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Title: Magazine Memories
Post by: bulbasaur on May 09, 2015, 12:52:18 AM
Because this forum is labelled "Magazines..."

There was a time when magazines was the medium to get the latest news.  Nowadays, magazines seem regulated to offices and airports.  I still pick up an occasional magazine at airports.  I usually pick up one about something I don't normally keep track of, like cycling.  I like to cycle, but I am not constantly reading up on the latest cycling technology, bikes, pro-tours, etc.  Growing up, magazines were expensive.  However, I was able to get some subscriptions to some whenever they went on sale.  In memory of magazines, here is my list of magazines that I used to subscribe to...

1. EGM.  Electronic Gaming Monthly.  This was the magazine every "hardcore" gamer read.  They had the best scoops, stories, reviews, etc.  Sushi X's review was always on the money.  They even told us how to get Sheng Long in their April edition.  And who didn't like their Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat covers? 

2.  GamePro.  Not as good as EGM, but it was still news on games.  You couldn't trust GamePro reviews, but they at least gave you screen shots of games. 

3.  Wizard.  If you read comics, you read wizard.  Every kid wanted to know how much their comics were worth.  Our comics were our retirement fund.  Wizard had some fun articles, previews, and overview of story lines across books.  If you couldn't afford to read all the books, Wizard is good to have.  Also, who didn't love getting the 1/2 comics and exclusive cards? 

4. Time.  This was my small connection to the world.  I remember reading lots of good stories in this magazine.  Nowadays, we have poorly written and poorly edited articles.  These days, simply posting Twitter comments constitutes as an article. 

5. Computer Shopper.  If you wanted to buy a computer, this is what you had to do.  Buying direct was so much better than going to a big box electronic store.  You could choose your configuration or even customize from a ton of vendors.  The articles were useful.  The reviews were great.  Previews of the newest stuff were awesome.  Who didn't love their brand new 486 with a fancy COLOR bubble jet printer that printed 6 pages a minute!?  No technology in the future will ever top that...

I actually read quite a lot of other magazines too.  Maybe I'll make another thread about that some other day...
Title: Re: Magazine Memories
Post by: bulbasaur on May 13, 2015, 09:33:02 PM
National Geographic.

This was the magazine you read if you wanted to get connected to world.  Articles and pictures about peoples from strange and exotic lands.  History, geography, archaeology, etc. 
Title: Re: Magazine Memories
Post by: bulbasaur on May 14, 2015, 01:14:22 AM
I read it in the library.  In the stacks of the library, there were rows and rows of Nat Geo.  It was a lot of fun reading the archives as well as the new ones.  Do people still go to libraries? 

I love reading National Geograhic. They are a bit expensive subscription though.
Title: Re: Magazine Memories
Post by: bulbasaur on May 26, 2015, 05:53:16 AM
Psychology Today

Before the days smartphones, personal laptops, tablets, 4g, etc...There was a time when people had to sign up for a computer in the library's computer lab.  I was waiting for my turn on a computer, so I went to the magazine rack.  On the cover of one magazine was teaser about an article about ties and a theory behind them.  Hey, I had a theory about ties too.  I picked up the magazine and read it.  I ended up reading more articles. That magazine was Psychology Today.  For a few years, I read that magazine quite often. 

Title: Re: Magazine Memories
Post by: chuoiit41 on March 29, 2019, 02:25:33 AM
, thanks you