Author Topic: At least those Hmong moms in the Jungle of Laos did what they thought was best  (Read 209 times)

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...for the survival of the group unlike this crazy one that has plenty of options (if true):

Miami woman, 18, allegedly tried to hire hitman to kill her 3-year-old son

A woman accused of trying to hire a hit man this week to kill her 3-year-old son has bonded out of jail.

Jazmin Paez, 18, of Miami, is charged with first-degree solicitation of murder and third-degree using a communications device for an unlawful use, according to court documents.

Investigators said they were contacted on Tuesday by a man who operates a fake hire-an-assassin website to report that the woman had contacted the operator to arrange a murder-for-hire for the young child. According to police, the website founder created the online site to catch and curb those looking to hire a killer.

Police said the suspect provided the address for the child and his picture to help facilitate the request.

According to investigators, the woman asked that the job be completed by Thursday.

Police traced the IP of the computer that was used to make the request with the website and it was the same one listed by the woman who made the request, the police report says.

Police went to the address and spoke to the child's grandmother, who identified the child as the intended victim based on the murder request submitted online. The boy was found safe and sound at the residence by police.

Investigators then posed as the hired hitman and conducted a conversation with the woman, who confirmed the request and agreed to pay $3,000 for the murder assignment.

Police then went to the woman's home and arrested her.

Investigators did not speculate on a motive for the request but said her computer browser still had the murder-for-hire website on it.

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