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Title: Adequate Sleep, Water, and Exercise
Post by: lilly on November 05, 2019, 09:19:50 AM
I think we all know that getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and getting regular exercise is very important for our health and daily function.  BUT, I seem to not be able to achieve all of the mentioned things on a daily basis!  AAAHHH!  Sometimes I don't even accomplish any of those things in a day, in a week, etc.

I haven't been able to exercise lately but I'll consider housework to be exercise.  :)  But yesterday I managed to get 6.5 hours of sleep and I was mindful about drinking plenty of water and this morning I feel this surge of energy.  I feel so refreshed!  Yay!  My mind and body feel good and my thoughts seem to be clearer.  I wish I can accomplish this every day!

For those of you who are parents of young kids that have a system that works that allows you to obtain enough sleep every night, and manage to get in regular exercise, could you share some of your strategies?

For example, when it comes to sleep... I have a million worries so my mind keeps me awake at night.  How do you turn off your brain and make it fall asleep?  Thanks!   :D
Title: Re: Adequate Sleep, Water, and Exercise
Post by: VillainousHero on November 06, 2019, 12:21:18 PM
Your mind is your worst enemy and your best friend.  Meditation is the key.  When you are not able to calm your mind, it runs amok with a million thoughts.  The problem is when those thoughts become worries and burdens.  The older we get, the more thoughts we have.

Something so simple as reading a book.  Going for a walk in the park.  Playing with a toy.  Having a sort of hobby away from the daily toils and tasks makes for that kind of meditative thought process.  The key is to not think about it.  It can be the same mundane hobby, but without a thought, it almost becomes a new experience each and every time.  That's actually what the mind needs.

Now motivation...t hat's another psychological approach.  As it goes with Abraham Maslov's hierarchy of motivation based on needs, he states that simple things like food, water, shelter, etc.,...must be met before getting to the self actualization part.

And herein is the part about moderation or rather self control or self discipline.  Something as simple as just a glass of wine...or actually half a glass of wine for example.  Yes one could drink the whole bottle or more, but don't.  Like for myself my little hobby of fishing.  I look over my lures or fishing gear.  But I don't spend more than an hour on it, otherwise I would end up spending my whole day.

Other things I use to do was just star gaze or cloud watch.  Do it, but don't spend too much time doing it.  Otherwise the day goes by or the night goes by before I know it.  Even the simple joy of window shopping.  Yes it takes work, time, and sometimes I even buy stuff.  Then again why buy it, if I can just come back and look at it another day.

Sleep, I'm the worst person to get any sleep.  I am also the kind of person who doesn't wake up after falling into a deep sleep too.  How it goes, or use to go was, I want to wake up and be ready to do _______.  That's kind of how sleep works for me. 

Title: Re: Adequate Sleep, Water, and Exercise
Post by: lilly on November 07, 2019, 12:26:38 PM
Thanks for your thoughts and sharing your strategies, VillainousHero!
Title: Re: Adequate Sleep, Water, and Exercise
Post by: DuMa on November 07, 2019, 02:53:11 PM
ah  you need water, sleep and exercise is what they tell you to keep a healthy and balance lifestyle but a lot of us are having a tough time sneaking those points into our current lifestyle. 

It all comes down to motivation.  If you do not have it, nothing can be accomplish.  Some people must do those points if they want to survive.  Giving an option to do those or die, I'm sure we all would turn into a healthy freak. 

Motivation is also an obsession.  Everyone has their own reasons as to why or how they do things.  I have to admit, I once was an addict to health.  Took 50 units in college under the physical education section just for fun.  Heck, I even exhausted the listing as to taking the course for a no grade, pass or no pass grading.   So I would work out at school then goes home and work out at home too and then play ball so that's triple workout in a day.  Thinking back, what's my motivation?  AT first, it was to look good to get booty then it becomes a way of life.  I can't live a day without doing anything that is not healthy related.  I even go on vacation and was looking for 2 gallons of bottled water to put on the end of a broom stock to get a bar bell work out going.  I was at 2% body fat.  It became a way of life because of the routine that I was doing for years.  I was on auto pilot.  I was exercising without even thinking that I was exercising.   Those were the good old days. 

I already have the fundamentals in my head to get back to where I once was.  I can train people.  I know I can get back to my old routine if I wanted to.  It is like riding a bike.  Once you know how, you will never forget the how to.  Now the hardest part is the starting part. 

As I grew older, life changes, people changes views, I'm no longer that virgin who needs a banging body to lure some hmong women to get some of her booty.      The clubbing scene is a dying scene.  The clubbing scene has no room for older farts like myself.  The world is changing and so goes my health.  Knees are getting worse cuz that's what is usually happens to young athletes who trains to strains which is self taught that is all wrong.  I am married to my work so time slots are hard to come by.  As I grew older, I sleep less too.  Old people sleeping less by the way.  I guess you can say that we older folks are actually using our knowledge and put it to work once we are old.  Like why sleep long for?  The body doesn't really need no 8 hours of sleep.  You are older and reaching closer to death and you wanna sleep?  I haven't even live a life yet. 

So I sleep when I can.  I take breaks just to sleep at work.  I do get me my daily 8 hours but not all in one sitting.  Is it unhealthy to do so?  Well sure.  Lack of sleep is known to be a causal of heart disease related problems.  I feel healthy now but that may be just me lying to myself.  I might be a ticking time bomb, ready to explode then my azz will fall into the category of those I once talked about which is the group of people who now must work out or die. 

Thank you for reading but yeah, working out is easy for me.  It is like I have all the equipment but waiting for the "when" I will start attitude.  Maybe Jan 1 for new years resolution but isn't that what everyone else is going to say and do but fails by the following week?   :2funny: