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Hard to side with Hamas and Palestinian knowing that the leaders have rejected land territory for peace on five different occasions. Had they accepted the first proposal, Israel wouldn’t be as big as today. 100 years from now, their stupid descendants would still be at war.

They are knocking on them Palestinian is because these Palestinians are putting the Hamas into power.  They may say I am not hamas but yet, I'm cheering when hamas be taking out them jews.  In the koran, if you are not with their religion, you should die.  Now why don't they send the Palestinians who are against Hamas to neighboring counties?  They are all Muslims countries anyways right?  The answer is that none of them want the Palestinian as they are considered to them as being "troubled" 

What I really think is that this is a planned attacked, masterminded by whoever that is supporting the Hamas group.  Perhaps Iran is behind this?  Now the goal is to attack a few Jews in Israel.  Then get Israel a reason to go war and go after the Hamas.  In doing so, they should wipe out a bunch of Palestinian as casualty of war.  Israeli don't care, they are muslim anyway right?  Iran don't care, they don't want them anyway.  So the damage is to get Israel to kill the Palestinian and to get other Muslim countries all fired up and to go after Israel and whoever that supported Israel, the United State.

If what Hamas is doing to the Israeli as an act of war on humanities then what the Israeli did to the innocent Palestinian to be the same thing.  Hamas has time to prep and to get ready.  They already blocked out food and electricity and water to gaza right?  Well the Palestinians people will be the one that are suffering.  Hamas has food underground and that is where they are hiding.  This war has the mastermind of Iran and it is falling into the war tactics by Iran.  Israel is falling into their traps.  Now think about this for a minute here.  Where are other countries humanitarian aid to the Palestinians?  Shouldn't other countries in the area be also supplying aids to Israel?  They know and that is why they stayed back.  Good ol USA is the first one to support Israel.  Something is missing here.  Check mate by Iran using Hamas as a scapegoat. 

Not all Palestinians are hamas

Although it is hard to tell who's is who.  Looks like Israel be bombing them all.  Apartheid?  Genocide? 

America stands with Israel.  To the terrorist Muslims who hates Israel and America, they see Israel as the little Satan and America as the Big Satan. 

To them American hostages or Americans that got killed over there, why on earth would you want to move and live in a war zone where they be hating you?  Your house has a bunker safe zone so that should tells you something. 

If you are a hostage, their family members should not go on media and plea for their release.  These hamas terrorists also follow media and you chance of faking the funk as a hostage to survive will be cut shorter. 

If you are a hostage, fake the funk and say that you are really supporting hamas and start praising allah.  They might let you join their narrative but hey, at least you will survive.  Now if you fake the funk and your pictures are on media, saying that you are on the other side, off with your heads. 

I don't think he's going to get out.  He's too confident and that's his downfall.  He knows he's cooked so he has to say whatever to psyche his mental well being until he hears his big sentencing then you'll see him crying. 

I do dumb things out of irrational when I was a kid too.  Not too proud when thinking about it now but intentional murder? I'm not that kinda bored. 

This is september, the water in them rice paddy should die down for the harvesting.  This is also the crawfish season as well.  In them rice paddy are millions of crawfish.  The selling rate now is $50 per 5 gallon bucket. 

It was fun when the hype was there back in the early 90s.  Nowadays, I wouldn't do it.  Private property, getting shot at and germs for being in them muds.  Getting your legs cut and getting infected and losing a limb, not worth it.  I'll pay $50 for a feast though.  It is the only way I can get it fresh unless I call up my contact family members back in the big easy to ship me a live bag of them mud bugs.  All about the seasonings.   O0

Not going to lie but back in my young days when I was still trying to figure out life and what not, I would drive through the airport here at night..haha the building itself isn't too big and flashy. but the whole premise is I say huge. I only stopped doing it because Someone told me,There are government agents that tracked every car that comes through the airport...esp. after 9/11..lols Heard stories where people try to sneak into or somehow got into prohibited zones in or around the airport premises and within 5 minutes men in black are confronting them..haha so yeah.

You got a mental illness bra.  Back in them days, the closet neighborhood are notamas homes and it is still far of a drive to the airport.  To drive there just to do a cruise, well that's straight up boredom there. 

I lived near the UOP campus.  Any given Weekend, I would cruise that campus, rolled down my windows and try my best to hear party music.  I would then cash them college parties. Most are free and most are organized by a student group of some sort like the international study association or the viet society or frat parties.  If nothing, I would still have fun by playing some pick up basketball on campus.  Good way to meet people and people watch.   O0

General Discussion / Re: Agree or Disagreeing?
« on: September 22, 2023, 02:21:14 PM »
How about them independent women that has her money and does not need any more money?  In this case, she will seek for a handsome guy.  One couple comes to mind right away.  Britney spears and all of her good looking husbands. 

Poor men who have the capability to lure rich women are real.  It is the evolution to dating.  When I was younger and was hanging with my mn cousin in the OC, we met this older woman who still party like a rock star and she has 5 pho restaurant in the OC.  She invited us over the following day for pho, on the house.  I think she got a thing for my cousin.  The following day, we denied her request because she was an older women.  Now we are the older ones and we kicked ourselves for not taking that opportunity to become rich off of her account.  At the time, my cousin or I just could not do it.  Now, it is not a want but a need   :2funny:

hot dayam and here I'm waiting on my 024 mustang

I'll cancel my reservation  :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: GOOD!!!
« on: September 20, 2023, 07:14:30 PM »
Some people out there are just stupid. All in the name of selfies. 

One kid wanted to touch the water of a geyser hole.  How hot you think it is?  He fell in and within an hour, nothing left but bones. 

Japanese and seafood, they go hand in hand. 

To the Jap tourist defense:
Language barrier and they thought a whole crab is to be broken up and shared with other customers.
I wonder if they thought they were getting that foreign tourist treatment as $20 goes a long way?  Our $20 USD in Thailand goes a long way. 

To the defense of the restaurant:
They bought the whole crab out for them to see
Due to language barriers, it should be noted in writing to $20 per oz or gram and not $20 per crab

My take is that some restaurants will take advantage of unsuspected tourist who doesn't know any better.  Like you are in thailand and a group of girls want to join your crew so they pulled on up and they started to buy drinks for themselves.  It's Thailand, beers are cheap right?  Well well, little do we know, these girls are hustlers and works for the restaurant.  This is why it is best to get the price up front before you commit.  Some culture like in my country, the fridge is just right there.  You go pick out whatever you want to drink form it and order first and we will put everything on the bill for you at the end of the meal.  Surprise mothereffer   :2funny:

This is the right play for the wife to file for divorce.  By filing for divorce, them victims can not sue THEIR money as she has lots of money herself.  They can go after his money, whatever left of it.  Heard he's about 3 mil valuation. 

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: College Football
« on: September 20, 2023, 01:35:09 PM »
Huskies 3-0 going up against Cal with 21 points favorite.

Buffalo 3-0 going up against Oregon with 21 points underdog. Can coach prime pull the upset?

100% sanders and his sons will lose to Ore.  They may cover the spread though since their offense is explosive enough. 

Bama first game with that weak QB, my gosh, that's the worse bama qb i have seen in a long while.  Glad they benched him and is going with another guy.  Watching for a bama rally because my ticket says so   :2funny:

USC is to watch as well.  QB1 Celeb williams already got sponsorship on commercials.  If he keeps on playing well and putting up them big numbers, Heisman for sure. 

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL Pebhmong Eliminator Challenge
« on: September 19, 2023, 03:04:04 PM »
I'm still alive  :2funny:

by default because I forgot to play   :D

well that's odd.  I just checked and it showed that I did played on week one?  Nah, that's not right.  I was still on sleep mode and missed out on this contest.   

There's a controversial that these mukbang folks are doing it for clout as a social media content creator.  Watch if they do swallow or if there is even a slight of editing.

That's murder 1 and should be tried as an adult. 

These fools are cooked!!!

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