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General Discussion / Re: i dislike leeches
« on: Today at 10:37:53 AM »
Hopefully, MSDOLLY will be there to greet you.  :2funny: :D :D
haven't been to the up in the cities yet....(too many pho restaurant), but I've been to the one in GB.  met the owner, even took a picture with him.  imo, seems like a pretty cool guy.  free shot too.

General Discussion / Re: i dislike leeches
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:04:01 PM »
Cool but in Lao custom the inviter will pay. So, I got you.
Hahaha, cool.  But in Hmong custom, when I say I got you.  I got you.

General Discussion / Re: i dislike leeches
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:55:04 PM »
Mechanic, can I leech you for a bowl of Oxtail pho at pho lodge here at Maplewood. Lol
Heck time Iím in town, Iíll let you know ahead of time.  My treat.

General Discussion / Re: i dislike leeches
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:17:52 PM »
you guys are bad at guessing.  only duma knows what I'm talking about. ;D

where the monster and ghost at???
i would like to see one

all these dishes being smash and wash in the middle of the night by ghost

where them at???
be careful of what you'll probably sh1t your pants if you see one.

Hell yeah, I would buy it
I donít believe in ghosts or monsters

Shoot, i will even keep the old mattress to sleep in
And furniture
I call you bluff on this one.

I think that's the clip I saw.

heck no......heard that house is haunted now.

General Discussion / Re: Reminder for those of you with chest freezers
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:39:13 AM »
"The children, ages 1, 4 and 6 were playing outside in the yard of their home when they allegedly climbed inside the freezer, the Suwannee County Sheriffís Office said in a statement shared on Facebook."

1 thing:
How does a one year old "climbed" into the freezer?

I've been seeing a lot of news coming out of FLO RIDA.  And they ain't good.

General Discussion / i dislike leeches
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:31:13 AM »
I don't want to use the word "hate" but ((man)) I dislike leeches.  And I not talking about the crawling ones either.  Sorry, Wednesday's rant.

So we should blame people. And not guns?

General Discussion / Re: What vacations do you have planned for 2019?
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:55:37 PM »
France in early April.  Messico in October and a cabin up north for the family.

General Relationship / Re: She touched me...agian
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:06:58 AM »
how long before you hit first base?

Automotive Discussion / Re: After 2 decades and that's it??
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:05:16 AM »
I saw and read about it the other day.  And, honestly, it looks ugly. 

General Discussion / Re: Sad, you buy a $350 hat and can't even wear it
« on: January 14, 2019, 10:11:30 PM »
Two things.....

Thatís a lot for a hat.


Damn, thatís a lot for a hat.

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