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Movies / Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them
« on: November 16, 2016, 03:40:39 PM »
I'm such a nerd...I really can't wait to see it!


Anything Goes / Dreaming of PHers, write them here!
« on: February 10, 2014, 12:34:49 PM »
Out of the blues, I've dreamed of you...(my very first dream about PHers...eek)


I was dining out with luvlylisa at a nightclub lounge atmosphere having a conversation about colored paper plates and steaks.  Each steak will have different flavors and taste depending on the color of the paper plates.  So we went a head and ordered yellow, orange, purple, and pink.  When the servers brought our orders, the lights dimmed and the stage performers came out.  boO was the star of the night dressed in gold tights and she was one sexy babe.  luvlylisa and I didn't even get to eat try our steaks when the rest of the performers walked up and took our orange and purple plate of steaks.  I took the yellow plate steak and gave the pink one to luvlylisa. 

boO came out of no where behind luvlylisa and served us the two green and a red plate steaks.  I offered a $3 tip to boO but luvlylisa kept intercepting and instead snucked it up the back of my shirt since we haven't even ate, we shouldn't tip yet.  A few minute passed and somehow the back of my shirt was stuffed with lots of dollars bills and luvlylisa was still inserting more bills.  I couldn't concentrate on eating feeling so bloated so I got up and unzipped my piggy bank shirt to loosen up.  Somehow I was now dressed in a rainbow t-shirt and shorts outside a mallstrip off of a lake with a sign that read "Pay a penny to pet squirrles."  Luvlylisa was cooking some rice soy cake in the steamer outside and boO was a squirrel delivering the cakes to customers.

Television / Push Button to add Drama (from TNT)
« on: October 05, 2013, 09:39:24 PM »
Thought this was interesting... hehe.  Enjoy!

A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

The Game Room / Everquest Next, anyone?
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:22:35 PM »
Loved the first one.  Second one wasn't great though, but having hopes for this one. 

Can't wait.  I hope it's as good as I am thinking.   :)

Thought I would share for those who are interested in MMORPG.

Anything Goes / What would you like me to write about you?
« on: August 07, 2013, 01:47:06 PM »
I will write a short story about you.  Please list three things you would like to have in your story.

Television / Wuxia - Swordsman 2013
« on: August 06, 2013, 09:57:56 PM »
There's an adaptation Wuxia television serie of the movie Swordsman out early this year starring Wallace Ho as Ling Hu Chong and Jo Chen as Dong Fang Bubai.  The drama doesn't follow as the movie as this is a different adaptation of the movie.

I've always been a big fan of the movie Swordsman but I honestly believe this C-Drama is really bad.  I felt it lacked so much of the romantic relationship between Ling Hu Chong, Dong Fang Bubai and Ren Yingying.  There was way too much special effect and no realistic style of the different kung fu that each individual or group/clan posses.  There are many things that seriously drags the show that I ended up skipping because it became annoying.  I was really hoping for some awesome soundtrack for this show but there wasn't much at all which was the worst part imo.  I only like one song.  I can go on and on but I don't want to ruin the show for those of you who are fans of the movie Swordsman who may have an interest in watching this series.  All in all, you may have a different opinion on it so don't take my words for it.  Enjoy!

Wallace Ho

Ling Hu Chong

Joe Chen

Dong Fang Bubai

Yuan Shan Shan

Ren Yingying

Television / The Voice
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:30:20 PM »
Anyone watch the show last night? 

Michelle Chamuel...I loved her and she was so great.  A down to earth and true artist from inside out.  Though I will not deny that Danielle Bradbery had a wonderful voice and the ideal star everyone had in mind after Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood, I only saw her as another Scotty McCreery from American Idol.  Oh wells.... :'(

I will so miss Usher and Shakira.  They brought a lot of fun and excitment to the show.  Season 4 truly was awesome and the best so far.


Anything Goes / To Sun & Rain
« on: May 21, 2013, 02:32:36 PM »
Hi Rain,

After heating my lunch today, I decided I'd go out and sit in my car to get away from my normal routine at my desk.  You know - taking my eyes off the computer while eating.  I really just wanted to enjoy your gloomy sky and maybe the fresh air of your scent.  It made me felt good.  It was even better when you surprised me as I walked back inside, because I certainly didn't expect that.  Your touch is so cool.  So soothing it was. 

Do surprise me often, will you?


Anything Goes / Quirky morning!
« on: April 05, 2013, 02:08:31 PM »
I was fighting with four human who had powers to transform themselves into trolls.  I was kicking butt with my long sword Hmong Knife.  Dispersing their chopped off hands, knees, legs, and head off wasn't working for me because I needed to slain them all in a certain amount of time together before they can heal themselves back up.  I was definitely not doing that and felt I was losing. 

I was afraid and had to run through the hall to back up as the trolls were reforming themselves up against me.  My brother walked by but the trolls brought no attention to his presence.   I called out to him and asked but he wouldn't tell me how to beat them.  I eventually fell back into a corner room where there was a reset button.  That's when I knew I could replay this all over again.

Round after another, I was not able to conjure up any way how I could defeat the trolls.  It was getting worse because they've now discovered my secret reset room.  It came to the point where I am now stuck in the reset room with them.  I kept pressing the reset button because I had no other way out.  It was the only way to make sure they would not get next to me.  I got mad and shouted out, "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE RESETTED.  YOU'RE NOT PLAYING THIS GAME RIGHT!"

I woke up and sat on the bed.  I thought about what just happened and hysterically burst out laughing my butt off at my last line which gave my husband a fright and his foot flew up almost to my head.  Luckily, I was able to block his leg.  He was dreaming of being a player in Euro soccer team, Manchester United, right about to kick and score a goal.  Unfortunately, I ruined it by laughing and blocking his leg.  LOL! He was so mad when he got up because he didn't get to see whether he scored or not.  Had I not blocked his leg, he would have scored!  :2funny:

One of those mornings...I tell ya!

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