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General Discussion / Re: ~Happy Thanksgiving~
« on: Today at 09:26:21 PM »
Duma, huge space to fish there and just unwind. With salt water fishing low and high tides seem best. Certain parts of SM, you can park and fish right by your vehicle but shallow. Toward boat access is deeper. Mine to go to in that area is La Carreta Taqueria’s(1/2 mile from) has a fajita mix, huge portion with beef, chicken, shrimp, and veggies. Have fun and enjoy your time.

Happy thanksgiving phers.

I missed your fishing day too bra. 

I caught a 33 incher striper about 3 weeks ago.  I limited out in 10 minutes at the hot spot.  Too bad so sad, it was a sunday so back to work I go and could not chase that hot spot tides that it was biting. 

You want to see some bay area spots for sturgeon, stripes and rays, look for big z fishing drag on youtube.  He just caught a 40+ and these cambo fools don't even know how to fish.  Using a blue gill rod and small azz hook to fish.  They funny cats though.  They fish near the san jose area.

Only way for me to go back to amazon fulfillment is to look at eye candy and pretend to work but actually don't work and plan to get fire on purpose.

More likely to find out their range for production measurement matrix.  If it is over 70%, I'll do just 71% to get by.  Like I said, the only department that I can game this is the ICQA department where the numbers are easy to be met.  I once took the amazon gig as a second gig, at 5am start when my grave job ends at 4am.   I was literally working sleepy and still got my numbers always.  A few time I passed out and when I snapped out of it, I could not figure out what I was doing or what step is the next step in the training to do such task.  Worst than driving drunk.  My gosh, those were them days.  Job ends at 3pm and I was gassed out.  Had to drive half an hour home so there goes another danger factor. 

Never again bra.  You can tell us how it goes for here on out.  I had my fun. 

General Discussion / Re: ~Happy Thanksgiving~
« on: Today at 08:17:28 PM »
This year already smells different but like any other holiday before it and in this year that just seems to go on by so fast, this too will go on by so fast like a blur. 

61% of Americans changed their Thanksgiving plans due to Covid-19 spikes, new poll finds

Since I do not have a family of my own to kick it with, I'm still on the working schedule.

Got a guy taking weds off.  Thursday we all are off, another guy taking Friday off.  Sat, sun, I'm off on monday as a last minute add on.  I'll be doing some fishing solo and by myself at the san leandro marina.  First time there so I'm not really there to fish.  Just to test out the water and will be stopping by a local viet restaurant and will buying me a bag full of viet cuisine and I will be feasting out there. 

If thanksgiving is weird this year, I'll join on in to make it weird.  Introvert, anti social, a loner, a mental health case brewing for me. 

I'll be alright.  It is just a phase.  Only got 2 more months left to let 2020 be bygones.  Looking forward to 2021 myself and I hope it will be better.  Anything that is better than 2020 will be an upgrade. 

I just cropped this backpack from reebok for $20 free ship.   Size is 29 liter large.  It is $50 on sale for $39.99 plus my tmobile tuesday promo code. 

Good for laptop and other stuff.  Looks like fake leather and pretty sturdy. 

For this week, we roll out with the whole card plus point spreads

Tired of the same guy winning   :2funny:

hou -2.5 vs det +2.5
wash +3 vs dal -3
balt +4 vs pitts -4

AZ -2.5 vs Ne +2.5
Tenn +3.5 vs Indy -3.5
caro +4.5 vs mn -4.5
Chargers +5.5 vs Buff -5.5
Clev -6.5 vs Jag +6.5
NYG -5.5 vs cinn +5.5
mia -7 vs jets +7
vegas -3 vs atl +3
sf +7.5 vs rams -7.5
no -5.5 vs den +5.5
kc -3 vs tb +3
chi +7.5 vs gb -7.5

sea -5.5 vs phi +5.5

Tie breaker: Total point  MNF is _____?

careful what you eat.  Taste good may come with a price. 

remember the case of the pher who went traveling and is now dead of cancer?  Well while I was growing up, I know of a few cases of close family ties and a friend that went on an oversea trip like that and all of a sudden also died.  They have no known existing disease prior to the trip.

I think it has something to do with them oversea food that they ate.  It only makes sense that you got to compete to sell food over there so you have to add your "secret" ingredients to enhance the flavoring or to make a profit, you but old meat for cheap, add chemical to make it turn red and resell it at the market for consumption.  Ive seen the video of this underground operation happening before.  This is why you buy from the source like let say seafood directly from them boaters that came into shore.  Then again, that may too is not the safest route as to keep their seafood fresh, they need to add enhancer to keep them shrimp fresh.

"We were shocked and outraged by the news that six million pigs that may have been fed salbutamol, a substance banned from use in food production, had reached the markets."

homelessness is everywhere.  If you can solve such problem, noble prize goes to you.

lots of layers to homelessness.  Like a bird stuck in a cage for so long, even if the gate is open, he wouldn't fly out. 

Same thing with some homeless folks.  Even if you give them a home,  they rather be out in the streets cuz they are better to survive out in them streets.  Problem arises is when they set shop in your backyard and may drive down the prices of your home. 

You cant spell the word next without an ex.  :2funny:

Dont do it.  It's a trap

Britney has mental health problem(s)

If I'm rich and famous, I'll date a broomstick just to get people talking  :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: Another lock down?
« on: November 23, 2020, 04:20:07 AM »
60% of Mexican in cali got it. 

Cali is 40% mexican?

We are on curfew 10pm till 5am now.  I got to drive around with a declaration form that I'm an essential worker.   :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!!!... what you getting??
« on: November 23, 2020, 04:16:20 AM »
Did yall see the 8k Samsung TV price mistake on Amazon going for $150?

Retail $3500 or was it $5000? I forgot but look at the article to read for fun. 

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Week 11 Prediktion(s)
« on: November 23, 2020, 04:13:09 AM »
You still have time to take Tb on mnf.  If you win, you will tie with king and you might win the tie breaker to take this week's crown.

Take Brady and tie breaker of 1.  If tb wins n score under 45, you win.

Unless the king plays math to knock you out of this by making this one move.... :D

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: Week 11 Prediktion(s)
« on: November 23, 2020, 04:10:38 AM »


You still have time to take Tb on mnf.  If you win, you will tie with king and you might win the tie breaker to take this week's crown. 

Your answer might be your prejudice and bias towards the group. 

here is the story..

Multiple people wounded in active shooting at mall near Milwaukee

I say kaydoo did it   :2funny:

Until we can find a way to penetrate human thoughts and feelings, we will not know a person's true intent. Is he really remorseful and has he really changed or is he just doing this because of his fear of being deported?

My first cousin is in the same boat... he comes from a broken family, his dad die when he was toddler. His mom married my uncle, who loved him, but he was always rebellious and did not feel like he belong. He's very naïve and impressionable ... murdered a rival gang member in '93 just to be accepted.  Fast forward to 3 years ago, he was released. He's a change man both physically and mentally. He has lost a lot of his hair, teeth and is 1000% more humble and patience now. He talks about his regrets and is working as an apprentice under a roofer.

I truly believe he as reformed and a changed man. I would even say he regretted the years lost in prison.

I like to believe we all have the capacity to change...

You regret in taking a life or regret of your missing years, those are two different things. 

In terms of some religious text, if you are of the dayam, you are dayam and tormented for life. 

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