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Title: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Post by: anonymouse on April 16, 2017, 12:24:09 PM
This game deserves all the 10/10 it receives. 

I was skeptical of it when they showed off all the trailers and gameplay footage.  it didn't look anything like a zelda game.  Looks more like a western rpg.

But I have it for the wiiu and overall it's been a great experience.  All around fun to play.  I play in short spurts and to be honest, i just like going around killing stuff.

Roam anywhere.  Go to any dungeon.  NO HAND HOLDING.  You will DIE ALOT.  It's not rediculously hard, but it gives you a good enough challenge that you have to play smartly.

True to zelda, there's no experience bar.  Which may deter some folks as it could be a difference maker.
There isn't crafting per se (or I haven't gotten there yet).  There is cooking.

The weapons are all different and you can feel the difference.
There's blunt weapons (hammers/etc) that are slow and wide swing but they knock enemies away.
There's 2 handed swords. heavy but strong.
There's one handed swords. fast but not as strong.
There's clubs which aren't as strong as swords.
There's spears.

You can light some weapons on fire giving burning effect.  They even have some funny yet dumb weapon choices too.  Rakes, garden hoe, skeleton arm.

the shrine puzzles can be tricky.  They are short enough that you won't get tired from a long grind.  but there are plenty that you feel a bit of a challenge.

There are different clothings you can buy which gives different effect. some make you faster. some make you more stealthier.

Of course. if you read up on it.  there is the weapon break system which people either hate or love.  I wish they made weapons slightly more durable.  at most, its like 2-4 enemies and weapons break in the early game.  Make it a bit more, maybe 5-8 enemies.  Yea they do combat this by giving you a plethora of weapons that show up all over the place and you can pick up enemie's weapons.  So it sort of balances out.  But in the early game its annoying.

I haven't gotten too far. I played maybe 30 hours and i didn't even get to the first dungeon yet. too busy killing other stuff and just enjoying the mechanics of the game.  he can climb any mountain, even ride his shield down lopes. uses the paraglider and glide down.  cut down trees.  throw bombs into lake to catch fish.

It deserves the 10/10.