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Faith & Beliefs / Is playing morality immoral?
« on: October 12, 2018, 03:15:58 PM »
Playing morality is immoral because you bend morality to your will rather than letting morality bends on you. The 3 biggest dictators out of all in man's history is conscience, freewill, and emotions. They bend you rather you bend them. Those who bend morality to their will are moral relativist people because they play morality like how I see it in communism that persecutes Hmong people in the Vietnam War. From a single lie and brainwash through the re-education camps, moral relativism brings nothing but death, lies, persecution, and genocide since it's nothing but the rules of 'I like ice cream; you like cake.'

Moral relativism can be found in the Book of Judges, Heart of Darkness, Book of Kings 1 and 2, Letters of Birmingham, Animal Farm, Nuremberg Court Case, and many more of moral stories that tells about the nature of a moral relativist. Playing morality to your will is immoral. You cannot bend morality to your will for it bends YOU rather than YOU bend morality in your grasp. Laws vs. Morality has been clashing since the dawn of revolutionary; yet, man has not learn their ways to quit on being a moral relativist because of life isn't fair to their will. Oh well, suck it up!


Faith & Beliefs / Re: God Is Dead -- What are the consequences?
« on: October 10, 2018, 02:23:21 PM »

By reading your comments, it's clear that you're immoral.

Saying that It's ok to kill rapists because they are rapists, is immoral. And when it comes to abortion, you would let a 12 year old child suffer the pain and agony.

I am an immoral person just like you and I. However, I won't let a 12 year old to suffer if that child was a bastard child. I will let it be in the hands of the government to take care of him/her. If the government don't want to, then force it on them with a riot.

I can only love the ones who is changeable. I cannot love the ones who cannot change because they like it and they are born with it in their nature. Can you love a monster? I will love to see your comments on loving a monster if you can. Remember, there are two kinds of bad people: the changeable and the unchangeable.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: Puas muaj Vajtswv taag?
« on: October 10, 2018, 02:19:58 PM »
1.  Using God's name or "powers" for fame, money, etc. as seen on TV is wrong.  Jesus never used it to promote himself or used it for fame, money.  What these people on TV are doing is the complete opposite.

2.  Only God can heal.  No human being has the power to do such a thing, perform miracles, etc.  God may use some people to heal others but it is still God doing the healing, not the individual. 

3.  Watching xf. Salas on Youtube gives me the chills for some's like watching Benny Hinn and all the other people performing "miracles".

I agree. He doesn't like superstars since He is not looking for them. He's looking for a nobody on earth; yet, he/she is somebody in Heaven already.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: Puas muaj Vajtswv taag?
« on: October 07, 2018, 04:34:18 PM »
Thanks. Someday when I have time I will watch.  Too many too long.  It would be nice to get people’s opinion in here.

You can look into sav lav vaj mas.

He's a good Christian and I suggest you should stop by and see him. God is real and He loves you more that I love you. My struggle against God will be like superman vs. batman. Batman don't kill people; however, superman does. Law vs. Morality.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: Puas muaj Vajtswv taag?
« on: October 06, 2018, 06:24:17 PM »
You should watch William Lane Craig's argument on youtube.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: God Is Dead -- What are the consequences?
« on: October 05, 2018, 06:27:48 PM »

This is God's view. My view is different from His. My view is dictatorship and shun evil to a wall where the wall is longer a wall, but a infinity of no bottom. Basically, you crushed evil until they are extinct. That's my view and my perspective as I tap into morality. Morality is a gun if you don't realize it.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: God Is Dead -- What are the consequences?
« on: October 05, 2018, 06:18:37 PM »
Los hais lis nov xwb mas. Kuv hlub neeg phem tau mas; tam sis, yog kuv hlub neeg dab ces, kuv ua tsis tau. Koj yuav pib lis cas kom koj hlub ib tug neeg dab yug los ua txhua txhua yam phem rau neeg mas? Neeg dab hab neeg phem yeej txawv os. Tus neeg dab yog neeg dab; tus vwm yog neeg vwm; tus los ua phem los ua phem. Cov dab nov mas, kuv tsis paub hlub lawv vim rau qhov lawv ntxub txoj cev hloov rau qhov txoj cev hlooj yog ib qhov qias rau lawv hab sawv daws. Lawv lub neeg ces, lawv xav ua lub neeg lwj liam qias quav rau qhov lawv nyiam yeev. Koj hais lawv ntau zau lis cas los, lawv yeej tsis xav hnov. Kawg ua lis cas xwb? Neeg dab yeej tsis mloog; neeg vwm yeej mloog. Dab yog dab; vwm yog vwm.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: God Is Dead -- What are the consequences?
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:56:09 PM »
God will give you what you want and need. I only give you what you need, but never your want. That's the difference between God and I. If you see it my way, then dictatorship as it is. If you see it in God's way, then be prepare for a mass death because you allow the Joker to live to run amok around the place.

Batman the Dark Knight, I love the movie, but I disagree the moral behind it. Killing the Joker is okay in my taste, not God. If it's God's way, He will straight the Joker out in a matter of an instant like how He has done it with the NDE people. He's doing His best to save humanity, but my way is a lot faster; however, messier with bloodshed. Your choice. There's bloodshed on both side already. Kill the Joker/The Devil, or don't kill the Joker/The Devil. Your choice. Just to let you know, evil cannot be destroy. To destroy evil, you have to destroy conscience, freewill, emotions, and everything that comes from it. You have to destroy a mind, a thought, and a existence. If exist is destroy, then nonexistence dies with it. It means, number zero cease to exist as all the negative and positive numbers dies with it. The "Blank" will cease to exist and every definition to define "The Define" goes into chaos, limbo, oxymoron universe, etc. If this is what you wish, welcome to my world of dictatorship, not from God or Yeshua. Yeshua will prevent this from happening because He can. I am no better than He.

If you truly understand why Siddhartha Gautama chooses the life of a mindless rock, is to find absolute peace of no freewill, no emotion, and no way of thinking. His point of view to eliminate evil is to get rid of your emotions and all of desires. As a Hmong person like I, I only love you as a human standard, not God-standard. If you want to know God, read His book. There are some things that I find some taste in God that I might not like. The only thing that I don't like is loving your enemies. That's the one part I struggle.

Just read His book and you will know why God allowed so many deaths and evil to happen because of our emotions, freewill, and our abusing of everything of what we do. Josiah is the Batman in the Book of Kings 1 and 2 who is born from the cesspool of Israel and Assyria.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: God Is Dead -- What are the consequences?
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:34:16 PM »
Quote: "Anger isn't the only reason for abortion. You stated below killing with a good reason isn't murder, so you are contradicting yourself. Going by your logic, abortion isn't bad if there is a good reason to do it."

Do you lock your doors at night? If you do, then you believe in self defense. It's okay to kill someone out of self defense. Stupid pacifist will end up like how Hmong people are too nice to their new guest that they invited in their village.

Quote: "s it alright to kill someone who raped you 10 years ago and now you have only just identify who that person is? Or is it murder? That person is/was a rapist. How long of a period would you consider as justifiable to kill that rapist?"

What is more valuable, culture laws or your conscience? I myself am not a dogmatic person in cultural laws that was made by man in order to propaganda everyone as I see it in Book of Judges and the two books of Kings. As you made a statement about abortion, you have all the rights to kill the suspect; however, don't kill the child, but dump the child by giving it to the government's hand. How wrong can that be? It isn't wrong to kill and justify a rapist. All rapist that we all know of has been persecuted by government, state law, morality, ethics, etc. You say, "The Rapist Holocaust," because of ethics and morality that persecutes and discriminate against their action. This is also similar to the argument between 'natural born monsters vs. man made monsters.' Natural born will always be a monster because they like to hurt people and not themselves. They find it to be paradise by murdering, purging, rape, profane however they like or want, and many more horrendous acts to come. It's like enlightenment on ecstasy for them. People who make monsters can be heal through psychology or any other test to make then sane again.

What does this have to do with abortion? You have to understand the mind of a rapist why they do of what they do. If they continue their nature of unnatural behavior, we will have no choice but to exterminate the rapist community to justify and force peace upon on everyone. I understand that peace is not everyone's taste, but forcing peace is okay in my opinion. My older brother thinks its dictatorship by forcing peace upon everybody because he thinks there is no freedom to practice evil or be naughty for once Pete sake. As I think to counter his part, then there will always be a continuous genocide if we cannot contain evil within our grasp. Rape is wrong--yes indeed. Forcing a rape not to practice rape at all is okay, even if it violates their freewill to rape. If someone rapes you 10 years ago; yet failed to trial, let's say the suspect is a rich man. Jail are meant for poor people, not for the rich. That is why there is no fair trial if you come to think about it since rich people can bribe and buy off the jury like it's nothing to them. Therefore, lies will be made everywhere in the courtroom. There is no justice in the courtroom and I seem to understand where you are coming from. To identify the rapist, you don't need to identify him/her if you see their faces. If you haven't seen their faces, then you must have been drugged pretty badly when it's your fault for going to the wrong party. It tells me they don't have enough brains to decide who is their friend or foe. Some people have the lack of common sense of telling the differentiatio n of friends and enemy to a social skill behavior. This only happens if a person is a moron, hanging out with the wrong friends. However, if the rapist comes out of nowhere, let's say a dark alley, you are with your boyfriend--he gets shot while you get rape and shot as well. That can be justify easily because the suspect who killed the two victims may have a reason why he did it, but the details doesn't matter since there is no such thing as, "Buts." No 'buts' in the courtroom because it's making a lame excuse without any evidence to backup your story if you are the suspect who shot and rape the two victims.

Quote: "following commands without determining whether or not it's good or bad is also a robot. Pointing a gun at your head a make you choose between only two options isn't freewill."

Ok, you have two options: Lock your doors at night so you can stay safe, or don't lock your doors and face the consequences from the outside. You are in the position of a life and death situation. If you don't think this is freewill, then what is it? Freewill and our emotions are the true dictator if you look it closely. It's sad that we are design to be this way where we must have a brain, two legs, and two hands to suffer for we must know, "responsibility ." I understand where you are coming from. If you'd think freewill is dictatorship, learn to get rid of your emotions. No matter what you do, it's inevitable to get rid of what you are made to do. Why do you think Buddha wish that he is rock after death? He believes that being a rock is the most blessing thing ever in order to be just that. What do rocks dreamed of? Easy: being nothing. As a Christian, God loves you because He doesn't want you to get rid of your brain, two hands, and two legs because they are important. If you don't like them, you can donate your body parts to someone who really needs. To what I am saying, "If nothing dictates you, then the nothing will dictate you rather than freewill and emotions." A true robot, my friend, is to live without a mind. There's a brain, but it has not mind. You can rape it, it feels nothing; you can hurt it physically, it feel nothing. Is it alive? No! It's a machine that is just there for you.

Man has the most freewill ever recorded. If you look at the Book of Kings 1 and 2, we totally abused our freewill in order to prove that God's way is better than men's way. Humans tend to abuse it and find righteous people to be racist, mean, and don't want to pay a heed to their words because it's annoying, bothersome, etc. Bad people don't like to change--that's the bottomline. God gives freewill to bad people; however, as for I, I won't give freewill to bad people. I understand why Superman becomes a dictator in the end because there is no order and just. God loves you differently from what I love you as a person. My love for evil people is zero since I have a hard time to love my enemies. Monsters don't learn; scums do. Monsters sees the devil in the form, but never change because they like it. God only gives you two options on a life and death situation because your life depends on it.

Quote: "what would you consider as good reason? How do you determine what is a good reason? Anyone can claim self defense for their actions. Some would say that the 9/11 attack was justified. Was is your thoughts on the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during ww2? "

What are your thoughts of the Hmong people died in China during WWII? They raped us and killed us. What's your thought? God will allow death to go around because of freewill for bad people to do the heck they want. It's like saying, "Why will Batman allow the Joker to live to do more ugly things in Gotham?" God is God, but I, I am different. God will give you freewill to do good and evil because of responsibility . As for me, if you are my child, I will never give you the opportunity to go partying, drinking, smoking, or anything that is evil or self-destructive because I will protect you from doing those actions. You say, "overprotected on ecstasy." If you fail in school in God's eyes, He will tell you do it better and not fail. That I can agree. If you murder, God will punish you as He sees fit, which depends on the situation of the crime. As for me, if you murder someone, even if you are my child, I will not do what God will do. I will either disregard you as my son/daughter and will never consider you my child. In fact, I will buy a plane ticket and send you off to the most dangerous country for you to survive if you can. That's the difference between me and God. God loves you differently, but I am a little darker. He gives freewill for you to know evil; I won't. I don't mind if I am dictator by forcing people to do good only and never know evil. This is MY force peace, not God. God loves you and I know how He is. There a taste that I don't like from Him is that He allows human to know evil. I will never allow my child to know evil and I will control that child to do only good.

When you look at the Philippine Island and their country, they kill drug dealers on the spot. I agree. Rich people will buy out the court and make it seem like they are innocent. Therefore, kill them. Now, just look at the crime rate in the Philippine Islands about drugs. It decreases enormously. Therefore, crime is going down.

If you agree on God side, good for you, I don't care. I understand His way is better than my way. My way is dictatorship. His way allows freewill for all, even evil gets it as well. If you like my way, where no evil speak or have the right to speak, then I like you. If you do it God's way, I will not hate you, but we have our differences like Batman and Superman on the moral perspective. I do discriminate evil people with no heart. God loves evil people because He can straight them out without bloodshed. Me, I will exterminate evil from the face of earth because I am only human. I respect your view once you read the Bible. I read it and I don't like how He let evil speak and do numerous things that are horrendous just to prove Him right.

Faith & Beliefs / Re: God Is Dead -- What are the consequences?
« on: September 29, 2018, 05:46:02 PM »

DuMa, I think you should watch this. I've changed a little and know what God really wants man to do is to love and care. Having a nation is meaningless to Him; although, I do want a Hmong country to claim as home for all of our people, I understand that it will not last long. From my previous accounts from Hmong having a nation, I am very proud to be Hmong because of our intellect to be the first Asian tribe that burst out of China to be the first dynastic empire ever recorded in Chinese history.

Go to 1:09:42 and hear the rest if you want. It might answer to what you are seeking for. This nation of America reminds me of privileges people who abuse their wealth and power to do evil things to their likings.

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