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This is why hmong women be dating out of their own kind.  Whoever they marry is a blanket for them to hide under.  It is like you are in the middle.  When the funk goes hmong, you ride the white side.  Just ask moonrock.  Lol.

Thanks. Blame the women.

He killed innocent people.  Face it.  Plus, he did wrong by wanting to bring over a Laotion Hmong as the second wife.  Pathetic.

Moon...rumors has it that he asked her to divorce and sign paper....but she said..."NO"....and probably mentally and financially torture him up to the shootings.  She's using the legal system to her advantage....i t's been a well documented tactic use by women of every walks of life. 

Ua TsauG!

Hmm. Let me ask my mom since she told me this.  She knows the guy.

Anyhow, this doesn't make it right for him to kill, especially the innocent people.

My mistake. They are still married.  But, now you can see why he's so flippant pissed.  He wanted his cake and eat it too.  This should be a lesson not to have a second wife.  Love your first wife. Period.

I already said this but I'll say it again.  The wife wanted to divorce because the husband brought a new wife (illegally) from Laos and she didn't want to be the "other" wife.  Not sure why the husband went crazy but my guess is, the wife (now ex-wife) was probably going to get everything in the divorce plus maybe even alimony and because they have so many kids, she'd still get some money for child support.  He brought it on himself by getting a second wife.  It's not even legal.

It's unfortunate that innocent people have to die.  I am angry at him and I'm the same race. I can understand the anger and racism arising.  Put yourself outside of your race and you'll see how others see Hmongs.

Congrats to "16 years"  O0. You would be a good example for ignorant primitives that make claims like "mixed race marriage will never last"...But then again, they've already have their minds made up in their little bubble despite factual evidence saying otherwise...

Thanks.  I also know that a lot of married Hmong folks pretend to have a good relationship, when in fact, it's not going well and hasn't been going well.  I personally couldn't live like that.  I wear my truth and emotions on my sleeves (for my husband).  But having said that, I do know that a lot of Hmong marriages work out too.  This just goes to show that it's not about culture or race, but just being human.  Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't.

So let's take a look at the bigger issue; why do "we" think this happens? Specifically with Hmong couples.

Let's open this up to members in this forum. We'll whittle this list down eventually.

First of all, it's illegal to have a second wife.
Second, it's just wrong to bring a foreigner into this country and have wellfare take care of them.
Third, s!@# like this happens.

No worries, I understood you. O0

The way they are bashing the other PH member in her thread reminds me of those backward minded primitives that were bashing you because you made a personal choice to marry a non-Hmong...Same narrow minded folks..

Okay, I guess.  I haven't been paying attention.  Just like it's no business for anyone to care about who I married.

Besides, I've been with my husband for 16 years.  We love each other.  Husband just told me the other day that he's really glad I took a chance on him when we first met 'cause he felt like no one cared.  That's the best compliment a wife can ever get.


so she can make another idiot hmong man kill again???

I don't care who kills who in Laos, as long as it's not terrorists.  But, in this country, it's just stupid.

Looks like the new wife is going to be someone's niamyau now.  O0 O0

She needs to be sent back to Laos.

Oh just an inside joke from another thread where primitives are bashing a PH member's enjoy her life... ;D ;D

I didn't know about that. 

btw, when I said, "Loser," I meant the guy.  Not you.  Just in case it was read the wrong way.

What the hell, she didn't go to the "club" but to a bank instead.... :o :o :o ;)

Why would she go to the club?  She was going to leave him and take all the money.  He was upset about it.  He wanted his wives and all the money.  Loser.

It's Hmong.  My mom knows the guy who shot the tellers and police.

Story is, the guy went to marry a second wife and brought her home from Laos.  The first wife got upset and went to the bank to take out money and he followed her and shot her and the people in the bank as well. 

General Discussion / Re: Amazing! 800-year-old Hmong Village in China
« on: March 20, 2017, 03:00:01 PM »
It looks very Chinese.

Movies / Re: Beauty and the Beast - Live Action Retelling
« on: March 20, 2017, 02:52:21 PM »
It was a really fun movie.  The CGI was great, the singing wasn't so bad and so was the acting.  It was well done.

I was a bit sad about them removing the most important part of the story where the beast tells Belle not to go to the west wing.  When she does enter the west wing and he catches her, he says: "Why did you come here?" and "I warned you never to come here."

When she replies, "I didn't mean any harm," he replies back with,

"Do you realize what you could have done?" and then with, "Get out!"

To me, I think that part made the story so I was a bit bummed about it, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Movies / Re: Beauty and the Beast - Live Action Retelling
« on: March 15, 2017, 09:05:20 PM »
Sorry to dig this up but just excited to share that I bought tickets for this show two weeks ago.  It's getting so close!!!

After watching all the clips and trailers...I'm realizing that I don't know if I'll like Emma Watson as Belle so much.  She is cute but not pretty the way I always thought belle should be.

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