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My first date is always close to my place unless I screen hard.

I always insist having the first date close to my place (any ice cream or drinks shop.) Most of the time they will be happy with the location and along with whatever venues I suggest. I like to keep first date simple nothing expensive until the 3rd or 4th date. Those would be outdoor activities such as zip lining them head straight to the museum. I like to explore different places and go on an adventure with women.

But I usually tell them we can hangout, eat some ice cream, talk about some conspiracies, then fall in love later. What’s your schedule like tomorrow or on the weekends. I need to be somewhere by 6pm ( false time constraint) so I can’t walk her to the door and kiss her like in the movies.

That is how I closed all my dates. I just keep it fun and playful and almost every women were interested.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My game structured
« on: July 31, 2019, 11:26:55 AM »
What I learn is don’t send messages that are hard to respond. Don’t make it long, don’t make it cliche or complicated for the girl. Girls speaks on context while most guys use logic. You need to send message that the girl will put the least amount of mental effort in.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My game structured
« on: July 30, 2019, 05:36:10 PM »
Yes this method changed my life. went from sending tens of chodey messages begging the girl for me to take her out to being able to set up dates with hot girls under a sexual frame.

When a chick swipe right on you, you’re in the game but you can still fawk up. You need good texting skills.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My game structured
« on: July 27, 2019, 09:46:19 AM »
Misc/Optimizing advice

Chicks will switch up even if they like what they heard and are just seeking validation or comfort. As long as you’re still getting a reply, you’re golden.

When you go for the number close, you number close ONLY as a reward. Not to revive a dying conversation.

My text game is vibing, building comfort, sexualizing and then meet up. If you look good (high enough  smv) you don’t need to build comfort. Women will throw you signals and your job is to capitalize on that.

By the way, there’s 3 plan date you can do.

1. Straight to your place

This is the ideal plan for so many reasons. First, the girl knows that if she’s coming over she has to play by my rules. I still get LMR (Last Minute Resistant) but not much if I were to go over to her place. Most chicks will have at least one objection coming over, but as long as you deal it properly, she will come. She needs to know she is safe and you not murdering her lol.

You can Uber her too if she don’t have a ride or lives far from you.

2. To her place

This is the second best option. I’ve gone to women place and the chance of flaking is extremely low.

3. Meetup in public

There will be chicks out there who will insist on meeting up in public first for safety reasons. Sometimes they will suggest to bring s friend along. I had 2 cases like this. I’m still cool with it. I’ll seduce her friend too 😂

I don’t usually meetup very far from my home. Most women I’ve meetup with are not picky about location. If you lead they’ll follow.

Now you need to remember this. Where the fawk you gonna fawk her?

After you meetup, it’s either back to your place or hotel. A real man needs to muscle a place and paid hotel if you don’t have a place. There’s no guarantee sex will happen but if I’m driving to meet her, I always make clear to her what’s on the table.

To recap you go for soft close then hard close.

Always have a purpose for the number. But the general rule is to get the chick to agree to meetup first before making concrete plans.

Keep it chill as possible. No dinner on first date. Only small drinks. If it’s straight to my house it’s wine 🍷 in the patio. Have condoms ready.

Write more later....

The Single & Dating Scenes / My game structured
« on: July 27, 2019, 08:44:54 AM »
Here I put together all my game structured list. These have help me get tons of laid.

1.Banter through opening

I have an example I use majority of the time. Gets me a lot of compliance. I won’t use it here, but I’ll give you guys a general idea how work.

They are canned openers and it worked really well for me. You can't force every girl you match to reply to you so I don't waste my time trying to send unique messages to every girl. I stick with a proven structure that has worked for me.

So let’s say you throw an opener and she respond (she’s buying into your frame) or she qualifies herself. Then you must reward her for compliance. If she’s totally not accepting the frame/comply with the frame, you need to stack again. Stacking is when you move forward in the interaction. Use cold reads.

Eventually you’ll get somewhere in the interaction where she asks you “wyd” or “how’s your day going” etc. feel free to exaggerate and make it something that perceive of high value. And make it something that will move forward in the interaction.

2. Use push-pull

Ex. “I like your style but idk if you’re adventurous enough for me”

She will try to qualify herself/buy into your frame, if she does, reward her. If she doesn’t comply, you need to stack again until she’s hook.

Push-pull only work after she sees you have some value.

3. Screening

This is where I tell the girl “what are you looking for.” I screen to cut off “time wasters”. Time wasters is a big category. These are girls who has no intention of meeting up with you. They are on online just to seek validation. They will give you a one word response throughout the conversation , no investing, etc.

If you tries to set a date but she flake the third time she’s a time waster.

4. Frame control

Don’t let the girl dictates her frame. You lose when you buy into her frame/when you qualify yourself.

Ex. She say “I will tell you about it someday”, instead of given up your frame, you say “don’t be shy” keeps the frame going.

5. Flaking

Ex. “ if you’re too nervous I totally understand” this one has work for me. I have cases where girls flake on meetup but I say that, and they respond back to rescheduled. It’s common. I would call her out but I do it in a subtle way without getting butt hurt. The best way to deal with this is don’t act over eagerly and showing any neediness. The frame is that I’m a guy with an abundance and I don’t really care, but I was looking forward to seeing her.

This is how I handle it.

Ex. “No worries, but next time I might have to spank you a little bit”

You see, everything is displaying playfulness and fun.

There’s 3 scenarios that will happen if the chick rescheduled on you.

1. She will stick to the original plan. This is not the norm but can still happen.

2. She will suggest an alternative/something else. This is the likely scenario that will happen. The girl will apologize for the rescheduled and suggest something else, especially after she sees that you’re not mad and not non needy.

3. No reschedule due to issue (sick or on her pms) I get the pms thing a lot 😂 😂😂 it could be a shit test or real but I play it cool. I’m not mad yet, but will keep being persistent because I still want to see her. I’ll text her later and will try to set up a date again.

Be cool and be persistent. The idea here is don’t let her behavior affect you. Persist just enough to stay in her radar and don’t delete her number because who knows, she might hit you back down the line when she’s horny. Once you bang her the power dynamic will shift and the second meetup will be much easier.

The key is don’t be needy. You can still persist hard and not lose your value, but the moment you act needy it’s usually over.

Game has a lot to do with behavior.  Don’t place her as your priority , keep her in your rotation until she gets back at you.

Sometimes they just don’t hit you back anymore. But the rule here is never text 3 times in a row. You try to match her texting. If she reply 1 minute, you reply in 1 minute. If she waits an hr, text her back in an hr. Gauge her interest level and how long she take to reply back. That will tell you how much she’s into you.

4. You need to sexualize.

Tease her, joke with her and always sexualize the conversation.

Ex. “I’m going to rip your clothes off and push you back against the wall”, “ I want to slap your ass, pull your hair, choke you, give you multiple screaming orgasm” things like that. Dominate frame.

If she is not responsive/not buying inyour frame means she don’t see you as high value yet.

5. Closing.

There is soft close and hard close. I always soft close first before going for the hard close.

Soft close is when I get her to agree to the idea of hanging out.

Ex. “We should get together soon and do xyz”

If she say “yes”, then I go for the hard close.

Ex. “Cool. What’s your schedule like”’ or “ you free for drinks on time and place”

The point of hard closing is that you use it only when you know the girl is fully invested and doesn’t flake. That’s why I throw tons of soft close to make it vague first. Subtle hint. Most of my dates are through soft closing and sexualizing.

More examples of soft closing.

“You like wine? I’m sure I can handle 2 drinks on our romantic date”

“I’m not worry about charming you on our romantic date”

Subtle hint.

Hard close examples.

“When are you free for drinks”

“What’s your schedule like for this week”

Things like that.

I’ll continue on the “Misc” on a new post.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My gift to you
« on: July 27, 2019, 01:12:12 AM »
I'm curious how you two met.  Did you just see her one day and decided to go hit on her or did you two know each other for a long time first? or something else?

Tinder bro. A few years back my texting game really sucks. I didn’t know what to do but I experimented a lot with different openers, bio and photos until I was happy. Got some good feedback on it as well.

All I have to say is this one took alot of persistence, both through text and me making one phone call 😂

After 2 weeks I was able to get her agree to meet up. Certain women are just difficult. In cases like this chick, persistence will win the day. Just don’t expect consistency at first. But it’s amazing what persistence can accomplish, provided you have the patience.

I always keep this one rule in mind: “Only listen to what she does, not what she says.”

That will save me time on chicks who aren’t really into me. Most guys would given up the first time. Well I didn’t.

I know her 3 months now. She’s a sweet adventurous gal, submissive with a wild side and a good big booty.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My gift to you
« on: July 26, 2019, 11:43:43 PM »
If you gonna give us horn dogs something, give it to us on hump wednesday.    :2funny:

Noted  O0

The Single & Dating Scenes / My gift to you
« on: July 24, 2019, 06:31:31 PM »
Babe and I are finally official. She gave me permission to upload. Will delete in a few hrs. Enjoy!

The Single & Dating Scenes / Another Black Pill Truth Bomb 💣
« on: July 21, 2019, 09:49:16 PM »
If a woman rejected you it’s either because she’s not available or you don’t fit her preferences (your looks.)

Your looks are usually the number one factor in online/offline dating.

With that being said though, I don’t fully agree with Black Piller that you should give up.

Giving up is what losers do. Instead if you find yourself lacking in the look department, you have to find some other ways to compensate for them.

If you’re average in height you can add an extra 1-1.5 inches to your height. You need to exaggerate it by an inch. If you’re 5’5 and you say you are 5’5, the girl might think you are 5’3. The guy who gets away vs the guy who gets horrified stares on date is depend on how much he lie. No girl will fault you for lying an inch or two but 6 ft. is a different story.

If you’re average height is 5’5, you become 5’7.

If you are below average in height you can buy inserts for $50 to increase your height by 2 in. I wouldn’t bother with this route unless I’m really short. But the choice is yours.

Fashion. Dress well. Get a nice stylish haircut. Go to the gym. Build some muscle. Buy some accessories like a watch or  necklace. All of these things increases your smv.

If you’re fat or overweight, no amount of game will help you. Hit the gym and lose some weight first.

I called this the compensation theory. You can compensate it with fashion, money, status and other things.

Here’s where your game really matter. Game can be leverage IF you’ve met these prerequisites.

1. You’re a high 7. It doesn’t matter if you’re white or Asian, as long as you’re a 7.

Ex. We compare two Asians. One Asian can look like he can pass for a Chad or a Caucasian while the other Asian is not so much. He’s more skinnier and lankier. So it doesn’t matter if you’re Asian as long as you’re a 7, you could leverage game.

2. Your height needs to at least 5’10. That’s the minimum height you need to be for women not to used height against you. And I’m not talking about Hmong girls. I’m talking attractive hot white women.

3. Race won’t matter if you’re the top 15% of your race. If it’s a white guy, he gets auto compliance because race won’t be used against him from majority of women.

So for example, for race not to matter, you need to look better than the vast majority of other Asian guys out there.

Example are Squattin Cassanova, Jeremy Long and Kevin Kreider. Kevin is the Asian Chad but even he still got rejected. Imagine what happen to the average Asian male.

4. You need to get below 15% body fat and have good form (facial aesthetics etc)

If you pass all these prerequisites then you can leverage game.

If not, you will need game to compensate and with that, you have to play numbers game. Chances are you will settle for your equally looksmatched or below. You won’t be able to replicate it. You might get say 30 numbers and score 1 date, but it’s gonna take you another 6 months to a year before you score another date. YOU CANT REPLICATE YOUR RESULTS.

So you need the compensation theory to compensate for lack of looks.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My tinder date matched
« on: July 20, 2019, 12:54:23 PM »
You mean the type that would like what they see in the 20% chads?

Precisely yeah. But things are not always black and white. Sometimes they’ll make exception if they find you attractive.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My tinder date matched
« on: July 20, 2019, 12:20:32 PM »
They are good sports for accepting the date with you but without getting laid, it then defeats the purpose.

You believe in a god.  Swear to your God that you got poocee out of these date. 

I don't need to lie to kick it.  People here already knows that I don't need to floss it to look good. 

I tell it like it is cuz we all adults here.

I understand what you mean but let me tell you something. I don’t play by women’s rules. I always play by my rules. In my world, sex is always on the table. There are exceptions however, befriend with some girl now, don’t smash them, throw up events and invite her friends over, meet her friends, and now you can choose whoever you want. Sure you can smash one now but you’ll probably lose out on her friends.

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My tinder date matched
« on: July 20, 2019, 11:20:52 AM »
You mean the type that would like what they see in the 20% chads?

I'm not roasting you cuz your game is non of my business but it makes me wonder what is going on with them hungry women that wants to eat and they picked you cuz you looked like the free meal type plus the girl feels safe.

Men cannot comment on other men’s looks. They don’t know what women like 😂

Men and women are Biologically wired different.

We think we know what attracts women by using men’s perspectives.

Like I said I only agree with black pill to a certain extent and not fully agree with the theory.

Im not the best looking guy to be honest, but I have plenty of resources. I’m with alot of women and that indicates preselection. Women likes a man who they know other women likes him. She could careless how a guy looks as long has he has high value and the life he has around him.

Women are attracted to guy with an abundance lifestyle.

That’s how you beat Chad 👍

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My tinder date matched
« on: July 20, 2019, 11:08:10 AM »
With a vagina yes.  All them heavy cake  :2funny:

No poocee, no care and friend zone potential cuz you aient no Chad.   :2funny:

I don’t need to be Chad my game 💯
I’m gamed up

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: My tinder date matched
« on: July 20, 2019, 10:59:31 AM »
But hey, on the real though

Some women are the adventure choice type of a lady.  They also do geeks and needs too but only a one time deal unless she finds out that you got a good looking diick and got stuff that is better than them other men that she used to fawk with.  With tinder, it is like prostitution.  You are not the first tinder fawk stop that she have done. 

I'll use tinder for what it is.  All chits and giggles.  I don't even have tinder band non of my Hmong married friends have them either.  I just told them about it so now the game is on and if you can get poocee out of it then let it be a challenge for all. 

You know OkCupid right?  When it first came out, I got poocee out of it and Yahoo personal as well.  My online digital pimps days are long over.  I quit that style like a decade ago.  There is something about chicks that knows how to tinder.  Even if you are able to be their bf, she's not going to destroy her tinder account.  I know I wouldn't so why should she right? 

So if looking for long term, I prefer to stay away from social media tech savvy biatches.  For a quick fawk, a perfect way to get a date on any given weekend.  Besides, people are excited to have dates.  To me, I'm just excited about getting laid and no gives a fawk what happens after that. 

Different ideology that I'm teaching here.  The Chad's theory without being a Chad.   O0

On Tinder and most dating apps I try to screen women very strategically. It’s make it easier not to waste each other’s time. Different girls are looking for diff things. There are the ones like you mentioned, and there are the relationship/dating women who are looking for genuine connection. As for me I always go for someone I have a genuine connection with. I don’t waste time on chicks who are not into me.

The dating/relationship oriented is a big deal. In fact they are on tinder and their primary motivation is not sex. They are on there looking for a bf. These types of women make up the the overwhelming majority of girls on tinder and other dating apps

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