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Outdoors & Recreational Hobbies / Re: Fishing Equipment Reviews
« on: December 05, 2009, 04:22:46 AM »
JDM for you guys

Product name: Shimano Metanium Mg7

What it is or whats it use is: This is a baitcasting reel made with magnesium alloy for the reel frame.  It's very light and weighs in at 6 oz.  This reels comes with 8 bearings with four of them in the handle knobs.  The gear ratio for this on is 7.0 but amazingly it has the power to crank medium divers decently.   That is due to the larger gears it has, although the handle only comes in at 80 mm.  The drag star clicks, but the cast control knob does not.  The level wind guide is taper to be larger on the side of the spool so this helps reduce backlash.  The level wind guide is also titanium nitride coated.  The spool is a standard 100 size and is machined aircraft aluminum with crossed drilled holes.
The nice thing about this reel is that the reel body is all smooth with no holes on the outside for screws that you see on most reels.  Performing reel maintenance is kind of tricky as you may need a fairly long #1 phillips to get at a screw. 

Price:  Depends on JPN yen, but around $400 USD.

Reason to buy or not buy the product - what was good or bad about it - overall review: Yes.  I used this reel for cranks, spinners, buzzbaits, and some plastics.  This reel can cast light weight of 1/4 oz with great distances.  There is almost no backlash because of the tapered levelwind line guide.  The line lay on the spool is tight and very uniform.   The magnesium alloy frame makes this reel feel kind of hollow and fragile while you crank.  It's a great reel for finesse techniques.

Your grade from 5-1 stars (1 being the worst and 5 being the best): 4.0

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