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There you have it, folks. You don't need 8+ years of medical school to make 6 figures.

General Relationship / You'll never find peace with this type of person...
« on: September 25, 2023, 02:56:38 PM »

Someone who is too attached to an on and off relationship. Sounds like she is mistaking obsession for love.

Gotta give props to the Dems for their brilliant way of erasing men while destroying women. If this is not the work of the Devil to have a genderless society then what else is there? Satan knows that only God has the power to procreate. And what God creates belongs to God. So what better way to interfere with God than to murder, kill, and stop procreation?

Trans activism is inherently satanic. When it's a girl who thinks that she is a lesbian or wants to identify as a boy, there is no parading her around or enthusiasm to put her in the spotlight. Mom doesn't get involved in helping her grow into her lesbianism nor does mom help her transition to feel more male. OH BUT IF IT'S A BOY WHO IDENTIFIES AS A GIRL.....

Now we gotta have a show on TLC. Not only does mom promote and help him apply make-up, do nails, etc. she pimps him out. In fact, she makes herself his manager so he can perform twerking dances in front of grown men, wear scantily-clad clothes at drag shows, etc. Things that she wouldn't allow her 13-year old daughter do because she would consider it as sexualizing and objectifying girls.

So liberals and liberal moms, why don't you have the same concerns for your sons who identify as girls? If you really believe and support him as a transgender girl, then why don't you instill the same values that you would for a biologically born girl? Why are you so defensive and adamant to push this over-sexualized character upon society?

You care more about Lia Thompson (a male) competing against real women then you do a transmen competing with men. It's so blatantly obvious that you have a deep-seated hatred for men and any time you can have men give up themselves to women, you are so on top of it. But the funny thing is that while you're promoting and dying on this hill for transgender women, you are erasing women - the very sex that was the heart of the feminist movement.

This Dylan Mulvaney character is a joke to womanhood. Do you really think that everything he's done is a good portrayal of women? You're liars. If it was Kim Kardashian wearing tight clothes, pink, and all the so-called social constructs of a woman, you'd have a fit. You'd say she was falling into all the traps of sexualizing women, yadda yadda yadda. And guess what, Kim Kardashian does wear tight-fitting clothes, wear make-up, objectify herself sexually, etc. and you have problems with her.

But it's okay for transgender women to do all those things and they should be considered a real woman who is to be taken seriously. Wow. Just wow.

I don't bring up drag queens because we all know they're just an act for entertainment purposes. Everything is exaggerated for comedy.

Debate Central / The Democratic Party Treat Politics Like Hollywood
« on: September 03, 2023, 03:03:20 PM »
I suppose one can say that politicians are a type of local celebrities, but Democrats have been taking it to a whole new level. Their big named Democrat politicians ARE celebrities in the party and they get promoted that way. Their voters are easily brainwashed and enamored by glitter so this strategy really works for the Democratic Party. It's no wonder that the Democratic Party is teamed up with Hollywood. Dem voters really do allow Hollywood to tell them who to vote for. And that's why they're so threatened by Trump because the man was and is a celebrity. They know he can really sway their voters to support him so they must demonize him 24/7. If Taylor Swift decided to run as a Republican, trust me, they would start slashing that woman despite having fangirled her throughout her career in the music industry.

So I bring this up because I was at Build-a-Bear and they had shirts with Democrat Women on them. Figures such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kamala Harris, etc. I was like, "what the heck is this crap?" I don't want to see this filth in a children's toy store. If this is about celebrating women then why aren't their conservative women? I see this kind of crap coming from the Democratic Party and their supporters all the time.

You people wonder why the country is in the state that is. It's because your leaders in the Democratic Party, along with mainstream media, Hollywood, and the biggest social media corporations are running the biggest reality show in the world and YOU ARE PART OF IT. They're selling merch of your favorite politicians, political activists, talking heads, etc.

I hate anything with political messaging on it so I'm glad Target received a huge backlash for their Pride gear this year. I also noticed that nobody gives a crap about black-owned merch either. We don't want that crap in our regular stores. If you sell that at your political engagements, fundraisers, websites, etc. then fine. But I don't want to walk into my grocery store and see that divisive crap on full display, especially when you don't give the same room for other voices/causes/ideologies/political views/etc.   

I highly suggest you watch Larry Elder's appearance on "The Breakfast Show" (sp?) with Charlamagne tha God.

Minority liberals seek validation from white people and that's why they don't understand the minority conservative. They don't understand why minorities are conservatives because after all, aren't those white conservatives so racist?

For starters, there are racists in both political parties. There are racists in all political parties. You're very stupid if you believe otherwise, and believing "well there are less racists in the Democratic Party" makes you even more stupid. That's like saying I'm going to vote for Hitler because he is only one racist in his group, but there are many racists (who happen to be less powerful and threatening) in the other party. Dumb-dumbs, it's not the quantity of the racists that makes a cult dangerous.

Secondly, minority conservatives vote based on values and not because they believe they're going to have kumbaya moments with the other race and ethnic groups who vote conservative. Whereas most minority liberals vote Democrat because they truly believe white Democrats are their friends. Which is why they're quick to forgive white liberals who blackface or use the n-word. The white libs capitalize on this since they know they have a free pass to be completely racist without backlash. If this doesn't scream "we need white people to validate us," I don't know what else will.

I won't even go into details how horrible liberal policies are for minority communities. The purpose of this thread was to show why minority liberals are weak-minded, clingy, have low self-esteem, and crave white approval/friendship. But it makes sense because minority liberals are pre-occupied with racism - meaning, how white people view them. So why wouldn't they pledge loyalty to a group that claims to be their friend?

Minority liberals also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for their race and ethnicity to be highlighted in the public. For example, Simone Biles can't just be an American gold-medalist. We have to talk about her being black. We have to celebrate her blackness. Sunisa Lee can't just be an Olympian gold-medalist. We have to talk about her being the first Hmong gymnast to compete and win at the highest level. These things are what keeps minorities un-American. These things give the impression that minorities are a foreigner.

At what point do minorities drop these details because if we're still doing this shiit after a hundred Sunisa Lees win gold medal at the Olympics then our goal was never to be American.

Black liberals are the only people keeping racism alive. Even when there are cities overwhelmingly run by blacks at the highest level, "oh racism!" due to poor outcomes. Perhaps black leaders in those cities are just horrible leaders.

Stop asking whites to solve your issues. Stop seeking white approval/validation. Stop expecting anything from them. If your communities are failing and your people lack the competitive edge to gain economic power, then your leaders need to come up with better strategies. Did you know that you can have your own doctors, attorneys, teachers, hospitals, banks, schools, parks, churches, neighborhoods, grocery stores, etc.? Yes, and all funded by YOUR money. But none of these things can thrive under liberal policies because all they do is tax, take, and regulate these things to the death.

I'm not suggesting segregation but I am suggesting that you have the power to erect and run communities more tailored to you. White people do it all the time and you know you want to move to those white communities. They don't have an advantage over you other than the fact that they aren't waiting for your approval to do them.   

She is very smart and always on point. Here she is talking about why emotionally unavailable people attract clingy people:

Marriage & Family Life / My View on Talking About Exes
« on: September 03, 2023, 03:21:33 AM »
I bring up this topic because theking and Reporter had threads about exes or at least mentioned it in a thread.

First of all, I'm not one who frequently talks about exes to my current partner, especially not in the stages of building trust. That's usually after the honeymoon phase. However, I'm not bothered when my partner talks about his ex(es) as long as he's treating me good. Otherwise, I would feel very disrespected and unvalued. A lot of people want to show that they're not to blame for why their last relationship ended so they have the habit of blaming the ex, while talking about how great they were. We've all been guilty of doing this. The love and effort you put into your current relationship is what will show how great a person you are - not anything you did for an ex.


If this has ever happened to you, DO NOT sweat it.

From my own experience and observations of others who went through this, monsters don't know how to cultivate a healthy relationship because they tend to be egotistical, sneaky people who don't want to answer to anybody. They will never commit to a healthy person because it requires them to change, to do better, to show up, to be transparent, and to be fully committed. What they're looking for is someone who they can manipulate and control, who will put up with their unhealthy habits or at least doesn't cause drama when they're upset with the monster. However, if they can't find such person then they're fine committing to a toxic/broken person because then they don't have to feel guilty about their own toxic behavior. Trust me, I've heard it from the horse's mouth. Men who claimed to have such toxic exes but when asked why they kept the relationship for so long they make all sorts of excuses. But the real reason was because he was getting free bedtime and companionship along with other perks, all the while he could tell her that he would never marry her because of x, y, z. In other words, "you're good enough to sleep with and use, but I won't marry unless you change x, y, z or because you are x, y, z. Oh, but I will keep this relationship until I'm ready and done." Again, the monster feels no guilt but rather justified.

Again, monsters don't want to answer to anybody. And that's why you'll notice them in toxic relationships filled with drama and abuse, one after another, unless they can find someone easier to control.

I'll share with you all, the zombie that I dealt with - well I never took him seriously when he came back because I had already met the husband by then, who was by far a better person in every sense. But curious to see where this would lead, I kept in touch after he did all the initiating and love-bombing. He called me in the morning, at work, and at home. He really wanted to show his interest and commitment to a reconciliation so I took him up on it. Again, just to see where this would lead. I wasn't testing him or anything, just curious. And what the heck, if he was serious then I was willing to take a leap of faith.

Oh sure, the zombie talked about commitment but never took real steps toward it. And I also sensed that he was being sneaky about something. Things he said just never added up. But I didn't want to jump to conclusions. People like this, you have to let them face the fact of how horrible a person they are. It's better that way when they know, because they showed themselves, how crappy they are and unworthy to be with you.

He eventually told me that he knocked up a girl, whom he had been dating and considered his girlfriend in the 5 years that we had stopped talking and were apart. He wasn't motivated to marry her and it was getting to the point that the baby was due. He dated her for that long and still couldn't decide if he wanted to marry her when she's having his baby? I lost so much respect for him. What a bum. It became clear to me that this girlfriend was just a doormat for him. I felt relieved that it wasn't me! That might've happened to me if he hadn't disappeared. I gave him some friendly advice that he should give marriage a try since there was a baby on the way. Then I just stopped answering his calls and emails. His wife might have gotten him but that is not a good way to start a marriage. Who wants to be with someone who didn't really choose you to marry? This explains why his wife is irritable all the time. He didn't want her, but she's the type of woman for him. That's why he's miserable all the time.

Move cousins are married into this clan so they know a lot about him because their husbands are good friends with this dude. My cousin told me all the shady things he did and are still doing. LIKE THE FACT THAT HE NAMED A DAUGHTER AFTER ME AND ANOTHER AFTER MY OWN DAUGHTER.  ::) He even put the move on my cousin after he and I stopped talking. His wife is still very upset about that and developed animosity towards my cousin. They can't go to family functions without tension in the room.


Standing up for each other is important in a relationship. It's always a tricky and sensitive position to be in when it involves family, but spouses should remember that they are each other's family first. 

General Relationship / This guy has good relationship advice
« on: July 12, 2023, 10:59:42 PM »

In my experience, when a man loves you and is serious about you, he will never put you in a position where he could lose you. That means that you won't feel confused or insecure about his feelings and intentions. You don't question where the relationship is heading. I accept that there are women with attachment issues, but we're not talking about those with emotional issues.

Make sure to watch the segment where he talks about "bread crumbing" from men who love bombs in the early stage. If you feel a man start to show less interest after having shown a lot of interest, it might not mean that he's lost interest. It could be him grooming you for a one-sided relationship where you're the one who does all the initiating and pleasing.

General Discussion / Posting Here Because Nobody...
« on: July 11, 2023, 12:43:47 AM »
...really goes into Relationship forums.

If any of you have had an unhinged ex, how long did that person continue to create drama for you?

Why do you think your ex was so angry and bitter that they felt compelled to create drama for you?

Was your ex always this drama-filled in the relationship and how long did it take for you to break it off?

Did your ex's drama create problems for your new relationship(s)?

Are you still in contact or connected to this ex? If so, why?

Share your crazy ex stories in this thread.

General Relationship / 10 Signs Someone is Losing Interest in You
« on: July 10, 2023, 11:05:00 PM »

1. They talk to you less
2. They start acting differently around you
3. They don’t reach out anymore
4. They stop asking questions
5. They’re no longer responsive
6. They stop making an effort
7. They cancel and make excuses
8. They make other plans
9. They prioritize other people
10. They found someone else

General Relationship / 3 Signs They're Not Serious About You...
« on: July 01, 2023, 08:48:12 PM »

She gives good relationship advice. It's hard to believe that she isn't a licensed therapist.

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