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nice... i haven't seen anything this environmentall y friendly since...

tried my brother's and never again! too much work...I would rather go to the gym and do aerobics than mow the lawn with that... :P

I like your dewalt sets...actuall y I like anything dewalt...and I feel u about the grass, w/ the constant rain and all, we've been mowing our grass like every other weekend or's crazy! my yard is on steroids! 

I love my power tool sets ...especially the charging y takes a few seconds and the tools are fully charged and ready to drills last up to at least a month or two with limited use so it's pretty convenient for me...

my dealings w/ laotions was in highschool...w here the laotions would mock us hmongs and say " chue pao loj loj" whatever it meant

General Discussion / Re: A second born child...
« on: March 12, 2019, 12:50:26 PM »
in theking's words..."depends"  :P

my younger sister who's the 2nd born after me is the most calm, sometimes ua niam, but kindest person ...and she's not a trouble maker...

Lol when I read the caption I had Trump in mind already

so like is your virtual friend a pher or a fber?  ;D

I love flying southwest to southern cali's only 1hr compared to the loooooooongest 8 hrs. drive there...

also if you've already booked your flight and later on before the trip, u find out that the price dropped, they can credit you for the difference...t hat's what my galfriends and I did for our Seattle trip last year...we saved a whooping $50

basically, the father is kindly requesting that his daughter be returned if the son in-law should have change of heart. if and when she is returned, there will be no cash back.

often times, during a wedding and the father is giving away the bride...most will not address the groom, they are welcomed to but it is not in their place.  the father of the bride is wise to let the son-in-law know how much he cares for his daughter.  these wise word should be ingrain in the son-in-law, to respect and love their daughter as much as they did.  heave those words and he will be prosperous, a happy wife makes a happy life.

aren't these words relay during the zaj tshoob? when they say....somethi ng like..."zoo li kuv os zoo li kuv..."  :P  but not in those same exact words...

I re-read it in slow motion because i'm still trying to decipher the green words and cov lus no yeej zoo kawg...lus nyiaj lus kub rau yus pob ntseg

ua neeg nyob yus yuav tsuv hawm niam hawm txiv, hawm neej hawm tsa yus lub neeg thaij kaj siab...txhob saib yus tus pojniam li ib tus qhev, txhob muab xauv pem kitchen or txaj es tsis pub nws mus tawm roob...yog ua li ntawd ces yuav mag ua yawg nrauj nawb!  :P

 :dontknow:  :dontknow:

can you shortly summarize it in english because there's too much reading in hmong, my eyes are like  :crazy2: or ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz z

is this supposed to be lus paj huam?

thanks for sharing, I didn't know such restaurant exist...looks yummy but also at the same time fattening but never hurts to taste and try.

@ duma maybe you saw this

General Discussion / Re: share something you're just so happy about...
« on: March 01, 2019, 05:30:32 PM »
if ever you doubt your skills... leave it to the pros... in most homes there should be a water pressure valve in which you can control the water pressure that comes into your house... my research led me to not exceed 80 psi... 60 to 80 psi is the range... dealing with gas should never be taken lightly too... know what you're doing or else ka'boom... lol!

i do things myself because many of the time i doubt the skills of others unless i have absolutely no clue what i'm doing... for instance over the summer... i had my breaker box replaced because 1: i dare not deal with electric of that magnitude and 2: the skill required to do it exceeded what i knew or could learn... so i ended up paying this older electrician 3k, who did a phenomenal, to switch out my breaker box and to pigtail all of my aluminum wires inside my house into copper so that my house doesn't go up in flames, which aluminum wires are known to do... lol!

I have families and friends of all bils and cousins are electrician and they do those thing for a living and our family friend also does water heater for a living to save the cost of going thru the company, why not hire them directly and pay them instead for their time and skills

General Discussion / Re: share something you're just so happy about...
« on: March 01, 2019, 05:25:56 PM »
oh and I am happy because it's Friday and I can finally wake up late tomorrow...but I have a full weekend agenda ahead...I am looking forward to it but at the same time I won't have any time to myself weekday evenings are my only breather and that's when I craft as my therapy

oh and my Hmong Etsy items are arriving! i'm excited to see how it look like....

General Discussion / Re: share something you're just so happy about...
« on: March 01, 2019, 05:17:45 PM »
I had mine replaced a few years ago by a family only concern is that since this involved piping up the gas line hopefully everything was done's been a few years now and knock on woods but so far so good..

oh and I thought he bent something and that is why my water pressure suck...but turns out, I think it was a city related issue...once they fixed my outside sewage system and started metering my water usage, my water pressure is fine now... I guess all that gunk or junk probably clog up something out on the pipes coming into my property and so after they dug up something and replaced it, it's normal now.

all ya'll people must be smokin' some really good crack or drugs to be seein' ghosts ! lol! j/k

I believe there are things that cannot be explained or others may not be able to ever fathom ...I guess when you're able to see these things, your 6th sense is very sensitive to whatever it is that is trying to get through to you...when our fear sets in that is when we are most vulnerable to seeing things

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