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Well I was at a beach party and I had my sunglasses on and I caught this wife checking me out.

I dont mean to brag but...
My wife constantly reminds me that other women are only checking me out because I'm married to her.  If I was divorced, they'd all look the other way.    ;D

45 - 53% of marriages taking place right now that will eventually divorce.

60% of remarriages end in divorce.

76 % of second marriages fail within five years.

87 % of third marriages fail.

93 % of fourth marriages end in divorce within five years.

Can you explain why the rate keeps increasing from first to 4th marriage?
if you've been divorced 3 times, marriage isn't really for you.

You can’t become the devil to change the world for the “better” like Thanos.  That’s how you get Trump and Hitler.
no need to be a devil, just gotta acknowledge that compassion won't bring back those that died because they couldn't afford to pay medical bills and Republicans won't allow universal healthcare because it would mean revenue loss to big insurance companies who contribute to them.

Depends ...some do some don't..Kind of like those idiots that wrongly "assume" there's no land to build in the bay area or nothing happens to you if you kill a "black man" in Tennessee or how come Whites are just "Americans" on job applications.. . :idiot2:

"How do you tell a 10-year-old little girl who got a Ruger 10/22 with a pink stock for her birthday that her rifle is an assault weapon and she has to turn it over to government or be arrested for felony possession?" Hammer asked.


I would've said: step children.

just like every minorities think white people are white supremacist! ha!
ikr, those stupid minorities! Someone gotta tell them, only White Trump supporters are.

So are they speaking Hmong in Chinese or speaking chinese in Hmong?

You are becoming heartless with your comments.  Show some compassion.
Forget compassion.  This could've been prevented if we had universal healthcare, but Republicans are totally against it because it would mean the end of private insurance and they're rich friends would be upset at them.

General Discussion / Black guy shot a bunch of cops in Philidelphia.
« on: August 15, 2019, 12:58:54 PM »
Trump didn't mention anything about "mental health" issues nor video games this time.

Yup. This nobody got hurt.  She's blind in that eye from being shot by cops during the protests.

Maybe that's because you have kept it for a while. At least, you said that to them.

Yup, I told them I fed it.  That's all they needed to claim, I took it in and therefore, it was my dog now and I had to pay so I took it home, then called the center again and complained to the boss who said, to bring it back.  When I went back the second time, this lady came out the back and said "OH, I think I know who he belongs to" and they took her.  Apparently, someone reported a missing dog that looked just like the one I was turning in.

Someone's going to get hurt, but Trump seems to think otherwise.

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