Today at 01:54:50 PM »
that is not enough proof???

How do you not know being the "hmong Nostradumas and is always right" and all?



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Mosab Yousef, the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef:

Yousef:The charter of Hamas is to eliminate the Jewish race, beginning with Israel but not stopping with Israel and wiping them off the face of the earth. But it does not end there, we have the problem of the Pro-Palestine, who are actually given Hamas cover. They are participants in the crime. In fact. since Oct. 7 (I don't personally differentiate between Hamas and what so-called Palestinians because actually there is no Palestinians. There are, uh... tribes. There is the tribe of Hamas, there is the tribe of Islamic Jihad and there is the tribe of Kaleen(?spelling) and there is the tribe of Nablos(?spelling) and each one has different interests and all of them conflicted. If they do not have Israel as the common enemy they will kill each other. This is the reality of what's so-called Palestine. And Pro-Palestine are helping Hamas to prove to the world that Palestine depend on the destructions of the State of Israel and this is not acceptable.

This is coming from the mouth of Hamas' own son...

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