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General Discussion / Re: Eat 30
« on: September 22, 2020, 05:56:57 PM »
Well you know that even during the pandemic, other white man shows are still going on and some are on the down low.

They should do the cultural part like an event that you guys do on stage for a few hours and close shop.  Intention is not to make a profit for greed will ruin the cultural part. 


Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL TALK
« on: September 22, 2020, 05:49:22 PM »
KC needed an OT to beat Chargers so maybe it will not be as competitive with the Ravens.

You can't compare apples to oranges or what happened last week.

KC will adjust.  1h kc played like chit.  The key to beating kc is to pressure the qb.   It will be an exciting game like a college football game where both qb are run and shoot kind of a guy. 

There is a theory that defending champs are not always dominating in the following year.  If you dominate then you will begin a dynasty.  Like in MLB, washington won the world's series.  This year, they suck bad. 

but that's baseball and a sport that a dynasty is hardly brewing.  You start with a back to back first then the league will fear you. 

There is a stance that I heard a lot is this.  Well if you look at the statistic and figures, 200k death of millions in the usa and that number is rather low.

Well you know what?  Do a property of proportion with that percentage like how you buy lottery ticket to win the jackpot.  Even at 0.05% chance at winning the lottery, that is like you buying a thousand lottery ticket.

Plus, it is known that even non covid believers are catching it.  It does not discriminate.  The worse part is they spread it onto other people and not knowing if it is their fault for killing the person.

You may be a murderer and you don't even realizing it.  It is that serious.

I did something similar when I was younger. 

Bought them greyhound weekly passes and just took off.  You can go anywhere they travels and has like a week to do it.   Got to see the west to east route.  Stopped at a bunch of cities to explore.  Went from south to north then from mn back to cali.  3 different sessions

met a lot of interesting people.  Too much stories to share.  People who sat in the back are sketchy like kaydoo cooking his pipe behind me or how about ins hoping on board and saw an illegal mexican ran into the desert scenery or how about this one other kaydoo hoping that the bus would stop at place where food stamp was taken.   Like he would buy a loaf of bread and ham and that's his meal for the trip. 

Too many stories I tell ya.  Even fell in love with a few young solo riders but it was all in my head. 

Faith & Beliefs / Re: NDE in UK
« on: September 22, 2020, 01:58:07 PM »
Near death?

Well almost doesn't count

General Discussion / Re: Eat 30
« on: September 22, 2020, 01:57:32 PM »
Better question is..

Will people go? 

I buried one just a few weeks ago. 

38 years old young.

What scares me that even if you think you are healthy, that unknown underlying condition is all it needed to kill you. 

I Have poor lungs in my family tree.  Grandpa and aunt both died of lungs issues.  He's a smoker and she's not.  I don't smoke but still, I'm on the edge with trying to prevent myself from catching it.  It is like a virgin not knowing how much it will hurt for the very first time. 

You die, you die alone and the living will have to suffer for trying to figure things out and bury your azz.  It is not just you.  It is other people who has to go through that emotional turmoil too.

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL TALK
« on: September 22, 2020, 01:48:30 PM »
The NFL this year been weird so far.  Why I say that?

1.  Notice how high them points were.  Where's the defense?   Teams that suffers are not playing in the 21st century style cuz qb of tomorrow are playing the college style of ball.  You have to adjust with the times.  Pocket passers will die.  Maybe cuz of the pandemic that there were lesser time to scheme or play them pre season games.  I dunno

2.  No cot dam defense pissing me off.  Lead enough to win the game and last drive of the ball, they allowed the other team to charge on down to almost beat you or get a TD to lose my spread cover.  ATL, buffalo, seattle games to name a few.  Then again, they play not for your money.  Still, so sketchy as eff so I duno

3.  Why atl loses and why seattle almost loses?  Dumb coaches.  What do these teams have in common?  Dumb azz coaches that lost the superbowl over crucial plays.   Like steve c for seattle.  You are leading, 4th quarter, 3rd and 1 and you rush to kill time or get the 1st.  What was the call?  A bomb play.  Then cam newton went all the way down to the goal line to almost kick your azz.  Cam is no clutch is brady but still, that last play should of been the cam newton bread and butter play, the option play that gave him the rb to sneak out like how they got their last TD.  You can't stop that play.   Run it again dumb nutt. 

4.  raiders vs saints was so easy to bet.  New stadium, line so small, saints got bad record playing mnf.    In vegas, the city of gamblers.  Vegas wins again.  The script was already there. 

5.  Good way to fine them coaches for not wearing mask.  100k a pop. Owners get 250k

MNF next week my-homies vs l jackson.  Game of the week. 

Go Baltimore. 

Pro Sports Discussion / Re: NFL Week 2 Predictions
« on: September 20, 2020, 12:05:41 PM »

Bomb this week on purpose

General Discussion / Re: 4Chan just revealed hacked infos of Antifa & BLM...
« on: September 16, 2020, 06:59:18 PM »
Fan protestor:  They are protesting in the comfort of their living room while watching the protestor on tv.  They rebel yell, raised hell like watching a football game. 


General Discussion / Re: I used to hunt and this is a horrible and sad
« on: September 16, 2020, 05:51:15 PM »
$500 for a gall bladder

$300 for some ballsl

$100 for the penis

gonna make me a magic potion with it.  Just add moonshine.   :2funny:

with prices so nice, thehmongrock will want to do it for the money. 

General Discussion / Re: Speaking of hunting, it's not a deer
« on: September 16, 2020, 05:45:55 PM »
I think he knew he hit a person but lied about it trying to avoid punishment.. ???

think you are right.  Why would anyone wants to return to the scene after hitting something unknown? 

Unless they were intoxicated and don't want to get charge on the spot they remembered once the drug or alcohol wears off.

I remembered my first deer.  Poor gal just bought a brand new car.  I was the driver.  I dodged the first one that ran across the road but the second one I ended up hitting.  If I wanted to see what I hit, I stopped then and there and free meat.  Good thing the car was not damage and it was a fawn, her baby.  I'm not gonna incriminate myself so I'll just leave it at that but yall probably know what's up already. 

It was during a forest fire and all them critters be running from the fires to civilian areas.  Now we got fires all over the place so drive safely guy. 

ok, no protest here.

Lets go find something to protest for.   When you are doing a lawsuit, you want the general pubic to protest on your behalf.  It is like they are helping to fight your war but when you get payed, they get $0. 

seems about right.  Once again, some other nations are calling America the stupid. 

not stereotyping but the majority of curry people I see are either camrys corollas for toyota or accord civics for honda.

They must of known something.  When you are economically sound or cheap, you drive it till it dies.

General Discussion / Re: theking, what do you think about the new z
« on: September 16, 2020, 03:17:46 PM »
They waited 12 freaking years for a make over eh?

The front end needs some curves.  Too much square will make that vehicle to look like a tesla truck that looks like a mine craft, cartoonish vehicle. 

The back end is ugly.  It is supposed to look like a fairlady. 

This is just a prototype so what will come out for mass production may not look exactly like this one.  I think they will hear them critics before making changes to appeases the crowd but like always, it will take time for the world to accept any new model that is out.  One new design that killed the car is the acrua integra.  It died and looks like a chevy cavalier

I get the idea of keeping the Z signature looks but all it did was taking the older look, puts some aftermarket stuff to it so it can look more modern.  I think it should go with a new design instead of trying to make it look like an older z model with some flares. 

Good ups that it will be manual and with that, expect the supra will come out with a manual as well to compete. 

You want to know what this new Z reminds me off?  A freaking Austin martin vantage. 

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