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Two Wheel Forum / MTB riding and cardio fitness
« on: July 10, 2012, 08:52:57 AM »
The last few years, I've been mountain biking a lot throughout parts of northern and southern California.  It's easy when your job allows you to travel to remote places.  It gives me a chance to explore.  Anyways, I've spent thousands of dollars reinventing my ride.  I've gone from 26" wheels to 29" and in the process, I've sorted to making it lighter and heavier at the same time.  I sounds strange but it occurred to me that I've met people on the trail who have claimed to have done this and that but the one place they've not considered shaving the weight off was their mid-section. 

Biking gives you a great cardio workout.  The problem is, you have to challenge yourself.  If you're only riding flats all the time or pavement or downhill exclusively, you never really push yourself to the next level.  I've ridden many trails but I resorted to going on 3 specific trails in which I have time-trialed myself.  Each time I go out there, I try to push it to the next level and shave a few minutes off of my ride time.  There are sections where I'll have to go slower around tight bends or up and over rocks/boulders or fallen trees or through small ravines.  Other times, I'll try make it up on the aggressive downhill or moderate flats. 

But the one thing I learned that has helped me ride faster (at times) is having a workout buddy.  That is motivation!  Usually if you have someone there to root you on, you'll perform better and your results will be more noticeable. 

Computer & Technology / iphone 4 ???
« on: September 07, 2011, 11:52:27 AM »
To all my techs out there: suppose you're given an iphone4 (doesn't matter how) and  it's supposedly de-actived but once you sync it to your mac/pc, it fires on, the AT&T antenna comes up as well as the 3G network signal.  My original plan was to use this iphone as a glorified ipod touch w/ Wifi, GPS and compass capabilities but suddenly all these cool features come to life, what do you?  If this phone is "deactivated" shouldn't it have a dead service?  If the service isn't dead...who gets the shaft (bill)?  I didn't sign any contract so I shouldn't be subject to any financial obligations, right?!

Computer & Technology / Samsung LCD Television problem...sss.
« on: July 19, 2010, 11:41:23 AM »
Last week had to have been the strangest week for me.  I'm sitting down watching television and for some strange reason...blip!  The picture just *disappears*, but the sound is still working.  *hmm*  That's very odd.  Anyways, it was a complete mystery to me and after 10 minutes of external control trouble-shooting, I went to the world wide web for advice (specifically, Mr. Youtube).  Turns out, there are all nature of possibilities that could have caused the problem.  Check this, check that, make sure the connections are tight, etc. 

Finally, I decide to remove the backside (something like 12 to 13 screws) of the television.  Capacitors are fine, backlight works, connections are fine, sound still works but NO display.  This is getting frustrating.  Finally after about an hour of closer examination, turns out the TV LCD controller (card/board) is *bad*.   *Sigh*.  Frys doesn't have the part, nothing at Radioshack, but available at some local repair stores (through store ordering at some ungodly pricetag).  The only solution? Online ordering.  A week later, it's here.  The television is up and running and I learned two things from this bit of experience I'd like to share with everyone:

1.  LCD televisions are pretty EASY to fix; even easier than the old CRTs. 
2.  Samsung makes very poor quality products.  I doubt any real level of rigorous testing was implimented in its design.  It's amazing, after approximately 3 years, that thing malfunctions just outside the extended warrantee expiration date.  How convenient; perhaps too convenient...I suspect conspiracy. 

My advice?  If you're somewhat tech saavy, enjoy a nice samsung (it ranks right up there with Winblows).  It will definitely challenge you a little if things start to go south.  If you're not tech saavy, I'd steer clear of anything with the Samsung logo.  It will only stress you out. 

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