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Pro Sports Discussion / Kings aren't stupid folks....
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:56:24 PM »
they are pretty much just going with the flow and having fun....because it's like even if they make it to the play offs, what's the point if you already know the odds are stack agaist you from winning it all....there is simply just other teams that has more weapons...migh t as will, fold now, and play again next season with better hands...haha 8)

Hmong Culture & History / was our paren't generation worse than us?
« on: March 09, 2019, 12:53:11 PM »
the other day, the old man and I was chatting...too k him to see a optometrist... and on our way back...he started to tell me of a time, when he was young around 8 or 9...and that he was witness some older boys, around 12-13 fighting and killing one another...he said they killed one of the boys and left him for dead in the jungles...

he then went on to tell me, back in his days...the village whore existed long before todays hoes...lols he went something like, if there is word that there is a easy girl somewhere, all the young boys and men, married or not will take turns on her. even guys from another village will pay her a visit...lols

and yes, affairs had always existed in their days....killin gs, and whorin'g around...every thing you see today, had always existed during our paren'ts time...back in the old country...

well, i dropped my old man off, and he told me to be a good person...but i think it's too late...i pretty much whore all my life since i knew how the dirty dancing works...lols

Work Avenue / was there ever a time when you asked someone
« on: March 09, 2019, 12:25:08 PM »
if where they work is hiring. and they don't necessarily say "NO"..but they kind of bull sheet around and  leave you a impression that they don't want you to go work with them...haha they might say something like, well, we're just a really small company, and i think we actually is over staffed...or they might say, i see people turn in applications all the time, but nobody seems to ever get hire..i don't think they need people now...

hell, one time, someone who I thought was a good friend, told me straight up his place wasnt hiring...only to find out on my own, that they were at least accepting applications.. .haha meaning, if they like you enough, they will hire you regardless...a nd yup, i did get hire...but i select to work a different shift from this so call fake ass only regret is, I should had chose the same shift as the mofo..lols

come on man, at least say, I don't know, but you can always try to walk in and ask, or i can ask them and let you know, but it's better if you walk in yourself or call them yourself and ask- that way you get the answer straight from the source... (That's what I usually say)

but come on, even if you know your place is not still say something to keep it neautral...say ing straight up NO, or giving you the impression they don't want to possibly work with you....i can understand if you have a bad rap sheet...or is a known job hopper or what not....but saying no to you because you're not cool like the rest, you're boring to talk or to hang out with, or you're just a plain weirdo...or in my case, they know the big bosses going to like you better, you going to work harder, and etc....come on man....fuuking hater....

haha just reflecting back yalls...this isn't I have better experience and job skills than most of these people I once thought got my they want to ask me if my place is hiring, and I tell them, I don't know, but they can always call or walk in to check...using me as a reference?? i might have to decline only asked people very close to you for that kind of stuff...people you know will genuinely be happy to refer you...hahah so i might not be hesistant to decline...i know some people don't take it seriously when ask to be use as a reference...bu t with my field of work, it's not a warehouse or production/manufacturing company anymore...secu rity clearance is pretty high up there, but i still at least have the decency to say or direct them to the source, and if they asked more, i'll direct them to the experience or training they'll need...haha for me, my current job require no experience necessary, but my work history and previous managers got my back and vouch for me with their houses...lols

General Discussion / sleep paralysis...
« on: February 18, 2019, 01:09:21 AM »
fuuk shit...i've been getting it often lately...well twice in the past week...the thing is i don't usually get afraid, but i'll swing back at the thing or st night however i couldn't swing my arms...couldn't strike the son of btich...hahah so i remember what bruce lee said....relax your muscles, then i relax, and my arms broke free...i strike the son of haha....and it got off of me....

next thing...i felt a presence sitting next to my pillow where my head is rested..i felt it this time yo...i felt my bed moving downward slightly...

and it went away.....

so i told my neighbor...i'm sleeping with my oozie tonight...if he hears gun shots, he knows not to call the pooleece...bec ause this time i plan to shoot the thing with my silver bullets if it comes back...haha

The Single & Dating Scenes / women, you need to have game too
« on: February 15, 2019, 09:24:02 PM »
i was just reminded the importance that women need to have game too if she wants a quality man...haha like me...guys like me, we dont just go for a pretty face..hahah we get bored easily so we need some kind of substance to keep us interested...h aha

yeah, so i met this deep looking chick...the ones that you have to look closely to see that she is fricking strikingly good looking...haha h but what impressed me about her was she got the game to go along....her mannerism was sophisticated, she didn't just flirt with any guy that flirted with her...but she was polite to everyone...hah a best of all she had a good sense of humor...i mean a pratical's not just "yo momma" jokes or "you're so ugly" type of humor...lmao

was suppose to hang out with her tonight...but i'm still recovering from my last associate...ha hah and I just want to sit out and stare into the clouds tonight...but tomorrow night...I'll hit her up and maybe get to know her better...haha

oh, met her at the casino the other night...lols.. .she was a i'm kind of on the fence....about her...maybe she only like me because I was lucky that night...winnin g a few big hands...lols.. ..

Work Avenue / unprofessional employers...
« on: February 14, 2019, 04:25:00 PM »
I was just thinking back..reflecti ng on my younger years...when i first started to enter the workforce..hah a you know, them times when you didn't know jack shit what to say or dress the part during interviews...l ols

yeah, i don't think employers do this anymore..I could be wrong...but i remember in the past, one or two employers that I have submitted an application would send me a little card weeks later..."sorry, but you were not selected for this position"...I thought..hmmm come on now, the whole fuuking post office and my whole family doesn't need to know I got least put the ducking card in a envelope...

lols...yeah, so I was young, and of course, my fuse was much shorter back then..lmao...s o I wrote back to the company telling them how it was unprofessional and i rather just not hear anything from them if they decided not to hire me...I delibrately wrote it in a ugly handwriting as the handwriting on the card they sent me, I can tell was probably from some lady with serious time of the month issues...yes, i can tell a lot by one's handwriting... lols....that company is jack crap now...probably on the verge of going out of business..

another company, a retail store...I went inside, asked if they were hiring...the clerk said yes, and for me to wait in the lobby and someone will bring me an application... she phone someone...and 40 fuuking minutes...40 fuuking minutes later....a fuuking girl comes and say "we're not hiring"....I said wtf, you guys got a big ass "now hiring" sign outside...I wasted 40 fuuking minutes patiently for I thought to myself...i bet they were observing me while I wait...and decided I won't fit in or something...

I call their headquarters and asked to speak to someone...whil e telling the guy what happen, the guy started to get piss off and we ended up arguing with me calling him the "n" word...haha don't know if he was black or white, but the word just came out and I hung up....

needless to say, I never shopped at target again eversince... ;D

also, I use to have this manager...he's got something persona against me...everytime shit goes south, or if I made a error...he wasn't hesitant to keep names unmention the next day during our pre-work instead he would mention my name..."we score low, because, The curse made this and made that mistake yesterday"...

it was to the point where other co-workers at the time was telling me to stand up to the mofo...I was going to talk to him privately how I don't feel it's appropriate to bring my name up in the meetings...but i was calculated, i waited for the next meeting when he mentions my name and only my name put him in his place in front of everyone...

let's just say, man for man, if you insult my manhood, I will insult yours...hahah and that's what exactly i did to that mofo....he never mention my name again, and never said another word to me....eventual ly, he got into an affair with one of the office lady, and the lady's husband came to the work site to confront the manager..they both got into it with the manager getting his ass whoop pretty bad...nobody care to try and break it up...lols..... someone did call the pooleece though never saw that **** manager again...

everyone was like hell yeah....!! haha

well, i must say, i've actually forgotten all these incidents...bu t the other day, i was trying to cheer my nephew up on his first job termination... one day, he's going to sit back and think, "uncle was right, something better out there for me"...but i'm afraid he won't be as humble as me...he will probably drive by the place one day with his ferrari with a tuxedo...get out and made sure they see him and know it is him...then get back in and speeds off as to say....what now bitcches?? lmao

old redneck guy said to me, if these millinnials keep breeding before they even finish puberty, there's going to be a lot of stupid peole out there in the future....

I said, well, maybe tht's true...because when I was still raising fighting roosters for BEAUTY SHOWS, not fighting shows...LOLS , I don't breed the roosters until they hit their 3 years old and beyond...becau se if you breed em too young, the offsprings don't turn out right, or not as good show quality, if their father was bred at a older's the same concept with the females too....


Pro Sports Discussion / NBA history
« on: February 01, 2019, 11:34:20 AM »

Pro Sports Discussion / John Stockton
« on: February 01, 2019, 02:01:59 AM »
according to wilkipedia, his net worth is only 40 million? that is still a lot of doe compare to the ordinary working man...but man...I was thinking he's got to at least made a career earning of 150 million at least....but I forgot, he's such a nice guy that probably never complain about his contract salaries, and that NBA stars didn't start getting 100 million dollar contracts until 10 years ago...haha

folks, sometimes I wonder...why do we make these athletes so wealthy....hah ah

Work Avenue / your most scary job??
« on: February 01, 2019, 12:59:49 AM »

i work for the city for a few years...I love the people there...but the job duties was crazy depressing to say the least..haha so i worked as a utility worker, so I go around the city, to specific locations, like water wells, water tanks...some of these locations are straight out of the middle of nowhere....the re is this one particular location...whe re you have to take an elevator about 7 stories down below ground level...once you get down's like you are completely in your own's like getting buried alive...haha

so one day, they send me there, and that day my partner was not with was completely pitch black...i turned on my flashlight, but i admit I was so scare I dropped it and it I pretty much manuever my way back to the control room by feeling...I then start to hallucinate, or thinking i was hearing lling my name...

well folks, shortly after that I quitted...ever yone thought I was crazy....but I wasn't...years later, after i quit that job...I ran into a city worker, and he told me all about the time a utility worker lost his life down there....he don't know how...but i was like...shiiit maybe i wasn't crazy after all...haha

i left the city, and although the most amazing folks to work with, it just wasn't for me....i set out on busniess ventures...and it was a good move...a life changing move at that, to say the least..haha

Work Avenue / fuuken shit...don't ever take a easy job folks...
« on: January 29, 2019, 12:48:01 PM »
i need a job where they keep me on my toes...lols where i get chew up if I call in.....haha... .this job is too laid back and lenient..i need to feel important and needed...ahaha ...they asked me if I wanted to take the next 3 days off, and made it very clear, it's entirely up to I said yes...sure...i got nothing else to do at home...oops... now they know I was just being nice..but I said, yeah I'm sure..haha...f uuks. so going on a little road trip....will probably do some survellience and spying on the girl as well...see if she's loyal..ahah >:D

okay more like when a ex of your's gets married...and that heartbreak comes back to hunt you just a little bit....

well, just learned from a friend of a friend of a friend that one of my ex recently got hitched....aga in...haha yeah again...this time, when I said I was only happy for her...and whoever the punk lucky guy is....I really mean it this time, sincerely...lo ls

I don't get it, why do some people feel they need to remind you so to speak, of your ex...I am way over her a long time ago, and in fact, I forgotten about her how some people, you would have never remember existed, if you never bump into them and actually recognize them again....lmao like, this one dude at my new job....he recognizes me, but I totally don't remember him...until i look up in the yearbook and said, ohh shit, i remember you now dude...we had a class together...u.s history, Mr. were the dude who always raise their hand when you knew the answer...the smart guy...hella smart or just a damn crazy ass superb memory...he's one of the top dudes in the company...I told him, I'm retired already, only working cuz I got nothing else better to do, and in case i get into the fight of my life, i won't have to give away so many money...haha

Food Forum / Hmong cuisine
« on: January 25, 2019, 03:14:27 PM »
what do you say when someone asked you about Hmong food?

I cringe when I hear "Hmong food"....because it's not papaya salad, larb, kappon or grilled pork or chicken...or anything really you see at the Hmong new years..

the only original Hmong dish or food I know is...

Hmong sausage...auth entically, it would be sun dried first ..kind of like age dried steaks...damns ...hella bomb...

sticky rice sausage...stic ky rice itself is universal, but I think the HMong came up with the idea of making it into sausages..not sure about adding a few ginger peices into it though..haha

bile soup, or shit soup...lols (the Philipino's has a similar dish)..I eat that shit all day...haha naah..i'll pass..lols

fresh kill chicken...I think they call it emperor's chicken at many chinese restaurants that sell's Qaib vom, or similar...One of my white brother n laws, can't stop eating qaib vom....lols... at first we all thought he was just faking it..cuz to us younger generations, we think it is the blandest thing ever....but turns out, it's his damn favorite Hmong food...lols

that's all I can think of....I get a little embarass when in the past, you have potlucks or what not...and they say, bring a Hmong I bring a simple stir fry beef dish with whatever i find in the fridge to go with the stir fry....and boy, are they damn good fakers....lols so the next time...I brought some authentic, sun dried age dried, Hmong sausage, (don't worry, I made sure it was sun dried in a compartment to keep bugs and flies out..lmao) and sticky rice sausage with ginger....and this time...I can tell they weren't lying when they said it was deleiciously different.... 8)

General Discussion / yo where's my W-2?
« on: January 25, 2019, 11:22:32 AM »
young flirty mail-woman handed me the mail and said "don't asked me where your W-2 is, maybe trump knows" I said, i'm all digital got them all online already....hah a

man...i feel for those effected by the shutdown...I will host a block dinner/bbq if the shutdown continues to next week...haha j/k...

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