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Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: A penny for your thoughts?
« on: Today at 01:29:21 PM »
I'm thinking that I like it when it's dead in here like it is today.  :)

Online Journal / Re: Gatsby's Green Light
« on: Today at 01:26:35 PM »
Tbh I forgot what your hair looks like!  :D  All I could remember were your braids that you got at one point and your hair was super long then. I tell ya, my memory sucks now.

I need a haircut too but I hate making small talk with the person cutting my hair. :/

Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: Is fate on our side?
« on: Today at 01:08:27 PM »

Whoever said that sounds very bitter. Don't let it get to you. I, for one, am rooting for you. I hope that your love is realized, actualized, accepted, returned, and eternal. I hope that you'll feel happy instead of tormented. I hope that it will work out eventually and soon I won't see sad posts in the Anon forum anymore, only happy ones. Have faith. <3

Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: Is fate on our side?
« on: Today at 01:04:25 PM »
seeing how i plan on living forever, never. as you know, the living never makes as much as the dead authors.

Hmm what's your secret for living forever? And please don't say going vegan.  ;D

Probably due to arbitrary rules that some mods follow at their own whim and personal sense of censorship without regard to anything else.

Just start the topic again.  :D

Online Journal / Re: Gatsby's Green Light
« on: Today at 02:00:41 AM »

Online Journal / Re: bramble & ash
« on: Today at 01:59:24 AM »

call them softly and they will come
all of the dreams you've left undone

-a. marseglia

Television / Re: Game of Thrones: Season 8
« on: Today at 01:50:32 AM »

I remember.

uh huh...

Television / Re: Game of Thrones: Season 8
« on: Today at 01:20:33 AM »
ok ok. maybe he just resembles a certain someone i used to know minus all the blue tint and the mini horns

ooh la la. pray tell more.

Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: Is fate on our side?
« on: Today at 01:18:02 AM »
oh boy, you are smitten. my initial reaction is to write something sarcastic notwithstandin g how witty i can be (hahaa) and pull random statistics about how the universe work out of thin air as to keep you grounded for a bit but seeing how i've been here a lot lately to distract myself from thinking about bigger issues that i can't handle at the moment (these monsters don't fight themselves) the romantic in me (or call it vulnerability that i will take your statement at face value amongst all the crap floating in this anonymous section) will obliged and amuse and you can take from this whatever good you find, leave the bad for another day, and i hope everything works itself out there in the static where the wifi signal is weak showing the stars for miles and miles just the way i like it

in greek mythology, fate are actually three sisters who controls the destiny of a person's life. one spins the "thread" of life; one "dispense" it, and the last "cuts" it. this concept of a "thread" exists in many cultures --no matter how far we go, who we love or hate, in this way, we are inevitable to find the "thread" that binds us. how do you tell a love story without it turning into a tale of misfortune? you don't. not this time. lovers do not exist in vacuums. there is a whole continent of emotions stirring in you for weeks. have you told them how special they are? damn. everyone loves hearing how special they are even when they don't believe it themselves, gosh, and when you do, please do it with big doey eyes, the kind that says "who put these bodies between us darling" so you take their hand and fate or no fate, run. just run. let the desire pound itself into your chest. does it hurt yet? so that one day when you're riding a train across the country you won't have to wonder what life was before them or after them because you'll be with them in the dark abyss of your mind, in the atoms quietly splitting itself between the way your hands are made to connect with the other; you won't ever have to imagine that in a different life (when fate didn't matter) you and your love left each other twice and married once; or you've become rich and spoil your love rotten, or you're diseased and homeless but your love was always there, in every scenario, it was, had, always been just the two of you. then one day you'll tell them a story, not about how perfect they are or the security of the material world, but how a light came and changed everything and though you don't believe in much anymore you'll look in your loves eyes and see the same light, and you wonder to yourself how some light can still be kept pure.

When you gonna come out with your novel or book of poetry/prose because I will be the first to buy and get your autograph!! <3

Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: Is fate on our side?
« on: Today at 01:17:04 AM »
I've never experienced a time in my entire life when a person was on my mind 24/7 every day for weeks.  This person is so special this person doesn't even know how special this person is.  I see a life with this person.  I see how life would be with this person.  I see so much love surrounding us every day if we were together.  This person belongs with me.  And I with this person.  Everything now is in fate's hands.

This is so sweet and filled with such longing. I really hope it works out for you both. Best wishes!

i don't know about trust but i never met an anaconda i didn't like

Anonymous Stories & Advices / Re: I miss you
« on: Today at 01:09:01 AM »
you guys totally hijacked this poor person's thread. that's not cool.

It's okay, he's too busy missing himself.

Television / Re: Game of Thrones: Season 8
« on: Today at 01:06:05 AM »
Oh Ash! You don't have to pay for anything... I can show you how haha But anyway, speaking of the Night King... while watching it I thought something was different so I googled and, behold, the original actor was replaced by Vladimir! No wonder I thought this Night King was a little hotter.. I guess it's the smoldering eyes.. (i know i have horrible taste in men) haha

hehe you're so funny. He is a hottie, isn't he?  ;)

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