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Because men don't have any say about abortion. If women want rights to their bodies, then men must also have rights to their wallets.

This is why pro-abortion folks are  :idiot2:.

Women are making decisions about a baby's life without input from the father. When the baby is just a lump of cells, they kill it without question. When they can use the baby as a cash cow, they have it and make the father pay.
Online Journal / Re: On Va pie's friend me.
« Last post by shadowball on April 16, 2024, 09:04:04 AM »
General Discussion / 'Good morning' is now racism...
« Last post by Hung_Low on April 16, 2024, 08:51:22 AM »
according to this race monger...  :idiot2: :idiot2: :2funny: :2funny:

Sad thing is that all her followers probably will eat this up and truly believe 'Good morning' is rooted in racism/slavery.

I told y'all this 'racism' is being made into a joke...
General Discussion / 3 Wokie colleges got their just deserts...
« Last post by Hung_Low on April 16, 2024, 08:41:20 AM »
1. Oberlin College

In Ohio, Oberlin College, a hub of political correctness, lost its appeal of a $31 million judgment for defaming a local bakery and ruining its business with fabricated claims of racism. That amount includes $25 million in punitive damages and $6 million for attorneys’ fees.

Gibson’s Bakery is a local institution that has operated for more than 130 years. In 2016, a black male student, accompanied by two black female students, shoplifted two bottles of wine after first trying to use a fake ID to buy them. The son of the bakery owner chased them out of the store, where the three students attacked him. Police arrested the students and all three pleaded guilty to misdemeanors.

Yet students at the college, with the full support of school administrators, made false claims of racism against Gibson’s, saying the shoplifters had been racially profiled and that Gibson’s was a “racist” establishment. They organized protests and vandalized and damaged the bakery.

The university canceled all its business contracts with the bakery for catering and continued the racism claims. A dean even handed out a false, defamatory flier, ignoring the report of the police investigation that found no racism and the fact that the students had pleaded guilty.

In a stunning display of arrogance, Oberlin still won’t admit it did anything wrong and hasn’t apologized to the bakery. Instead, Oberlin issued a statement saying that it is “evaluating” its options and that the “issues raised by this case have been challenging.”

The issues aren’t “challenging.” Oberlin jumped to erroneous conclusions before the facts were in and sprang on the politically correct racism bandwagon to make false charges about a local business. The only evaluation Oberlin should do is how to finally pay the judgment and fire the administrators involved.

2. Shawnee State University

Another school in Ohio, Shawnee State University, just agreed to pay $400,000 in damages to 20-year philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether, along with his attorneys’ fees.

The school had punished Meriwether for refusing a male student’s demand that the professor refer to him as a woman, using female titles and pronouns.

According to the professor’s lawyers at Alliance Defending Freedom, the male student “became aggressive, physically circling him, getting in his face, using expletives, and even threatening to get him fired.”

Meriwether offered to refer to the student under any name he wanted instead of using pronouns, but the student and the university said that wasn’t good enough and that Meriwether supposedly had created a “hostile environment.”

Meriwether sued, saying that the university was violating his religious beliefs as a Christian under the First Amendment. In March 2021, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Meriwether could sue the university, reversing a district court decision that had dismissed his case.

That apparently led to the settlement by Shawnee, which includes the university agreeing that Meriwether will not be forced to use particular pronouns or titles when talking to students.

3. Clemson University

Finally, one of the most dangerous developments in recent years at college campuses has been universities setting up Star Chamber, Soviet-style, show trial procedures over complaints of sexual assault in which the universities deny basic and fundamental due process rights to accused students. That includes refusing to allow the students an opportunity to present exculpatory evidence, to question their accusers and cross-examine witnesses, or to be represented by a lawyer.

A South Carolina jury just awarded a Clemson University student, Andrew Pampu, $5.3 million for defamation and civil conspiracy by a female Clemson student, her boyfriend, and her father.

The university had suspended Pampu for a year after finding him guilty of sexual misconduct against Erin Wingo. To get to that finding, however, the university ignored multiple witnesses and text messages showing that Wingo had consensual sex with Pampu and manufactured a rape claim only after her boyfriend, Colin Gahagan, found out about it.

Pampu filed a lawsuit after he received a text message from Gahagan admitting that Pampu was innocent, that Gahagan had lied in the hearing, that Wingo “wanted to have sex that night,” and that Gahagan had deleted texts “from that night that prove she was f—— crazy.”

Clemson acted almost immediately to remove the disciplinary finding against Pampu and agreed to pay him $100,000, likely saving Clemson from an even bigger judgment against the university.  Of course, if it had not ignored the exculpatory evidence in the first place and assumed Pampu was guilty, it would not have had to pay anything.

Hopefully, this will prevent other colleges from doing the same thing too... I believe that anyone who made false accusation should face the saem consequences; get prosecuted, pay fines and get jail time.
I’m telling yall
From my experience
Everytime i go down there

 ;D ;D ;D

You're just a Northern tourist there... and probably met a few racist folks. I've lived there for 6 years and been around there majority of the time... you'll find racist folks everywhere and in every race.
General Discussion / Re: Tax Day: Just submitted my tax documents to the IRS
« Last post by Hung_Low on April 16, 2024, 08:26:20 AM »
...I pay as usual so I don't mind waiting towards the end to send it.. ;D

Me too, I filed mine on the 5th and sent out the payment on the 9th...  The check was already cashed yesterday. I bet if I had a refund, it'll take months to get it.

Sent the same date for my state but it's not been cashed yet.
Fake son of Hamas said the Zionists were most kind people he ever know.


Jewish settlers harassing and spitting at Palestinians.

Like I said. Not buying liars' narratives.

 :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:
I'm more incline to believe someone who was born, raised and live there and the son of the one of Hamas founder than some keyboard nazi warrior...
Of course you'll say he's a fake... anything that's against Hamas or Muslims are fake to you.
I don't hear "Death to America" at all. Seems like Americans that are Pro-Israel have common with Zionists: brainwashing campaign. News and stories coming these perps don't add up and get smart people confused.

For example

 :idiot2: :idiot2: :idiot2:  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

Keep posting.. your closet Nazi feelings are being shown.  :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:
If I do not enter according to my trading plan, then I am disregard sound reason and logic. If I do not follow my plan by letting my trades ride, then I am stealing from myself the full potential of a trade. If I do not exit according to my plan, then I taking too little and giving away too much, and it will show itself in my long term results.  Therefore:

1. Enter only according to my plan
2. Stay in the trade according to my plan
3. Exit only according to my plan

And accept all results so that I may learn to do it better going forward.

My vision and goal is to one day trade 1000 contracts regularly this way, with no expectations of results.
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