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Trump will make the White house looking good again

No need to know her name or what she does.  Just look at her picture.     :2funny:

for those who still wants to read

They selling this close to 3 acres of land for nearly $850K in the city of oakdale California .   What can you get for that price in the bay area?  Maybe a 1500 square foot older house. 

Link here.

Yall can practically make that money off farming or raising chicken.  Endless possibility. 

Debate Central / Do you think names are important?
« on: June 07, 2019, 02:07:16 PM »
A name is not just a name.  With a name that sounds well, it can put a person in a position of power and wealth.

This is why I suggest for all to name their kids with names that speaks well.  Stay away from ghetto names or common names.  I think this is the reason why celebrities be naming their kids with names that can fetch a hefty penny.  Like blue Ivory or if your last name is west, your first name can be north for northwest. 

I have nephews named after famous people.  Like imagine azn with names like Winston after Churchill or Warren after Buffett or Amelia after earnheart

Then again, I do have Hmong friends who named their kids after their favorite football player.  Like kaydoo names like Travis yang after Travis Scott or Damian as in Damian Lillard. 

Or just go with Joe, John, Mike aka common name that doesn't sparks anything much cuz those are a dime a dozen. 

If you look at all the successful people, their names have a nice touch to it.  With that said, maybe I'll do my girls with french names like Alizee or something.  With a beautiful name, hoping it will take her somewhere in life.

General Discussion / Off for the holiday weekend......
« on: May 24, 2019, 02:03:41 PM »
But I still make time for you guys.


General Relationship / #1 Viet player......
« on: April 30, 2019, 02:31:02 PM »
Hard to beat this story.

I just ran into a guy that is a friend of my janitor's co worker.  So his story is this.  This guy who looks like your typical perverted Hmong old guy in his 50's but he's Viet.  He would take a trip to vn and hit the country side n have an arrange marriage to these young and beautiful country girls.  They see a future in America with the guy in America so of course they will entertain him.  So he marries them for cheap.  A cheap wedding but invites all the big name folks to recoup his money through gifts.  Gave her family a few bills and he gets to lived with his new wife for a few months in the big city.  He rented a place there.  So for 3 or do months, he gets to fawks them daily.  He brags that it is better than fawking hookers cuz they free n with a wife title, girls can't say no.  He goes to America and ghosted them. 

He goes back to can occasionally and does the same game with a new victim.  The country folks are naive.  Before you marry someone, at least ask for papers.  The guy is not even a citizen to the USA for crying out loud.  Another guy who knows them too be saying that this fool, anytime he goes to vn, he has a different wife.  They do traditional wedding there so no papers there either. 

This is straight Savage.  He's a wanted man in vn by these families but he's always on The move so it is hard to track him down.  He's a con artist that deceived people and since there are no paper trail, there is no prosecution to this chump.

I mean you can cheat, creep and what not but when you marry someone as a con, that is just another level.  His victims are the naive country folks who doesn't know any better either. 

He just came back from another trip to Vietnam and is on his way to get his balls check out.  Get this, he's not your typical criminal either.  He's just a 7-11 worker n once he save enough, he will do it again. 

Better than Hmong og that creeps n take pix.  This guy is on another level.

It is in the news today.  $20 an hour aka, about 15 years for some to reach that level at the going rate of $0.30 cents annual raises. 

General Discussion / MN couple got busted poaching crappies
« on: March 28, 2019, 12:28:20 PM »
Laotian names seem like it. 

Must be using artificial to catch that many.  Wonder if my uncle knows that the limit is just 10?

Here in Cali, limit to crappie is a combination of sunfish perch and crappie combined so technically, 25 crappies max.

General Discussion / Chicago empire homo kaydoo back in the news again
« on: March 26, 2019, 11:17:48 AM »
He's found not guilty of all 16 charges. 

Here Is a case that social media made him to look like a monster.  That $3500 check was money he payed to that kaydoo brothers for fitness training fees. 

So we are back on board to look for the real culprit?  I'm confused to this case.  Will he get more gigs?  Do we owe him an apology? 

I wonder why they threw his case out?  Maybe a lack of evidence?  Perhaps it is not against the law to cry to the police about an incident but is a criminal investigation once a person press charges?  Maybe he didn't even press any charges so if step one is a fail, all after are fails and thus why you can't charge the poor guy?

Look at her video about displaying sweater. 

How could you not go aww so cute to this?

Lucky milf to an army's wife. 

General Discussion / Hmong baby won the Gerber contest.....
« on: February 27, 2019, 10:54:14 AM »
If you didn't know, a Hmong yang baby won this year's Gerber baby contest.  Over half a million other babies she beaten.

She gets $50k

Congrats and what a cutie.  Goggle it for link cuz my lazy azz is still on lazy mode.

Whole March, my MN cuz is visiting so back to the party and playing days I go.  No time for pH nonsense.  Hope y'all can understand that for me.   :2funny:

Well with the government shutdown, they are out by a truck load cuz they no scare.  I even went to a website to file a complaint but the first greeting from that government website says no one is home.   :2funny:

Just got one from Ohio by a curry guy saying he's officer curry of the social security administration and he ended the voice message not allow me to take legal action. 

I was this close of trying to meet up with dude to give him a check so i can cap the fool.   

It is a government shutdown you turd.  How do you get payed to do such job if you are working for the government? 

General Discussion / The Vietnamese Yasmi....
« on: January 17, 2019, 06:27:36 AM »
Same same yeah?

Hope that link works cuz she don't let me steal her pix and catfish people with.   :2funny:

Well the mayor of San Jose is giving loans to TSA workers with no interest.

While it does not solve the problem, it sure help a family who are one paycheck away from being homeless. 

Help support in a time of need.  Some businesses are offering free meals.

The Colorado case where the father killed his pregnant wife and two daughters is up for auction. 

If it is cheap enough, I'll buy it but will flip it later but will never live in a house of horror. 

Will be interesting to see how much she'll go.  Sold at $400k with an appraisal at $500k.  5bedrooms big ground house.  That's a million dollars house if here in the bay area.

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