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Besides Denny's, there's not too many 24/7 places to eat at along the interstates so good to have Iron Skillet as an option. Our experiences at Iron Skillet have been positive thus far:

Today's is National Cheese Burger Day so thought I stop by and do my part  O0:

3 know it! better get your lubes ready!  double pump (dp) by me and trump!  your TDS come true! ha!

And that's suppose to be true coming from the Trump Disciple Sucker ("TDS") that proudly supports lies and fakes like his master Trump??

No wonder hmgROCK posted that intimate photo of you two getting it on, him plugging you from behind... ;D ;D ;D

damn feds cutting rate again
Kiss our 2% savings account good bye

Why "damn" about a measly "2%" from your "small fish" account when you can just win the lotto since you're the "hmong Nostradamus and is always right"??  ???

I guess im retarded
Signed me up welfare check already

NOT surprised from someone that purposely go "underground" to steal from the poor = zero compassion..

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Time for these OGies NFL football players to go
« on: September 18, 2019, 12:02:29 PM »
Im tired of seeing these old azz players out there

Eli, bree, brady, flitpatrick, big ben
Yes even rodger

Its time for yall to retire
And go

Stop being like those old F
Baby boomers at my workplace
Just retired and go die

Stop embarrassing yourself

I rather work with "Baby boomers" that are still productive and dedicated to their jobs vs. lazy FRAUDs that cry about working more than "20 hours/week" as well as "fake" being sick so they can go "fishing"... :idiot2:

At least with andrew luck
He quit

Big Ben is going sit throughout the whole year
Collecting that welfare paycheck
Doing nothing

Still not as bad as FRAUDs that don't need it but will still purposely go "underground" to steal from the poor due to zero compassion...B ut then again if they can leach off their own mommy without any thoughts, NOT SURPRISED...

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Eli Manning
« on: September 18, 2019, 11:55:40 AM »
donít give an F...

Collecting that welfare check ...

Sign me up bro...

NOT surprised with that attitude and outlook...I mean if one has zero compassion by purposely going "underground" to steal from the poor and give them "spoilage food", it's pretty clear..

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Week 3 predictions
« on: September 18, 2019, 11:47:54 AM »

Hope I'm wrong on 2 of the 3 because they are direct competitors being in the same division and all... ;D

He definitely sounds more "real" than the fraud that claimed to be the "hmong Nostradamus and always right" but is wrong time and time again. To make matters worst, he still can't "move on" from his wrongs... so that means more opportunities for me to point it out...;D

It's easy to "move on" for those of us with enough common sense to learn from our mistakes though. In order to move on, follow these easy steps  O0:

1. Admit one's wrongs
2. Learn from it
3. "move on"...

Marriage & Family Life / Re: The reason why some of yíall are still single
« on: September 18, 2019, 02:35:51 AM »
I know right like claiming to be the "hmong Nostradamus and is always right" but that's not the case and instead taking ownership of one's "wrong" and "learn" from it, one continues to be "too stubborn to change" by repeat the same EPIC FAIL over and over again.. ;D ;D ;D

FACT: No one is perfect but those us with enough common sense can take ownership for our mistakes and learn from it instead of repeating it over and over again..

When I made a mistake in the past, I've even thank the person that corrected me for the education and learn from the new found knowledge...Ri ght here on PH.. O0

I'm sure it's easy to just save when one can just leach off mommy for food and energy, and stay in "mommy's basement" without contributing a penny towards rent...

But why does that same one still needs to go "underground" to steal from the poor??  ???

General Discussion / Asking For Help
« on: September 18, 2019, 02:25:24 AM »
...from time to time when I don't have the tool and/or knowledge for the task. For example installing an anti-sway bar, I I have the tools and can do every step except for welding so I would rather spend $20 for the pros to do it for me rather than spending a whole lot more to buy welding equipment and do it myself since it's a one time deal:

...He was busy following his master that also proudly supports "lies and fakes" around  ;D:

Here's a photo of the crazy Hmong Vang dude:

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