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‘The Challenge’: MTV Fires Cast Member Dee Nguyen Over Black Lives Matter Comments

The current season of MTV’s reality competition series The Challenge will be going forward without cast member Dee Nguyen following insensitive comments she made about the Black Lives Matter movement and the killing of George Floyd.

Now every other color folks wants in too.

These leaders say Latinos need to acknowledge their racism, too

Some of the nation's top Latino leaders say it's time to acknowledge -- and fight -- problems that have been overlooked for far too long: racism and colorism within the Latino community.

and yes, that is kaydoo Michael Jordan

The Single & Dating Scenes / Which one is the douche part 2.....
« on: June 09, 2020, 06:55:45 PM »
Saw this on facebook

A married man and a woman went to the top of the roof of a skyscraper.  They are planning to both jump down for a double suicide case.  On the count of....3...2... 1,  she jumped but he did not.  Half way down, we see her pulling her parachute.

Now who's the douche?   :2funny:

General Discussion / biden has double digit lead?
« on: June 08, 2020, 02:11:40 PM »
CNN Poll: Trump losing ground to Biden amid chaotic week

At this rate, biden will just let trump kill himself.

If this was a fox poll, maybe single digit lead? 

You got good people with good intention and the media be all up their azz just because they said something that they took out of context. 

Grant Napier,  Sac kings legend just lost his job for saying "all lives matters"

Drew brees, for saying something about colin and kneeling

now this police chief

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore apologizes after saying George Floyd's death is on the 'hands' of looters

cut out with the trigger happy nonsense.  Let people explain themselves.  IT seems like these protestors are the quarantine folks who are so trigger happy and ready to roast whoever that stands in their way.  IF they were on PH, they would of roasted me too cuz I do say some fawked up chit.   :2funny:

General Discussion / Floyd got wuhan nasty, his autopsy said....
« on: June 04, 2020, 03:50:00 AM »
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office has released their full and final autopsy report on the death of George Floyd, noting that he had tested positive for COVID-19, but it was not a contributing factor in his death.

General Discussion / Would you die for Floyd?
« on: June 03, 2020, 03:13:25 AM »
Absolutely effing NOOOOO

I don't even know who the hell he is. 

Oklahoma State linebacker says he tested positive for Covid-19 after attending protest

Incubation period so expect more to come out from the closet in a few more days.   :2funny:


Only we need now is a Rightard to run his car over these minorities like popcorn.   :2funny:

General Discussion / Covid is a hoax right?
« on: May 28, 2020, 07:06:50 PM »
Like flat earth conspiracy theories

You got people saying that this covid is a hoax. 

Well  hoax this.

Wisconsin reports record number of new coronavirus cases, deaths

"Wisconsin saw a record number of new coronavirus cases and deaths reported in a single day on Wednesday, two weeks after the state’s Supreme Court struck down its statewide stay-at-home order."

"One of the most important things you can do to help others is to wear a mask or other face-covering in public," he said. "Wearing a mask shouldn't be a political statement. It isn't controversial, and it's not hard to do."

Kansas case

A soldier driving and saw an active shooter, started shooting at random cars with his high power rifle.  He took matters in his own hands by running that coward over and pinned him under his car until police arrives. 

You know the law.  Even if you did the right thing, you may get charge for it.  They not charging this hero yet but if they do, I'm protesting for his release. 

Another case of....STOP giving criminals their rights.

What you do is to wear a mask and that would make it difficult for the cameras to pick you out of the crowd.   :2funny:

Minneapolis wakes up to destruction after night of protests

This letter is not my writing but it speaks about the potential future of America after a pandemic and mirrors it with the Spanish Flu.   Good reading though but could be used for a good debate over a cup of tea or coffee with your friends. 

Ten things that will change after corona

1) A flight away from urban areas. You don't have to be an epidemiologist to understand how high population density provides nearly ideal conditions for fostering pandemics. This is especially true in some large urban areas in the US where people are more-or-less tolerated living on the streets with some relieving themselves in public areas. Expect the flight of millennial to the suburbs and exurbs within two years of the corona lock-down abating. This happened after the Spanish Flu with places like Long Island and New Jersey being converted from farmland to suburbs seemingly overnight.

2) Re-thinking urban mass transit. Urban mass transit in the US, particularly in the eastern cities, has long grappled with the problem of the homeless taking shelter in buses and subways. Up until the corona virus, city leaders lacked the political will to do much about it. This will change. Obviously these soiled and usually ill unfortunates carry all manner of pathogens. In contrast, mass transit systems in Europe and Asia absolutely do not tolerate this public health hazard. City leaders will either have to make strict and perhaps politically unpopular policies to radically reform public transit or see people and companies flee their cities at an even faster pace.

3) Private automobile ownership will skyrocket. It is only logical that with more people fleeing the health risks involved with public transportation combined with an exodus from the cities that more cars will be on the road. For reference, US auto sales nearly quadrupled within 2 years of the end of the Spanish flu pandemic.

4) Distance learning (attending school on-line) Already growing rapidly prior to the virus, distance learning will become pervasive, comprising the bulk of instruction by middle school. This should lead to interesting, and as of yet, unforeseen changes in what it means to be a teacher as well as student. Teachers’ unions will try to mute this change, but will eventually adapt.

5) Many "green" initiatives will get the healthy level of skeptical review they deserve. An example is the "green" reusable grocery/shopping bag. After years of ignoring reports from credible institutions such as the Loma Linda University of Public Health warning of the dangers of these bags spreading pathogens they will become a distant memory as cities and states outlaw their use. Conventional single-use plastic and paper bags are sterile and easily recyclable - and most importantly, don't present a potentially lethal disease vector to store clerks.

6) Much stricter enforcement of border and immigration laws. Avoiding the importation of diseases has always been an important function for immigration departments world-wide. But again political correctness has muted many of these efforts in the US. Such wrong-headed open borders thinking will no longer be politically acceptable going forward. Here’s what happened after Spanish Flu – on May 19, 1921 a national quota system on the amount of incoming immigrants is established by the United States Congress in the Emergency Quota Act, curbing legal immigration. This was followed by the Immigration Act of 1924 greatly reducing the number of immigrants to the US.

7) A more conservative and capitalist mindset will sweep the US millennial. Following the Spanish Flu, the "progressive" movement of Woodrow Wilson was soundly rejected by the once socialist-leaning voter base. The Democrat ticket of James M. Cox and FDR was defeated by the largest popular vote percentage in US history. This resulted in the next three presidents elected to office following the Spanish flu being Republican as well as both the House and Senate enjoying Republicans majorities for the succeeding fourteen years.

8. The aftermath of the corona pandemic will further ensconce the United States as the world’s only economic, military and cultural superpower. The US allies in Europe no longer have the economic mass to take leadership positions in world events and even our close and very capable friend, Japan, is suffering from a two-decade long economic malaise. The US recovery from corona will echo the early 1920’s when the US represented nearly 40% of the world’s industrial output.

9) The virus will provide the final nail in the coffin of the European Union. The government in Brussels was an anachronism when it was founded in 1992 and has now been shown to be an impediment to just about every member state except Germany, Belgium and to a lesser extent, France.

10) The demands for a government takeover of healthcare in the US will decrease. As of the date of this writing (4/10/20) Italy, Spain, France, UK, Sweden and Denmark all with government healthcare system have 3-4 times the COVID-19 mortality rate of the US. Of course, there will be much more telling data available over time, but for now, having a government run health system isn’t a distinct advantage.

source unknown.  Was shared to me by a smart person   :2funny:

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