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Article: ...Send your stuffed animal on a vacation..
« on: October 23, 2013, 02:12:16 PM »
 :D Just thought I'd share this. The following was interesting..m akes me wonder who would pay to send their fav stuffed toy on a vacation? Lol ..I'm sure there's some people out there that will do this..but seriously? hehe  ;D

This company will send your stuffed animal on a vacation
Web link:

Your teddy bear has always wanted to visit Tokyo in the spring. Fortunately for Mr. Bobo, there's Unagi Travel, the "Japan Travel Agency for Stuffed Animals."

The travel agency gives tours not to you but to your favorite plush toy. For fans of the movie "Amelie," in which a garden gnome disappears from a front yard and mysteriously appears in photos taken at tourist sites around the globe, this is kind of like that: Give your teddy a grand adventure while you sit at home. Talk about a toy story.

The odd but oddly adorable idea goes like this: Head to the Unagi Travel website and book your toy's tour. Price points are reasonable, but you pay for shipping to Japan. They send your toy back for free.

Prices range from $35 to $55 for the guided tours to Tokyo, a trip to onsen (hot springs), or a "mystery tour" where the destination is revealed only at the last minute.

According to the website, the Tokyo package includes visits to the shopping district Shibuya; historic Asakusa, famous for its Buddhist temple; and views from the Tokyo Tower.

For your $45, you'll get a postcard from your plush friend and a "printed commemorative photograph along with the data on a CD-ROM," the website states. Photos will also be uploaded on to the company's Facebook page.

And the experience for your beloved inanimate object: we assume, priceless.

"I want to see and walk around the sights that I viewed through my stuffed animal's journeys someday," an unnamed woman who had used the service said in Metro UK. According to Metro, the 51-year-old had difficulty walking due to an illness, but the photos of the toy's travels inspired her to get help so that she could get out more.

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