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You should have a few kids cuz uncle sam be giving out that much during tax season to some families with a few kids. 

I once know a kid back in them days.  He's a white guy with a big diick but only 19 years old young.  How I know he got a big diiick?  Well I believed him cuz that was about all we talked about was women and vagina at the time.  He's also a starving virgin as well.  Can't get laid, got no game, an incel so of speak but anyways, back to my story...

One day, he was hesitant to show me his phone and said he was not suppose to show anybody this but because me and him bonded at work, he decided to showed it to me anyway.  So his grandma also passed away and she left him in her will.  I saw about 200K worth of money in his bank account.  He asked me what should he do with all that money.  I was young too so I didn't give him any bad advice.  I told him about invest some in long term stocks like big namers that usually do not go out of business.   Like Nike and Tesla.   He finally did invested. 

We also talked about his futurist goals.  He said he wanted to move out of his parents place to be on his own and work for min wages.  I'm like... say bye bye to that money. 

White people I tell ya.  Their inheritances are in the big figure digits.  They came from a long line of pioneers and settlers so all them land and all them wealth that their forefathers be building up.

Just like vietnam, my family was sitting on a gold mine.  After the war, we left everything so once we landed in the states, we refugees are starting from scratch to build up our wealth. 

Same thing with yall hmong.  Your ancestors wealth given it to you like big land and mountains.  Imagine that. 

General Discussion / Re: "save deer, kill a hmong"
« on: Today at 11:39:45 AM »
ageed... old news but it's all your fault hmgrock when white people look at me funny... all of you hmong wisconsin ruin it for the rest of us... all of you! instead of educating yourselves with the law, all of you hmong wisconsin play victim when trespassing onto private land... all of you hmong wisconsin should be ashamed of yourselves and that includes my sister and brother in law who are both school teachers in inner city milwaukee... and even those of you who have never hunted before... all of you! lol!

cot dayam flint rod play the race card and he's no where near the midwest and he still gets the hmong treatment.  :2funny:

Well can I add the blame too cuz you know, when I'm in the midwest and I get that look from redneck, they think I'm hmong because of the hmong stuff.  Do I have the right to be mad as well? 

Well, how about we fight first then I'll educate them about the vietnam war once I lay the smack down.  I'm viet so throw me some racist vietnamese stuff.  I'm not hmong and I don't speak on behalf of chai and the likes of him. 

When your own father beats your own mother, do you step on in? 

How about she telling you to step down because little kids should not hit older adults out of respect? 

Kaydo kid either going to change when he grows up because he saw how wrong men be beating on women or he will become a victim of circumstances himself and became the next aggressor to beat on women.  Ghetto breeds ghetto behaviors they calling it. 

save your money...nothin g is happening here in august...not even free poocee! ha!

You mean poocee stays indoor and on the interweb? 

No problem.  I too have the interweb through illegal wifi from MN residents and I will date them from there.   :2funny:

General Discussion / Re: "save deer, kill a hmong"
« on: Today at 08:48:50 AM »
While I'm not a linguistic person but that sign is poorly written. 

Save a deer ---- Kill the shooter   O0

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Black pill 💊
« on: Today at 04:10:31 AM »
girls are azzholes


but it also gets the point across.  PUA, pick up artist tries to pick up a chick but because he's ugly, he failed.  Then comes a chad and even if this chad has no personality like telling her that she is the most ugliest woman in the bar, she will still wants to fawk him. 

This is a classic example of the truth and what is out there and I have seen it.  The difference with me and them incel is that I feed off rejections.  I don't blame anybody for my own rejection.  I mean even if I do able to pass par and date her, her red flag is all I needed to know that she is going to be someone else's biatch.  Time to exploit and get the fawk out and releases her. 

See, the problem lies in people's motives.  Some play for keeps and if they fail, it gets frustrating.  If you enter it as a hobby, win or fail or fold, you still come up with a smile.  Some women are not like this.  Surely that everyone wants a dime but that doesn't mean that we are going to end up with a dime.  Lets say you marry someone.  No more buyer's remorse because you are locked down to them.  Then down the line, you got hot all of a sudden and you get hit on by a chad or for the guys, a hot mistress.  You gonna fawk them?  If you know your worth and value your worth, you would not.  They are hot to our eyes but you also must do yourself and your hubby's a favor by turning the other way and reject all chads and all hot pretty misses. 

This is what I'm looking for.  I'm looking for a wife to feel the same way cuz if she doesn't have what it takes to be a good wife, I'm folding early.  Maybe that is why daddy said to marry yourself an ugly wife cuz she so ugly, no one else would want her and you can have her all to yourself.   :2funny:

Well, for any car project, you'll be needing these

1.  Time
2.  Tools
3.  Money for parts
4.  Know how

There is no price big enough for your safety.  If you get stranded in no where's land, you will then understand the value of getting chit done. 

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Black pill 💊
« on: July 17, 2019, 07:49:00 PM »
Here is what so stupid about them black Piller or ugly incels folks.  They join an online community for support and webcam with one another.  Picture this, a page filled up with other incels dudes like themselves.  Kinda homo don't you think?  And you know what they are doing?  They be catfishing with Chad's pictures to women and get naked pix of them and share it with their webcam soldier's crew. 

If this isn't sad, I don't know what else is. 

I don't have a problem with black pill folks being themselves.  I do have a problem when they take their ideology and trying to rub it on me.  Chit not working cuz I laughed at their so called science about their ideology.  I shouldn't be getting laid if that is the case. 

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Black pill 💊
« on: July 17, 2019, 06:36:23 PM »
Attractive women generally donít go for Asians or Indians unless he is the top 15% of his race.

Most Asian guys are dorky looking with a low smv. 

Lemme guess, the girl you fawked are equally ugly as you. What was she? A prostitute from Vietnam?  :2funny:

Thatís the method how you get girls. Either that or you settle your once every year ocassion.

In other words, if you canít replicate it then youíre cherry picking your results. 😂

In other words, I'm no incel...   How about you?    :2funny:

True black piller can't even get a kiss, let alone numbers.  They hunt high like trying to get a white chick, no make that an ugly white chick but still gets rejected cuz they hmong so then they start hating or finding excuses for their failures  :2funny:

The problem with black pillers is that they are too lazy to do anything about it.  They eat the notion that all and every women out there are looking for a chad and with that and a 100% ratings of flirting failures, they concludes their defeat. 

You think your gf is pretty?  Yeah, pretty till her chad comes around and steals her away from you.  Keep thinking black piller.  I'll feed you more.   :2funny:

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Black pill 💊
« on: July 17, 2019, 05:28:06 PM »
PUA is bs lol. Women preselect the guy she want to sleep with based on her prefs. Women are the chooser. It isnít because you didnít approach her from 95 degree angle, or because you werenít ĒalphaĒ enough. Before you start approaching a girl you already got rejected 98% of the time because most attractive women already has a bf. Do you think youíre the only snowflake sheís attracted to? Women have tons of options. She has tons of suitors from her social circle, work, school, and lastly her social media account. Any PUA who does cold approach knows this. The majority of women are too invested in their current relationship to change her mind. Good lucking finding that 1% who are unhappy with their relationship.

Generally speaking, women only date (or preselect) guys they know from their inner social circle, and if she raised the bf objection you are out of luck.

I donít waste time with women who arenít into me.

Letís say you do find that single attractive woman. Single women usually hangs around at bars and clubs. Letís say you got her and decides to call or text her and she gave you a one word, make excuses or ghosted you. Chances are you are an after thought to her. YOU DONT FIT HER PREFERENCES. No, it wasnít your text game or how you approached her. Women give their number out all the time, and just because she gave her number out doesnít mean sheís attracted to you. Any pick up artists knows that knows that most of the time getting the number will go nowhere and the primary reason is because you are too ugly for her.

Thatís how pick up works 99% of the time lol.

So that means my ugly azz can never get laid?  Well I have been and it wasn't the black pill effect that made it happen either.  You see, the problem with the black pill theory is that it concludes so prematurely.  Sure she is looking for a chad but while she is looking for him, she still needs to eat or she'll be hungry.  Attraction doesn't always mean for looks alone.  She can be attracted to other aspects as well and it starts with her giving in for a chance.  Theking will say it best.  DEPENDS because not all women are that shady.  If you hunt for dimes and you get rejected 100% of the time then that's your problem.  If you hunt the market from a 2 to a dime and you get a few bites then you are making progress.  Don't blame women for your setfall.  If your daddy did not try, how the hell are you going to be born?

PUA is an art.  It is sounding art and it helps if you got the looks.  Even if the numbers are fake but I tell you this.  Not all are fake and it all starts with a real numbers to get something going. 

Picky women only go for chads and only chads?  Good, I'll wait for them when they turn into old maids.   :2funny:

It is dangerous to preach that you are fawk and got no chance if you are ugly.  Not everyone can marry a pretty thing.  Start aiming lower but throw in a few dime for chits and giggles if you may.  Don't be shady like them women who are looking for chads only.  We are men, we should aim for all.  Like my boy once said.  Ugly to the oldies to the handicap, he don't let anyone to get away from him.  He's having fun while the black piller are pitying and blaming the world, blaming women and blaming themselves like a sadist.  Go fawking kill yourself then.  If not then get the fawk out of my world and your black pill stance.   O0 :2funny: :2funny:

none of ya'll are going to Wisconsin this weekend for a viet and hmong wedding right? my parents are leaving this Friday to America's Dairyland...we will be there next year for their American/viet style wedding... lol! thank you duma that it's not your cousin... ;D

100th thousand percent, my family in the midwest and anywhere else will never marry hmong. 

They are too busy being white over there.   :2funny:

well have fun

I'm not due for an LA wedding trip the first weekend after labor day.  Wedding on sunday so what to do on thursday till then?  My mn cousin will fly to me for a road trip.  I think I'll do vegas and then heading to la by Saturday for some LA azn club fun and then wedding silly on sunday then heading home after checking out the next day. 

I might fly to him the week prior for labor day weekend fun in MN.  Party over there and party over here by the following week.  Can it be done?   Well surely but I need tools to make it happen.

Money, gotta have money
A partner in crime
Lots of PTO
and last but not least, the right mindset

departure: Arrives on 8/30/2019

    Booking Fee$0.00

Trip Total: $206.60

this is through suncountry airlines.  Thursday out and tuesday back home.  Can this be done?  Oh so tempted for a quick trip, spread my germs or get rejected and go home.   :2funny:

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Black pill 💊
« on: July 17, 2019, 03:03:25 AM »
Yeah itís sad, but from a black pill theory thatís the reality.

The reality is knowing where your smv stands. One should be realistic with their results. I.e, how many women did it take for a guy to approach to get one chick roughly. If guys are short or Asian/Indian will it work for them? Although I donít fully agree with black Piller, I also recognizes the advantage white guy have over a minority.

If a tall decent white dude have the same level of game as an Asian dude, will his result transfer to an short Asian? Probably not. And chances are the Asian guy ends up getting friend zoned.

I donít encourage guys to give up on dating but to increase their smv, work on yourself and going to the gym and get in shape first.

I'm just glad that I found the theory later in life.  Had I found it much earlier in life, I might be in trouble.   You see, when you are young and you are given a theory without any life experiences to back it up with your own life, you can be brainwash to thinking in such a way.  Like taking candy from a baby, the youngins are easily influences.

They even classify men as either incel, in between or chads.  There is another group that it fails to recognized.  Within the chad community, some chads are duds.  No matter how much the world tells them how handsome he is, he still doesn't get it.  Like my handsome cousin for instance.  Women approaches him all the time because he has that square jaw, good looking face but no matter how much of the attraction signs they were giving him, he friendzoned them all.  I guess it is just natural for him to do thus cuz how he was raised.  Mommy tells you to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  Mama did not tell you to fawk all women that gives him the respect and kindness.   :2funny:

The black pill theory has it merits but it is missing something.  It takes bad data and concludes for all and that is where the problems lies.  If you lack experiences, you may not catches this. 

Surely that everyone wants the best they can get.  Surely that attraction is the first thing that people will pick out subconsciously at the very first few seconds of a meet and greet.  But I want to say this though.  A PUA with game is like a magician that is trying to break all barriers in the dating game.  I mean how many times have we buy something, not because we want it at first bat but the sales pitch was that good?  PUA are that sales person.  I may not be a chad but my PUA skills have given me that few moments in your life to buy me a chance or to give me a chance and that is what the black pill theory is missing.  Black pill only says the obvious and that is if you are not a chad, you got no fawking chance with women these days so why bother and give it up and go to your dark corner and cry about it. 

I'm no chad but I still get dates to get laid.  I may try to get me a dime but them IG looking model folks are too much maintenance and the black pill theory will jade your mind that you are on borrowed time with her only until the real chad shows up and have her going coo coo for cocoa puff.   :2funny:

See, this is the problem with some hmong men out there.  They already won the dating game for having that pretty thang but when a guy that looks better than them enters the scene, he will protect her, from me cuz he thinks that I'm out to get his women.   There goes the black pill theory again and without him knowing what a black pill is. 

With the western culture, it is beautiful in such a way that people in the Americas are more open and freely about themselves.  We can hug other people's women here.  We can ask other people's women for a dance while her man watches.  No fear of the black theory here but this ideology was back in the hey days.  I don't know if that applies today because of the evolutionary of the every changing mind. 

Things have changed a lot since then.  We saw commercials about kids in my days were out and about and we would play ball and do outdoor activities but kids of today's world are glued to their house cuz everything they needed are at home, via the computer and phones and the internet and games and dating apps and what not.  It is like the next generation of people are homebody droids.   It is this every changing concept that is creating these pills to become a reality for some. 

Once again, I am not too old school but I senses a change is coming.  All hopes are not lost and not all women are chad chasers.  If she wants a Ferrari, a chad but all you can give her is a camry and if your game is right, she might give you a chance to ride your camry.  If you are not attracting her in the looks department, give her something else that she is attracted to.  Now to get there, you have to show her why it would be worth her time for her to listening to your sale's pitch. 

I get it. Chads dont' need help.  They already have that good looks to attract so it is the easier route for them.  Chad have their games and so should everyone else.   We work with what we know but we just gotta be real with ourselves sometimes.  Nothing irks a guy more than a chick wanting more.  I gave you the world but you wanted more like a chad more so what a guy suppose to do?  With that, good luck and I'm out..........l ooking for my sweet belle who still values an old fashion romance.   O0

The Single & Dating Scenes / Re: Black pill 💊
« on: July 16, 2019, 01:12:03 PM »
Sometimes I think this blk pill ideology is coming from a loser that in order for him to win, he must take down the competition to his level. 

Telling people to give up, don't date cuz women of today's world now have a choice in her selection due to women's right and the feminism movement where it is now ok for women to live their life without the comfort of a man.  This gives them the added cushion to reject all suitors that is not up to her standards. 

So to tell ugly men to become a BLK Piller when your azz luck's out will give you hope since you guys are now out of the competition pool.  I mean the chads are still there and if there are only chads and one of myself, I may get a fighting chance.  Going blk pill is like being gay.  One less of a dicck for me to compete with. 

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