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Marriage & Family Life / Re: What a mom??
« on: Today at 07:25:57 PM »
Probably the piano teacher being too harsh on the kid: pressuring her to replaying the right keynotes and chords from the mistakes.  ;D

Republicans be like.... nope, we don't want no frigging Yellow skin nor black skin to be our leader.

You eventually will.   :D Make sure you protect your pretty wife really well or else some dudes start macking on her.  ;D

Those tires are not fit for the dirt road.  ;D

YAX, that's what I had been telling you all this time. Idiotic Americans worshipping idols.

Hmong Culture & History / Re: Forreal?
« on: Today at 06:57:34 PM »
Then here is my counter for you. If Vangs are liars, how do you know if the Vangs are fabricating the story? I prefer hard evidence with empirical proof than some lies that are made up by my clan. Vangs are liars. Why do you trust their stories of fabrication? Why trust a liar? O_o

Why you keep insisting me to go look for evidence when it's already laid in front of you even you can't see with your own eyes. lol
For instance when a dog do something wrong it curls its tail and frown. It know what its owner saw everything it did. Every dog owner knows what his/her pet dog go through similar situation.

Ok back to original post about the liars of the Vaj. Back then before GVP do you know what happen to the liars get caught? Yeah they get beaten severely and tried for trials unlike western system.
Example: There's a video made by Hmong Laotian from FB that he posted not too long ago. He and his brother caught a Hmong dude steal one of their chicken from the coop. They beat him up and tied him and blast him on social media so everyone knows who he is. Where's the evidence that he stole a fowl from them? Well, the evidence was the dude keep stealing and the flock began decreasing in numbers. The brothers wondered where their flock went and they waited for the thief to appear on same day and  same spot.

No need to dissect every details they spewing gibberish nonsense. Liars will eventually reveal themselves through body language no matter what situation they're in. The mouth speak while the foot move at another direction.

In general, he's a good leader but regarding Hong Kong, the end goal is to bring the country under China so he's doing the right thing for his country.  For the people of HK, that's not what they want.

It's up to HK to decide to do with their freedom instead of being ruled under mainland of China. Both HK and China fought so long.
Same thing applied to Taiwan. They used to be Chinese but fled far south to create their own country. Even nowaday Taiwanese still defending their country with military warfare from being overtaken by mainland.

well, married guys are gay too when they watch porn a lot instead romancing with their wives.  :2funny:

Faith & Beliefs / Re: True Colors
« on: February 28, 2021, 11:15:39 PM »
A lot of Hmong people hated me because I don't agree with Bride Kidnapping in the Hmong Shaman and cultural laws by their rule. That's sexist!

Bride-napping is allowed in Judaism but it's not allowed for men nor women to have affair with another person. That'll be counter-productive.
Bride-napping is abolished in Christianity. Old sins is buried and they should not be practiced again. Going back to them or else face serious consequence like Lot's wife.

Who's this tyrant are you referring to?  :D

Why move to U.S. when pandemic still on the rise and people are going viral on racism?  So he want to experience racism as well. ;D

Beauty & Fashion / Re: Fashion Slaves...what are you wearing today?
« on: February 28, 2021, 10:33:22 PM »
I usually wear jeans and relaxed clothing to work but today I'm meeting a contractor after work so this is what I have on today.  When I dress up to work it usually consists of a type of "blazer and slack" or "blazer and skirt" or "cardigan and dress".

Darn zoo paj, why's your face blocked?  tej zaum tsis mag zij.  :P

General Discussion / Re: COVID > Pho'
« on: February 28, 2021, 10:26:26 PM »
We can take off your mask when eating pho. No one requires eating pho with a mask on.

Hmong Culture & History / Re: Forreal?
« on: February 28, 2021, 10:20:49 PM »
Again, Hangs are not Vangs. Where are the evidence that they are? The Vangs are liars, sellouts, and a con-artist by history. I'm a Vang and I know what my horrible ancestors did. GVP stole a lot of money from the Hmong people by lying, which makes no different than the Vangs of San Miami. Vangs went to war against Vangs inside the royal houses. It's the good, the bad, and the ugly; we all wanted to steal the throne.

However, again, Vangs are not Hangs.

No need to look for evidence. It's clearly within the human behavior of the Vaj. Their behavior pattern of course fleeing from persecution either submitting or rebelling against the Hans. If you say they're liars then that's one way to put into another perspective along with fleeing from persecution as well.  ;D  :D

Hmong Culture & History / Re: President of China Comes to Hmong Village
« on: February 28, 2021, 10:09:44 PM »
I didn't say anything about ethnicity; I said about political preferences. They are red; we are blue. I thought you will catch this color meaning by its figurative speech. I guess not. The truth is, "I don't like Hmong Communist." Why? Because I don't like when a government takes over my businesses at all. Therefore, do you want the reds to steal and rob of what you made? It's no wonder why the little red hen hates the duck, dog, and the cat because they are lazy.

According to the Chinese, the color red indicate as 'good luck charm' during their new year festival. Red is all over the place: lantern, envelope with money in it, bride and groom's gown, flag, traditional clothing.  ;D

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