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karma has hit the Raiders and its our turn to act like we're too good for them...lols
General Discussion / Sibling Rivalry?
« Last post by theking on June 08, 2023, 07:31:37 PM »
6-year-old shoots baby brother in the face while in bouncy chair, Michigan cops say

A 6-year-old shot his baby brother multiple times in their Michigan home, police said. “Here we are again,” Charles Fitzgerald, assistant police chief in Detroit, said at a June 7 news conference. “Once again another senseless, preventable, horrible incident.” A 1-year-old boy was jumping in a bouncy chair in a home on Tennessee Street when his older brother grabbed a semiautomatic gun, Fitzgerald said. The baby was shot twice, once in the cheek and once in his shoulder. “We’re very very fortunate that child is still with us,” Fitzgerald said.

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It will be hard for her to get a job anywhere else.  It is like a felony that follows you where ever you go.  Might as well move to another country and start over.  Employer has the right to fire you for not having the right culture to represent the brand of such company. 

If you see something, video cam it and make them famous  O0
Vegas is built on tourist money.  You can not expect to fill them seats with tourists either. 

Where them A's fans at that will fill up your seats in Vegas? 
General Discussion / Re: $200k a year salary is NOT enough?
« Last post by DuMa on June 08, 2023, 01:59:19 PM »
This job title better be competitive and must required a lot of training and certs or probably a job that not many people can do like lifting 200lbs at ease. 

The fastest time I ever left a job was only 4 hours in my first day.  AT lunch time, I dipped.  They told me the weight to lift was only 20lbs.  They lied.  It was 60lbs the least and in a hot azz container and products from china.  I tried for 4 hours.  Had backaches for days.  Nevermore.  I respect those who works in containers and in the summertime.  If I need a hard working labor job guy, I would love to hire these guys.  They are strong, takes orders and willing to work for cheap pay.  Not much brain to think that their talents can be used elsewhere where they pay them 200K for a hard job done. 

Hollywood people trying to be relevant again. 

Take a clue from hollywood gold diggers like handmala anderson who married a rich guy and divorced him in a few days later and was awarded some of his money.  The late what's her face blond bombshell anna nicole smith was another one.  Married to a billionaire old guy who later died and they were fighting for his estate. 

This porn Jenna chicks has health issues.  No man would want to wheel chair her around and be miserable.  So the best next thing is to fake the lesbian route and go for a lesbo with money.  To her, licking kitty is like acting anyway. 
We still have ours.
Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Messi to Miami
« Last post by DuMa on June 08, 2023, 01:44:38 PM »
Yes, I saw that. But he has also turned down $1.2 billion from Saudi Arabia.

He did it for beckham  O0
You're also a man of culture.   O0
...on skin tone hate  ???:

Woman who called police on Black bird-watcher in Central Park loses employment appeal

June 8, 2023, at 11:33 a.m. NEW YORK (Reuters) -A U.S. appeals court on Thursday refused to reinstate a lawsuit by Amy Cooper, the white woman who became known as "Central Park Karen" after calling police on a Black bird-watcher, against the employer that fired her following the encounter.
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