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General Discussion / My gun arrived via Amazon Prime, YES!
« on: Today at 12:14:21 AM »
..Now I can heat wrapped electrical wires and connections in my vehicles without a cord and at 1300 degrees, more than hot enough for any job I do..  ;D O0:

in regards to gas prices ;D:

Take this Y2K scam for example:


Recent warning on scam artists using Y2K to bilk people out of money could not have been more timely. Y2K presents a perfect opportunity for criminals to cash in on fears of the unknown..

...Same sh!t, different day...Sad but true when it comes to the destructive behaviors of SHAMELESS FRAUDs..

Better than thousands of pages of Lies coming out of your "big mouth" and when challenged to prove it, you just tuck and run.. because you also knew you lied... ;D

Yep, still too many FRUADs out there and these FRAUDs are no different than the ones going after the weak and the old during past doomsday events...

FRAUDs are truly SHAMELESS as they don't even care if the victim is their mommy...

Yep, still too FRAUDs out there taking advantage of the situation and going after weak and old...Same sh!t as the other doomsday type of situation...Sa d but true..

FRAUDs are SHAMELESS..the y don't even care if the victim is their mother.. :idiot2:

Easy: Common sense...

Baby Yoda sold out:

Coronavirus lockdowns prove lucrative for Disney+ and Hasbro

Disney+, which launched in Europe on the 24th March, is also boosting Hasbro’s licensed toy sales, thanks in particular to the popularity of Baby Yoda (officially called The Child) from the Disney+ original Star Wars show The Mandalorian. As reported in December, demand for Baby Yoda product was already through the roof, but the increase in at-home streaming as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted interest even further.

Although Hasbro’s Baby Yoda products won’t come out until spring (Disney didn’t want the toys anywhere online before “The Mandalorian” had premiered, so as not to ruin the surprise of the character), they have been available for pre-order for months. One extremely popular animatronic Baby Yoda toy won’t be available until the 2020 holiday season, but sold out in pre-order on the Disney website after a single preview in February on Good Morning America.

Anyone can help out and it can be big or small...such as checking on your elderly neighbors that live alone by leaving necessities on their porch, cut their grass, etc., donate money and things to the less fortunate like homeless shelter, food bank, etc., and if you have things that first responders can use to help them and/or others, give it...

General Discussion / Re: Brothers fighting over bride price in court
« on: March 31, 2020, 10:23:36 PM »
Dude if you say you'll do something, have some credibility and integrity by keeping your words especially since your the older brother and suppose to lead by example.. :idiot2:

Please informed your elderly parents and grandparents if they are not aware and it's sad but some of the Frauds and Scammers can be Hmong too:

Worst COVID-19 Scams Targeting Seniors

5. Checks from the Government
4. Vaccinations, Cures, & Medicine
3. Donations to Charities
2. Investment Opportunities
1. Online – Phishing scams & Fake Email

Lying, making things up, being ignorant... and those EPIC FAIL behaviors hurt people along the way is pretty low.

If they can't take ownership of their wrongs and learn from it and continue to repeat their cycle of EPIC FAIL that can hurt more people is worst and even lower on the scum scale so we'll see which path Fox chooses...

Like the AA steps, admitting your mistakes and learn from it is the first step and then go from there...

Most of us with common sense know it's a FACT that no one's perfect and know how to take ownership of our mistakes and learn from it.

Spectrum wants $100 monthly for their package
Thanks, but no thankz

I will just netflix

Wait what about all those things you stole and then came to PH to bump your chest about how you can watch this and that for "free" and acted like it's something new as well as encouraged other PH members to join you in your fraudulent adventure?  ???

And of course, I called you out for it too because stealing is not right..

Don't know about "free" but guess society can trade services like in the old days..

From my observations over the years traveling to other countries, the countries that have a more balance of power, status, wealth and resources among societal members tend to have less crimes, better education, better health care, etc. 

Yep, as long as they follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC and federal, state, and local municipalities for their area, it's all good. Plus, keep in mind that some counties in the U.S. have zero COVID-19 pretty much no restrictions for those folks.

Therefore, DEPENDS... O0

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