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 ;D ;D ;D  You are so trash. Refused again and I'm not even betting money. I'm done wasting time with someone who claims to be so good, but refuses challenges and bets. Three years later SPY hits 500 and he thinks he is good. "So good" but refuses to come predict the price every day. So in three years you made 10K..... I've made that in single day trades. When you can make that and can predict price on a daily basis, then I'll consider replying to you again. Until then... enjoy your $10 an hour job with your "finance" degree. Trash!


you were bashing my president joe biden and saying crap "if anybody got a brain"
like he going crash the stock market
and praying for a downfall
you were bearish as heck

 ;D ;D ;D ;D

but here i am
just all smile and laugh
SPY $500 to the moon and beyond

and here we are today as i type this $500+
you haven't been right about anything at all

 ;D ;D ;D

don't you open your mouth and talk shyt
i would be ashame to show my face around here

You are a special kind of idiot.  ;D  One reason I know you are not successful and full of it is you are still talking about how right you are after my thousands of trades are already over. I hit my target and leave while you are still talking years later.  ;D  I don't care what happens after I hit my target or stop. I move on to the next trade while you continue to talk about a guess that was right. Again, I've offered you many opportunities to come trade live every day with me and share this "knowledge" of yours, but you refused. I've offered challenges from $100 to $10,000 bets and you refused. If you are so confident then why do you refuse? Since you can't afford these bets, I'll give you one last chance. We both sign up to a challenge starting with the same amount and see who made the most in one month. If you win, I'll say you are the best, everyone should listen to you and I'll leave this shit website. If you lose, you will apologize to everyone for being an idiot, delete your PH account and leave this shit website. Deal or you too scared?

That's how it is with hmgLIAR. You've challenged him to stop by and share his knowledge a few times already but since he also knows that he LIED, he just tuck and ran. And this is why the neutral PH members said, hmgLIAR "don't know anything"... ;D
;D ;D ;D  All talk and refuses to come trade in real time with me. I do it every day and don't care where the market goes. hmgpebble is trash. All he does is talk and posts his fake wins. I don't trust anyone that only posts wins and only do it after the fact.

hmgPebble still talking. refuses to take multiple bets and posts the same thing that he can't even explain.

hmgpebble is all talk. He has refused multiple challenges and posts in here like he actually trades. He "made $10K" this year. I made more than that today.  ;D ;D ;D   :2funny: 

 ;D ;D ;D  Trash. I'll make more in a few weeks than your entire year of contributions and selecting groups of whatever they give you.


 ;D ;D ;D  That's all he does. Talks like he is really good, but when it comes down to it... trash.

He's still tucking and running instead of taking the bet... ;D ;D ;D

 ;D ;D ;D  Trash. Can't play for real when it comes to it.

 ;D ;D  ALL HAT NO CATTLE.  ;D ;D ;D  You touch no nerves. You just claim to be so good, but refuse to do it live. Three challenges so far and you denied it all. If you can't afford a $10K bet then I'll bet you $100. Trash.

i lose money if i trade with you
you have a bad track record

 ;D ;D

So you trade your trades live and I'll trade my trades live. I'm not asking you to trade my trades idiot. Again, you are trash. We will trade live for 30 days to see who can make more. If you win I'll give you $10K. If you lose you will give me your $10K. Come on "nostradamus". Free $10K for you.[size=78%] [/size] ;D

Like I've said... hmgpebble is trash!  ;D  He claims to be great at trading, but has refused to live trade with me twice.

Money & Investment / Re: Anyone Still Alive?
« on: December 04, 2023, 12:18:07 PM »

Trash!  ;D ;D ;D


you haven't been right about anything
ever since you started posting here
a 100% losing record
its like you giving us bad info and trying to make us lose money


and i will inverse you

 ;D ;D ;D

Money & Investment / Re: Anyone Still Alive?
« on: December 04, 2023, 11:15:42 AM »

 I didn't disappear in shame. I disappeared from this shitty site and trash people like you.    You come in here and say that I said "What happen to your “joe biden and the liberals is going crash this market”???" and you can't find it when I challenged you to find it. You then refer to a link about a prior Secretary of Treasury mentioning that the US is more than likely to enter a recession, which I agreed to even though many economists mentioned that definition of a recession was changed to reflect the US not being in a recession. You then use that as the reference of you saying that I said that Joe Biden and the liberals is going to crash the market, but you can't find where I said that.   Lastly, I've challenged you twice to come join Discord so we can trade in real time and you refused twice. You are the epitome of garbage. Talks shit, but won't take the challenge for real time trading. PH trading fake guru.

Money & Investment / Re: Anyone Still Alive?
« on: December 04, 2023, 11:15:20 AM »
This... forum is shitty for copying and pasting.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: The Chosens Are Something Else
« on: December 03, 2023, 07:46:40 PM »
Cool stories bro.  ;D  I bet the majority of people have no clue who these groups and countries were until after they killed a bunch of civilians in Israel.

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