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building my backyard fence has been more challenging than i thought... how do you stain a fence...? with an old broom of course...

i love the fact that she's the only hmong female rock singer... i just wish her live performances were better because she truly is great at composing music...

i have this song on repeat...

i am working on right now... it's just that i am too lazy to create a flickr account to show you all...

because i don't want hmgrock to hate... lol!

classroom yet hmgrock and many americans expect teachers to be accountable 100% and blame teachers for the behavior and wellbeing or lack thereof of our youths...  :idiot2:

when whites look at us hmong differently... it's because of you and chai vang that they hate us in the u.s... lol!

of the 32 students who remain, 2 are doing math... i've only had to help explain once to one of the two math students what the distributive property is... seriously, it's like babysitting and giving them positive words of encouragement to finish their classes... we started off with 57 students... of the 25 who are no longer here... some finished early and some dropped out...

i have two kids... one which she will start high school and another one who he will start middle school this fall... my (our) parental policy is that they could not have cell phones until middle school... prior to last night, the family plan which included three adults and a child was roughly 300 dollars per month for 4 cell phones... an apple, two galaxy s9+, and a broken galaxy s8+... of which there's still a balance of 200 dollars on the s8+ and 500 dollars each on the s9+... on verizon's unlimited everything plan... after last night, there is going to be an apple, two galaxy s9+, a broken galaxy s8+, and two new galaxy s10+ with a balance of 700 dollars each... because i/we am/are financing the phones free of financing charges along with the cost of our plan... i'm expecting our new monthly bill will be closer to 400 or 500 dollars per month... to me it is expensive but it isn't anything that i can't afford with my teacher's salary... i suppose i could cash out/pay off all the phones... and just pay for the plan but if there isn't any finance charges... why pay if off, right...? lol!

anyway, question is, do you think 500 dollars per month is expensive to you...?

General Discussion / if you've heard this... your thoughts...?
« on: June 06, 2019, 02:07:13 PM »
it's different from your typical hmong music...

parents and minimize your debt..." not all of us have the luxury of moving back in with our parents... lol!

i've had some pretty hilarious comments/threads/posts... btw... i love teaching summer-school...

went to bed last night to this and woke up today to this... lol!

option 1: flint's


all that expensive stuff... took too long for the food to come out so i left because i needed to get to work on time... anyway, here's my pic for proof that i was there... i don't care if you all believe me or not... my name is next to my banana which proves that i was at a 5 star restaurant for breakfast but because it took too long for the food to come out... i had to leave... 

come show us how you look like once you have a family... lol!

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