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Thousands of Hmong and Lao Americans face deportation under Trump proposal
In a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Rep. Betty McCollum calls the plan 'unconscionable'

Riham FeshirSt. PaulFebruary 7, 2020 3:52 p.m.

Advocates warn that a Trump administration proposal to deport thousands of Hmong and Lao Americans back to Laos could be detrimental to families in Minnesota.

Community advocates say the proposal would affect about 4,700 Hmong and Lao people nationwide who never became United States citizens. Those affected include those who have committed crimes and have deportation orders issued against them.

The Trump administration is negotiating with the Lao government to allow for the deportation, according to Minnesota U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum.

McCollum, a DFLer, wrote a letter Monday to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo opposing the plan, saying it would be “unconscionable to deport individuals to any country in which the U.S. knowingly puts them at risk.”

McCollum’s office has received numerous requests to take urgent action against the negotiations, said her chief of staff, Bill Harper.

"Laos does not want to sign the agreement,” Harper said. “They don’t want these individuals sent back to their country, and in part because most of these individuals have not lived in Laos for decades."

Sia Her, executive director of the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans, said it’s unclear how many people in the state would be affected. She said the plan would tear apart families, not to mention burden them financially if a parent were deported. Her added that many individuals have already have served prison terms.

“Many of them will have built a family and lived in communities for decades now,” Her said.

McCollum noted in her letter that Minnesota is home to tens of thousands of Hmong and Lao veterans of the Vietnam War-era conflict, naturalized U.S. citizens who were refugees from Laos and legal residents who never received citizenship.

The Twin Cities is home to the largest urban Hmong concentration in America — with about 82,000 people of Hmong ancestry residing in Minnesota. About 17,800 Lao Americans call the state home, according to estimates by Minnesota Compass.

“This is a strong and vibrant community that contributes immeasurably to the success of Minnesota’s economy and our quality of life,” McCollom wrote. “Any repatriation agreement resulting in the deportation of Hmong-Lao community members will be viewed as a direct attack on my constituents and their family members.”

General Discussion / Arriving To Events On Hmong Time
« on: February 03, 2020, 02:48:35 PM »
I've been teased and chastised for being late to events because I go by Hmong time.  One time in the past I showed up like 30 minutes early to an event and the host gave me a "how rude of you to come so early" look.  So, ever since then, it taught me to go to events fashionably late.  :P  But then someone doesn't like it when I am late and says it's disrespectful to keep other people waiting.  Thoughts?

General Discussion / Hmong people and over fishing
« on: February 03, 2020, 02:38:06 PM »
I'm sure everyone knows that Hmong people have a bad rep for over fishing and taking more than the limit.  Not all Hmong people take more fish than what they are allowed or keep the fish that they are not supposed to keep but many Hmong people do take more than what's allowable and do keep small-sized fish that they are not supposed to keep.  What do you guys think of this?  It sucks that we are known as the Asians that don't follow DNR rules.  Thoughts?

General Discussion / What gifts do men want on Valentines?
« on: February 03, 2020, 02:33:30 PM »
What gifts do men want on Valentines?

General Discussion / Take this test!
« on: December 13, 2019, 09:52:52 AM »
I encourage everyone to take this test:  It does a really good job of interpreting your personality type.

Poetic Souls / I Hate Hmong Boys
« on: November 19, 2019, 10:38:08 PM »
I hate Hmong boys
They get my attention
They get my heart beating
Only to get me in detention

I hate Hmong boys
They drive me nuts
Their lips I want to kiss
Their hearts I want to crush

I hate Hmong boys, I really do
They are like dull stars
So far away in the sky
I want to say Goodbye, Hmong boys
But as I'm about to say Bye
They wave Hi
I'm like "Damn, Hmong boys!
Why why why?"

I hate Hmong boys
But I love them too
Most know about cars
Some can even cook
Some write poetry so good
Making me say, "Dang, I'm hooked!"
But I hate Hmong boys
Because the ones I love
I don't know why they gotta be from Mars?

(Hahaha, just messin' around.)

My incompetent boss got fired so we don't have a boss right now.  I have been doing half of her work (another person is doing the other half) plus my regular work for the last 1.5 years without being compensated for doing her work.  And now I'm being told they will be giving me 70% of her work (they're taking 20% off of that other person and giving it to me to do) and I'm to do those additional work on top of my regular work indefinitely and with no additional increases in pay.  My temporary boss tried to justify giving me the additional Manager-level work using "other duties as assigned".  But my job specification lists "other duties of a similar nature or level" and not "other duties as assigned".  The work he tries to get me to do are not of "similar nature or level".  He doesn't plan to compensate me for doing Manager-level work either because he is an a$$ and mistreats people left and right (everyone hates him).  I've been too nice because I'm a team player and it's just my nature to help out the team when the team needs help.  But I feel that asking me to take on Manager-level work on a permanent basis and not compensating me for that work is disrespectful to me.  The temporary boss thinks he can do things to me because I'm a woman and a minority and he can push me around.  I'm nice and I'm a team player but I have my limits.  I know when I'm being used and abused.  He told me the stuff he wants me to do are in my job specs (lie) and if they are not too bad, I'm still going to have to do them.  How do I kindly tell my temporary boss to go to hell I'm not going to be doing the additional work?  I don't want to do that type of work on a permanent basis without being compensated for it.  I'll help out temporarily and I'm fine not getting paid for it but the real issue is that I don't want to do that type of work on a permanent basis, that's why when they offered me the Manager job I declined it.  I think I should talk to HR, right?  Or, should I try talking to my temporary boss again?  What do you think?

General Discussion / Guys: Makeup vs No Makeup For Your Lover
« on: November 06, 2019, 06:46:30 PM »
Guys, be honest.  If you had to pick if your woman wears makeup or not, what's your preference:
1. Wear makeup
2. Wear no makeup

General Discussion / I have a date coming up
« on: November 06, 2019, 06:43:08 PM »
Guys, please participate in the polls!  Thank you!   :-*

General Discussion / Guys: Hair Style For Your Lover
« on: November 06, 2019, 06:41:50 PM »
Guys, be honest.  If you had to pick only one hair style, which hair style would you want your woman to have:
1. Straight
2. Wavy
3. Very curly
4. Ponytail
5. Bangs

General Discussion / Guys: Hair Length For Your Lover
« on: November 06, 2019, 06:38:19 PM »
Guys, be honest.  If you had to pick a hair length, which hair length would you want your woman to have:
1. Really long-down to her butt
2. Long-down to her mid back
3. Medium-down to her shoulders
4. Short-down to her neck
5. Really short-like a guy's haircut
6. Shaved/Bald

General Discussion / Guys: Hair Color For Your Lover
« on: November 06, 2019, 06:34:37 PM »
Guys, be honest.  If you had to pick only one color, which hair color would you want your woman to have:
1. Blond/Yellow
2. Red
3. Brown
4. Black
5. White
6. Purple
7. Other

General Discussion / Things we learn from our kids
« on: November 05, 2019, 11:00:31 AM »
Share something you learned from your kids or from other kids.

Health & Fitness / Adequate Sleep, Water, and Exercise
« on: November 05, 2019, 09:19:50 AM »
I think we all know that getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and getting regular exercise is very important for our health and daily function.  BUT, I seem to not be able to achieve all of the mentioned things on a daily basis!  AAAHHH!  Sometimes I don't even accomplish any of those things in a day, in a week, etc.

I haven't been able to exercise lately but I'll consider housework to be exercise.  :)  But yesterday I managed to get 6.5 hours of sleep and I was mindful about drinking plenty of water and this morning I feel this surge of energy.  I feel so refreshed!  Yay!  My mind and body feel good and my thoughts seem to be clearer.  I wish I can accomplish this every day!

For those of you who are parents of young kids that have a system that works that allows you to obtain enough sleep every night, and manage to get in regular exercise, could you share some of your strategies?

For example, when it comes to sleep... I have a million worries so my mind keeps me awake at night.  How do you turn off your brain and make it fall asleep?  Thanks!   :D

The Single & Dating Scenes / Topics To Avoid On A First Date
« on: October 30, 2019, 05:44:35 PM »
Recently, on several occasions, I heard this talking point on the radio: Topics To Avoid On A First Date.

Based on this article, topics to avoid on a first date are:

1. Your Ex
Never ever talk about how awful your ex was.

This makes you look bad, and you could come across as looking bitter.

2. Money
Never discuss finances. Don't talk about how much or how little you earn.

Talking about money can sound like you're either bragging or stressed. Just don't.

3. Politics
This is too heavy a topic for a first date, and could get very intense.

You don't want to lose a second date due to difference in political opinion.

Just because you feel strongly about certain things, it doesn't mean your date needs to hear about it.

4. Religion
This can be a very personal thing, and could get too heated.

5. Family Background
You may have had a terrible family upbringing. Maybe you had an abusive dad or an alcoholic mom.

Whatever the case, this is simply too much to bring up on a first date. It might end up sounding more like a therapy session.

6. Sexual Experience
Don't talk about how many sexual encounters you've had, or how much you date.

You don't know this person yet, and this is a very personal and private topic.

7. Marriage
Don't talk about how you're ready to have kids and get married. This will scare your date away.

This is something you can talk about only after a significant amount of time has passed.

8. Sex
Don't talk about how the person turns you on, or how much you want to take him or her back home in order to have sex.

It's a turn off, and it just makes you look creepy.

9. Secrets
Don't share your deepest, darkest secrets with someone you've just met: He or she simply hasn't earned your trust yet.

Moreover, this is extremely inappropriate, and will probably not be received well.

10. Work Drama
Gossip is exhausting, and you aren't in high school anymore.

Instead of talking about water cooler gossip or how much you hate your job, talk about your passions and ambitions.

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