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The Game Room / facebook zyanga poker
« on: October 27, 2016, 11:35:21 AM »
This game is made to piss you off so that if you lose to a bad beat and loses all of your marbles, they want you to rebuy more chips n pay them.  They not getting me though. 

Flop aj3 rainbow

I got aj 2 pairs
Dude goes all in with ak

I got dude on flop and turn but on river was a king

I lost to a 3 outs the dude thinks hes smart by running his mouth saying stuff like he knows he was going to win. 

Took me who knows how long to built it up to 11 millions and lost it all on one hand of a bad beat.  Well not really a 1 out bad beat but still, eff that game.  Ha

Debate Central / what is the big deal with trump?
« on: October 27, 2016, 11:11:08 AM »
I'll tell you what it is.  He's not running to win.  Either way he wins and here is why. 

If he becomes president, you are the ones that puts him there.  Now if he loses, he then would worth billions just because he is a trump and people are going to trust by doing business with him.  Remember his trump university scandal? 10g he charges for his schooling.  Now, it will be 100g. 

So the guy is in it for the popularity contest.  So trump is already a winner by default.  He is milking and marketing his name to the max right now. 

Like azn trying to be whitewash.  To get the white girls, he tries to be white.  Now that makes no cot dang sense to me.  So you try to present yourself as a white guy and if a white chick wants that white guy looks, she would go for a genuine white guy instead. 

Like lipstick lesbian going for a chick who looks like a dude.  I mean why not just get it with a dude instead? 

I call this my crab meat imitation theory.  The logic don't make sense and these people don't think either. 

Debate Central / why the gop is the current laughing matter?
« on: August 12, 2016, 02:35:10 PM »
Heard that a large amount of republicans are signing a pledge bill to stop trump from using the rep campaign fundings. 

Trump said,  he builds that money and you reps are eating it n now you want to exclude me out of the rake?  Who is the one raising that money and why now, 6 months later. 

I guess you can say that they are doing everything from stopping trump to win this one. 

Im not a hilary supporter either.  Im a no vote kind of a guy but this news is just too funny to not pass along.  Your own party is against you by the numbers.   :2funny:

We all know that every year or season, there is that one dance move that goes viral.  Although the song sux in my opinion but the beat is catchy but it is 2 years old since Lloyd Banks had it in 2012 with the song called Jackpot.  No lawsuit because the beat came from a youtube guy and he gave permission for Shmurder to do it.  Where banks failed is making a dance viral and capitalizing on the season where the market is itching for the next catchy dance.  Even celebrities are doing his dance.  It is that catchy.   

From New York, get familiar with the Shmoney dance which is too easy to do but impress your friends when you hear it at them clubs. 

I still thinks that music flows to the midwest as leftovers when my cousin from MN be sporting it is when we cali people are tired of it.  ha  :2funny:

Song is called Hot nigggeerrrr...  hot dayam America is going to the chit land fast when a filthy song like this makes it the top 5 billboard song right now.


Support & Suggestion / I like to have a buddy function on ph....
« on: September 22, 2014, 05:08:54 PM »
I think such addition will show us who are on our hit list and who are on our chit list.  ha  :2funny:

Of all the hmong invitations that I have ever been to, even myself, I have not witnessed any hmong guys entering a house, a party, a gathering where they would reach out and shake the hand of a female hmong there. 

Why is that?

I just don't do it because I copy what the people and their culture be doing first.  Maybe we don't know who that female belongs to so thou shalt not touch what is not ours? 

I've been to plenty of hmong invites and seems to me like non of them have goat.  It is always fresh killed pigs or cows or chicken but no goat. 

Is it taboo to eat goat or have goat as a sacrificial for the hmong or what? 

My hmong friend said that goat is powerful and I'm still clueless.  I have access to goat meat and I do not want to offend them when they be trading me squirrel rodents for my goat meat. 

Please advised if you know.  thank you

Arts & Photography / Very cool optical illusion art of the facial
« on: July 17, 2014, 02:16:51 PM »
If you dont' see it, you are actually gifted.  ha  :2funny:

I can understand if it breaks the previous record by a few inches or pounds but to beat it by a mile, I'm like wow.  If there is one like that then I am sure there are many more out there. 

read the story for fun

Hmong Culture & History / Pretend that you don't know the hmong language
« on: September 06, 2013, 08:58:50 AM »
This is what a non hmong would see when they look at them hmong wordings. 


confusing eh?  Now you know 


Still an MTT but could easily fooled me. 

She's a pretty thing looking all natural eh? 

I'm just admiring her looks or maybe this photo here does her justice.  Romance and wishful thinking?  Yeah right, only in Thailand or Laos where you can get it with a minor.   :2funny:

Meet Ong Vue from Sacramento


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