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went to bed last night to this and woke up today to this... lol!

option 1: flint's


all that expensive stuff... took too long for the food to come out so i left because i needed to get to work on time... anyway, here's my pic for proof that i was there... i don't care if you all believe me or not... my name is next to my banana which proves that i was at a 5 star restaurant for breakfast but because it took too long for the food to come out... i had to leave... 

come show us how you look like once you have a family... lol!

have hmgrock voluntarily give up his firearms and ammunition... he just might start a trend with millions of americans by being the first to do so... lol!  ;D

and bustling... with firearms, green onions, stock investments... . ain't like you're gonna take all that supposed wealth with you when you die...  :2funny:

new fishing clothes as stated because they're comfortable to me and they have a tremendous amount of technology that exist in them... pretty hefty price tag though... yrs back i paid 30 plus dollars for each one of my columbia fishing shirts...

anyway, as time progressed the technology became more available at a lesser cost... a few nights ago i was at sam's club shopping and saw these habit fishing shirts for sale... half the price... now, i ain't no sucker for paying more and getting the same... so i bought one in every color available in medium... anyway, i never knew that these new shirts had this... in addition to being upf 40 and moister wickering and quick try with a built in hoody...


im so upset with the officiating...

General Discussion / guess what i did last night y'alls... lol!
« on: April 26, 2019, 09:08:19 AM »

last night till 10 pm...

it was fun... fortunately, my buddy who runs the pig farm butchers the pig for his customers... all i had to do was back up my vehicle with coolers in it to put the chopped up pig in... lol!

forum with topics i'd like to talk about... lol!

climate change i tell you... oh well, climate change occurred before us and will continue to occur long after... lol!

what the heck...?  ;D $80.50 for an annual fishing license and a 2nd rod stamp, small game, and waterfowl...

all i do is eat and drink... funny thing is though, i can drop 10 lbs in two days... lol!

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