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some of ya'll should virtually be reborn on PH and use the  female snap chat filter to see how many fisherman ya'll can get on here...too bad thePoster's alias is no longer as active. He would definitely fall for one of u.  :P

You're too kind Lilly.

Just know that while you are posting your personal pic(s) someone is right clicking and saving it for future photo shrine  :P and it's going to be somewhere on the cyber world or in their drive forever and eternity. 

R we tryin to decide who’s grass is greener on the other side ?

 :2funny: :2funny: I had a snapchat filter video on youtube, but I forgot my youtube channel link  :-\ :-\ :-\ i'm sure somebody had it awhile back when I post it up ...I can't recall which youtube account it was on :-\ :-\

Nice, thanks for the share...What's the name of that hotpot spot?

Tasty Pot

for some reason i'm not too fond of neeg suav cov boiling's sometimes too over powering in herbs or not enough flavor to balance off the taste ...I prefer Thai or Korean's versions of boiling pot

earlier this year my galfriends and I was down in southern California for our eating adventures and I got a bad allergic reaction to this boiling pot

a few weekends ago we were in the bay area and had hotpot nearby our hotel

yummy, is this in San Mateo?

is neon orangey your favorite color?

have you seen dibxwb's new photo? check out her fb photos! she has a bright neon green shirt w/ matching nails...and wow she's smokin' hot! you should paint your nails neon orange too!

I don't have a wee wee but I do pee pee...and I'm a southwest rapid reward'er

Thankfully we only had to stay in the day time at San Leandro and found a nice hotel in Dublin instead ...

Dublin pho wasn't all that great...i read the yelp reviews and some were praising how great it was...only to realizes lawv yog meskas dawb! they sure don't know their pho  :P

watered down pho broth

this was nearby the outlet in Dublin and was yummy though...

i was just there last weekend and i couldn't believe how ghetto San Leandro was  :o while waiting for him to finish his studies, i decided to browse around the city...this was their Walmart...ALL cosmetic items were locked up!

General Discussion / Re: Where is this place?
« on: April 24, 2019, 10:30:58 AM »
wow! i'm not used to seeing cali so green! lol....we've had lots of rain this apricot tree is sprouting already!

like the others said, I believe it's Fresno, California - Sky Harbor ...Millerton Lake

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