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If you got a vagina and I have a vagina, what's the problem?

If you are born a woman and has a dix, come shower with me   :2funny:

You guys are taking financial lessons from the unemployed? 
Makes no cot dam sense but the unemployment office will still be open for those who follows in his footsteps.  :idiot2:

NOT surprised as dude can't even read or know what 1+2 equals.. ;D

Accountant huh?  I don't know what the hell they allowed him to count over there. 

Maybe they caught on and thus why he's still unemployed.

So let's say that you got covid n survived.  You already got the antibodies so one shot is all you need.  Wat you got plus wat the vaccine can double up your protection is all you need.  Save the 2nd shot for someone else.  This is just an opinion per say but makes you think.

General Discussion / Re: COVID > Pho'
« on: Today at 03:44:25 PM »
With mask on, it will intensify your smelling taste buds.

You can test this theory by wearing a mask while taking a dump. 

Lol. Bro

You tell us to go long
Now you telling us you just trade
And donít want to hold the bag

I wonít touch this bubble
Look like it going burst soon

I also tell you to jump off a bridge, what you gonna do?

I said long for those who doesn't know how to day or swing trade.  I go long by riding this up to the moon but i also sell high n buy in low again for a better average.  Fundamentas im keeping this simple for the stupid just in case you say you are with stupid.  :2funny:


i thought you going long

You did not learn the strategy.   Going long doesn't mean you have to hold the bag like bet it and forget about it.  You can go long but you can still trade while it still going up.

Too complicated for you to understand.   :2funny:

I donít believe in ELECTRIC VEHICLES
Just takes too long to charge

I go with fusion

No need to believe to do this.  Take money n run style.  Im a fan of money.  I dont care about the product or anything else.  Make money, take money n run. 

what goes up....
must come down...

what goes down
must come up
 ;D O0

Plenty ways to play

Set lost limit auto sell n rebuy later when it was dipping around 3.50.

Now 1.30 all profit.  Those holding the bag down 4% is nothing.  You counting your chicken too fast there son.  Store just opened.  Scare money , weak hands,  just stay away this bud not for you.  If you lose money this early n be crying then just stop.  This is not for you.  Go play the lottery instead

General Discussion / Re: Interracial marriages
« on: February 26, 2021, 12:51:55 PM »
You Hmong should play with them ignorant.   Say you Hmong anese from the island of mung bean.

General Discussion / Re: Interracial marriages
« on: February 26, 2021, 12:49:43 PM »
My Hmong friend said he's Hmong golian

At least that type of china man is on the map cuz they know Mongolian beef.

Marriage & Family Life / Re: Here's an idea for people who are breaking up
« on: February 26, 2021, 12:46:41 PM »
You just saved my relationship for the 5th times.

Putting in an early restraining order eventhough you guys are not fighting so when we do fight, I'll wave that paper at her so she can shut up or I'll take her to reporters court. 

We cant break up if we never fight right?  Serves the purposes.

Need to play more gameboy

Who's shorting it? Down 8% 

Up 2 days n down today.  Yall still up though.

I haven't even look at the latest news to see why the pop.

Maybe no news but a short squeeze.   I know that one billionaire guy who loves to short Tesla.   Lots of shorties trying to kill a good thing.  Stop lost enforced just in case she rolls the other way and will buy in again at the bottom.   If you dont know how to play, just hold the bag n you still be good. 

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