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even if your black homies are cool with you calling em the n word, I still wouldn't use it...on a bad day, they might just snap and nevermind you they homie...lols

i use to work with a bunch of youngsters...m exican homie always be calling his black homie, the N homie says its cool, but his body language says otherwise....m exican homie better just hope black homie never snaps on a bad day...lols

i'm not black, and i get offended hearing the N word..haha but to be honest in my opinion...nobo dy, not even a black person should be using that's not just a word, it's a word with a lot of blood on it as the black people themselves have said many times. nobody should ever have to hear that word being used ever agaiin, no matter how it is use and between who or to who.

i was lost for words to be honest...lols. ..the old g's they always seem so innocent and I always look at them as jungle people with good morals and mannerism...ha generation is or was perfect. corruption and chaos will always's up to the millenials now...haha it's up to them to see if they can make a difference...t heir outspoken,politically correct, having compassion and being fair, attitude and mentality...we complain about them, but maybe they are bred to change the they say, our children are tomorrow's leaders...whet her we like it or not...haha

Pro Sports Discussion / Kings aren't stupid folks....
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:56:24 PM »
they are pretty much just going with the flow and having fun....because it's like even if they make it to the play offs, what's the point if you already know the odds are stack agaist you from winning it all....there is simply just other teams that has more weapons...migh t as will, fold now, and play again next season with better hands...haha 8)

Hmong Culture & History / was our paren't generation worse than us?
« on: March 09, 2019, 12:53:11 PM »
the other day, the old man and I was chatting...too k him to see a optometrist... and on our way back...he started to tell me of a time, when he was young around 8 or 9...and that he was witness some older boys, around 12-13 fighting and killing one another...he said they killed one of the boys and left him for dead in the jungles...

he then went on to tell me, back in his days...the village whore existed long before todays hoes...lols he went something like, if there is word that there is a easy girl somewhere, all the young boys and men, married or not will take turns on her. even guys from another village will pay her a visit...lols

and yes, affairs had always existed in their days....killin gs, and whorin'g around...every thing you see today, had always existed during our paren'ts time...back in the old country...

well, i dropped my old man off, and he told me to be a good person...but i think it's too late...i pretty much whore all my life since i knew how the dirty dancing works...lols

Work Avenue / was there ever a time when you asked someone
« on: March 09, 2019, 12:25:08 PM »
if where they work is hiring. and they don't necessarily say "NO"..but they kind of bull sheet around and  leave you a impression that they don't want you to go work with them...haha they might say something like, well, we're just a really small company, and i think we actually is over staffed...or they might say, i see people turn in applications all the time, but nobody seems to ever get hire..i don't think they need people now...

hell, one time, someone who I thought was a good friend, told me straight up his place wasnt hiring...only to find out on my own, that they were at least accepting applications.. .haha meaning, if they like you enough, they will hire you regardless...a nd yup, i did get hire...but i select to work a different shift from this so call fake ass only regret is, I should had chose the same shift as the mofo..lols

come on man, at least say, I don't know, but you can always try to walk in and ask, or i can ask them and let you know, but it's better if you walk in yourself or call them yourself and ask- that way you get the answer straight from the source... (That's what I usually say)

but come on, even if you know your place is not still say something to keep it neautral...say ing straight up NO, or giving you the impression they don't want to possibly work with you....i can understand if you have a bad rap sheet...or is a known job hopper or what not....but saying no to you because you're not cool like the rest, you're boring to talk or to hang out with, or you're just a plain weirdo...or in my case, they know the big bosses going to like you better, you going to work harder, and etc....come on man....fuuking hater....

haha just reflecting back yalls...this isn't I have better experience and job skills than most of these people I once thought got my they want to ask me if my place is hiring, and I tell them, I don't know, but they can always call or walk in to check...using me as a reference?? i might have to decline only asked people very close to you for that kind of stuff...people you know will genuinely be happy to refer you...hahah so i might not be hesistant to decline...i know some people don't take it seriously when ask to be use as a reference...bu t with my field of work, it's not a warehouse or production/manufacturing company anymore...secu rity clearance is pretty high up there, but i still at least have the decency to say or direct them to the source, and if they asked more, i'll direct them to the experience or training they'll need...haha for me, my current job require no experience necessary, but my work history and previous managers got my back and vouch for me with their houses...lols

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Breaking up with an ex
« on: March 09, 2019, 12:05:00 PM »
i was just thinking....yo u know you hear it all the time..well, maybe its more like it's not uncommon...but people do offer to buy something they sold to someone back...

same's a gift, you break up, they don't want it asked to have it back....we're talking materialism here, not switching, recycling, or trading sex partners...alt hough that kind of stuff does happen...lmao

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Breaking up with an ex
« on: March 08, 2019, 04:04:00 PM »
it's true....the only time i asked for something back is if they don't want it in your case, it's probably just that, so asked for it back...

haha but then expect to get decline half the time..because it's the snowflake generation and people hold onto grudges a lot longer now days...haha good people when they break up, even in bad terms, they would still want the other person to be happy and what is best for them....haters, all I can say is stubborn ass peices of shit....lols

so if you think your ex is a good person, regardless...i t doesn't hurt to asked for it back...i mean they are not going to ask you if you want it back...hell, as expensive as it is, they are not even selling it for some financial gain, but possibly just to get it out of sight...throwi ng it away our giving it out for free is out of the question....wh y throw it away, when the gift can possibly make someone else happy...why give it for free, when someone spend a arm or leg for it....

if you ask for it back...and if they are a good person regardless you both break up on good or bad terms...they will give it fuuking questions asked..... 8)

Online Journal / Re: Calm, Cool, Collective
« on: March 02, 2019, 12:06:47 AM »
there is only one thing that I am afraid of in the world and that is lady bugs...haha

a animal I am both afraid of but have the utmost respect for is a owl....

been watching animal videos on youtube too much lately..lols.

General Discussion / Re: Crying Employees or Coworkers
« on: March 01, 2019, 06:50:21 PM »
i can be a jerk sometimes, normally I'm that mean boss nobody takes i can be mean and not worry so much about getting shot at after work...lols so i probably console them, but i'll be back to mean boss once they get themself together..lols

I don't know but I once saw a young girl in a white gown on the side of the freeway walking, or floating or something. the way she walk didn't look normal.. she had a blank stare and was just looking forward. about 1/2 -3/4 miles down the freeway, i saw what looks to be a few cars park to the side. All on their cell phone. I assumed they were reporting the young lady...I was too tired and just wanted to get home and sleep. I later check the news to see if their was any stories on it. Nada...I think it was just a young girl in distress. It was early morning and the sun was already coming out.

Online Journal / Re: Calm, Cool, Collective
« on: March 01, 2019, 04:18:13 PM »
Well what I mean was I've been too nice for far too long. hahaha I've done all I can for humanity's sake..Now is the time I have to accept that the good guys truly does finish last. I am a time bomb. like fine wine and karma. the longer it takes to explode, taste, or come back, the more bite it creates...haha j/k

I haven't thought of marriage for a's probably the last thing on my mind...haha what I mean is, what else can I do now to keep life interesting and fun...I can't always be too nice and let the jackass snatch the girls away from me when I know I am a much better man and she would had liked me a lot better...haha lmao's...that's what I was really trying to convey...thoug h I don't make much sense half the time...lmao

Online Journal / Re: Calm, Cool, Collective
« on: March 01, 2019, 10:23:22 AM »
sheet, fuuk...this week went by quick....sprin g forward soon too...fuuk, sheet! well I was just thinking about well you know, how much longer I have to live and make the most of it...I'm nearing 50, and honestly, I know I sound like a fuukin teenager sometimes...lm ao

well shiit fuuk....sorry folks, but I'm going to be very aggressive and selfish for now on....I spend the first 40 years of my life putting other's it's my turn to fuuk the world up for you, because you fuuk the world up for me...hahah >:D

someone's got to do it....and it ain't me...haha that's the reality....tod ay's society frown upon those who are too nice, and too people feel they have to harden up and be selfish....whi ch is a wise thing to do...but at the same time is killing humanity...bec ause humans are one dimensional... they forget when and who to be nice and compassionate to...haha

but for's too demanding, and I'm too selfish with my time....i check on my parents once a month at the least...just to check in on them and let em know I'm still alive...haha there can be times where I do my share of Parent-sitting for the week or couple of weeks too...haha so it's all good...

but since, I was always the least favorite child....I can only give back what i was given...haha.. .sucks I know, but, you have to stick to s

Food Forum / Re: the Hmong eggroll....
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:51:03 PM »
folks those old time eggrolls, technically is fried spring rolls..lols

they were good, but very fattening and heavy on the stomach like sticky rice. haha

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