Author Topic: believe-in-me, you still into bitcoin??? they down 85% one year to date  (Read 1158 times)

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First of all newbie investor, I was talking about blockchain technology, NOT bitcoin.

Keep laughing newbie, that's what the naysayers all said about AMAZON back in the day. So glad that I didn't listen. Oh, and by the way, when Apple stocks were incredibly low because Microsoft was the shit, yeah, I bought Apple too.

Good investors have patience. They understand growth. They understand the direction of technology. They understand consumers. And they understand themselves first.

You're one of those fools that Dave Ramsey always talk about. You speak the lingo, act like you're really smart, but some of us just do and we reap great rewards.


bitcoin and a lot of these blockchain alt coin
they been down

i don't like these bogus claim
how you were one of the first amazon and apple investor


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