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Both republicans and democrats have denied the stimulus package at one point. They have been fighting about it since around July last year. Its all politics and they just keep pointing their fingers at each other. The people are the ones that suffer from it all. This is a reason why you can't rely on the government for financial support.
Republicans have been trying to frame it this way but calling something a stimulus package doesn't make it one that works for everyone.  We are talking about direct aid of $2,000 to everyone to help them in these pandemic times, but Republicans ignore that and just say "stimulus" to fool their people.  They like to talk like that.  Make general statements and leave it for the people to misinterpret it.  You won't get a straight answer because they like to dance around the issue.  I just asked if the "stimulus" package HL was referring to included $2K for people in need.  He won't answer that because he knows it doesn't.  He knows that Pelosi stopped their fake stimulus package because of this, but he will dance around it all day long and try to make her look bad.  The really bad thing is, Republicans don't vote on issues.  They just vote Republicans, no matter what.  They've been brainwashed that way.  Just like how HL was complaining when Biden continued Trump policies knowing he was proudly supporting those same policies when Trump was running the show.  Like I said, it's not about issues for them.  They will vote against their own best interest as long as it's the candidate they're told they needed to vote for to own the libs.  To most of us, this is a strange way of thinking, but to them, it's perfectly normal to think this way. 

That's funny cause Pelosi denied the stimulus twice and got called out by CNN, one of the dems friendliest network. Now, they're in charge Congress and the WH and done nothing, not even the stimulus they promised. Oh, they've accomplished something... made fools of themselves with another fake circus show.  :idiot2: :idiot2:
Yeah, that $2000 will help your mortgage for 1 month. If you didn't save enough for the hard times, $2000 isn't going to last long.
did the stimulus plan she deny include $2,000 checks?  If it did, please let us know which line states that it did.  Otherwise your argument is moot.

and telling everyone who needs help that $2,000 isn't going to help them? That's your argument against it?

General Discussion / Re: Why bother getting vaccinated...
« on: Today at 10:51:47 AM »
In other news. I just got vaccinated yesterday.  YAY! 

That's a true me people do not know how to navigate/access and it's not that they are dumb and that's a wise President for understanding/seeing the challenges of people.  Now, maybe the other former Pres. along w/ his cronies might say "they're dumb" and leave them behind... sure, blame the people for not being able to access...

See, that's the problem, my opinion.  Republicans blame and leave people behind.  They're on this "survival of the fittest mode" and if people can't make it, need help, good luck.  But if you can help yourself, they'll love you because YOU can help them (Republicans).

Just because WE or someone made it, got out of poverty, we have to remember we once were soaked in poverty and should be humble and help others...inste ad of pointing fingers at struggling folks..

It's like success and $$ give people such a big ego they forgot to be human. C'mon now!
  I've talked to several republicans and they're against student debt forgiveness because they don't owe any.  They don't want the $15 minimum wage because it would put these other people almost at their level.  To them, if it doesn't help them in their selfish needs, they're against it.  These people have no compassion nor do they understand that by helping everyone, you elevate society. 


Says the person that keeps posting mostly the same screenshots. I would like to see his entry and exit of that TSLA dip he claimed to have bought.  ;D
I think you got the wrong dude?  ;D


yo GOP like mocking disable folks huh
not cool bro

Right?  Mocking Biden now, just like other handicapped folks and seeing nothing wrong with their actions.


Toss us some screenshot positions, man
We'll see.  I don't like screenshots of my portfolio.  I'm paranoid when it comes to security with money.

Im back in $AMC


Better mot be shorting my stocks!!!
Check back later
Nah. Not touching AMC

O0 O0

good luck... bro
If it works out and people get back in, it should go up a lot higher this time.  Once the squeeze is complete, I'm hoping for a sharp drop.


You holding any $GME position???
Iím thinking about putting $500 on $AMC at opening  O0
nah.  I'm thinking about letting it get high, then buying put options and waiting it out.  Short squeezes don't last long so buying puts for a couple of months away should be less risky and still very profitable.

The gamble is whether or not others will buy and hold too.

Hey! I own a car too! Yay!!

General Discussion / Re: Why is it OK for the Puppet to do this?
« on: February 25, 2021, 08:32:26 AM »

The Puppet's Admin opened migrant (illegal) facilities for children... yet, not a single bleeding heart libtards or dems is complaining, going down to the border and posting pictures of it. Can't find Kumala anywhere. Did they all just went blind just now?

Trump was bashed and hated for it but when the Dem does it, it's OK.
I thought this would make you happy?  Going down Trump's road?  But seems you're happy when Trump does it and now just mad because Biden is doing the same thing.  So it has never really been about the issue, huh.  To Republicans, it's just been about who does it.  That's not a good way to make America Great again.

General Discussion / Re: Why is it OK for the Puppet to do this?
« on: February 25, 2021, 08:30:34 AM »
Here you go HL:

Hot day but snow all round, right?

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