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...when ever I share my gas prices around the country with them because the gas prices in many parts of California are still close to 4 bucks a gallon on average... ;D

Upper tier well known brand examples from other parts of America outside of California:

Club membership prices are even lower such as 1.85/gallon at Costco and 1.88/gallon at Sam's Club:

I like to tease my California people every now and then but when I'm back home in California and see the gas prices similar to the ones below, the joke is also on me.. ;D:

..follow her own path as an individual adult so her dad made the right decision by respecting that and being supportive:

Steven Spielberg's Daughter Mikaela Is Becoming a Sex Worker

Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela is embarking on a new career — and yes, she’s aware that it may ruffle some feathers. The 23-year-old announced that she is seeking her sex worker license and working on becoming an adult film star. She says her parents are supportive, if cautious, and explains why this felt like the right choice.

Mikaela told The Sun in an exclusive interview that her parents were “not upset” when she told them about her new plans on FaceTime this past weekend.  “I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body,” she explained. “And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying my soul.”

So a co-worker told me that when ever his family do a share family event such as reunion, his brother and two sisters always asked him to cover more of the cost just because he's single with no kids. He feels that since they have the same financial resources, they should divide the cost up equally especially considering his siblings have kids and they as a whole utilized and consumed way more of the stuff during those joint events such as food, space, and activities.

I told him that what he said makes sense and that he needs to explain it to his siblings the next time they plan to do a joint family event. I also told him that just because he chooses to be single with no dependent, he shouldn't get penalize for it.

Any of you run into similar scenarios? Thoughts?  ???

Nissan is launching a $700-a-month subscription service that lets you switch to a different car every day.

..Mitchell brother's O'farrell theater, customers have no problems hundreds of dollars for those girls especially the rich men from Japan:

'Hustlers' Star Constance Wu Made $600 Going 'Undercover' at a Strip Club to Prepare for Role (Video) Constance Wu said she worked at a strip club to prepare for her role in “Hustlers,” in which she played a stripper alongside Jennifer Lopez, and made $600 on her first night.


The Computer Scientist That Created Cut, Copy, and Paste, Has Passed Away

The advent of the personal computer wasn’t just about making these powerful machines available to everyone, it was also about making them accessible and usable, even for those lacking a computer science degree. Larry Tesler, who passed away on Monday, might not be a household name like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but his contributions to making computers and mobile devices easier to use are the highlight of a long career influencing modern computing.

Born in 1945 in New York, Tesler went on to study computer science at Stanford University, and after graduation he dabbled in artificial intelligence research (long before it became a deeply concerning tool) and became involved in the anti-war and anti-corporate monopoly movements, with companies like IBM as one of his deserving targets. In 1973 Tesler took a job at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) where he worked until 1980. Xerox PARC is famously known for developing the mouse-driven graphical user interface we now all take for granted, and during his time at the lab Tesler worked with Tim Mott to create a word processor called Gypsy that is best known for coining the terms “cut,” “copy,” and “paste” when it comes to commands for removing, duplicating, or repositioning chunks of text.

..leave your baby in it  :o:

Repossessed car had one-year-old baby inside

In East Orange, New Jersey, outside Newark, a one-year-old girl was caught in the middle of a horrifying incident when a car was repossessed while she was in the back seat. According to News12, the baby was found less than an hour later and returned to her family unharmed.

On February 12, 2020, a father packed his daughter Hannah into the back seat of his Acura before running an errand. When he realized he had forgotten her bottle, he chose to leave Hannah in the car while he ran up to a second-floor apartment to grab what he needed. When he returned to street level, the vehicle was gone, with no trace to be found.

The father believed the car had been stolen and the baby had been kidnapped, but fortunately that was not the case. After he alerted the mother and called 911, the two heard back from officers about 40 minutes later. A repossession worker had taken the vehicle and supposedly didn't see or hear a baby in the back. The driver took the vehicle to a repo lot near Newark, where the family reunited with their daughter at a hospital.

After a checkup, the baby came back with a clean bill of health. The distraught parents expressed remorse and said they'd never leave a child alone in a vehicle again.


Sega app lets you play a real claw game in Japan remotely, win prizes

Witness the crane’s ultra-feeble grasp in real time, from your phone

If you’ve ever wanted to play a claw machine (aka UFO Catcher) in Japan from the comfort of your home in North America, and have the prizes shipped straight to your door, has Sega got the app for you. Seriously.

9 the kitchen know what I've made  O0:

..the first time we went to SF to get our immigration paperwork completed as well as seeing it over the years when I'm in SF or close enough to see it among the SF skyline. And it's located right behind that popular Chinatown parking garage on Washington Street so seen it quite a bit when my family parked there and we take the elevator up to the courtyard where many Chinese elderly hang out...

SF’s Transamerica Pyramid to sell for over $700 million

San Francisco’s Transamerica Pyramid, an internationall y recognized symbol of the city, will be sold to New York developer Michael Shvo, according to seller Transamerica Corp.

Some of the photos I took of this iconic building with the SF skyline over the years  O0:

...could've used him  ;D:


Prominent young Democrat steps down over 'bullying from Bernie Sanders supporters'

Lindy Li quits as treasurer for Pennsylvania Young Democrats

General Discussion / Is she really with the Asians
« on: February 17, 2020, 06:25:43 PM »
..while trying to win their votes  ???:

Sen. Warren announces plan to collect demographic data on Asian communities

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren introduced a plan Thursday that would collect demographic data on specific ethnicities within the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities.

Under the plan dubbed the "Working Agenda for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders" Warren said she would seek data to dispell the "model minority myth" surrounding what's known as the AAPI community which can perpetuate a view of Asians as well-educated and financially well-off and cause the needs of low-income or otherwise underserved groups to be ignored.

..but having irresponsible parents or just people in general is:

Why this professor's climate-crisis solution is rankling Twitter: 'The worst thing you can do is have a child'


Confronting ‘Fantasy Island’s’ Thorniest Legacy: Herve Villechaize, Sex, and Disabled Representation

Every week between 1977 and 1983, TV audiences tuned in to watch actor Ricardo Montalban bring narrative wish fulfillment into people’s homes with the whimsical TV drama Fantasy Island. But more popular than Montalban was the man whose shouts of “the plane! the plane!” became the series’ immortal catchphrase. French actor Hervé Villechaize was the first time many had ever seen a disabled character on a television show. His unique look made him memorable, simultaneously embraced and mocked in equal measure.

As recently as 2015, James Bond actor Roger Moore, who worked with Villechaize on The Man With the Golden Gun, called him a “sex maniac” because he regularly solicited prostitutes. In that same article, Moore went on to call Villechaize “diseased,” not because he was disabled, but for having what Moore considered an “unnatural” lust for women. Villechaize’s sex life became part of the oddity and reputation that swirled around him.

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