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Whatever you cry spill milk, a lost is a lost.  Gotta own up to it. 

Could of easily blame on everything like why were you even born

That's why he's a "SORE LOSER"...

He claimed to be "perfect" and is "always right" so that is just EMBARRASSING.. . ;D ;D ;D

And since there's another "comment" about "football"...

WELPS so much for crying: "ain't got time for football, not watching it anymore"...


What a LIAR!!!  :idiot2: ;D
McDonald's offering free breakfast for educators

Until Oct 15., McDonald's is showing gratitude to teachers, school staff and administrators with a “thank you” breakfast.

McDonald's locations nationwide are treating educators with a free Happy Meal that includes a breakfast sandwich, hashbrown, and a medium McCafe hot or iced coffee or a medium soft drink.

A valid school ID must be shown in order to receive the meal. Last year, McDonald's gave out 12 million free Thank You Meals to first responders and healthcare workers.
Not even in TX  ;D:

A white teacher in Texas is out of a job after a student recorded him using the "N-word' in class

damn bro u hella jealous. that's embarassing man yo..

General Discussion / Re: Might the government ban slingshots?
« Last post by theking on Today at 04:30:35 PM »
Political extremists kill. Read the articles and not just the headlines.

He has "reading comprehension" issues according to the neutral PH members:

reading comprehension.

 ;D ;D ;D
General Discussion / Re: I give you news that you can use....
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What a FAIL..(again) with his FAKE  "click bait" cries but then also does the same... ;D ;D ;D

Therefore the quote below by a neutral PH member is spot on:

damn bro u hella jealous. that's embarassing man yo..
General Discussion / Re: What happen to my FAST FOOD long line thread???
« Last post by theking on Today at 04:21:06 PM »
He doesn't know there's Doordash that delivers everywhere around the country. :2funny: :2funny:

No, he "don't know anything" according to the other neutral PH members so that sounds about right.. ;D ;D ;D

Kind in mind, he's also the same person that tried to discredit your "legit" fish photo with his FAKE one:




General Discussion / Re: What happen to my FAST FOOD long line thread???
« Last post by theking on Today at 04:19:38 PM »
If you gonna complain that much about the long wait.  Stay yo ass home and do yourself a burger.  Geeeze.

He can't as all he knows to do is leech from the folks that own the basement he is dwelling in..

The last time someone asked him to help butcher some chicken and this is the "nasty" end results so the label given by the neutral PH members ("don't know anything") is spot on  ;D:


Lucid and Polestar are a few doors down from each other at Westfield Valley Fair show casing now. Didn’t take photo of Polestar but looks nice.
As long as investments make money, I don’t discriminate. I see the future filled with ev, hv and self driving.
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