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...mainly for this feature: "it's a true six-speed manual" and it should applies to other full flesh real sports/super cars too IMO O0:

This 7000-Mile Supra Turbo Sold for $121,000

Update 1/16/2019: After being sold for $121,000 to a Toyota dealership in Chicago, they have re-listed this Supra for $500,000 on their own site.

Despite being a quarter-century old, this car has virtually no signs of use, almost as if the owner tucked it inside a vacuum sealed bubble at let it sit until now. All of the paint and body panels are in spectacular condition, as is the two-tone interior. The engine bay, footwells, trunk, and even the undercarriage look like they haven't been exposed to the outside air in years. The tires are marked with a 1994 date code. This truly is one of the cleanest, most unmolested Supras we've ever seen. And unlike the last perfectly clean Supra we saw for sale on Bring a Trailer, this one isn't an automatic-it's a true six-speed manual. Depending on how much you care about investment value, this car's targa roof (versus a fixed hardtop) could be something to note, however. Otherwise, this thing is pretty much perfect.

Supra prices have been going nowhere but up lately, and a booming nostalgia in today's culture for everything '90s has only helped that. This one is in an elite class of quality, so we wouldn't be surprised if it eclipses the six-figure mark. It may sound crazy now, but in ten year's time, who knows? It could be the norm.

 ;D ....

Busy as heck as usual but the workers are very efficient  O0:

There are inside and outside seating for those that want to dine in:

Finally, time to eat  O0:

For those that don't want to wait in line at their restaurant, they also cater...:

Departure, I was able to pull my Taco to the best parking spot so we didn't have to do the long walk back  O0:

General Discussion / This crossing can give some Hmong hunters a woody
« on: January 16, 2019, 10:06:29 PM »

General Discussion / Nice bridge
« on: January 16, 2019, 10:03:33 PM »
...considering it's made by a 3D printer:

"The world's largest 3D-printed concrete bridge has been completed in Shanghai, Jan. 12, 2019. The length of the pedestrian bridge is 26.3 meters"

General Discussion / Reminder for those of you with chest freezers
« on: January 15, 2019, 11:56:34 PM » your property, garage, etc... I don't have one or need one but if you do, it's a good reminder...:'(:

Brother and Sister, Aged 6 and 1, Die Alongside 4-Year-Old Friend After Getting Trapped in Freezer

Three children in Florida have tragically died after being trapped inside a chest freezer.

The children, ages 1, 4 and 6 were playing outside in the yard of their home when they allegedly climbed inside the freezer, the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement shared on Facebook.

The freezer was recently brought to the residence and was not yet plugged in or taken inside the home.

A woman, whom authorities identified as the mother of the 4-year-old girl according to News 4 Jax, was watching the children play outside.

She told police she had just left them alone briefly to use the restroom while they were playing and when she returned, she noticed they had vanished, the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office said.

After not being able to locate the children, the woman woke up another woman who also lives on the property, whom authorities identified to The Tallahassee Democrat as the 6-year-old boy and 1-year-old girl’s grandmother.

The grandmother was sleeping at the home before her night shift, and they began searching the property, authorities said. They also looked inside a vacant home next door.

The children were later found unresponsive inside the freezer. The women dialed 911 and attempted to resuscitate the children, but weren’t successful, the sheriff’s office said.

My opinion is the same too for the very reason that Jordan talked about  O0:

Michael Jordan has made it clear he doesn't want GOAT title: It 'disrespects' the legends I never competed against

Michael Wilbon asked Michael Jordan if he considered himself the "greatest basketball player ever." Jordan responded by saying that he doesn't want that title because it "disrespects" the great names who played before his time:

"I don't want it in a sense because I think it disrespects Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West -- you know all the guys that prior to me I never had a chance to play against," Jordan said. "What everybody is saying I am, I never had the chance to compete against other legends that was prior to me. When I hear it, I cringe a little bit because it's a little bit embarrassing because no one knows. I never had the chance to, once again, to play against those guys. I would love to have played against them but I never did. And for you to say that I'm better than him ... I mean it's your opinion; it's their opinion. I accept that as their opinion. If you ask me, I would never say that I am the greatest player. That's because I never played against all the people that represented the league prior to Michael Jordan."

Automotive Discussion / After 2 decades and that's it??
« on: January 15, 2019, 12:21:02 AM »
I think Toyota blew it with the new Supra ...a $50k plus automatic sports car with 335hp...pretty weak stuff IMO considering its current competitions out there.

And oh, somehow it shares the same engine as the Z-4 but makes about 50hp less...Just don't it selling well with those specs..

General Discussion / Sad, you buy a $350 hat and can't even wear it
« on: January 14, 2019, 07:29:42 PM »

"Long Island middle schoolers are being told to leave their $350 hats at home"

They should solely based the playoff seating on records. That way you don't have a 15-1 team that finished second in a strong division seating lower than a 8-8 team in a weak division just because they won their division.

They've been married for 25 years and no I think she just instantly became the richest woman... ???:

"After her divorce from billionaire Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Bezos could become the world's richest woman"

This ain't no primitive culture where women has no rights to speak up... :knuppel2::

"This Bride Read Her Cheating Fiancé’s Texts at the Altar Instead of Her Vows"

An Australian bride became an instant legend on her wedding day when, upon discovering her fiancé cheated, she read his incriminating texts at the altar instead of her vows.
The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told her story to the Australian website Whimn. She found out the truth about her fiancé, nicknamed "Alex" in the piece, the night before her wedding. She and her best friends were kicking it in a fancy hotel room when she received a text from a number she didn't recognize. "I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?” the message read, and with it came screenshots of exchanges between Alex and another woman—some from months before, others just days.

... and is still pretty clean ...Perhaps because it's Japanese and they take more pride in cleanliness??  ??? ...We've been going there since it opened and not much has change in terms of cleanliness...

It's so clean...the parents don't even mind when their kids are crawling on the floor  ;D:

All the aisles are clean and clutter free and the shelves are nicely organized...  O0:

...even touched...I like to use ALL the fresh veggies that comes with my pho and I'm sure it's the same for ProudLao too... ??? ;D:


"Ashley Graham reveals 'having lots of sex' is the key to a lasting marriage"

...still do the right thing by following the honor system and pay the fees if one chooses to use the services of campground...S o no campground attendant/staff available but we paid anyways like we always do when a payment is required at a park, beach, etc., by filling out the necessary paperwork, putting the money in the envelope and dropping it into the payment box...regardle ss of the many spots available in the middle of Winter ...

Arrival and payment:

The campground and lake are located next to the Grape Vine so easy access off I-5  O0:

My little girl's favorite activity at night when we go camping, must be the fire.. ;D:

Little condensation moisture in the morning but it is the middle of Winter:

The morning air feels fresh and crisp:

The lake:

Saw quiet a few fishermen and bass is common in this lake they say:

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