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Online Journal / Counting the days till my return with the holy grail
« on: March 13, 2014, 10:00:17 PM »
What if we could ask ourselves, the possibility of seeing tomorrow's future. Would we plan ahead and try to change today's outcome.  What if knowing something in the shadows would devour your soul, would you wish you have more time to say one last good-bye. What if life was leading you in the path where your hands are helpless, your feet are deteriorated, your body is too weak to go on and your soul is gone from your body. Would you have accept the fact that this is the doing of "Destiny."

The mind and the body are interconnectin g waves of pulses traveling from one synapse to another.  It is the magical machine of our complex system, able us to move, jump, run as far as we can go, think as big as the universe, see as far as our 20/20 vision, but what powers this complex machine.  If the power that drives the magician machine glows a little less, would the body still function?  The body is driven by the soul which compel us to think happy thoughts, or in instances, where one is in danger and adrenaline sent to the front line.

Ever since you closed the door, I have been searching for the keys to open the gated fence of my soul.  Like the gate of heaven, only the death walks among the gods.  Time goes by, blessing those who don't have to go on suffering, will I find it.  What If could change back the hands of time and be there a little more, spent another extra day, hold you in my arms once more and tell you I have realized my wrong doings.  Like the wind carrying your scent, it passed me many years ago, and I have not found your trails yet. 

As the night lord rode his chariot across the sky, I dreamed that in wake of our meeting,
We crossed path in the valley of recarnation, where we appeared before each other's eyes
Together staring eyes to eyes by the rest stop for the souls of the gones to be reborn
Were we really in love or was it just a conspiracy to fool our own hearts
Were we the equivalent of adam and eve?  Foolish we were.

Poetic Souls / Edgar Allen Poe
« on: March 13, 2014, 08:50:58 PM »
Poe is one of my all time favorite poets.  Dark poet is what he is known for. 

Paj Tshiab

It was long and long a year ago.
In a kingdom by the sky
That a girl live there who you may know
Her name was by Paj Tshiab
And this girl she lived with no other thought
Than to love me and be loved by me

I was a teen and she was a teen.
In this kingdom by the sky:
But we love with a love that was more than love
I and my Paj Tshiab
The love that the castle of another king
Coveted her and me

This was the reason why, long ago
In this kingdom by the sky
The castle blew out of the cloud, seeking
My beautiful Paj Tshiab
So that her noble kinsman came,
To lock her in his castle
In a kingdom by the sky

The king, not so content in his castle
Went envying her and me
Sure! that was the reason why (all men know,
In this kingdom by the sky)
That the castle blew out of the cloud by night
Chilling and seeking my Paj Tshiab

However our love it was stronger by far than the love
Of those who were older than we
Of many wiser than we
And neither the King in the castle above
Nor the men down under the sky
Can ever dissension my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Paj Tshiab

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Paj Tshiab
And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Paj Tshiab
Furthermore so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my sweetheart -sweetheart -my life and my bride
In the castle there by the sky

Poetic Souls / Teenage years; Poems, Qoutes from youthful years
« on: March 13, 2014, 08:43:56 PM »
Thanks for taking you wonderful time and reading these lovely quotes, etc.  Some are written by me and some aren't.  Credit goes to the people who wrote some of these wonderful pieces.  Thanks.

"It takes one day to have a crush on someone. It takes a week to like someone. A month to fall in luv. And a life time to ever forget"

The shortest word for me is I
The sweetest word for me is LOVE
But the only word for me is YOU

nothing matters to me anymore except for
the things i say about you
the things i like about you
the things i want about you
the things i feel about you

true love neva leaves the heart, so if you dont' love me didn't love me

*If The Only Possible Way We Can Be Together Is In My Dreams...Then I`ll Sleep

When we are so far apart Can sorrow break my tender heart
love you, honey, i really do
Sleep is sweet when i dream of you
of you is like a rose
Night is here, so i will doze
With only on thought of you in mymind
You must read the FIRST word in every line...

Whats Worse???
Loving something youcant have.
Leaving it and maybe never seeing it again..

Roses are red,
violets are blue
when all these roses rot
that's when i will stop loving you

These roses are the days of my life with you

A blurred moment of my uncle

I don't know how it was like in the past
It's  like a blurred vision; a dream, woke without conscious of the past
On that night before they went away,
I stopped by as usual and had a brief stay
A moment in time like walking into a dream, not knowing your surroundings
My aunty had told me of how my uncle felt he was not loved
A sad thought, not knowing, his feelings were always hurt
My grandmother; her favoritism, her greed
Deep down inside everyone's heart is a tale, no lips can tell
He was the burden of the family; defected by both ears,
he had trouble hearing, but his hands told a different tale
He was a craftsman, an artists
This brief moment was like a movie,
Visited my uncle before the tragedy

I held my two little cousins and asked if they wanted to sleep over
but those instances they declined,
Thinking about it felt odd
Like the spirits had clamp their hearts; minds

The night was still young, sitting by the tv playing video games all night till 2 am
A breeze came through as my mind felt something was wronged
Somehow, someone, somewhere, came to me in my mind
push me to go out and steer the direction of my uncle's house
I waited and saw nothing, not knowing what was to occur

Felt like something had disturb my soul,
As creep out being alone outside
I went back in to sleep the thoughts
No knowing the last words I said were not "good-byes"
As I closed my eyes, it felt like a life time,
I laid there on my bed, sleeping without any worries
until woken up two hours later in a hurry
I checked the time and it was 4,
Heard knocking on the door

The expression I saw that morning was unreal, like inception; how she believed she was still alive
but was just a denial
Deep down inside, we knew what was real, but kept saying they were still alive
As the new spread as fast as the fire, we all woke up rushing down the street to where the fire was
On Christmas day of 04, it was a time of giving, not taking
blessings were supposed to come and thanks were supposed to be enclosed
As helpless as we all are, we waited and watch the fire to die down,
after hours of momentum change like the Wind of Santa Anna
We couldn't believed, four bodies in dark bags brought into the ambulance

In the last supper, I still remember vaguely of the night before the house fire on Christmas day
I went over to see my uncle as usual, after all he was the one who played the father figure. We had our moments and can't believe his family died so young.  It is true that my uncle had a hearing problem and his wife was finishing college working for an big corp.  Their dreams were becoming finalized, but sadly god decided he needed my uncle's help.  To this day, when I tried to remember the night with my uncle, it was like a blurred vision, a moment in time, a dream; place where we knew something was wrong but didn't know what was it. I can still picture that night like dream.  If I knew it was the last time; I would hug my uncle and tell them I love his family for being there and for bringing me up.  Rest in peace to my Uncle and his family who were struggling to live the American Dream and when they had finally had a small piece of the American dream.  Their lives were taken. May the ancestors watch over you as I know you're always watching over us.
Hope everyone enjoy.


Poetic Souls / Remembering the Life of Dara Thao
« on: January 31, 2014, 12:16:22 AM »
Click play and read if you want to

My recollection of the young lady who was taken away from her family and murdered in 2002.  She was beautiful, smart, and had a future, but her life ended at 19 years old along with her baby boy.  I remembered this happening like it was yesteryear striving along the good old internet days.(AA)  Reading this thread about her life really brought tears knowing what she went through, and how she was bind to the old tradition that eventually led to her death.  Years later, her husband was overheard telling another woman he would do the same to her as he did to his wife.  Her life was a tragedy and reading her story brought the hope that someday our traditional system will be challenge.  Murdered in cold blood, her life was inescapable having no one to turn to.  She lived in the era where shame was brought upon those who return and every time she return, her parents forced her to go back to her husband. 
Iím cleaning through my old cd writers and this happens to be saved.  I don't want her memories to go unnoticed so telling her story will bring something good out of it.  It has been over ten years since the glory days of internet emerge and I don't remembered who wrote the poem dedicated to Dara, but from the looks of it.  It could be the lover of Dara Thao before she got married.   The one girl who got away from him.  I hope we all can appreciate this love poem and don't take any offense to the reminisced of his past.   

In loving memory to Dara thao and her son.
We know that you're in a better place now and may you live
The life u always wanted.
When you pass away it seems like those horrible days,
Whatever happens to our love that we share?
I love you so much I can't longer bear
I still got love for those times we share
Hugging kissing, how much I very care
Remember the hot nights and cold days, hot lips and sexy hair
U makes me feel like I was your only man
And you was my only woman
But how this could be tearing falling from my eyes
I was at the beach waiting for you, but someone came by
Telling me you got another life with another man,
But how could this be
I love you so much my eyes can't even see
Still got memory of you and me, letting you go so easily
Was a hard thing for me?
Ever since the day u got marry I moved away
Crying hoping you would come by to say good-bye
You wasn't even there even though I wrote you a letter
All I got for memory is a picture of you and me
Sitting by the swing, I still remember that night when u gave me kiss
Even though I told u my lips were numbed
You still did it and I wonder Y?

leej muaj koj mus koj mob
vim tia koj tus tsis nco txoj lawn ob
lub ncua muas tua pooj tab law
txoj tia koj tsis nyob loj kuv tseeb nyob tau koj saa koj pom rau lo
koj mus koj mo
es nco txoj kuv tia mo.

Many years have passed and I still got memory of you even though i moved on
each day trying to let you go, is a pain inside of my heart
finally i though to myself how happy u must be, being love by another man and not by me
one day happilly, visiting with my guy that live right next to my babi-boo
old places where we use to be
passing her house and seeing new faces asking him why theres so much people
things changes he said "didn't u know"
hearing the words shock me, how could this be "i though u live a happy life, but
in fact it was a tragedy.
It was the day when we went out and the day u left me
going in a place call "Heaven" living life without me
Tearing falling from my eyes as i stood watching you
walking the stair to Heaven and making your marks to the sky
seeing stars that made happy faces that look like you
i hope you live the life you wanted and one night we will meet again

when you rubbed your fingers through my hair,
You said
You told me you love me but how can this be
when i heard about the tragedy
tears dripping from eyes, falling like a thousands stars
i pretend it wasn't true, knowing the facts loving u in my heart
when u left me all alone in this unknown zone
i think about you all the time, it seems like you was here with me
thinking how u used to hug me, tears, memories of how it use to be..
though you're not here with me, u will alway be in my heart
koj nciam peb mus peb yeej xab txoj koj

tearing dripping
time going so fast
memories of you and me
sitting here so sad
wondering how it would of been..
O! it was like WHOA O O
ima let you know how i truly felt
when i was injured, you was there to help
i fell in love with you the first time i met
before i knew u it was like i was in a net
you change me in every way,
i can't even describes, the words, your face, can't even say
you're alway in my heart no matter where you are
everytime i looked out i see your stars
shinning, up in sky, wondering one day i'ma be there by your side
in loving memory
heaven place u will always be
koj pom ntxu txoj, tau nyob ua kev
koj hais tia kkoj yuav ntau kuv nyob
ua li cas koj tia mus tsis pom tia kuv hlub
 i thinking to myself how we had plan
but now all i feel is tearing falling from my eyes
i pretend it wasn't true, but the fact is your really gone
i was
as time past ,
I remember how we were,
Now you're an angel departed to the heavenly sky,

Arts & Photography / My daughter's paintings
« on: December 19, 2013, 12:26:52 AM »
My ntxhais nkauj ntxawm painted these at school.  She showed it to me the other day and I was amazed. So I just had to hanged it on my kitchen so I can look at it every day. As parents we are always so proud of our child when they progress forward.  Looking forward to more of her art works from school.

Music Discussion / My favorite music/songs of the week
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:08:48 PM »
Hi guys,
For our entertainment purposes, I will upload links to many cool videos and songs every week.
FEB. 11-15
Xav Kom Koj Paub

One of the best versions.

Jan.16 2014- One of my fav. songs.

DEC. 21 2013. It's winter season and the cold is keeping us inside. It's sad to not have a lover at this time to cuddle with and enjoy the indoors with. Watch for this short movie clip in the future.

New song of the week; Sept 12 2013
Mi noog ;

New song of the week; August 11-17

Supermarket Love Affair by Linda Tran Dai or Linda T.D.

Kuv Tuag Kuv Los Cab Koj Mus Mog

July 17 13

Nkauj Hmong MN.  You know who you are. ;D O0
Nkauj Hmong Xieng Khaum (The video's owner prevents external embedding)

uploaded on July 7.

Computer & Technology / replace the old router?
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:36:44 PM »
I have standard internet on a wireless router from Belkin.  This is a N360 or 300 the lowest standard router since I am right next to the router.  My problem is that this router is 6 yrs old and the signal isn't strong enough.  Even though I am the only user, the signal is strong in my room than  in the living room where the router is.  My room is only 10 feet away from the router.  Is it my router? Should I get a higher router like 600 or 900.  Is it time to replace my old router?

Odd News / Media especially Fox is too biased on the facts.
« on: January 17, 2012, 01:42:32 AM »
America is truthly defined by the man who will save us all in 2012. It is indeed a fact the world will blow up in 2012 if we don't vote for Ron Paul.  

Fox is scared to show the true man that Ron Paul is.

Please vote for him when he becomes the Nominee for the presidency.  Obama is not a true conservative, but he's a big corporate loyalist.  Did you guys know Obama hired the same people who bankqrupt the 2008 crisis to be in office.  I can't believed this myself but it is the true.  The same people who worked for those banks like LEHMAN, AIG, GOLDMAN, MERRILYN and others are still working for OBAMA.  They also recieved BAILOUTS from our tax money.  Did you also know that those Banks who got the bailout also made money and paid bonuses to their employee while they claimed to be bankqrupt.

Watch trailer

Watch the movie here.

Watch this and vote for RON PAUL

Music Discussion / The most heavenly voice to invade earth. T & T
« on: January 02, 2012, 01:35:04 AM »
Teresa Teng, is known to have a heavenly voice that will make you sad and fall in love all over again.  Her songs are die hard songs and has real meaning to it.  This is the reason why I only listen to chinese love songs because they are more affectionate and realistic.  Teresa Teng's voice is like an angel sent from above.  She is so beautiful and has all the qualities to be the queen of romantic genre.  Sorry Celine Dion, you are not on her level, but yet you're great also.  Check out some of TT's songs.

You will discovered that she's the love of your life.

The Moon respresents my heart.

海韻 1977 Rhythm of the Sea

武侠帝女花 MV 几多愁 Ji Duo Chou - Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng - Ni zen me shuo. 你怎麼說 What Do You Have To Say ?  (this is the movie in Xab thoj's movie Tseem Ksib) (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

Check her out.  She will make you cried and make your heart jump once more. RIP TT.  I love you.

Hmong Stories / Hmong scary fishing stories 2
« on: April 07, 2010, 01:47:53 PM »
Have anyone heard of the Lake on HWY 52 in San Diego? I hear many hmong stories of how it is haunted. If anyone have heard of such stories do please share.  Thanks. Know any haunted fishing site? Let us know.

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