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WELPS so much for "news threads...NO BODY CARES"..."no view, no comment".. :idiot2: ;D

"TROLL" ..written by the neutral PH members:

hmgrock you're the biggest troll i swear... i honestly don't think your online persona is real other than to troll..

Bro HR,

I called you a negative nancy.  I also said INO is a day trade because of the volatility.  At least get your information right.

If you are here to help people, why are you the biggest troll in this forum?  In addition to being the biggest troll, you don't even understand trading. 

"JEALOUS" written by the neutral PH members:

damn bro u hella jealous. that's embarassing man yo..

Automotive Discussion / Re: How many hmong drivers
« on: October 20, 2021, 11:25:50 PM »
Sometimes it's better to wait..until the bugs are all worked out..

My C5 was a first year of a new gen so it has a few bugs like many first year, first gen models..

The thing that *bug* me the most is the Flintstones' tires..that came stock with the Vette.

Those run flat tires were a good idea at the time, but the compound was too hard so didn't grip that my experience.

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Could Detroit go 0-17?
« on: October 20, 2021, 11:19:17 PM »


He said, "no fence in wi" and I and other PH members proved him wrong with facts..

He said, "no basement in ca" and I proved him so now he's scared and used "most" now.. ;D ;D ;D


If you are going to show off, be ready to back it up. Look at example above. I can guarantee that you have nothing on file for 2008 as you claimed because you are all hats, no cattle.

"legit"!  O0

None that "ALL HAT, NO CATTLE" fake living in someone else's basement but LIED that he owns the home.. :idiot2: ;D

"ain't got time for football, not watching it anymore"..YOUR WORDS, NOT MINE.. :idiot2: ;D

Your team

And you don't even have a "team" because no team wants a fraudulent bandwagon jumper for a fan.. ;D

Its good to have a good quarterback

There goes another "comment" ...

so WELPS so much for "ain't got time for football, not watching it anymore"... :idiot2: ;D ;D

General Discussion / This could be the real milk fish??
« on: October 20, 2021, 09:19:19 PM »

Slippery, slimy, spotted like a cow: angler reels in rare Ďunicorní fish

I donít believe you for a second.

 ;D ;D ;D He FAILED as usual...

got my house for dirt dirt cheap back than

Living in someone else's basement does not constitute it being your "house"..

Therefore, it's as real as when you tried to discredit Reporter's "legit" fish photo with your FAKE "i can do it too" one  ;D ;D ;D:




colin powell and the bush admin are all bunch of crook and liar

You should know, youíre one of them

Show us anything at all from anyone here at ph that we hate you for qualifying for the stimulus check. Now go find it

Watch him pull the "ALL HAT, NO CATTLE" as he knows he also LIED...

Like how he lies so much that he thinks others also lie like him, he has so much hatred that he also thinks other have his kind of hatred too.. :idiot2::



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