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The answer is a solid yes. The research and data strongly support that Americans want another stimulus check.

    A whopping 84% of Americans say they want a second stimulus check, with only 16% reporting that a second round of stimulus checks are not necessary.
    A significant majority, 62%, of those surveyed agree that a second stimulus check should be sent to everyone rather than focusing it on the underemployed or unemployed.
    Finally, a full 64% of respondents report that they will completely run out of money within three months or less.

3 trillion right?  cot dayam   :2funny:

I heard 2000 per person and 2000 per child up to 3. 

So a family of 5 could get 10k a month, reoccurring every months until this covid is over.   So 10K to boot plus your regular pay will make some folks rich. 

I could see the next stimulus but not every month.  That is just ridiculous welfare you talking about there.  I'm not getting my full pop so I'm a hater.   :2funny:


Sperm containing coronavirus raises possibility of sexually transmitted Covid-19, Chinese study shows



The psychology behind why some people won't wear masks

You go shopping and in public, you still see the people that are like anti vaccine and the conspiracy theory folks out there who is like anti something and they will not wear a mask.  There is a psychological implication into this and I'm intrigued. 

I hope the CDC comes up with a big outbreak number of this covid to teach them all a lesson.  Protesting huh?   We shall see. 

First off, I'm not the jackazz who made this lack luster thread here.;topicseen#msg4970290

With that said,

You know how at first, they looked at you china looking people and be like.. Cot dayam  you wuhan nasty?  Well the stats are in.  Don't look at us China looking people but they should look and stay away from Kaydoos instead. 

From the CDC:
Among COVID-19 deaths for which race and ethnicity data were available, New York Citypdf iconexternal icon identified death rates among Black/African American persons (92.3 deaths per 100,000 population) and Hispanic/Latino persons (74.3) that were substantially higher than that of white (45.2) or Asian (34.5) persons.

From CNN fake news channel:
Coronavirus is killing more African Americans than any other group in the US, study finds

So start spreading real news to your hmong people to stay away from Kaydoo people if you want to live.  Id stay away from areas like brooklyn center or wherever them kaydoos be hiding at.  I'm not kaydoo racist but during this time, I may just have to.   :2funny:

Let me just paint you a real life scenario of my friend. 

He met her at the Fresno new year.  Got her number and did nothing with her during the New years.  They traded numbers and they have been talking on the daily. 

Him: married, 2 kids
Her: Divorce, 3 kids , has her own beauty shop so yall mn folks might know her.   :2funny:

Well he told his wife that he's going on a fishing trip with the guys for 5 days while he's on furlough and he needs to do this before he starts working by next week.   He's actually booked a last minute flight for this tuesday for $500 from cali to MN.  She doesn't know his stats but he knows her.  She's falling in love with the guy it seems.  I've snuck my head into their face time while she's in bed and seeing her in lingerie and all but yeah, she's gonna get hurt after this ordeal.  Since they are in quarantine shelter in place and nothing opens, they are going to play house in MN.  Lots of netflix and chill and sex. 

The double standard here is that the woman will be hurt after this.  If she finds out that he has a wife, she will be so upset.  She thinks the relationship is real but it is all a bunch of lies.  He's going to get his and may call it quits and not coming to mn to see her again.  He told me that it would be her turn to come to cali for 2nd round.  whatever that means.   :D

For guys, if he finds out that she has a bf or a husband, he might be resentful at first but then his other side kicks on in and will turn that so called relationship into a booty call.  As for women, if she finds out that he has a gf or wife, she is going to cut him cold turkey and end the relationship.. ..  unless he got a big donkey package to keep him around for her pleasure..

but yeah, double standards doesn't live here.  Men and women still see this so differently.   I gave my boy some condoms and told him to lay low and not to be seen in public, holding hands with her.  Her ex husband still lurking and he might be in danger.   It's a hmong thing, I dunno.   It runs in the family.  His father played games with a thai hmong and I guess he already married her after years and years of cheating on his wife.  Thai wife is coming to the USA and more drama will unfold with him and his mom.  I think they are going to move out and he's taking his mom with him.

anyways,   there goes some hmong drama for your guys. 

similar to this? 

FBI warns companies of employees faking coronavirus test results

General Discussion / Give us some positivity with this covid
« on: April 14, 2020, 08:48:52 AM »
I can sit here and cry to your guys all day about this covid issue and how it relates to your life. 

But what I do need is some positivity that can come out of this.  I'll go first.   O0

The first cut was the deepest and I'm talking about the 911 massive layoffs of the 2008-2009 years. This one sure feels different as it also puts a person into a handicap state since we can not even be proactively going out there to look for work. 10 millions + people are unemployed and that means 10 millions people are going to battle each other for the next job. This one is actually uglier. It robs you of your job, the world around you have changed, your relationships are in turmoil and you are cripple from going anywhere. Heck, even it robs you from going to where you needed that solitude, your place of worship is being locked out. Everyone has a story. Everyone can surely take a hit by this covid nasty story. Keep your head up and we must fight to live and survive. We just need time. Take care.

Debate Central / Who's the donkey and who's the elephant?
« on: March 30, 2020, 07:59:05 AM »
 "Hmong, Indian, and Korean Americans strongly identified as Democrats, and Filipino and Vietnamese Americans most strongly identified as Republicans."

"In 2017, it was reported by the Washington Post that Asian Americans born outside of the United States trended to be more conservative, and more likely to identify as Republicans, while those who were born in the United States, who were generally younger, were more likely to identify being a Democrat"

Exit polling from the 2018 election showed that 77% of Asian Americans voted for Democrats.

Miki Carver, the Asian Pacific American press secretary for the Republican National Committee, told USA TODAY that Asian Americans would vote for President Donald Trump because of economic gains under his administration, not because of race.

Is the check based on my 2018 or 2019 tax return?
Under the plan, individuals who earn $75,000 in adjusted gross income or less would get direct payments of $1,200 each. But which tax return is that based on?
If you've filed for 2019, that's what it would based off of. If you haven't, it would be based off of 2018.

So if you know someone who doesn't file their tax because they have nothing to file with, go tell them to file it anyway.  Put $0 income and you get 1200 from the gov.

game the system   :2funny:

Guys, I need you guys help in figuring out this Hmong custom or tradition.   I mean b4 I get with a homebound Hmong girl, I need to know this.

So what are the expectation of a Hmong daughter living in the household of her parents?

If you heard of real life cases, please do share.   

If she is too Americanize, would the Hmong tradition that binds her as a live in daughter would causes her to get depress or perhaps would want to run away?

Is this what was happening to the Hmong American women who ended up marrying young cuz they wanted out of this so called expectation of being a Hmong daughter?

Only choice is for the bf to take her away or her moving her ass out right?

Chit is getting real.  Midnight is coming and all companies in the bay area are going on lock down, shut down mode till april 7th.  Only thing that opens are healthcare facilities, police, banks, gas, groceries, restaurants that only do deliveries and a few other industries that I may have forgotten. 

This is like a bad movie.  By ordinance of the government, they want us to stay home to deal with this wuhan viruses.   

I suggest no one goes out when it gets dark.  You are on your own and you may get rob.  I am not so sure where the police presence in all of this as they too are too afraid to catch wuhan themselves. 

My tesla boys are telling me that tesla has 2 weeks to push our their quarterly quotas but this ordiance will make it harder for them.  My boy working the 6pm shift so I told him that they are going to send him home by midnight.  He hasn't receive any news yet from his end. 

oh boy, just like the purge when the lights go out.  Brace yourself boys.  Your city might be next if it is working for us.  We shall see and don't pray for us if you don't believe in the power of prayers.   :2funny:

General Discussion / Federal Interest rates drops to nearly 0 today
« on: March 16, 2020, 09:06:50 AM »
0.25% I believe

Do note that fed interest rate is not the same as mortgage rate.   Look it up to understand more.  Also look at the correlation as fed interest rate goes down, your housing prices may go up.   Trump is bailing out the rich people again.  Institution borrowing to stabilizing the economy and them ceo's will retire early and be filthy rich. 

Nothing left for those affected at the bottom like grandma 65 years old and in ICU. 

Yall got wuhan cases there. 

Best advice is to avoid close contact with people but my advice is to keep yourself clean and pick and choose where you want to go and be like picking and choosing your poison.  Don't listen to me but the CDC.    :2funny:

Fear not.  This info is coming from the WHO and not commie china so this news is at least legit for now. 

More than 70% of coronavirus cases in China have recovered, WHO says

From CNNís Jacqueline Howard

Of the 80,000 confirmed coronavirus cases reported in China, "more than 70% have recovered and been discharged," according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in a news conference on Monday.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus addressed the outbreak in his opening remarks, saying it's important to remember "of all the cases reported globally so far, 93% are from just four countries."

The director-general emphasized that the situation can still be controlled.

"The bottom line is," Tedros said, "we are not at the mercy of this virus."

 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0


This is something that they do not teach you in school, nor will your parents tell you about it (that is if they even know).  If you know, it will exposed you to the reality of the world you are living in.  If you think about it, what other chit out there that you don't even yet know? 

There must be a reason why your own azn china looking females do not even find you attractive.  We've been suppressed and under our nose too.  We eat, live, educate and breathe in the same air as the white men but we are not yet equal in this category. 

However, do not lose hope.  There are still hmong or china looking women out there who prefer to be with you, not because of this social stigma but because she either has to due to the nature order of things or she can not allow herself to be doggy fawk by a 6 foot tall white gorilla.  If they say different strokes for different folks then why am I being suppressed?  It is more like different strokes so they can get another stroke for themselves instead.   :2funny:

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