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My dad, 49, got my friend, 23, pregnant — she’s a ‘lazy’ gold-digger

Daddy’s gotta have it — but it’s birthed a BFF beef.

It’s mostly acceptable to have a cutesy crush on a friend’s hot family member in secret.

But sneakily having sex with a bestie’s boomer father and winding up pregnant within five months of meeting him is where most gal pals would draw the line.

“Me and this girl became friends,” ranted an enraged Joni Wilcox in a since-deleted TikTok tell-all with more than 800,000 views. “Next thing I know, her and my dad start f–king behind my back.”

“She’s 22, he’s 55,” the brunette lamented in the clip. “Then the stupid haha gets pregnant by my dad.”

Wilcox, a barista from Lakeland, Florida, shared the details of the distressing ordeal on “Dr. Phil.”

“It [sounds] creepy,” said the Gen Zer of her well-to-do father, David, who is declared to be 49 years old by the show. She went on to deem ex-friend Gina “lazy” and “money-hungry” for sleeping with her dad — who lavished the 20-something with luxe gifts and exotic trips during their now two-year courtship.

“If he wanted younger girls, he could have other girls that … I don’t know,” said Wilcox, adding that her heart “sank” upon learning of David and Gina’s trysts from an outsider. “I don’t understand that.”

However, in defense of her May-December romance with David, Gina insisted that their love affair is no one else’s concern.

High-profile Republicans head for the exits amid House GOP dysfunction

House Republicans were shocked by some of the recent high-profile retirements announced by their colleagues, which have included powerful committee chairs and rising stars inside the GOP.

But given the miserable state of affairs inside the House right now, they also weren’t exactly surprised.

“They’ve signed up to do serious things. And we’re not doing serious things,” said Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, a conservative who is retiring after bucking his party on several key issues.

Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska, a moderate who represents a key swing seat, pointed to his party’s struggle to govern as driving the departures.

“When you’re divided in your own conference, the joy of the job is harder,” Bacon told CNN. “When you have folks on your own team with their knives out, it makes it less enjoyable.”

And Rep. Carlos Gimenez of Florida, an ally of deposed former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, said this is not how he or many of his colleagues imagined life in the majority, saying, “I thought that some of our members would be smarter.”

The Widow and Aides of Assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse Are Indicted in His Killing
A judge in Haiti responsible for investigating the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has indicted his widow, Martine Moïse, ex-prime minister Claude Joseph and the former chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A judge in Haiti responsible for investigating the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has indicted his widow, Martine Moïse, ex-prime minister Claude Joseph and the former chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles, among others, according to a report obtained Monday.

The indictments are expected to further destabilize Haiti as it struggles with a surge in gang violence and recovers from a spate of violent protests demanding the resignation of current Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Dozens of suspects were indicted in the 122-page report issued by Walther Wesser Voltaire, who is the fifth judge to lead the investigation after previous ones stepped down for various reasons, including fear of being killed.

Charles, who was police chief when Moïse was killed and now serves as Haiti’s permanent representative to the Organization of the American States, faces the most serious charges: murder; attempted murder; possession and illegal carrying of weapons; conspiracy against the internal security of the state; and criminal association.

Meanwhile, Joseph and Martine Moïse, who was injured in the attack, are accused of complicity and criminal association.

4 Winter stuff here on the West by putting it back up on the shelf:

Here's the more fancier one:

6 one of your own fellow Americans:

US tourist admits raping and murdering hiker he threw into German ravine

A US man has confessed to raping and killing a fellow American tourist near Germany's famed Neuschwanstein Castle last June.

Troy Philipp B faces several charges, including one count of murder over a 21-year-old woman's death, and attempted murder of the victim's friend, a 22-year-old woman. The 31-year also admitted to sexually assaulting the 21-year-old and pushing both women off a ravine. He may be jailed for life if convicted.

...ASS "side of the road" (per the neutral PH members) "rn wife" one here on PH:

This California nurse made over $100K last year — but had to move back in with dad because 'having a decent job doesn't get you anywhere.' Is she right or should she just switch states?

If you made a $100,000 annual salary, you’d probably be pretty happy, right? Well, that might not be the case if you’re living in California.

A registered nurse named Winter posted a TikTok video in which she expressed her frustration with how little her more than $100,000 income gets her in the Golden State.

In fact, she’s found it so difficult to afford life right now that she can’t live on her own and is moving back in with her dad.

“Having a decent job doesn’t get you anywhere,” she lamented.

But is that true — or does she just need to get out of California?

The blue state migration
Winter isn’t the only person frustrated with California living. There’s been a huge migration out of blue states, like California and New York, and toward red states, like Florida and Texas.

The population in the South saw 706,266 people move there via net domestic migration, according to a recent report from the Census Bureau. In fact, southern states accounted for roughly 87% of the nation’s growth last year, adding more than 1.4 million residents to its total population.

By comparison, California saw a particularly steep population decline in 2023: it lost 75,423 residents.

Personal finance celebrity Grant Cardone said that this is because blue states’ tax rates are too high​​ — particularly for those making good money.

Winter herself complained about the taxes in her video. Her more than $100,000 a year income means she needs to pay 9.3% in taxes, according to the 2023 State of California Franchise Tax Board.

Millionaires are required to pay even more money to the state. Those who earn more than $1.3 million need to pay 12.3% in taxes.

This is a big reason why people are drawn to red states like Texas and Florida: they don’t charge state income taxes. With the rising cost of living, saving money on taxes is tempting many people to consider uprooting to another state.

California housing is unaffordable
Taxes aside, Winter also complained that she can’t afford anything — particularly housing. She’s even moving back in with her father, despite her salary.

General Discussion / This is why I'm just a middle classer
« on: Today at 01:31:21 AM » many parts of California:

10. San Francisco
In San Francisco, you need an annual household income of $404,332 to afford an average home. This is the most expensive market in the country, with a median monthly mortgage price of $10,108, according to Redfin.

9. San Jose
Following closely behind San Francisco is the Silicon Valley city of San Jose. Here, you need an annual household income of $402,287 to afford the median monthly mortgage payment of $10,057.

8. Anaheim
High housing costs aren’t exclusive to the Bay Area. You can also find median housing prices above $1 million in Anaheim, which requires an average household income of $300,010 to afford a median-priced home with a $7,500 per-month mortgage.

7. Oakland
Across the Bay from San Francisco, you can find less expensive housing in Oakland, but you still need an above-average income to afford a median home here. Specifically, Redfin finds you need $249,554 in household income to afford the median monthly mortgage payment of $6,239.

6. San Diego
Things don’t get much more affordable as you head to the southern tip of the state. In San Diego, the median mortgage cost is $6,034, which means you need at least $241,372 in annual household income to make that affordable.

5. Los Angeles
The City of Angels is much less expensive than San Francisco and San Jose, but housing costs are still way above the national median. In Los Angeles, you need a household income of $237,281 to afford an average monthly mortgage of $5,932.

4. Oxnard
Even if you don’t live in one of the bigger cities in California, you still might pay high housing prices. In Oxnard, a coastal city around 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles, housing prices average $855,000, which equates to a $5,830 monthly mortgage cost. To afford that, you’d need to earn at least $233,190.

3. Sacramento
California’s capital city of Sacramento might be more within reach for homebuyers, but you still need an above-average income of $156,824. Here, the median home sells for $575,000, equating to a $3,921 monthly mortgage payment.

2. Fresno
If you go more inland, you might be able to find more affordable homes in California. In Fresno, for example, the average mortgage payment is $2,857 per month, which means you need $114,275 in household income. That’s just below the average income needed to afford a home across the US, based on Redfin’s analysis.

1. Bakersfield
Lastly, if you’re looking for a more affordable home in California, you might turn to Bakersfield. You still need an above-average household income of $100,258 to afford the median monthly mortgage cost of $2,506, but that’s less than the $114,627 average that homebuyers need to afford a home nationwide, according to Redfin.

Little surprised to see Republicans ranked Bill Clinton higher than the Democrats... ???:

New presidential rankings place Obama in top 10, Reagan and Trump below Biden
Some recent presidents were more likely to have a partisan divide in rankings

A new ranking of presidents by a group of self-styled experts determined that Abraham Lincoln is America's greatest president, while Donald Trump ranks last.

Lincoln topped the list of presidents in the 2024 Presidential Greatness Project expert survey for the third time, following his top spot in the rankings in the 2015 and 2018 versions of the survey.

According to a release from the Presidential Greatness Project, which touts itself as the "foremost organization of social science experts in presidential politics," the 154 respondents to the survey included "current and recent members of the Presidents & Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association…as well as scholars who have recently published peer-reviewed academic research in key related scholarly journals or academic presses."

The respondents were asked to rank presidents on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being a failure, 50 being average and 100 being great. Rounding out the top five in the rankings were Franklin Delano Roosevelt at number two, George Washington at three, Theodore Roosevelt at four, and Thomas Jefferson at five.

Trump was ranked in last place in the survey, being ranked worse than James Buchanan at 44, Andrew Johnson at 43, Franklin Peirce at 42, and William Henry Harrison at 41.

Respondents were also tracked by their political affiliation and ideology, which the release argues did not "tend to make a major difference overall" in the rankings, though there were some outliers, mainly with recent presidents.

Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Trump were more likely to be ranked higher by conservatives or Republicans, with Reagan being ranked an average of 5th by Republicans respondents, Bush 19th and Trump 41st. Among Democrat respondents, Reagan was rated an average of 18th, Bush 33rd and Trump 45th.

A similar partisan divide was noticeable for Barack Obama and President Biden, who ranked an average of 6th and 13th, respectively, among Democrat respondents, and 15th and 30th by Republicans. Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was ranked higher by Republican respondents (10th) than he was by Democrats (12th).

The divide resulted in an overall ranking of 7th for Obama, 12th for Clinton, 14th for Biden, 16th for Reagan and 32nd for Bush.

Here is Trump's very big closet fan on PH per the "legit"... "ALL CATTLE" PROOF quotes below:

I like trump

Trump is alot like me

I have to agree with trump...

HIS WORDS, NOT MINE per the "legit" quotes above


 ;D ;D ;D

...with 12 kids  ???:

I’m a 35-year-old mom of 12 — here’s how much I spend on groceries each week

Things aren't exactly cheaper by the dozen. A mom-of-12 says she spends a whopping $400 a week on groceries to feed her family — but doesn't regret having an enormous (and enormously expensive) brood.

I quit my job during the ‘Great Resignation’ and spent $34k traveling the world — I can’t afford a house

After traveling the world, she’s returned home — only to find she can’t afford one.

A Millennial who quit her dream job to explore 18 different countries says she doesn’t have a deposit for a house after spending tens of thousands of dollars on her epic travels.

Helen Zhao, 34, left her plum gig as a CNBC video producer back in 2022 amid the “Great Resignation” — a term referring to the gigantic wave of young workers who quit their jobs following the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Zhao spent 18 months traveling Asia and South America, before arriving back in her native Los Angeles.

“The $34,000 I spent on my sabbatical was a significant portion of my life savings,” she explained in a new essay penned for her old employer.

“Now, at 34, I have very little saved for retirement, I’m far from a down payment on a house in my hometown of Los Angeles, and I’m not ready to have kids.”

California library closes due to rise in crime impacting patrons, staff

The Antioch library will now reopen on Tuesday after the county decided to close it on Saturday. ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- The Antioch library will now reopen on Tuesday after the county decided to close it, starting Saturday. The county said the closure was linked to "repeated dangerous incidents."

..."forcing" these nonsense if it doesn't gel with your lifestyle:

My husband and I stopped forcing date nights after I gave birth. It took a ton of pressure off.

As first-time parents in our mid-30s, my husband and I have taken the unconventional approach of deliberately NOT doing date nights, despite the fact that some relationship experts say they're essential for a good marriage. We didn't intend on going against the grain in this way, but the writing was on the wall for us and our nearly date-less marriage early on. My husband and I clocked our last date night a year ago — and don't plan on going on another anytime soon.

This stance on date nights evolved for us over the years. Back in 2017, we were in the earlier stages of dating. We had a blast getting to know each other over delicious dinners and drinks. But as our relationship progressed, the planned dates out to popular restaurants became fewer and farther between. While I was totally smitten with my future husband, I was quickly learning the truth: He would much rather chill and have a meal at home.

This aversion to dates out of the apartment bothered me at first. It triggered a fear of falling into a "rut" as we left the honeymoon phase. Did fewer dates mean we were headed for trouble as a couple? While I was learning how to deal with my anxiety about failed relationships, I decided I should embrace this shift in ours. Turns out, getting rid of date nights would teach me a lesson about love I never knew I needed.

We've tried to make date nights work for us in the past
Fast forward to the summer of 2022, two months after our wedding. With a gift card to a local Mexican restaurant and nothing to do, we decided on a matinee movie and an early dinner. It felt fun, light, and relaxed. As I watched our fresh guac being made tableside, I sipped my margarita and thought, "Look at us go! First date night as a married couple!" I made it my mission to reinvigorate our dating life by planning more nights like that. After all, isn't that what all married couples do?

I immediately started brainstorming date-night ideas. I already knew it wasn't my husband's "thing," so I kept my expectations realistic. Weekly dates? Way too ambitious. Every other week? Doubtful. Monthly? Let's give it a shot. Just as I started researching the kind of festive fall dates that would make my husband cringe, I found myself with a different set of plans to make; I was pregnant! With the news of our beautiful bundle of joy on the way, I suddenly felt even more pressure to squeeze in our date nights before our "pre-baby life" expired.

We realized we were forcing it
But as my pregnancy progressed and the months flew by, the two most-used apps on my phone became Babylist and DoorDash. Before I knew it, we were two weeks away from my due date, and my hopes for a year filled with date nights were dashed. As a consolation, my husband proposed going out for a "last supper" before my C-section. I agreed, found the only dress that fit, and waddled out the door.

While browsing our menus, it hit me: We were sitting at that table only because we thought we should be. Although I was having a great meal with my wonderful hubby, I couldn't help feeling this date was forced by the calendar. The feeling I had while sitting at that dinner was a far cry from the one the summer before. I decided then I had to stop trying so hard to make date nights happen.

I felt immediate relief. The pressure of feeling as if the health of our marriage depended on date nights was finally gone. I realized the frequency of nights out of the house didn't have to be the most important metric of a healthy relationship.

We found better ways to show each other we care
Instead of planning dates, we decided to place more focus on the other ways we connect with each other. Whether it's never missing a goodnight kiss at the end of a busy day, vocalizing a "thank you" for unloading the dishwasher, or finally spending time on the couch together and becoming ridiculously invested in our favorite reality dating show, our goal is to be intentional about paying attention to each other in some way, every single day. This approach means our connection is weaved into our life through daily actions and decisions rather than saved up for a designated night on the calendar.

Even after the birth of our son, our relationship is stronger than ever without date nights. We've traded stress about where to go and what to do for more laughs in our living room, a perfect fit as new parents. We'll eventually get to another night out, but only when it feels right. Although regular date nights work for some, we're proof they simply aren't necessary for the "secret sauce" of a happy marriage.


Steel weights found stuffed inside Kansas state record catch, KDWP says

Kansas law enforcement and state wildlife officials have released new information in a state record fishing controversy.

Initial Reporting
Earlier this month, KSNT 27 News followed up with Bobby Parkhurst and officials with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) after it was discovered that a new state record fish caught by Parkhurst was removed in November 2023. Parkhurst’s catch, a white crappie weighing 4.07 pounds and measuring 18 inches in length and 14 inches in girth, was initially declared a new state record in April last year but has since been replaced with the previous state record set in 1964.

A KSNT 27 News investigation found out from the KDWP that the fish was taken off the state record list due to information on Parkhurst’s application not being ‘true and correct.’ At the time, Parkhurst claimed he completed his application correctly.

Controversy Update
On Friday, Feb. 16 KDWP spokeswoman Nadia Marji released an update on the fishing record controversy. In a press release sent to KSNT 27 News, she said the KDWP received a tip from an eyewitness who claimed the fish had been initially weighed in at 3.73 pounds.

“To preserve the integrity of KDWP’s state record program, KDWP Game Wardens met with the angler who voluntarily presented his fish for re-examination,” Marji said. “When staff used a handheld metal detector to scan the fish, the device detected the presence of metal.”

Lawmakers consider creation of new lake, dam in Bourbon County

Marji said KDWP game wardens took the fish to the Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center for further study. There, they used an X-ray to examine the supposed trophy catch and found that it contained two steel ball bearings.

Bobby Parkhurst is at the center of a state fishing record controversy after his trophy catch was removed from the state record list by Kansas wildlife officials.
Find your next trophy catch with the 2024 Kansas Fishing Forecast

Due to this development, state wildlife officials removed the fish from the record list on the KDWP’s website. The previous state record belonging to Frank Miller of Eureka, Kansas set in 1964 was reinstated. Parkhurst’s crappie has since been returned to him as the investigation is concluded.

Marji said the results of the investigation were sent to the Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office. When asked if any Kansas laws could apply to this case, Marji pointed to K.S.A. 21-5824 which concerns making false information. Under this law, the creation of false information is considered a “severity level 8, nonperson felony.”

Katie Garceran with the Shawnee County District Attorney’s Office confirms that, following an investigation into the matter, there is insufficient evidence to prosecute the case.

The discovery of the steel weights in the white crappie presented to the KDWP bears similarities to a similar case in 2022 where two men were accused of stuffing lead weights into fish during an Ohio fishing tournament. The two anglers were later sentenced to ten-day jail terms along with other penalties in 2023.

General Discussion / What? There are bidet in North Carolina??
« on: February 16, 2024, 01:39:38 PM »
 ;) ;D:

Woman wanted for stealing bidet from North Carolina restaurant, police say

BOONE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A woman is wanted for stealing a bidet, according to the Boone Police Department.

It was stolen on Jan. 26 from a bathroom in Mo’s Sweets at 276 Watauga Village Drive.

The suspect is described as a white female with shoulder-length blond hair.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 828-268-6929 or the Boone Police Department at 828-268-6900.

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