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...when ever I share my gas prices around the country with them because the gas prices in many parts of California are still close to 4 bucks a gallon on average... ;D

Upper tier well known brand examples from other parts of America outside of California:

Club membership prices are even lower such as 1.85/gallon at Costco and 1.88/gallon at Sam's Club:

I like to tease my California people every now and then but when I'm back home in California and see the gas prices similar to the ones below, the joke is also on me.. ;D:

Looks like a few other brands have also offer similar subscription services:

"Nissan joins other automakers, such as Lexus, Audi, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, in offering a subscription service for cars."

Yup, some are "missing"..GUILTY AS CHARGED..YUM ;D

..follow her own path as an individual adult so her dad made the right decision by respecting that and being supportive:

Steven Spielberg's Daughter Mikaela Is Becoming a Sex Worker

Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela is embarking on a new career — and yes, she’s aware that it may ruffle some feathers. The 23-year-old announced that she is seeking her sex worker license and working on becoming an adult film star. She says her parents are supportive, if cautious, and explains why this felt like the right choice.

Mikaela told The Sun in an exclusive interview that her parents were “not upset” when she told them about her new plans on FaceTime this past weekend.  “I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body,” she explained. “And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying my soul.”

So a co-worker told me that when ever his family do a share family event such as reunion, his brother and two sisters always asked him to cover more of the cost just because he's single with no kids. He feels that since they have the same financial resources, they should divide the cost up equally especially considering his siblings have kids and they as a whole utilized and consumed way more of the stuff during those joint events such as food, space, and activities.

I told him that what he said makes sense and that he needs to explain it to his siblings the next time they plan to do a joint family event. I also told him that just because he chooses to be single with no dependent, he shouldn't get penalize for it.

Any of you run into similar scenarios? Thoughts?  ???

Let the games begin...using Jefferson's 2 bill as a size reference  ;D O0:

General Discussion / Re: Going to Waikiki Hawaii next month
« on: February 20, 2020, 04:38:55 PM »
Really up to you but if it was me, I wouldn't go instead try to postpone it or get a refund back.

We plan to go to Japan in a few months for the Olympics but we're probably not going anymore.

If you have to go, do your research fully and take precaution i.e., contact the health department there, etc.

And of course, take some photos to share so it can irritate those that lives in their mommy's basement even more... ;D

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Potential salary cap casualties
« on: February 20, 2020, 04:30:48 PM »
Have not seen anyone said "didn't care about cap space" so care to prove it??  ???

I bet NOTHING as usual, not even cricket sound...

With that said, I did see a PH member cried about "NOBODY CARES" in regards to "food and travel" photos but then he also post "food" photos like a HYPOCRITE though...

Yes sir..I didn't include string bean in my veggie mix because I don't like raw string bean in Khao poon nor papaya salad:

Nissan is launching a $700-a-month subscription service that lets you switch to a different car every day.

..Mitchell brother's O'farrell theater, customers have no problems hundreds of dollars for those girls especially the rich men from Japan:

'Hustlers' Star Constance Wu Made $600 Going 'Undercover' at a Strip Club to Prepare for Role (Video) Constance Wu said she worked at a strip club to prepare for her role in “Hustlers,” in which she played a stripper alongside Jennifer Lopez, and made $600 on her first night.

Yup, society's contributors like him are much better than leeching FRAUDs that go "underground" to lie, steal and cheat.. O0


you will be suprised
there are hmong guy in the US
that have 2nd and 3rd wives

I see reading comp issues again like what other PH members pointed out...

WildRedLotus didn't say there's *NO* one that practice it...

Instead she said: "This is BS. Anyone who still practice this s$$$, need to get their head re-examined."

If I'm the "hmong Nosradamus and is always right", I wouldn't worry about it. Instead I would pick the "right" stocks so I can use some of those "printed" money to help out others that need it to help balance the eco-socio statuses more... O0

WHAT YOU'RE STILL HERE?? I thought you were already in LAOS living on the "hillside"??  ???


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