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General Discussion / snow day today...
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:18:02 AM »
no school... just woke up... lol!

i absolutely hate frontier... i'm going to florida come june... last night while shopping for tixs... they suckered me into thinking a round trip ticket would only cost 250 bucks... an additional charge for seat and luggage... the cost was well over 350 dollars... keep in mind the travel time is not what i prefer... all red-eye flights going there... and odd times coming back...

a virtual friend told me about southwest... to my surprise...  the travel time was what i wanted, no luggage charge or seating charge... all for a little over 300...

to me it was a no brainer...sout hwest ftw...!

General Discussion / share something you're just so happy about...
« on: March 01, 2019, 05:07:28 PM »
took me two nights in which i had no hot water but i'm happy to say that i have a new hot water heater... lol!

out with the old...

did was to write down two things about ourselves on a post-it note card and share it with someone else... then after sharing, you switch cards and then partner up with someone else and share the card you have about that previous person you met... i ended up with a card that said... "i used to be an escort..." seriously all. i'm not sure if this person was trying to be funny but tmi... lol

i put i love to fish and im allergic to guava... lol!

winter... lol! my mom's...

this past weekend i ate more than i should have... registered a whopping 170 lbs... today i'm 164 pounds... 3 days of straight exercise after work... no more than 40 minutes each day and fasting after 3 pm... i really do hate the weekends... my eating habits get all whacked... lol!

General Discussion / i rarely watch murder mysteries but last night...
« on: February 14, 2019, 11:07:21 AM »
while surfing youtube i saw this murder mystery involving this vietnamese canadian family which dates back to 2010... at age 24 the daughter ends up hiring two hit-man with the assistance of her boyfriend to kill her tiger parents... omg...

what's scary is that she was under so much pressure to become a medical doctor and successful that she fabricated her grades, her college diploma, and basically her double life... in truth, she was this defiant/rebellious daughter...

the cop never bought her story which was pretty elaborate but flawed... and most importantly, her father lived to testify that his daughter was in on the home invasion... omg...

or do you need more...? is there something else you're searching for...? i'm falling, in all the good times i find myself longing for change...?"

what's the name of this song...? and who are the singers... lol!

the fam will be watching the game at another family member's house... i will be making/bringing deep fried tater tots with queso cheese, bacon bits, and green onions...

and to wash it all down with... can't decide which beer to bring just yet... maybe some coors light... u?

General Discussion / what r u looking forward to in 2019...?
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:31:08 PM »
i'm looking forward to going to florida in june... initially, i wanted to drive from here to there and then fly back... in hopes of seeing that region of the u.s... unfortunately, the cost of rental is more than 4 round-trip tickets... KANSO... lol! 

General Discussion / how much money did u spend over the holidays...?
« on: January 03, 2019, 01:19:44 PM »
4.6k... and i didn't even go anywhere... :'( luckily i have the funds saved ready to pay my credit card company... the nice thing is i have 1k in cash back bonuses that i will receive here in march sometime... u?

looking forward to...?

i have some deer and elk meat that i plan on making sausage with... i'll probably do an 80/20 ratio of elk and deer meat mixed with pork belly... i've made deer/elk meatballs in the past and without pork belly in it... it's dry and not as tasty...

anyway, i look forward to making these things...

so in the kev hlub music video... the male actor had peach fuzz for facial hair... u can tell he's still young...

as a guy... even if u don't have a lot of facial hair like yours truly... as u age... the roots get darker and thicker... a sign of age... lol!

however, whenever i shave... even my hmong basketball teammates still can't believe that i am 39 going on 40... they still treat me like i am in my 20's when they push me to pick up the slack and here i am with my 39 yr old body telling them... i wish i was still in my 20's... ill shoot the damn ball all day and run up and down the court at full speed... lol!

btw... tixs were 2 hundred a piece...

"cause every time i breathe i take you in, and my heart beats again, baby i can't help it, you keep me drowning in your love..."

imma patrick mahome's fan... big strong arm qb... im also a wade phillips' fan aka rams' d-fence...

who to pick...? i will pick the chiefs just because of mahomes...

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