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Money & Investment / Re: How's the market?
« on: June 05, 2020, 06:39:34 PM »
Not bad for one day.


too much risk there
been in a lot of trouble lately
i need plays that i know 100% im going win

dude at $99 that was a no-brainer. lol

Money & Investment / Re: How's the market?
« on: June 05, 2020, 04:09:39 PM »
damn dude if you going celebrate
at least open it up and pour some

here at ROCK's house
we pour to the TOP

pic or it didn't happen right:  6-5-2020 on my schwab news letter

damn bro some of us still working.  we don't get unemployment.

besides today's not good enough, i gotta wait until hmgRock visits me so he can help me drink it.

tonight's gonna be a wine night, cause that's what the lady of the house likes.

local wine from Ripon vineyard.  grabbed a couple bottles on there a few years back during our visit.

open bottle later when i tally my gains.  LOL

Hell yeah dude
My wife is crazy over them hmong clothing and jewelry
She order and never wear them

Them hmong facebook lady be sayin


Haha you know it

Took off these couple days

Why we not talking about my position $JETS
Thats i posted????

If y’all homies listen to me
Coulda have make some good money

Bro JETS is nice.   But should have went all in on BA instead.  I bought BA at $99.  Now it's $205.

I know the ETF is a safer choice, but that means slower growth.

Money & Investment / Re: How's the market?
« on: June 05, 2020, 03:03:53 PM »
From $5000+ gain this morning.  Closed with $9000+ gains for the day.
Will add my Technology mutual fund gain later at 6PM.  Expecting total of $18k gains today.

LOL lobster it is!

Stock got no way to go but UP

I don't think BROKU got that memo.

not me bro..
i love my hmong people
my wife and me try to go to the hmong event all the times

eating fried fish with stick rice with the wife
@ oshkosh

very nice bro.  keep supporting our people.  my wife buys a lot of stuff from other hmong, especially those live vendors on facebook.  you seen one of those?
a bunch of them. even have little hmong kids selling stuff on facebook too. 

This is what I'm saying, when you talk about Hmong Lives Matter, things go quiet.

Money & Investment / Re: How's the market?
« on: June 05, 2020, 11:43:38 AM »
Let's celebrate 2.5 million jobs increase and a roaring stock market today.

Pic or it didn't happen right? LOL



New HIGH for AAPL.

I dont know if I should go back and buy that stock. Its looking like a good time right now

That's up to you. 

If you know that stock well and think it will rise in the future, then I would buy and hold (don't sell if it drops, maybe add more).
If you are only speculating, then you are basically just chasing momentum, and that's luck or gambling if you win or lose.

When I play using FOMO, I usually lose, so I don't chase.  Others like hmgROCK might have better luck chasing, but not me.

For example, when oil was down I bought OXY at $11, it went to $15, I didn't sell.  Then went back down to $12, I bought a bunch more.
Now it is at $20+.  And I'm expecting it to go to $40+.

By staying strong, it's already paying off.  $1k+ today.

With all this talk about BLM, what about HLM?  LOL  :2funny:

Why do you go hide when it's HLM?  You think your Kaydoo brothers and sisters will riot and loot for HLM?

General Discussion / Re: Would you die for Floyd?
« on: June 05, 2020, 09:58:49 AM »
remember robert downey jr. going full retard in tropic thunder as a black man?
darkhelmet done gone full retard as a redneck. he don't understand that racists only see him as a gook, VC, charlie, or a chink.

You think a movies is real life?  LOL  :2funny:

Let me guess, you thought that when the Wayans brothers dress as White Girls, that was real too?  :2funny:

I love people who blame society for their failures, just accept that you are a loser and a failure.   :2funny:

Oh racism is one way street right?  LOL bite me.

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