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Shout Outs & Dedications / Drunk on LOve...
« on: July 04, 2019, 11:51:58 PM »
Real drunk talk...I want...real partner. who will invest in themselves along with me, a family, a home, a life, see me for the beauty that I possess, and let me share it with that person and let me see the beauty that she possess and share it with me as well. I want someone to parade me around like a trophy and I am as proud to parade her around like a trophy. Share intimacy, that's intimately just the two of us. Stop asking the what if, would've, could've, should've,...waste of time. Start asking the when we, will we, shall we, can we...and take steps on them....My love is your love, your love is my love, we share a love and bond...that's grows, buds, flowers, and seeds anew, the ebb and flow of Ying Yang, the high and lows of the rise and fall of the tides in the sunlight, moonlight, starlight, under the clouds, rain, snow, in the face of the wind, dust, and frost. Hold on, hold out, hold onto each other...and our family together...arg hhhh drunk talk.

I will start...

- Those who are into fitness

There's this new workout routine...they say it's a HIIT called sects your eyes. LOL

I saw you in the fitness center...were you weight lifting or were you just waiting to be lifted?

The next month's group fitness class is posted. They've cancelled all the YOGA classes and replaced them with these new YOLO classes.

- Those who are like in up to college or still schooling.

Excuse me, I donít want to sound obtuse, but I want to triangle you. You will be acute, and I will be a right. Can we triangle again? Youíre A squared, Iím B squared, and together this equals us C squared.

If you put math and health class together it's 1+1=3

This is an A to B conversation so C your way out.

I am like this function.  I can make your Ex disappear and you will never wonder Y.

What is your malfunction? Mal Function is F = X times Y RU 2DM C unsquared.

- Single Parents

Mom told be about something that I should be aware when I find myself attracted to a woman...that it has something to do with FEAR MOMS. (pheromones)

Marriage & Family Life / POV of Love and Happiness
« on: June 27, 2019, 05:11:52 AM »
So I ended up in a discussion with someone about Love and Happiness. (this is an abridged version of the discussion as discussion flows differently before it is actually written down).

I see it as concept in value with aesthetics, appreciation, gifting onto others.

What this person explained to me was that your happiness is something that you own and no one can take it away.  Furthermore this person states that happiness is something a that is not achieved until you've paid for it.

No one can take your happiness if you truly own it. But if you rely on others to make you happy then...

You have to own it to give it. You cannot give something you don't own...that's just like giving something you haven't paid for silly...

Now what I struggled to comprehend this manner of thinking.  Of course it's splitting hairs when the ideology of it is about loving oneself first.  Part of the discussion was given some background.

you know that you just contradicted everything you have said thus far right?

I went through that hell and came out happier and stronger than before because I came to realize that I'm not the broken one...he is,

What I fail to understand was that this person was happy to have been cheated on.  When in fact I should've open my mind to understanding her method of self empowerment.  I am seeing how a person can take responsibility for their own happiness. I can see how a person may not know about their own happiness until they have paid for it through loss and betrayal.  Yet this person is not broken.  They were never affected.

That is a contradiction to my thinking.  As this person stated incorrectly that I contradicted myself, but I misunderstood her thinking - that's splitting hair.  I've heard of people being thick skinned, deaf to gossips, stoic to compassion, etc., that mannerism.  I was the broken person in betrayal and treachery.  This person was not.

Upon further contemplation of this...It makes me understand the mindset of the cheater and how they operate.  The cheater owns their own happiness, does not depend on others.  They care not how they breaks another, they will never be broken over the loss.  The cheater is happy cheating.  They don't require any happiness from the person being cheated on.  When they loss you, they are not affected.

While I thought this person's thinking was a job, a task, a goal...not as a talent, a gift, an idea. Your application of it is a materialistic value concept...not as a concept in value with aesthetics, appreciation, gifting onto others.

In my line of work, when we agreed to complete a certain task we said we take ownership of it and will be held accountable for it. Its the same thing with love and happiness

We've all heard the advice of treating marriage as a business transaction.  This person epitomized that concept.  When a business transaction fails, it's over and done with.

If we are trophies in our own right and we remain trophies.  This person was a trophy that never lost it's luster when tossed aside.  I was a trophy that got tarnished when tossed aside.  I needed to be polished in order to shine again.  I am that kind of trophy.

I know the above scope so far was limited to the area of marital relationship or applicable in the dating relationship.  It's also for those of an adult relationship between parent and offspring.  Now from a parent to a child, it would be disastrous in result.  You tell a child to tough up...You're responsible for your own happiness and love.  You don't need if from your parent.  Does it sound familiar?  The tough love that many Hmong parents have shown their offsrpings growing up.  If forces a child to become an adult a lot sooner.  I was that adult at before age of 12.

Will I apply this to myself.  Of course as I am not sure about it.  I will show my children that concept of love that is value with aesthetics, appreciation, gifting onto others.  The beauty of life that comes with it.  That tough love from my parents didn't work on me.  They receive that exact same tough love right back.  I don't want to part of that with my children.  My children will have both types of love to learn.  While they're children the beauty and gifts.  While they're adults the tough love of self responsibility .  No I will never treat my children as business transactions.

For my next love.  No I will not treat you like a business transaction either.  That is now how I do things although I will have to make that evaluation as part of relationship.  I will still have my concept of love and relationship development faulted to myself.  I believe I create my happiness as thus I can be easily influence to have it become diminutive by others. If I gift it to others, I am giving away something with feeling and soul. Thus I am exposing my own vulnerabilitie s to others to be easily taken advantage of.  That is who I am.  That is why as the trophy that I am, if you can polish me some, I will show you how much brighter I can be.

Always learning...

Anime | Manga / The Rising of the Shield Hero
« on: June 26, 2019, 10:57:12 PM »
The Rising of the Shield Hero anime

I like this one.  Not for the artwork nor animation...I didn't see too much that really blows me away.  I however really empathize with the protagonist.  Him being set up with treachery and conned into a betrayal early on the first few episodes. 

Anything Goes / Martial Arts Breaking Things 101
« on: June 20, 2019, 10:16:17 PM »
The question is Does Breaking Things using Martial Arts prove anything?

So I suppose, I will profess to the secret of breaking things.  Now there's a method and secret to breaking things like rocks, bricks, wooden boards, steel material, pottery, etc.,..  And there are people who can do it properly with the correct force.  There is no doubt about that.  They are all masters.  Basic martial arts breaking things 101.

Now there are also plenty of frauds out there.  The frauds are not without skills.  So to say that they are a complete fraud is not accurate.  They are very skillful and very convincing with their sleight of hand.  For example throwing cards that can embed into wood.  I and most people can't do that.  It's impossible, but plausible.  These skillful martial artist most certain can accomplish that, even send the card right through the board of wood.  Amazing.

Now lets get to where they break things.  These are not pre-cut nor design specific for breaking object.  These are actually selective objects that at times are very common.  Building bricks for example.  They must be tough if they are used to build walls and foundations.  Yes they are tough, but what happens when you drop these objects?  They are quite fragile as they can also be shattered rather easily.  Now the martial arts breaking methods exposed.  Take two bricks and throw them straight down onto the floor.  One floor is grass and soil, the brick is cushioned and will not break, unless it is faulted already.  The other floor is iron and the brick easily shatters on it or will at least chip a corner.  While this is completely different from a martial arts hitting the brick barehanded and breaking it, it is not unrelated.  I will explain how it is to expose the frauds who are very skillful at convincing their audience.

So how do they do it?  They are smashing that brick against that iron.  First we all know what happens when you hold onto a stick and hit the sidewalk very hard with it.  The shock impact rebounds right back into your hands.  We have no method to avoid that because we are untrained.  It is simple physics that there is always an equal and opposite force, when a force in enacted upon an object.  If we hit the brick with our bare hands we will definitely hurt ourselves.  However you and I observed that martial artist hitting the brick barehanded.  With a little practice even you can do it.  I did it and so can you.  The method is throwing the brick onto that iron.  Before my bare hand hits the brick.  I slightly raised the brick.  That gives it space, to make impact onto the iron below.  Now I just broke bricks like a trained black belt martial artist.  It is that rebound shock wave upon the impact of your bare hand strike that actually breaks the brick.  To the eye, it most certainly looks like you barehanded strike and broke the brick.

Next time you see that martial artist breaking objects and you are in awe and the audience is giving that person praise.  Go center stage and perform his feat yourself and walk away like it was nothing.  Congratulation s, you have leveled up!

Should I choose my air fist strike or my sword energy wave attack?  I mean I just leveled up and suddenly obtained new martial arts skills.

Dear Dr. PebHmong / My daily support...If you want to complain.
« on: June 18, 2019, 07:57:21 PM »
My daily support...If you want to complain. 

Complain to me.  I will give you a shoulder to cry on. 
Then give you a swift kick to your butt to cheer you up. 

That's what Dr. PebHmong is For (well still VillainousHero)  :2funny:

Anything Goes / Words that starts Fights...anywhere.
« on: June 16, 2019, 11:01:54 PM »

corny, horny, porny

ugly fugly bugly

corky dorky porky

shorty sporty forty years old

dirty flirty thirty years old

filthy smelly fifty years old

plenty empty twenty years old

teeny beanie weenie teen

Trivia Questions / FB Trivia
« on: June 14, 2019, 12:37:56 PM »

Only temporary and will be deleted after some time at my discretion.  Don't know if one can see it as it's a closed group.

Men claiming they are men and then they wussy cried when they met a real man.


So the synopsis was that some guy posted a challenge about real men and real women cannot raise another person's children.  I replied that I was fully capable since I raised my children and that I fulfilled the role of both mother and father to my children.  I am that man that is capable of raising another's children.  If a woman ends up with a relationship with me, I am capable.  I am that real man.

So then guy gets personal and started making racist, sexist, comments and the use of English punctuation correction.

I call him out on it that only he was making a mockery attempt at a personal attack against me.

Then said closed group moderator posted it up.  FB Jail.  I thought it was a fake joke about FB fail and was about to comment about FB fail.  Then I realize it was said guy reported it to FB for some type of violation.  He should've reported it on himself.  However apparently he deleted his racist, sexist, and other personal attack comments first though.

What a wuss Criminal, hiding behind his cowardly attempt.  Probably same guy who accused me of nudity when it was my butt cheeks.

Marriage & Family Life / Father's Day
« on: June 14, 2019, 03:00:19 AM »
Should I treat myself?

What should I treat myself to?

Movies / Never Back Down
« on: June 11, 2019, 06:49:34 PM »

Didn't know this movie even ing it.

Work Avenue / You can't have a fan on the table!
« on: June 11, 2019, 10:18:28 AM »
So my boss says, "You can't have a fan on the table!  It is potentially blowing dust and contaminants in the food service area."

I'm thinking in my mind.  So all those vents on the ceiling and every old style restaurants with ceiling fans are just blowing dust and debris onto food and all.

No I wasn't thinking and I just took the fan down from the table and everyone is now working hot in the food service area now.

So the boss also said, "You always have to be mindful and take care of your people." how you taking care of everyone now...

Work Avenue / What is the #1 killer of people?
« on: June 11, 2019, 10:07:28 AM »
What is the #1 killer of people?

Someone at work trying to be smeart (that's intentionally misspelled) proposes the question.  What is the #1 killer of people?  It's not work, drugs, alcohol, etc., won't find the answer on the internet...

He then says the answer is: Life.

I guess he's never heard of a thing call: Stupidity.  Most people if not all people will spend their entire life working to have a life...

Stupidity for example you go on your smart phone trying to look for an answer that is suppose to be so profound that you will impress everyone around you...mind you that you believe that all of us are going to think like you do...You have to be stupid.  When that Zombie is about to bite you, is right behind you while you were searching for...How to beat Zombie Apocalypse written by dead author.   Tough, but that's life.

Just like you saying that money can't buy time...You bought that smart phone and service for it.  You just bought time, for phone service.

Or when you said, what's the one thing you can only look forward in life to?  Death.  We don't ponder morbid, decaying thoughts like you do.

Or when you said, time traveling is impossible.  Yeah it is possible, it's called sleep.  You wake up in the future.

You still butt hurt over that malfunction of yours... :2funny:

Naive people, thinking they're smarter than everyone else around them...

Work Avenue / What is your malfunction?
« on: June 09, 2019, 04:43:48 PM »
What is your malfunction?

A coworker keeps telling other coworkers this when they mess up.

So this subordinate trying to be smart, asked me this.  What is your malfunction?

I told him.  Function, F = X times Y, R, U, 2D unsquared.

He says...that don't make any math sense.

I told him.  You asked for a Mal function.  Why would you even think the function would make sense if it's Mal in the first place.

So he goes trying to tell the other coworkers about how I can't make a function equation.  Trying to look smart. blah blah blah

One other coworker laughed...why are you too dumb?  unsquared isn't even in math.

...obviously smart phones were being used... :idiot2:

General Discussion / Driving while....
« on: June 07, 2019, 12:46:43 PM »
People say driving while distracted is ke texting or phone dialing...

Y'all never knew the secret of Gameboy and Playstation Portable days... :2funny:

Shimano Bantam MGL 150XG
price $350

Shimano Chronarch MGL 150XG
price $280

I wasn't really sure what to expect from either of these reel.  Mostly wanted to try the reel due to a few changes that this reel features.  Most of all it was the newer brake system (SVS Infinity) and the micro module gear system.  The brake weights are now only 4 of them which can also be manually turned off, as opposed to the older ones that had six of them on pegs.  I typically only run two brakes on, so I had open my reels and turned two off.  It was very easily done.  Both of these reels also has an external brake adjustment to fine tune.  However I'm not sure if I will have any need for it.  I've got mine set to the minimum.  Typically I am not a fan of external adjustments of brake systems.  Usually when I palm the reel, it's in the way and give's an off feeling.  To my surprise the location of these external adjustments were positioned that my hand doesn't even touch or notice that they're there.  I tried several hand positions and still the same results. 

The Chronarch sports 8+1 ball bearings while the Bantam only has 7+1 bearings.  The current Chronarch dissappointed me with a straight hole line guide.  The prior generations featured a conical shaped line guides.  The Bantam one has the conical shaped line guide that opens up to an oval shape instead of the standard circle.  The gear ratio on both of these models are 8.1 to 1.  There is also a 7.1 to 1 gear ratio for the HG model and standard is 6.2 to 1 gear ratio.  Overall in physical exterior size, the Bantam is smaller yet weighs at 7.8 oz.  The Chronarch weighs in at 6.7 oz.

As of now, both of my reels are spooled up with some Diawa J8 braids.  The Bantam will have 15# braid while the Chronarch will  have #20 braid.  I did some preliminary backyard casting with a 1/4 oz. weight.  I was very surprised at how well both of these reels were able to get in terms of distance easily over 30+ yards on the cast.  The Bantam reel casted very smooth and effortlessly.  The Chronarch was a bit more noisy and overall got less distance.  It was expected since the Chronarch had a heavier braid line.  Still I am impressed at both reels with the ease of casting, as well as the distance achieved.  The Bantam really exemplify during the test run.  Something that most standard low profile reels have a lot of difficulty with lures in the 1/4 oz. weight.  In part the light weight contribution from that MGL (Magnumlite) spool.

The Chronarch also has a slightly longer handle and at first it was a slightly different feel.  I measured it to be roughly 96 mm as opposed to most of the older reels coming in at 84 mm handles.  The Bantam I measured it to be about 90 mm.  Which is still longer than the standard 84 mm handles but I didn't feel it.  The Bantam has the larger handle knobs that is typically found on the Curado line.

Another thing I noticed about the levelwind worm gear is that the Chronarch MGL has a much more aggressive thread pattern.  When compared to one clearance of level wind guide from left to right cycle only two handle turns was needed, so about 4:1 ratio for the full cycle.  The Bantam MGL is just slightly less aggressive thread pattern.  It needed about two and a quarter handle turns to make one clearance of the level wind guide from left to right, about 4.5:1 ratio full cycle.  While I compared these to my old Chronarch 100D7 and Metanium MG7 both were about 7:1 ratio for the levelwind guide full cycle.  Consequently all this means that the Chronarch MGL spool will have the most aggressive cross pattern to line lay on the spool, meaning it should be most braid friendly.

...will update as I get some uses out of these... The Bantam MGL was just spectacular from the get go.  Although the reel is heavier in weight, the cranking/winching from the reel feels solid smooth.  I guess if I were to get a cranking type reel, the Bamtam MGL would be an excellent candidate.

The Chronarch MGL sort of grows on me.  The more I use it, the more I like using it.  Due to it's lighter weight, at first I was wary of the noise and feel of the gears.  While I compared it to my old Chronarch 100D, the old reel is more noisy and more vibration feel of gears.  It would make the current Chronarch MGL feel like a huge improvement.  Due to me using the Bantam MGL, it just proves how well refined the Bantam MGL really is.

Due to the longer handles on both of these reels, compared to my other older reels, I felt like I was making huge hand crank motion, especially while using the Chronarch.  However the more use, the more used to it I became.

Just pulled the reels out of storage and...Accordin g to Shimano's specs on these reels I should be getting about 34" per handle crank on both the Bantam MGL XG and Chronarch MGL XG version.

I was doing some back yard casting with a 1/4 oz brass bullet weight and was counting my handle cranks back.  On Average the Chronarch MGL was average about 24 handle cranks while the Bantam MGL was averaging 29 handle cranks.  Aside from the difference in line weight 20# braid on the Chronarch MGL and 15# braid on the Bantam MGL, all else were very like same set up.  So in math, I calculate about...

Chronarch MGL @ 24 cranks = 22 yards
Bantam MGL @ 29 cranks = 27 yards

The casting methods was sort of a side arm power pitch.  Well actually all I did was an under roll flick of the wrist.  I have tree foliage above head so a standard overhead cast would not be possible.  Last year there wasn't those branches there.

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