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Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Messi to Miami
« on: June 07, 2023, 06:39:30 PM »
Motivated by money

Look at the terms that he will be getting out of this deal.  Hell of a deal

Very cool.  Did not know these new signs.

When I used to ride, a downward peace sign to say hi

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NBA TALK
« on: June 05, 2023, 06:14:06 PM »
Nuggets took their foot off the pedal last night. Cannot be relax when youíre playing Miami.

Fake and staged to extend an extra game to build more revenues to the industry.  Plus, some guy dropped big money on a sweep.  He just lost.   :2funny:

Very true, some automobile owners donít do much. Could also be luck.

Car problems is a pain and very costly.

Well if you have no mechanic inclined person in your family then you can not play the way of "owning till the wheels fall off" tactics. 

the rich don't play it like the poor now do they?  They are rich for a reason.  They know something or calculated things differently hence why they are rich.  A lot of rich guys I noticed drives any vehicles they want.  They lease it though.  Another smart way is to buy new and once you hit that 100K mark, you sell it or trade it in to get another new.  Rinse this process and you will never have to deal with mechanic and what not.  Car manufactures are smart.  They give you them warranty up to a point where they think your vehicle will break down.  This is the point where you should give away your used vehicle to the next sucker so they can deal with the mechanical issues that comes with all vehicles.  They will always drive new.

If you do the math and lets say 100k and 10 years.  When you are 30 to 40, lets say you can afford to pay off your vehicle.  At 40 to 50, you are driving your 2nd new vehicle.  50 to 60 is 3rd.  60 to 70 is 4th.  So all throughout your life, you will be driving just 4 new vehicles.  Now imagine that.  Life is too short. 

Gen X here

So freaking true

Lots of them days are over.  Flying domestic flight if more than 3 hours, they serve you airplane food.  Delicious at times.  Usually them bigger airlines have them like delta and american.  They may be $50 pricier so you are paying $50 for that meal.  These days, you are getting peanuts.  My flight to vegas, you get nothing free but if you want, they are for purchase. 

Wow, did they take out free driver ed class?  10th grade at 16 years old for us. 

One thing I do missed the most though.  The dynamic of the family changes when your elders are slowly passing away.  No more of them family gatherings as them elders are our organizer when it comes to family functioning.  Only way to combat t his is to have kids of your own and you and your cousins or siblings can do annual hosting for family gatherings.  Give them youth a taste to remember by.  Keep the tradition alive.   O0

My only vice with hot pot is that I can not eat my money's worth anymore.  For some reason, my style of eating is to order a little bit and eat just a little bit because the flavor and tasty of it is at the first few bites. 

Same thing with buffet for me.  I would like to try every items and to do that, I only take one pieces and small portion to try.  Growing up years, our teenager years, it was the year to eat as our body are still growing. I would stack my plates up before the server would come over and take it away.  Good memories. 

Even if they are out, my warrior flip fans are still watching the finals. 


Some vehicles are just gifted.  Not all are made the same.  All depending on if a person up keep the vehicle with routine maintenance. 

When I said gifted, you can skip maintenance and she still trucking.  One lady I overheard that said...I did not know I have to change my oil.  She had an old model honda accord and oil bay was completely dry.  She only drives 5 miles or less per day so that helps her longevity and abuse. 

My aunt's 2011 camry is also another neglected vehicles.  423K miles now and still trucking.  100K is her tune up and that includes air filter too.  My gosh, when her car did not idle, I cleaned out her mass air flow and throttle body and it was dark dirt in her throttle body.  Her oil change has always been with synthetic at 10K.  Now, I make her do it at 7K.  She also has an internal oil leak but to fix it is to change the pvc value only costing $15 for parts but for the like of me, I could not get to it.  That particular model of a car has issues with that parts and is the hardest to get to.  Sometimes I think they make it tough so customers can bring their vehicles to the shop so they can make the money.  I asked a mechanic shop how much for labor to change that $15 part the size of your pinky and he said $400 the least.  I'm like forget about it.  So it is a blessing in disguise if you have slow oil leak.  Why?  Well it will cost you for buying oil to top it off but if you think about it, she is driving new clean oil all the time.  Perhaps this is the fountain of youth for car longevity?  It is just a theory of mine but I dunno.  Eventually everything will fall apart when due time comes.  Fix a little here and a little there.  Replace this parts and that parts.  In california, vehicles that are still working and can drive often times get retired due to not passing smog.  Yall non smog states can surely use them.  Drive till the wheels fall off. 

General Discussion / Re: hello from San Diego
« on: June 05, 2023, 01:10:20 PM »
They have lobster that crawls out at night at them fishing piers.   Check regulations for size and seasonal. 

1.5 hour away is Harrah's southern california's casino.  $300 bucks a weekend night though. 

Mexico is just there but enter at your own risk.  Do latest research before you travel out of the country

Have fun in hot azz daygo. 

Prices went up  $144 each

hot dayam

This venue is not fancy enough for over $100 a ticket.  It looks like a club setting with no seating.  Small like the rage in sac back in them days.  Maybe the venue is charging them big bucks to rent it for the night and the savings get passed onto the consumers. 

I saw this clip and dwan is a poker pro but why was he hesitating when he was holding them pocket ladies?  He was not scared of the two pair but rather scared that the other guy has pocket kings.  Pocket aces are out of the question due to the way the china man betting strategy. 

Chump change for the china man though cuz he's a crypto currency guy worth a lot of money. 

A few hands later, it was the china man vs another china man that is across the street from dude.  The other china man had pocket queens and crypto guy had A7.   Flop had a 7.  Turn was another 7, giving him trips so he's good.  They went down the river with the all in and the crypto china man got some of his money back as it went for a 2 mil pot, the second largest pot ever on live TV or streaming. 

Poker has etiquette.  They hate it when a guy wins a giant pot and would then cash out and take the  money and run which then kills the table.  Happens to me before during my poker younger days.   I haven't played another money hand of poker after that.  At least tournament, you only lose out on what you put in as tournament fees. 

I clicked to see pictures  :D

Beggars don't have a choice.  It would be a come up if you would even get to see and feel any boobies without paying for it.  This is why I don't judge.  I get what is given to me and I'm grateful for it. 

Although fat women tends to have fat boobies.  I mean it is big but that's fat big.  It would drips all over the cracks of my fingers.  I don't discriminate so that is how I know   :2funny:

My malasian college roommate has a brother that is the captain of them big ocean liner that does cross countries journey.  When he was stationed in Washington state, my malay roommate would fly up there and visited him.

He told a story about them crew of his brother, upon ported would lured these geese from a local park and they would slaughtered them. 

Fair game cuz they don't know any better. 

The poor like hmoobrock don't need credit. 

Need to buy something on a loan?  Get a family member with good credit to stand in for you and you can pay all the monthly fees.  Your family member gets good credit and you get the goods.

Even driving a car that is under your family member's name.  As long as your name is on the insurance then you are ok to drive it. 

Getting certain type of jobs?  Yep, you still need decent credit to qualify for the hire.  They not giving the company's vehicle or heavy machinery that is worth a bunch of money to some bozo who has bad credit.  How are you going to work at a bank with bad credit? 

So then, $10 per hour is your going rate.   O0

General Discussion / Re: Toyota new truck, Stout
« on: June 02, 2023, 01:30:38 PM »
Let me borrow your truck to move some sofa

You can borrow a Uhaul truck for $19,99 per day plus mileage plus deposit.

You dig?

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