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Entrepreneurial Minds / The Truth about Hmong Entrepreneurship
« on: April 18, 2018, 03:55:15 PM »
Since we're in the Entrepreneur Discussion side of the forum, let's talk the truth about how Hmong people are, good and bad.  Then see if we can explore it more in depth and maybe talk about how to add value to our culture. Please feel free to speak your mind but DON'T personally attack each other. I think you guys are better than that.

With that said starting with the good, though not comprehensive, what are some things that we Hmong people do that are really good? 

We support our families and friends at all sorts of gatherings.
We support tradition.
We enjoy clubs/drinking with each other.
We enjoy traveling and activities.
Our parents get along well amongst each other.
We attend Hmong New Year and Hmong 4th of July events.
We want to reach out to Hmong people in different countries.
We support Hmong convenience stores.
We support Hmong restaurants.

Next what are some of the CONS that Hmong people have?

We have had a long history of poverty and struggle.
We are selfish and greedy (stuck in an impoverished mindset).
We criticize the hell out of each other.
We can't accept constructive critism.
We are mean to each other.
We don't have our priorities in a row.
We are stubborn and fixed in our ways.
We talk bad about each other.
We are weary about each other and always sizing people up.
We can't stand to see each other be successful.
We don't apply our education.
We measure success by degrees.
We are jealous.
We always compare ourselves to others.
We are waiting for 'someone' to fix the problem.
We don't have time.
We don't care.
We have our own lives to live.
We don't give value to our women.
We don't adapt well to cultural changes.
We are bad communicators.
We disassociate with Hmong people to become successful.
We doubt people who want to change things.
We have this notion of hierarchy and inferiority complex (i.e. attacking each other through aggressive behavior.)

Although not comprehensive, this is a GENERAL blanket statement of negativity that Hmong people deal with. Not all Hmong people are like this but there are so many who are. Do you think there's anything that can be done about it?

I'd like to think so. Let me tell you a story about the girl and the starfish.

One day a man was walking along the beach.  And on this beach, he noticed there were a bunch of starfish washed up and stranded on the shore. He thought to himself, gee, they're all going to die. There's no way they'll make it. And as he thought that, he saw a girl pick one up and throw it into the waves. He asked her, "What are you doing? There's too many, you're not going to make a difference." And the little girl replied, "I just made a difference for that one."

So the moral of the story is, things can change. You can be that change. We all can be a catalyst for change. We can be kinder to each other. We can develop a more positive mindset. We can love ourselves and each other. We can support each other in the community.

It's not going to change overnight. This is probably going to be a lifelong endeavor, but if one person reads it and used it in his/her life. This post has done it's job.

I'm also looking to find like-minded individuals for a group. One that is not money-oriented but one that cares for the whole being of the community. It doesn't matter your background or where you came from. The only requirement is that you want change and you're willing to do something about it. You want to innovate, expand, learn, teach and come up with solutions to common problems. Someone who selfishly believes in one common goal--to ultimately make a difference, one mind at a time, to the Hmong community. If you share that common goal with me, PM me with your thoughts. Let's do something with our common beliefs.

If this post sparked some thoughts in you, please comment below.

Online Journal / ...sea life...
« on: July 20, 2016, 02:55:09 PM »
I just want to open up and share a little bit about this crazy Navy life starting from now and randomly sharing stories... I need to write... (I don't know why I chose this life but I did), all you youngin's that ever consider joining... don't do it, if you do though, ask questions :).

I'm currently deployed overseas in Japan on a naval carrier, USS Ronald Reagan. The ship is always out on summer patrol every year from spring to fall and on winter patrol from fall to winter (around Dec 1st). So I don't actually get to experience Japan very much. It sucks! And depending on your job, life revolves around that... and some other stupid bullshit like cleaning, firefighting, drills, qualifications, and sleeping. Remember, this is 7-8 months of the year you're suffering. Think about that! The food sucks and you see the same people every single day. If you hate them... yay, tomorrow you will see their ugly faces again. Nothing changes. Hopefully you have good friends or something that keeps your interests... otherwise, life's really boring, people fight each other for fun. Guys do borderline gay stuff but regular people do that drunk... it's nothing different. And YES sailors do curse a lot. I'm a decent person; I try not to :).

For entertainment, when I have time, I have my laptop onboard and I play video games on my laptop for fun or I'll download whole youtube channels to watch before we leave land. The internet sucks a lot and you won't be able to use facebook... only  ;D ...I come here because I get really bored and I love the mudda hmong peoples.

Lately I am being promoted to Navy Career Counselor (NC). NC's help sailors with their careers so the job title is a bit of a big deal. Soon I will have to see the captain and the command master chief...for an interview. I AM SO SCARED. But I will live. Seeing the CO is like seeing the President of a company. To be COMPLETELY honest, I really enjoyed my peasant life  being an unknown under the radar person and doing nothing but sitting around doing nothing :), now everyone and their mom will know me. Not sure if I am okay with the celebrity lifestyle but I guess I will live... again.

They told me that if I'm scared to talk in front of big groups of people, they will throw me in front of a train, and see how well I do. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the support and morale. I feel like sometimes the Navy life chose me and I didn't choose it. Well that's it for now.

Feel free to ask questions if you want about the Navy. If you ask me other questions about the other military branches... ... I will just look at it. Lol. 

Creative Writing / Our "friendship" Breakup
« on: July 11, 2016, 05:32:55 PM »
I wrote this because I am going through a friendship break up... I didn't know these things existed... BFF's are real. I liked my friend so much...even though she's ugly and doesn't offer much in terms of looks, I thought she was so cool and one of the nicest people I met. And then one day, she seemed off in her game, so I asked her what's wrong. Without explanation... she said that once she cuts someone out of her life, she doesn't go back on her word. I was so shocked... I didn't know what to say. She was a phoney from the start and I fell for her 'nice' trap. That's why I wrote a poem today. To explain how I feel about this female dog. JK, let's pretend to be friends again.  8)

Our Breakup

Today you didn't say a thing,
When all days you happily greet me,
I wonder what went wrong?
Things don't seem right,
"Good morning" I muttered,
But you don't look at me,

Your presence is awkward,
I look at you in silence,
A piece of me screams,
"What's wrong ...what did I do?"

Moment by moment,
I try to think of what to say,
The air is too heavy,
It's hard to breathe,

Instead... I gaze down at the floor,
Throat closed up... hard to talk.
Is this it...? I wonder...
Sadden at my loss of words,
I shake my head and walk away, ...(I'm sorry)

Weeks went by,
I see you every morning,
We don't say a thing,
Yet we stand here working together in silence,

I'm getting tired,
I don't know what's going on, ...(please say something)
When work is done,
We separate like oil and water,

Days are long with nothing to do,
I don't see you because I work nights...,
The evenings draw out like long shadows,
They come and they go, ...(I can't let go)

I walk through these lonely passageways,
Once boisterous by our laughter,
You walk silently by,
Shining like a ray of sunlight,

It's all a pretend game,
You stare off into the distance,
As though I don't exist,
And I don't care to see you,
As though you died, ...(I'm dying)

The hardest part of all this,
Is not talking to someone,
You used to talk to everyday,
Now we act like two complete strangers,

After some time I started thinking,
I started to get angry, (why are you like this?)
I don't understand it, please,
How can someone who says they are your best friend,
Quickly turn 180 and walk away from you,
Without the slightest of clues,

I fumed with hatred toward you,
I fumed through your pettiness; your irrationality,
I didn't care if you didn't know but, I didn't want to care for you,
And every pain you had, I laughed at you,
Every laugh you had, I laughed at your fakeness,
My sanity lied in the way I despised you,

Then one strange day,
They came to me...and told me something I couldn't hear loud enough,
They said that they were taking me away...
My heart sunk into despair,
Is this is it? Will we never have another chance?
But I still care and I'm still hurt,
I don't know if your heart is so cold...
No, I refuse to tell you.

Remember last year....?
It's kind of funny how ...for the same exact reason,
We went to lunch and when we came back,
There was already a girl here,
They said they sent her here to replace me.
Our heartstrings tugged and pulled,
The distraught look on your face were like those of a puppy,

Back then we sat together in sadness in silence,
Holding on to each other's company,
Neither one wanted to lose the other,

My friend we were so close together,
Now you act like you don't know me,
We work in the same space you and I,
Yet you stand so far away from me as if I'm the plague,
My heart's bleeding through my sleeve,
I don't get the coldness?

There is no point to this senselessness.
I still don't know what I did wrong,
I don't know why you're so mad,
Why did you build up the great wall,
Divide us like 57th parallel,
I guess I'll never know and I guess ignorance is bliss,

But I'm now going through a fork in the road,
Things are changing too fast and I'm too young to die,
I realized that... it doesn't really matter,
You'll never gave me an explanation,
Why you ended our friendship,
Why would you even tell me...
Presumably, I'm the worst person ever,
Or maybe you were wrong and couldn't face me?

Yet I laugh even louder without you,
I know I'm still awesome and people want me on their team,
You just couldn't handle it,
And if I ever met a stubborn cow, you're it,

Even though I've done a lot for you,
Without asking for anything in return,
You've done nothing but be a good friend to me,
But, one that also shut me down without a word!
What's a good friend to me?

I still think about you and what not...
Things with words... words and stuff...
I don't know how to come to terms,
Will we never be friends again?

It still hurts to think about it...
Last I checked I'm fine,
What does a little sting matter really?
I accept that you'll never look at me again,
And I won't waste the time of day on you,

In this small, small world, this small life we chose,
Where one can neither escape the other for a while,
I did my best as any friend could do,
I loved and supported everything you did,
Anything and everything about you.

Forget it.

With this said, even if we were to meet again,
I won't pretend that I don't know you,
I'll do us a favor and erase you from my memory,
So that your pretentious dreams come true,
My heart is no longer filled with black but blue,
Au revoir stranger, goodbye... adieu.

Pet Forum / Post pics of your pet!!
« on: July 06, 2016, 01:04:54 PM »
I'll start off first... :D. These are my two Shiba Inus... both are from Japan. The female in this picture is 4 months old and the male is 5 years old.

Another pic of the older male when he was 3 years old:

Creative Writing / Freestyle Feels
« on: June 30, 2016, 08:38:23 AM »
I'm creating this thread to help me freestyle off the top of my heaFd without much editing--only important things and only special effects :P. (SPELLING). I'll try not to anyway. That means there will be a lot of mistakes and things that don't make sense :P Whatever. Lol. Feel free to contribute. All I ask is to be respectful of each other. Thanks!

Where do I start?,

First off there's too many thing to say,
Too many mixed emotions,
Mostly anger and love,

Ultimately I want you to accept me,
But right now your pissing me off,
By the way you're handling this situation,

I want to say that I don't care,
I want to say that you 'ain't' shit,
But those are all lies,
Anything I say that's a negative,
Is the negative image get it?

There's no need to convince you,
What kind of person I am,
You should already know!

Unfortunately that skull of yours is too thick to let any kind of words pass through,
Look in the mirror,
You look like a fool,
Spare me the ignorance,
I might be fcking pissed,
I might be fcking angry,
But damn, I'm human too.

Okay... hahah that was my first. What do you think ? Round 2?

I have been intrigued with music so much. I watched the show "Show me the Money 4" and it makes me want to rap. I like all fun and creative things. They say you like things because you vibe with it. I'm really into this kind of stuff. :D It's not for show, it's really just for me, like writing poems or books or whatever.

I just want to make beats and rap but I don't know where to start. I don't even know what a bar is or a verse is. Just heard of it. How many beats per minute, what is that suppose to mean? Do they mean drum beats?

And if I rap, where do I find the inspiration? Where can I find the "good stuff"?

I like Tupac a lot but I only listen to one song, "Hit em up". It takes me back to the gangsta rap days. I feel like I get stifled with words and I'm not good when people diss me. My comebacks are lame. Like "your mom!" Lol.

I have fruity loops but it's so confusing to use. Do you come up with the beat first? Or do you come up with the lyrics first? Do you come up with the lyrics while listening to the beat? How do you flow with the beat? When do you start, end, etc? How do you freestyle? Do you find people to battle and just keep doing it? I'm so interested.

Poetic Souls / My Username
« on: June 18, 2016, 06:25:29 PM »
I am a writing a poem of how I came up with my username. I've had this username for a long time now and to be honest I've came a long way. I've outgrown this name by a long stretch... I need a new username, lol, anyway I wanted to share a part of me that's vulnerable and also at the same time I'm not ashamed that this happened to me, I'm thankful. Thanks for reading.

The Phoenix

I met you a long time ago,
But when you left,
It was then that I realized...
I had lost a part of myself,
I didn't know who I was anymore,
7 years seem like a long time,
7 years of commitment and sacrifice,
Came to an end in 7 seconds.

When I met you I was different,
I was confident, I was smart,
You said you loved me,
And that we'd be together forever,
Through the years of being together,
We shaped each other like clay,
Somehow things don't stay the same,
Where did you go?
And what did you do?
How did you change that we became strangers?
I guess I had changed too.

So many promises made,
All shattered like glasses,
How can you be so cruel?
Silent tears welled up and stream down my face,
Night after night I didn't sleep,
Day after day I didn't eat,
My friends said that it'll be okay,
My family said that they'd love me no matter what,
But deep down inside I was dying,
My heart swelled up inside my chest,
Darkness and loneliness were my best friend,
I wasn't suicidal but I sat and courted death,

Why won't these feeling go away?
Do I convince myself to still love you?
What do I need to do?
How can I have you back?
These ridiculous thoughts ran through my mind,
Day in and day out,
You are my world,
One day I thought... if I changed myself,
I'd have you back.

Many moons came,
And many suns rose,
I thought of you,
I hoped that you were doing well,
That I was a changed person and secretly you'd come back,
After a while the thoughts of you became fuzzy,
I even forgot about you,
Now I can't remember your face,
I realize that we were both young,
We didn't know what we want,
I'm glad that we met and even gladder that we left,
It helped to shape the person that I am today,
I don't have any regrets.

Hmong Culture & History / In my kingdom...
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:33:55 PM »
We have a country. Economy is good and we have a well developed military power. We even have a Hmong President and a democratic society. Hmong Leaders have strong morals and values. Their leadership inspire our people to respect and love each other, encouraging growth in mind, body, and soul.

Our people are highly intelligent and have well developed social skills. We treat each other like how we want to be treated. Parents encourage their children to do well for themselves whether it be in school or in hobbies. Our children are active in school events. Young men and women aspire to do great things in their lives and live with purpose.

Our country is so developed, that even our technology rivals those of other Asian cultures. my dreams, lol. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream :-).

What would happen in your kingdom and how do you see the development of our culture at this time and moment in life? Do you think we are moving in a positive or negative way?

« on: September 20, 2013, 11:39:50 AM »
How do I start?

First off, I am Mai. Last name Lauj. I was born in Ban Vinai refugee camp and grew up in the states just like many folks here. I have an "odd" sense of humor but I like it ^-^. This journal will be a random collection of my thoughts. My hope is to share my thoughts through failures, losses, gains, desires, and growth so others can see that we all go through the same ordeals.

A lot of things have been on my mind lately. In part because I'm moving soon, but never mind that. I'm not sure what this desire is and how to properly express my thoughts. As a Hmong person, I want to learn, inspire, and be part of a new and productive generation. Do you guys feel me on this? 

We have so many talented people, ideas, and desires. Even thought I am in the military (and living far away from Hmong communities) sometimes I still wonder what accomplishment s our Hmong community has achieved that has affected and shaped our people's lives. I think many people have attempted and some succeeded, but as Hmong people, we are so critical! Very harsh and judgmental. Even though I'm sharing these thoughts, I feel like I will get haters. TBH. Haters is okay :).

Someday, I wish we will see that even though we are not at the level of perfection as others in some areas... we will make it happen eventually. Progress is the key. We only have the country that we live in and it's probably impossible in our lifetime to ever have our own country. But, one can still dream. Whether you want to be a government official, olympic athlete, a doctor, lawyer, movie star, or a business owner; faith, hard work, and perseverance will put you there.

I believe that truth, love, and sharing will allow our people to grow.

Maybe out of annoyance or some ego problem, people have asked me in the past, "Why do you think like this?" and my question is, "How can I not? Am I not Hmong? I am representing whether I like it or not! I am the face of a Hmong person. I can't walk around with a mask on."

Is it so wrong to have these thoughts? ;D Don't judge me.

This is my thoughts for now. Until next time. Comments, questions? Let me know.  ;D

Music Discussion / **HOT** G Dragon - Coup D'etat Album
« on: September 06, 2013, 01:05:52 AM »
Here are two new songs from G Dragon's soon to be released album Coup D'etat; Crooked and Coup D'etat. The Album will be released on the 13th of this month.


I don't know if you guys feel the same way or not but this song and music video is so sad. Even though it's really good. Reading the lyrics, I feel as though it's my own life's story.


The music video for Coup D'etat is like 'WOW', just wow. The lyrics are beautifully written and the video is artistically stunning. Coup D'etat traditionally means to overtake a government but in this video I believe it has to do with the suffering he's been through in the past few years. The M/V is just f*cking badass, hands down. Triple A+++ for the ninja at the end. Again, like Crooked, it's kind of sad. I guess fame isn't all that it's cut out to be.

More importantly, the songs are all composed and written by GD himself. In that respect, I can see the songs are very personal to him. For this Solo Album, GD wanted to do something different from his previous Solo album and the Big Bang albums. Even though he knows what kind of music people like, for this album, he wanted to make music that he liked in relation to what has been going on in his life, even if it means deviating from the norm. He said that 'as an artist and human being, we change and grow and if you always make music for the audience rather than for your own love of music, then you will eventually lose your passion and you will not be able to grow.'

I truly respect him. His new album is a bit different from his older album but it shows him maturing as a person. What do you guys think of the new M/V's?

Computer & Technology / Are you a Geek, Tell me about it?
« on: March 26, 2012, 03:32:01 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about starting a forum for the geek in all of us!  Who likes Computers?!  Technology?!  Programming?!  Graphics? Okay okay, I think you get the point.

If I have enough Hmong people interested in this kind of forum, I would like to create one.  I have a private forum I created for a few select individuals, but I feel like, our forum is too information rich and not benefitting MORE people.  That's why I decided I should start ONE big forum for all the Hmong people who are interested in technology but don't know where to start?  AND for the ones that do know and want to exchange ideas with each other.

Tell me what you think below!!  Thanks for reading :-).

Maybe I'm going crazy here. :idiot2: Can someone seriously tell me why 90% of hmong music videos have to be filmed outside in the grass, village, or in the hills?  And not only that, the whole music video is filmed in that same spot or maybe offside to the sand, then onto the grass, and maybe on a tree stump.


Seriously, can you guys relate to the hillsides?  I thought we lived in the 21st century. 

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