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Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL TALK
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:52:25 PM »
I havent read anything yet but I saw a figure that is double of yours.

60 mil for brady in vegas

I'm going to read on it now.

After further review, we still don't know where brady is going or staying but to get a educated guess, you follow his housing arrangement. 

He is selling his home.  No buyers yet.

He is looking for a new home. 

Where he buys will be near his place of work.

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Teddy Bridgewater
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:23:25 PM »
This boy can play.  He deserves a good team to call home.

Can't call a black man "boy"  That's racist boy 

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Bengals
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:22:38 PM »
get burrow and trade him for 12 other good men.  Basically, like getting a whole new starter for them Bengals.  :2funny:

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Free Agent 2020
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:21:00 PM »
Drew Brees is returning for 2020 to play for the AINTS

I read that too. 

Editors were being clever to get some click bait going.   What you think I was thinking when I saw a headline like this.....

Drew brees is ret.......

retiring?   :2funny:

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL TALK
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:19:37 PM »
Looks like the Pats will be offering Brady 30 million/yr to stay??  ???

Heard my Raiders are interested in Brady too but I hope they don't pay him 30 million/year...

I havent read anything yet but I saw a figure that is double of yours.

60 mil for brady in vegas

I'm going to read on it now. 

General Discussion / Re: Flip grandpa told me that this is heaven and hell
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:16:50 PM »
It is an acquired smell

I once took the outings and put in my old beater ride.  My car smells so good.  Had to discard it because the innards is a breading ground for fruit flies. 


Took your playbook and crop me a big teddy bear at walmart for 75% off. 

Maybe once I'm married, I'll make a deal with the little lady.  Like if she is smart enough, she can con me back. 

I propose for celebrating v day on the day after where things can be had for a big discount.  If I was her, I'll say.  How much you save for doing this?  Well take that savings and give me cash. 

Smart woman I must say. 

General Discussion / Re: Is she really with the Asians
« on: February 18, 2020, 01:21:12 PM »
I'm still mourning from Yang leaving.. but if I have to pick someone, Bernie has my votes.

Why not bloomberg? 

Let 2 billionaires fight one another for the title. 

An update for my trip in april.  Although I am getting a suite for my boys to party, I told them that if they can afford it, just get a room for themselves.  Only $500 for 4 nights still doable. 

Reason is this.  With 1 room, if they feeling like they wanna get lucky, they can take it away from my room.  The flexibility is there.  If the room is trash, it will be on my account.  I might even get a room for myself without them knowing.  Like I say i'll just go downstairs to gamble but really now, I am going to my other room to pamper myself or chill with the chick I just met in vegas. 

Once again, flexibility is king when you are going with a bunch of horn dogs.  Not enough girls to go around so I'm not sharing either.   :2funny:

Believe it or not, I have never gone to Vegas.  Yes I am a Vegas Virgin.  Gambling is just not my thing and so I've been avoiding the place but I love seafood and that has been calling me... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

You will love vegas.  The lights and all.  It is a surreal experiences your first time there.  Then you come back to do what you have missed the first time around after you done more extensive research. 

A vet like myself, the lights don't get me no more.  I can draw you a map to where and where on vegas.   I know vegas strip area on the palms of my hand.  I've been to most clubs, eaten at most buffets, stayed at most hotels but still, vegas excites me with them deals or shall I call it a steal.  It is illegal to rob vegas but I'm robbing them in other ways possible. 

Only thing I don't do is paying for hoes or strip clubs cuz it fancy me.  I'll strip club for my boys cuz it is their birthday but I wouldn't go just because I have that itch. 

I'm no prude though.  I can sit there and watch my boy eff the chit out of this payed hooker like a porno flick.  I just have this policy for myself.  If I need sex, I'll go work it with a date and get sex.  I don't do the lazy route by paying some poor girl to perform on me and act like I'm having fun.  Why pay when I can still get it for free? 

Travel & Vacation Forum / Re: Where have you travel to this year?
« on: February 18, 2020, 01:06:54 PM »
Even cruise ship is cheap as hell.  They port in miami going the st. thomas, purto rico bahama route

or port san diego, going the cabo route

I'm not taking any chances either.  Domestic I will go cuz imagine going at the wrong time and outbreak even further and no one gets to go into the usa so you are stuck outside the zone, with no way home. 

Eff that. Not worth it.  I'll catch aids in vegas.   :2funny:

Take in ok

but does he gets to have sex with 2 wives now? 

they trying to get me to do a time share presentation for free show tickets in vegas

I said hell no and quit wasting my vacation time. 

they say only 2 hours but yeah right, it is like 5 hours wasted of your vacation

I now say I'm leaving in a few hours so that would get them off my case.

Time share is hard to get out.  Tell your people that. 

nice...i've not been in vegas for a while..4-5 years now.but I usually won't stay in a suite or room even if offer for free. haha the stories i heard once from a casino janitor. ghosts, crime scene etc...lols

the last time i was at a casino was about a week or two before Christmas of last year, some older lady strike the grand jackpot, about 12k on i think it was a mighty cash slot. it is a new slot i think never saw it before until then. I was very close to withdrawing some money from the atm to see if i can hit it too, but luckily i didn't have my debit card with me that day...haha so instead i took my 80 bucks...went to play some 15 dollar black jack and turn it into 240 some bucks after a hour or so. said, okay I got my gambling into the elevator, and a middle age looking white chick was already in there. i asked her, they took your money too. she smile and said, in less than 10 minutes. i handed her the 2 one hundred bills i won. and told her, i don't care what she does with it, but just don't go back inside...haha i will never know...she got off the floor before mines.

maybe you need to go back.  To some, vegas is like taking a trip to wuhan.  A once or a few times in your life time kind of a thing.  With us, we got flights to vegas in 1 hour.  We can disappear to vegas for one night and head home and no one knows that we just got back from vegas.  Vegas on a budget can be had.  Let me break down the figures for those who doesn't know how the locals are doing it.

Flight : round trip is $100 or around there
uber: $13 to the hotel.  $10 to the airport
Food, $20 a day can be doable.  No buffet cuz those are in the $35 range for dinner

Alcohol is free if you are playing at them casino.  You can fake the funk by putting 1 dollar into the machine and when the cocktail waitress be looking at you, you pull the 1 line 1 penny option to look like you are gambling but really now, it is only 1 penny being pulled.  You order your drink and stop playing until she comes back with your drink.  You tip her $1 for 5 drinks for 5 of your buddies.  You cash out your 98 cents and  you do it again at another location and at another cocktail waitress.  Rinse and repeat. 

Bar and some clubs are free.  You walk the strip and look out for guys in suits around the clubbing area around the evening hours.  They are giving out coupon for free entry. 

Hotel is probably expensive with the resort fee but if you go on the weekdays, hotel is cheaper.  I'm with harrah's properties so I get free resort fee with my players club being high up there.  There are ways you can get your diamond level card by having the casino matches it with another competitor's casino card tier.  You can also link a harrah's credit card so whatever you buy will earn you tier points.  You can also rigged the system like I once had by using these roulette machine games.  I place a bet on red and black and as long as the spin is not on green, I am even but I get credit on my player's card which bumps my tier credit up.  I used to drop $10k on the table and I always give the dealer my players card.  She gives me 10K worth of chips.   I then play small, table min about $5 for fun.  Win some lose some.  Then my partner sits at the other end of the table and drops their own 10K with their card.  We played at the wynn where there is this one chinese game where the odds are literally 50/50 odds.  IT is better than baccarat.  I bet on win and my partner bet on lose.  I bet big about 1k a hand.  My lost will go to my partner so we even.  We do this until 1 of us loses all of our 10K.   The pit boss will record my player's level as 10K loser.  My partner will play a few more small hand and then leaves the table to cash out.  My partner will give me back my 10k or close to 10K.  We both just rigged the system.  We do it again but at another table and about a few hours later to stay under the radar.  This time, once loses, you tell the pit boss that you already lost 10K earlier and now another 10K and you asked if you can get a room comp or a buffet the least.   If you lose 20K like that, I'll give you a basic room comp the least. 

When you go home from your trip, the casino will send you all sorts of invitation with free rooms and free buffet and free shows and free other stuff just to get your loser face back. 

You are now what I called "a whale" a high roller in vegas. 

My vegas trip was not too long ago.  Now, I got a free flight, free hotel stay at laughin casino, which is only 1.5 hours worth of drive south of vegas.   I'm still trying to plan a free flight down, free hotel but check this.  Once I'm down there, I'll rent a car and drive to vegas and do vegas then drive back up north to catch my free flight home. 

I should blog my vegas journey and how I took vegas for peanuts.  I read on how these youtubers be making money.  Depending on your matrix and subscribers and stuff you presenting, you typically would get $1 for every 1000 views.  So for 1 mil views, that is about $1000.  Now to get to 1 mil views faster, you gotta build up your subscribers.  Some quit their job just to become full time youtubers.  Now imagine making $1000 for your 10 minute video.  Do 10 videos and you will be making $10G in your sleep.  You can do 10 videos in 20 days, given that the alternative day is for video editing.  So in 20 days, you could make $10G.  I think I am in the wrong business here.  If PH Was youtube, I'll be up there cuz I know yall like to read my stuff.  I would get a lot of subscribers for my nasty contents.   :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: Corona Virus
« on: February 18, 2020, 02:42:39 AM »
yall need to educate yourself about this virus. 

I used to do vet studies and I was working with a pharma group of scientist like myself but we did not concentrate ourselves with the coronovirus but more of a parvovirus which is a deadly killer in your common pet critters. 

No wonder that name sounded familiar to me.  Americans are afraid of a well china looking person instead, they need to understand that this virus could already been in their pet dogs. 

Fear that, not this 

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