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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Hi Surikoo, I can tell you're a fan of Chrono Cross O0

Anyways, good story thus far.  It may just be me, but I find it extremely hard following a scene when there are many characters (such as the fight scene you had in there).  Then again there isn't exactly a great way of doing this without breaking the chapter up into many different sections each focusing on a different point of view.  I can tell you love all your characters because each person seems to have some development or trait that is unique to them so I won't tell you to scrap things and write it from one view.

I enjoyed chapter 6.  It may be because the focus is mainly around Cecilia that I find it easier to illustrate the scene in my head as I read along.

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Hi Surikoo, I can tell you're a fan of Chrono Cross O0

Anyways, good story thus far.  It may just be me, but I find it extremely hard following a scene when there are many characters (such as the fight scene you had in there).  Then again there isn't exactly a great way of doing this without breaking the chapter up into many different sections each focusing on a different point of view.  I can tell you love all your characters because each person seems to have some development or trait that is unique to them so I won't tell you to scrap things and write it from one view.

I enjoyed chapter 6.  It may be because the focus is mainly around Cecilia that I find it easier to illustrate the scene in my head as I read along.

Thanks for reading. Fighting scenes are hard for me. I am still trying to get a hang of it. Sorry the last ch 8 was the wrong ch. I will post the actual one later. My bad.  But at least readers have a future look at the ch.  :)

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Here is the actual ch 8. I apologize for the confusion.



Jian Tao, Chief Wen, and their two guards camped at a nearby lake for the night. It had been three days already and they were halfway to the border of Shan Kingdom. Since Mount Songgao was located in the high northern parts of the kingdom, there was another four days until they finally reached to their destination.

As they slept soundly, the fire died down until there was only a streak of swirled smoke left. Then, in the middle of the glistening lake, two water demons quietly rose up from the water, molding into two female shaped bodies. There they saw four sleeping men around the dead bonfire and licked their watery lips, yearning for fresh meat. Their liquid arms began to extend on shore, like predators creeping at their prey, toward them.

As their arms slowly made onto land, the horses started to freak out and made some noises, alarming Jian Tao and the others. By the time they woke up, the two water demons had already wrapped their watery arms around the two guards’ feet and began to drag them into the lake. The two soldiers screamed in terror for Jian Tao and Chief Wen to help them. Jian Tao and Chief Wen quickly ran to grab their soldiers’ hands, but the water demons swung their other arms and struck them hard across their bodies. They flew like ragdolls, hit the nearby trees, and fell onto the ground injured. The terrified guards disappeared into the lake from their sight and quickly, the water demons dove down into the water to collect their food. Burst of blood mixed with water came gushing out of the lake like a huge fountain, throwing pieces of limbs onto land. Jian Tao and Chief Li watched in horror and knew that it was too late to save their men.

The water demons came out of the bloody waters. Their liquid body had transformed into their solid forms-hairs silvery white, skins leathery blue as the morning sky, eyes black as night, and teeth sharped as razors. They let out a banshee cry and extended their sharped claws in front, flying in great momentum toward them.

Chief Wen and Jian Tao worked on casting their “Wu Demon Binding Spell” when one of the demons swung her arm sideways. Out flew water-like daggers from her, aiming straight at Jian Tao and Chief Wen. They didn’t have time to finish casting the spell and quickly dodged the daggers. The daggers struck the dark ground and returned to its original liquid form. Then they sprinted to the bonfire to grab their swords. Jian Tao grabbed his Five Element Qi Sword and pulled the blade out of its sheath. The blade casted a luminous blue light to indicate that evil was close by.

The water demons landed on shore and started to fight with the both of them. Jian Tao used his sword and swung at one of the water demons. It disappeared into droplets of water and then reappeared behind him with her razor teeth close by his neck. He felt her cold breath on his skin and quickly swung his sword around. Again, it disappeared and reappeared behind him. This time, the water demon swung its sharped claws and scratched his back. He staggered forward and swung the sword around, missing it again, and fell onto his knees. He felt hot blood oozed down from his wounded back and it stung painfully, weakening him. Chief Wen saw that his king was in trouble and quickly swung his sword at the other water demon; it flew backwards to avoid being struck.

Then he quickly ran to Jian Tao’s side to help him up. The water demons regrouped and sniggered as they slowly made their way toward them. They began to taunt Jian Tao.

“Your highness, go back to your kingdom. You are too old for demon hunting.”

“Your highness, you are a pathetic Mortal Protector. Without the Five Element Qi Sword, you are nothing!”

Infused by their provoking words, Jian Tao gathered his qi into the Five Qi Element Sword. His blade ignited into a green, powerful flame-like torch. The water demons jerked their heads back and second thought about their comments.

Jian Tao swung his sword in an upward position and the earth beneath rumbled. Little pieces of earth rose up in the air in front of him, and with another swung of his sword sideways, the pieces flew at the water demons, turning into thousands of little sharped earth particles. The water demons’ faces struck with horror to know there was no escape even if they disappeared into liquid. In an instant, the pieces struck the water demons everywhere on their bodies until they became unrecognizable, and they let out a shrill cry of pain.

Then Jian Tao flew toward one of them and stabbed it in the chest. The water demon let out a deadly shriek and disintegrated into ashes. In fear, the other injured water demon didn’t want to encounter the same fate as its companion and turned around to flee back to the lake. Weaken and badly wounded, Jian Tao had used up most of his qi already and couldn’t chase after it.

Chief Wen finally casted the “Wu Demon Binding Spell” and his entire body lit a gold aura; then it went into him. He flew to chase after the water demon and caught up with it. His hand grabbed a hold of its ankle and pulled it away from the lake. In rage, the water demon turned around and swung its claws at him. He swiftly turned his body to avoid the hit and came behind the water demon. With his palm, he hit the demon’s shoulder blade hard and it flew to the ground, lying next to Jian Tao. The water demon struggled to get up but couldn’t. The binding spell had bound its body onto the ground like a prisoner.

Jian Tao forced himself to get up and slowly walked toward it, dragging the green aura sword on the ground. When he finally reached to the water demon, he raised his sword up high, the point aimed down at the water demon.

Fueled by rage he said, “This is for my men.”

The blade plunged deep into its heart. The water demon let out an agonized shriek of pain and disintegrated into ashes. The green aura from the Five Element Qi Sword disappeared and became a regular sword again. Jian Tao collapsed onto his knees and held on to his sword to support his weight as Chief Wen rushed to his side.  He got a hold of Jian Tao and felt his back drenched with blood.

“Let me see your wound.”

Jian Tao nodded and Chief Wen helped him take off his bloody common robe. With the moon as their only source of light, he saw the wounds on the back and became horrified. It was deep flesh wounds and white bones were visible for him to see.

Chief Wen got worried, “Your Highness…We will need to abort this mission and go back to heal you…”

Jian Tao shook his head in pain, “No. Mortal lives are in danger…Use what we have to tend the wounds.”

Chief Wen hesitated and was concerned about his king’s health, “But you won’t make it!”

“THAT’S AN ORDER!” Jian Tao shouted in frustration.

Chief Wen lowered his head and replied softly, “Yes, your highness…”

Chief Wen hurried to grab the medicine bag from his horse’s saddle when all of a sudden, a blue light shone brightly from the corner of his eye. He turned and saw that it was the Five Element Qi sword, glowing, and on the ground, was Jian Tao’s body.

A few feet behind Jian Tao, was a very tall and slender demon-skin paled as a ghost and his hair was the deepest black that reached down to his knees. He wore a long cloak that covered his whole entire body, except for his head. Chief Wen knew what it was. A Night Lurker-one of the blood sucking demons that only came out at night to seek for mortal’s blood. No matter if a mortal was freshly dead or alive, if it smelled blood, it would come and drained the life out of a mortal until no dropped was left.

Chief Wen yelled angrily at it, “GET AWAY FROM HIM!”

The Night Lurker saw Chief Wen and hissed at him, showing his razor teeth and blazing dark as night pupils. Although he was too far out of reach to help Jian Tao, he had to stop this blood thirsty demon from killing him. It was about to grab Jian Tao when all of a sudden, a blade protruded from its heart. Chief Wen stopped at his track, shocked by what just happened. The Night Lurker died and disintegrated into ashes and the Five Element Qi Sword’s blue aura disappeared. Stood behind, revealed two Elder Priests that he recognized-Elder Shi and Elder Tao.

They were the Elders of Taoist Sect from Mount Songgao whom were loyal students of Grandmaster Huang Zhi Wei. It was a coincidence meeting them, but he was glad to see them. Chief Wen quickly ran toward them with the medicine bag in his hand.

He bowed his head and folded his hands in front. “Thank you for saving his highness Elders.”

The Elders saw Jian Tao on the ground and recognized him immediately. Elder Tao quickly kneeled down to check Jian Tao’s pulse and was relieved. “He’s unconscious, but had lost a lot of blood. We need to take him back to get healed.”

Elder Shi asked Chief Wen, “What happened here?”

“A while ago, we were attacked by the water demons and his highness got wounded during the fight,” explained Chief Wen.

Elder Shi turned to Elder Tao, “Since it’s very late, let’s rest here for the night to treat King Wu’s wounds.”

Elder Tao agreed. He extended his arms and in full concentration, he locked his hands together and chanted the “Taoist Protection Spell”. A huge half transparent bubble came out of him, and it grew large enough to protect them and the horses. Demons that lurked inside the bubble became ashes right away. Chief Wen’s was in awe by the Taoist’s magical spell. Comparing to Wu Tribe’s protection spell, where it only protected the individual, the Taoist’s protection spell protected within a hundred feet radius.


Elder Shi started a fire, while Elder Tao and Chief Wen tended Jian Tao’s wounds. Elder Tao poured some white powder medicine on his opened wounds and then bandaged him tightly. Around the open fire, they sat down to keep themselves warm for the night. Chief Wen told them about their purpose in traveling to Mount Songgao and the Elders were stunned by news.

Elder Shi turned to Elder Tao, “The demons are spreading in all directions of the world. Grandmaster Huang will need to be notified quickly to send the alarm out to others.”

Elder Tao agreed. He took his horsetail whisk out and stroked his hand on the horsetail forward. It stiffened like a paint brush and then he started to write a letter in the dark sky. After he was done, the characters from the letter formed into a white dove and it flew away to deliver the message back to Mount Songgao.

Chief Wen was amazed by all of this and joked with Elder Tao. “If Wu Tribe could do this, it could have saved the time and trouble for us to travel.”

Elder Tao laughed and stroked his gray short beard. “We have different masters so we learned different spells and techniques.”

Chief Wen also laughed and agreed. Then Elder Tao thought about the Black Forest. It didn’t make sense of how the red string could be broken that easily. No one, even mortals, could break it except the creator herself; Wu Li Ling-a fallen immortal goddess of the Celestial Realm. She was the one that created the infamous demon trap for demon hunters to use after the Demon Realm was sealed off. Then he glanced at the Five Element Qi Sword on the ground next to Jian Tao and thought about its magnificent powers.

“The Five Element Qi Sword is one extraordinary blade made with 5 elements mixed with goddess Wu Li Ling’s blood…Once the sword finds its new owner, only he can use its powers until his last breath is taken away…” Elder Tao sighed as he reminisced the past. Then he continued, “…Wu Li Ling was one admirable goddess to mortals…”

Elder Shi and Chief Wen agreed with him and nodded. They knew the history of different realms battling for the sake of Mortal Realm. Some wanted to destroy it, while others wanted to save it. Like goddess Wu Li Ling and the other gods, they sacrificed their immortality to live among mortals and helped rebuild what once was completely destroyed, in their eyes.

Elder Tao glanced up in the night sky and stroked his beard. “Mortals do not live eternity as gods, yet when gods become fallen immortals, they die earlier than us.”

“Aren’t there still some Fallen Immortals left in our Realm?” Chief Wen asked.

“That is unknown; but if there are any, they are the ones that have strong will to live.” Elder Tao looked at Jian Tao’s sleeping body and let out another sigh, “King Wu will have to choose a new Mortal Protector for the Five Element Qi Sword soon. He cannot do this for long.”


The next morning, Jian Tao woke up and turned to see Chief Wen preparing the horses. Next to him was the Taoist Priests, so Jian Tao called Chief Wen’s name in his hoarse voice. Chief Wen and the others heard him, turned around to see Jian Tao fully awake, and rushed by his side.

Jian Tao tried to get up but was too weak. “You’re Majesty, let me help you,” said Chief Wen.

Chief Wen lifted his body carefully up so he could sit. Jian Tao recognized the two Taoist priests and was happy to see them. “Elder Tao…Elder Shi…”

The Elders bowed their heads. “Greetings your Majesty.”

“Now that the both of you are here, we do not need to go to Mount Songgao anymore,” Jian Tao joked.

Elder Tao laughed at him, “Old friend, you still know how to joke at a time like this.”

Chief Wen turned to Jian Tao in excitement. “Your Majesty, Elder Tao had sent a letter to Grandmaster Huang about Black Forest.”

Jian Tao looked at the Priests and was relieved. He being worried of not able to accomplish the mission was over and thanked them for their help.

“Let’s take you back home and get yourself healed,” said Elder Tao.

Jian Tao nodded. All three of them helped him get up and walked him to his horse. He tried to get on the horse but was very weak, so they helped him by carefully pushing and pulling him up until he got on. They got on theirs and the four of them rode back to Wu Tribe.

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Personally, I think fight scenes are fun to write, but they're a bit of a bore to read and they tend to detract from the story.  When I write fight scenes I try to make them short and if a character has a signature move, weapon, or strategy I try to include that to add novel value.

This seems like it would make for a great video game.   :)

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Cecilia stood in front of her bedroom wall, staring at the drawings that she drew from her dreams. They filled half of the wall, making it looked like a montage for her to look. There was one particular image that she fixated on. It was an image of a faceless couple, a man putting the heart necklace on the woman’s neck, and she reached to touch it. Her fingers traced the outlines of what she drew, pondering who they might be that visited in her dream.

Xing Fu entered into her room to check on her. He saw her stood across the room, with her back towards him, like a statue. Ever since the incident with Guo Jing, Xiao Xing had withdrawn herself from him and hadn’t been eating for days. He felt bad and wished that they had never gone to the clinic in the first place if he knew this was going to happen. On the wall, he saw her drawings; she had turned his wall into a wallpaper of art, making it unrecognizable to him. He walked toward her and stood next to her.

“You drew these?”

“Yes,” she answered sadly.

He saw her hand placed on the drawing of the couple and scratched his head. “Why didn’t you paint any faces on them?”

“In my dream, they were faceless.”

“Oh…” Then Xing Fu saw something on the wall that intrigued him. It was a picture of the heart necklace and he pointed at it.

“Hmm…I’ve seen this before.”

She raised an eyebrow and turned to look at him. “Where?”

He remembered something and hit his forehead with his hand, “Stupid me! Wait here. I needed to give it to you.”

He turned around and left her bewildered by his strange behavior. What does he mean ‘give’? Unknowing what it may be, she waited patiently for his return. A couple of minutes later, Xing Fu came back with a wooden box in his hands. He placed it on the table and lifted the lid up. Inside were her folded set of clothes and boots that she wore before she came to Mortal Realm, and in the center, was the diamond heart necklace. It was the exact duplicate from her dream.

“You wore these when I found you,” he said.

She slowly picked up the necklace and felt the smooth texture from the small diamonds against her fingers. Besides seeing it in her dreams, there was something familiar about its meaning, but she couldn’t grasp what it was.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about this earlier. I had forgotten about it when I was…” He started to blush and continued, “…worrying about you…”

Cecilia gave him a warm smile, “I understand.”

With one hand still holding on to the necklace, she touched the folded outfit with her other hand. She felt the smooth leather shirt against her hand and just like the necklace, it felt familiar to her.

“I must say, I’ve gone to many vast lands but had never seen any clothes like yours. You must be from somewhere far.”

She thought about what he said and remembered the different ethnic groups of people she saw at Mu Village, wondering if she was also from a similar place like theirs.

Xing Fu continued, “…and as for the faceless couple that you drew, I believed the woman is you and the man must be…” he hesitated to say it and took a deep breath. In a low tone of voice, he continued, “…someone that you loved.”


Her smile got wider, knowing that there was a little hope for her. The mystery man was the only one that might know who she was.

“I need to find him.”

His heart dropped to his stomach for a bit from hearing her words. For the past week of knowing Cecilia, he had developed feelings for her and hoped to know more about her. Now that he knew she might have a lover, it became hopeless for him. Xing Fu valued high respect for others, so for him to take another man’s woman, especially in Cecilia’s situation, was unfair and too cruel.

He faintly smiled, “I will help you then.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


In her bedroom she wore her black outfit and necklace and looked at herself in the small mirror. The clothing style looked very different from what she was used to or anyone else that she had seen. They were tighter and single layered. She touched the necklace and asked herself, “Who am I?”

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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At Mount Songgao’s Taoist sect that night, Grandmaster Huang was in his chamber meditating. He was the oldest master of the Taoist sect and many gave him the nickname, “The Great White One”, due to his all-white appearance-White robe, white hair, white eyebrows, and white long beard. He may seem like a frail old man, but he was the most powerful Taoist master in the sect. One hit on a man could cause the man to lose his life instantly. He was also a man of great wisdom, renown throughout all the kingdoms.

Elder Tao’s white dove flew into Grandmaster Huang’s chamber and circled up on the ceiling to get his attention. His eyes opened and he looked up. When it finally got his attention, the words from the dove began to unravel into the letter for him to see.

"We met King Wu and Chief Wen and King Wu was severely injured during a demon attack. We were notified that the Black Forest’s demon trapped was broken and most demons had escaped. We are taking King Wu back to Wu Tribe to get healed. -Elder Tao”

After he read the letter, he waved his arm up in the air sideways and the letter dispersed into many little particles before it vanished completely. Worried, he called his student that was standing guard outside of his chambers.

“Li Wei.”

Li Wei entered in and bowed in front, “Yes Grandmaster?”

“Tell Elder Tung to come see me.”

“Yes.” Li Wei turned around and left.

Moments later, Elder Tung got the message from Li Wei and entered in and greeted Grandmaster Huang.

“The demons from Black Forest had escaped. Send an alert to all kingdoms and demon hunters.” he ordered.

Elder Tung’s eyes widened in surprised of the news. “Yes, Grandmaster Huang,” and hurried out of the chamber. Grandmaster Huang stared out of the window at the clear night sky.

“This time, we must protect this realm without the help of the Celestials.”


Jian Tao and the others reached the entrance of Wu Tribe and were glad to be back home. Jian Tao looked exhausted from his encounter with the water demons. His face was deadly pale, but his will remained strong for his people to see. On each side of him rode Chief Wen and Elder Tao, to keep a close eye on him just in case he collapsed. The Wu people were full of joy to see their king returned home safely and bowed as he made his grandeur entrance.

In the palace, Queen Li Hua heard of Jian Tao’s return and anxiously hurried to meet him. When she got to the main entrance of the gate’s palace, her joyful face became horrified when she saw his condition. Streamed of tears quickly fell down to her cheeks as she ran toward him. Jian Tao saw her and bravely gave her a weak smile. Li Hua quickly embraced him, digging her face into his chest as she wept.

“I’m still alive so don’t cry my love,” he said softly as he cradled her in his arms. She nodded and tried to stop crying. He slowly pulled her away from him and wiped her tears.

Elder Tao walked up to Jian Tao, “Your Majesty, we should take you to Immortal Tears right away.”

Jian Tao slowly nodded. Chief Wen and Elder Tao helped him go inside the palace, while Li Hua and Elder Shi trailed behind them.


Deep inside the palace walls was a hidden, sacred cave called Immortal Tears. Inside was a pool of pure crystal water hidden beneath a thin layer of fog. There were strange but beautiful green foliage that surrounded the cave. It danced lively back and forth like seaweeds in the ocean while small yellow dots of lights emitted to the surface like fireflies. Growing next to the foliage were flowers made out of different neon colors and sizes. They were transparent, like jelly fishes on stems, swaying gracefully with the foliage.

Alone in the cave, Jian Tao’s body soaked in the crystal water while he meditated. The healing water slowly healed his deep back wounds. After six hours later, his wounds was completely healed and he opened his eye, feeling refreshed as if he had just woken up from a deep slumber. He got out of the water and dressed.

Li Hua and the others stood patiently outside of the cave. Minutes later, they saw him coming out revived and were glad to see him. Li Hua quickly hugged him tightly crying happily while he stroked her back to comfort her.

“Welcome back Your Majesty,” said Elder Tao as he smiled.

Jian Tao pulled Li Hua away and held her hand as he turned to them. “I’m glad to be back.”

“Your Majesty, Chief Wen had told us about the Black Forest. We would like to access the forest with your permission,” said Elder Tao.

“You have my permission.” Jian Tao turned to Chief Yao, “Take them to the guest rooms and make sure they are properly taken care of during their visit.”

Chief Wen bowed, “Yes.” Chief Wen directed them out of the cave while Jian Tao and Li Hua stood silently as they watched them leave.

“Elder Tao told me what happened to you,” she said.

“I’m sorry that I’ve made you worried,” he replied. Then he kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly in his arms again.


News of the demon epidemic spread like wildfire from the Taoist sect and people’s personal encountered with demons. By the end of two weeks, most kingdoms were alerted and hung powerful talismans around their cities. Meanwhile, Demon Hunters from different sacred sects and tribes used their wits and bravery to roam through every part of the kingdoms to capture or kill demons. Some died during their demon encounters, while others continue to protect their Realm from these infested demons.

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Chickens flew everywhere as Cecilia tried to catch them. She caught one by its wing. It struggled to be free like a mad chicken and startled her. She quickly released it and it landed onto the ground, scurrying away from her. Cecilia placed her hands on her hips, upset of this whole situation. It has been almost an hour of unsuccessful attempt in catching these chickens. She thought it would be nice to cook for Xing Fu since he had been taking care of her for the past few weeks. However, these chickens wouldn’t let her catch them without a fight.

She brushed loose strand of hair from her face and wiped the sweat from her forehead. A chicken slowly walked passed her and she knew it was the perfect opportunity to catch it. In silent, she crept slowly like a predator behind it. Suddenly, she leaped in the air like a pouncing cat and down she went to grab it. The chicken was quicker and escaped, making her grab ground dirt instead. Frustrated, she slammed her hands on the ground.

She knelt and stared helplessly at the chickens. “I understand that you do not want to be on top of someone’s plate, but today is special. I want to cook for your master to show my gratitude for all he has done for me, so please…PLEASE understand this. Just give me face for today uh?”

Although it was silly talking to chickens, it was the only way she could vent her frustration to them. As she was going to give up, one of them clucked its way toward her and stood there. Her face upturned and clasped her hands together with joy. She swooped down to grab it quickly, to her amazement, it didn’t run away. She held it like a baby, gently petting it as she got up.

“OH THANK YOU! I promise that you will be the best dish for your master!”

Excited, she walked back inside the house to prepare the feast.


Xing Fu woke up and turned to his side to see if Cecilia was sleeping next to him, but she wasn’t. A part of him was relieved that she wasn’t here, but then, another part wished she was. Ever since the first time she slept on his bed, he couldn’t shake the feeling off of seeing her beautiful face close to his. Now, it became a regular routine of anticipation, where every morning he would wake up and hope to see her presence. His face beamed just thinking about it.

After getting ready, he walked out of his bedroom. To his surprise, he saw Cecilia putting plates of food on the table.

She turned and saw him standing at his bedroom door. “Good morning,” she smiled, showing her teeth.

Xing Fu could tell that she was in a very good mood today. Since Guo Jing’s incident, in the last couple of weeks, they had been traveling to nearby villages in search of her lost memories and the faceless man and came back with no results. She had been disappointed and exhausted throughout this journey, so it was great to see her happy again.

He walked to the table of food and greeted her. Then both of them sat down.

He saw her face smeared with dirt and lifted his brow. “What happen to your face? It’s dirty.”

She didn’t notice that her face was dirty and quickly used her sleeves to wipe her face clean.

“I was trying to catch chickens.”

He laughed and joked, “Chickens?! They sure gave you a hard time.”

She was offended and instinctively punched his arm.

“Ow…” He rubbed his arm.

Surprised by the unexpected punch, she was about to apologize but held back instead. She crossed her arms in front and huffed upsettingly. “You deserve it.”

Xing Fu chuckled a bit and apologized for offending her. Not wanting to upset her any further, Xing Fu decided to focus on the array of food before him. He had a satisfying look on his face.

“Mmm…smells good. Let me try your hardworking food.”

Her face lit up from hearing his compliment. Then she picked up a roasted chicken thigh with her chopsticks and placed it on his bowl of rice.

“This chicken offered itself to be food, so I promised that it will be the best dish for you.”

He tried not to laugh and gave her a tight smile instead. He didn’t want to be punched by her again since he knew she would get offended. He grabbed the chicken thigh from his bowl while Cecilia nervously watched, and then he took a bite. His eyes widened as he felt his mouth stung like it was about to explode and started to cough.

Scared, she got behind him and patted his back. “Are you alright?”

Still coughing and gasping for air, he grabbed the empty cup on the table and held it up.


She quickly grabbed the cup, poured water in it, and then handed it to him. He grabbed the cup and drank it in one gulp. After he placed the cup back on the table, he grabbed his bowl of rice and started to gobble it down to cool down the spiciness.

He cleared his throat. “That chicken was spicy,” and then he coughed a couple more times again.

“I must have used too much pepper then.”

She picked up some vegetables from another plate and placed it in his bowl. “Here, try this instead.”

Worried that it maybe spicy too, he hesitated; but then he thought about not wanting to disappoint her and bravely took a bite of the vegetables. His face scrunched up, giving a souring look. Quickly, he poured a cup of water and drank it while she stared at him speechless.

Xing Fu placed the empty cup on the table and asked, “Did you taste any of these foods before serving?”

She thought about it and shook her head.

“Try it so you will know.”

Slowly, she picked up a piece of vegetable with her chopsticks and put it in her mouth. Her face started to scrunch up like his from the saltiness and immediately spat it into her rice bowl. He poured a cup of water for her; she took it and drank it right away.

“Have you ever cooked before?”

She scratched her head and thought about it. Nothing came up in her mind so she shook her head.

Feeling disappointed, she lowered her head and spoke softly, “I only wanted to show my gratitude…”

He gently held her wrist that was on the table. “Xiao Xing…” She glanced at him with those puppy eyes and pouting lips.

“I am touched by your thoughtfulness, thank you,” he smiled.

She blushed and then turned to the food. “Let me throw these foods away then since it’s not good.”

She stood up but Xing Fu didn’t let go of her wrist. Cecilia raised her eyebrows. In his sincere voice, he said, “You have put so much effort into this, so I am not going to have it be wasted.”


He shook his head. “No buts. Sit and enjoy the food with me.”

She slowly sat back down and he let go of her wrist. Cecilia observed him pulling the skin off from the chicken and then he took another bite of the meat. This time he wasn’t gasping and coughing like before.

“Although it is still a little spicy, it’s actually not that bad.”

She was relieved from his compliment. Then he grabbed the other thigh on the plate and started to pull off the skin again.

“Taking off the skin will minimize the spiciness.” After the skin was off, he put it in her bowl. “Now try it.”

She took a bite of the meat and could taste a little bit of the pepper.

“If you want, I can teach you how to cook. Then you can cook whatever you want for me.”

Happy, she nodded and continued to chew on the meat. Xing Fu glanced at her neck and saw the heart shaped necklace.

“I see that you have been wearing the necklace for a couple of weeks now.”

She stopped eating and looked down at the heart necklace. She placed her fingers on the necklace and felt the stones.

Her face sombered. “Besides the clothes, it’s the only piece that I felt connected with my past.”

Xing Fu saw her expression and didn’t know why, but felt a little jealous of this faceless man, knowing that the faceless couple from the drawing was she and the faceless man. Not wanting to overreact because of jealousy, he let it go and reminded himself that he was only her friend.

“You will find him.”

His words seemed unbelievable. She thought that the task of finding her memories and the man would be easy, but it was harder than she thought. At the end, her hopes became slimmer. Upset, she placed the chicken thigh down in her bowl and folded her arms in front.

“It has already been weeks with no success…I don’t know how he looks like, so what makes you so hopeful that I will find him?”

“If there’s a will, there’s a way. If you and the faceless man’s love is strong, the both of you will be reunited again no matter what the circumstances are.”

Love. She asked herself, how could she feel the love that was lost? If she did find him, would that feeling come back? What if it didn’t?

He placed his hand on her shoulder, “I know you are tired, but you have to be patient and don’t lose that hope…”

His encouraged words made her felt hopeful again and she let out a big sigh.

“You’re right. I have to.”

Then there was a knock on the door. Both glanced up to see Physician Wei peering inside through the open door, smiling at them.

“Good morning!”

Xing Fu got up and went to greet him. Physician Wei saw Cecilia standing by the table and greeted her as well. She was upset at him for not telling her about her special qi. She had to find out the hard way by unknowingly endangering Guo Jing’s life because of him. She kept her cool and greeted him.

Physician Wei saw the table was full of food and felt bad. “I apologize if I came at a bad timing.”

She shook her head, “No, you came at the right time,” and curled her lip.

He could smell the sweet aroma coming from the food. “It smells good.” Tempted, he turned to Xing Fu, “May I?”

Xing Fu glanced at her speechless of what they should do. She wanted Physician Wei to go ahead and try the food to get even with him, but she knew Xing Fu would be very upset at her. She grabbed a couple of plates of food off from the table to it looked like she was cleaning up instead.

“Actually, these foods are cold already so it isn’t good anymore. Xing Fu can make another dish for you instead.”

Not wanting Physician Wei to have the same fate as Xing Fu, he nodded agreeing with her. “Yes, let me make a dish for you.”

Physician Wei chuckled, “That is ok. You don’t have to. Actually, I needed to get back to the clinic and help Brother Guo after my visit here. Lately, we have an increase number of people coming to Wei Chen Clinic to get treated because of the demon epidemic.” He sadly sigh thinking about it.

“Demons?” Xing Fu and Cecilia exclaimed in unison.

Cecilia placed the plates back on the table and walked toward the men to listen more. Physician Wei figured that they were clueless of what has been happening. “The both of you must have not heard about the news then.”

“We’ve been busy traveling in search of Xiao Xing’s memories. Can you enlighten us?”

“A couple of weeks ago, demons escaped from the Black Forest…” He looked away and shook his head as he sighed in sadness. “It’s unfortunate that in some kingdoms, the alert reached to them too late. Many demons had massacred, inhabiting them as their own.”

Then he turned to them again and glanced at Cecilia with a strange look on his face. He tried to figure out a reasonable explanation of their safe traveled without demon protection. Physician Wei pushed that thought to the side and pulled out from his shirt pocket, two small gold circular objects that have strange symbols engraved on it. It dangled in the air by red strings for Xing Fu and Cecilia to see. Xing Fu knew what it was.


Physician Wei nodded. “Everyone has to protect themselves from being killed by wearing talismans again.” He handed it to them, “Here, take them. It’s a good thing that I’ve bought extras.”

Xing Fu grabbed the talismans from him and handed one to Cecilia. To her surprise, the little talisman felt heavy in her hand. Physician Wei took out another talisman from his shirt pocket. This one was as big as his palm and handed it to Xing Fu.

“Place this on your door entrance to ward off demons.”

Cecilia quirked her eyebrows and crossed her arms in front. “I’m sorry, but do you people really believe these things?”

The atmosphere changed to a silent eerie feeling as all eyes were on her, making her felt uncomfortable. They wondered where she had been over the past many years. This has been a constant battle with demons for centuries. Their ancestors had passed knowledge and experiences to their decedents in preparing to protect themselves for this very situation.

Physician Wei stroked his grey goatee beard, and in his serious tone of voice, he spoke, “Miss Xiao, you may not believe these things, but I assure you that demons are real…” he pointed out the door at the direction where Mu Village was. “…At my clinic right now are people that have been seriously wounded or dead by these demons. Some were scratched or have bite marks that no type of animals could have done it. If you want, you can venture out there without the talisman to figure if demons are real then.”

Skeptic as she, somehow his words gave her the shivers. She didn’t want to pursue in upsetting him anymore and stood in silence. Physician Wei stared at her and shook his head with a sigh of disappointment .

There was a moment of silent and then Xing Fu asked, “Do you want me to help you and Physician Guo?”

Physician Wei nodded. “The more hands, the better.” Then he glanced at Cecilia. This time he had calmed down.

“Miss Xiao, Brother Guo had told me what had happened. I know that you are probably upset at him for what he did, but he had his own reasons for not revealing more information to you.” He stroked his beard again. “In fact this is the reason I am here. I wanted to tell you and Xing Fu all that I know in hope that it will help ease a little about your identity.”

She didn’t know why, but she started to get nervous. Is she ready? She had anticipated for this very moment of the secret that Physician Wei and Guo Jing kept from her. She took a deep breath to shake off the nervous feeling. She needed to know and bravely answered, “Thank you.”


The dining table was cleared and they sat down. Xing Fu and Cecilia were ready to hear whatever Physician Wei had to say.

“Miss Xiao, Brother Guo told you that you have a special qi flowing in you. I’ve also felt it when I first checked your health. As you saw what happened to him that day, it took a huge toll on him…” He paused and stroked his beard. Then he continued, “There is something special about you Miss Xiao. Brother Guo told me that this special qi is something that you have inherited.”

Inherited? Surprised, she wished she had regained her memories. Then at least she knew her family’s heritage of where this special qi came from. Now, it was only a mystery that she had to wait to be solved.

Physician Wei sighed as he gathered the right words to say next. “What I am going to tell the both of you is a secret about Brother Guo. Miss Xiao, this will help you understand your special qi.”

They lend their attentive ears to hear what Physician Wei had to say about his sworn brother.

“It’s his secret, and because of your special qi, he has allowed me to speak about it, though it is imperative that this must not be spoken of outside of these walls.”

Xing Fu and Cecilia gave an affirmed nod. “We will,” he replied.

Physician Wei continued, “Brother Guo almost died that day by Miss Xiao’s special qi because he’s very different.”

Flashback of Guo Jing checking her health came rushing into her mind like a flood-Guo Jing fell to the ground hyperventilati ng, his horrific facial reaction, and his trembled voice saying that he almost died when checking her health. How different was he? She pondered.

“Miss Xiao…” She glanced at Physician Wei. “Besides your rapid healing, your special qi can also kill demons.” Xing Fu and Cecilia were dumbfounded. Demons? That word was brought up again.

Physician Wei got up from his seat and took a couple of steps away from the table as he continued to explain. “Brother Guo…He was a demon that became mortal forty years ago.”

Xing Fu’s jaw opened wide, shocked by the secret. Cecilia didn’t know what to think or feel about all of this and remained expressionless .

“How can that be?” Xing Fu asked curiously.

Physician Wei turned to them and stroked his beard. “Many hundreds of thousand years ago before all realms were divided, a demon manual, The Righteous Path to Mortality, was written by Zhu Yong Zheng who was a god of mercy and the youngest half-brother of the Celestial Emperor, Zhu Guo Zhi. He believed that demons should have a chance to redeem themselves in the path of righteousness and pure heart and gave demons the gift of becoming mortal by writing it. However after the Battle of the Split Realms, the book was lost and later became a legend to demons.”

Xing Fu was amazed of the story. “And to think that my ancestors told me everything about our realm’s history, I’ve never heard about the battle and the demon’s manual before.”

Physician Wei glanced away, “Uh…some histories are better off not knowing…It’s better to leave it in the past.”

Then Xing Fu scratched his head, “But I don’t get it. If Physician Guo has already become mortal, then why does he still have the effect from Xiao Xing’s special qi?”

“Although he is now mortal, to others (BEINGS), his identity will always remain a demon no matter what. I remember my ancestors telling me that a god can sense and kill ANYONE. No matter if anyone tried to hide their identity, a god can detect it. Her qi reminds me of a god, but like I’ve said before, she is mortal…” He sighed and stroked his beard again. “That is why I am puzzled.”

Overwhelmed by all of this, her head began to throb and she massaged the temples from her head with her fingers. Xing Fu and Physician Wei glanced at her.

“Are you ok?” asked Xing Fu.

“All of this is giving me a headache. I need to lie down.”

Physician Wei understood and nodded. “Miss Xiao, I know the information is overwhelming, but all that I’ve said is true. I apologize if I didn’t tell you when I first checked your health. I didn’t know that it would be to this extreme where Brother Guo’s life would be endangered.”

She smiled faintly at him, “I appreciate that you told me about this.”

“You’re welcome. I’ve told you all that I know.”

“Can anybody help her then?” asked Xing Fu.

Physician Wei shook his head. “I don’t know. I’m only a physician and my resources are limited. I’m sorry.”

Xing Fu was disappointed and turned to Cecilia. It broke his heart to see her go through all of this and wished that he could take all of her burdens from her.

“Let me help you get to bed.”

She shook her head. “It’s ok. I will go by myself. Go and help Physician Wei at the clinic.”

“But the demons…” he said, being worried for her safety.

“I will be alright. The talismans will protect me. Now go.”

He didn’t feel right leaving her alone, but he had no choice. Physician Wei and Guo Jing needed his help.

“Alright. I’ll be back soon then.”

After abiding farewells, Physician Wei and Xing Fu left the residence. She stood there and watched them disappeared from her sight. Then she closed the door and leaned against it, pondering.

“I should be happy to know all of this, but why do I feel afraid? It’s a part of my identity…”

She remembered Guo Jing’s words, What you are, we fear. Cecilia finally understood what he meant and let out a big sigh. “What am I really?”

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Cecilia stood in total darkness and the only source of light beamed on her from above.

“Is anybody here?” she shouted, hoping that someone would hear her.

There was no response and she started to get anxious. Suddenly, more lights appeared from above in front of her, shining down on people. They stood frozen in their place with their heads tilted down, making it hard for Cecilia to see who they are.


Their heads slowly turned to her and what she saw shocked her. Each and every one of them looked dead-some looked paled white and as for others, their skins were grossly discolored. Their bodies were covered in dried blood and she could smell their rotten flesh, making her stomach churn. They recognized her and started to walk toward her with their glassy eyes glued to her.

“I want my life back…” they said hauntingly.

“Wh…what are you talking about?”

Scared, she stepped backwards, watching the group of coming dead people. Then her back bumped something hard, and she turned around to see that it was another dead person standing there. Frightened, she turned around to run but it was too late. They had surrounded her with no way of escape. Their rotten hands reached for her, trying to grab her and she clapped her hands over the ears, screaming helplessly.

Cecilia woke up screaming and sweating and tried to catch her breath. Realizing that it was only a dream, she sighed in relief. She got out of the bed and rushed into Xing Fu’s bedroom to find him but he wasn’t there. Then she remembered. Xing Fu had left with Physician Wei to go help at the clinic early this morning. Thoughts of her dream and the demon epidemic came to her mind that the place started to feel eerie. She decided to leave the residence to go to the clinic, knowing that she won’t be alone.


On the dirt road to Mu Village, Cecilia took her time walking to clear her thoughts. Her dream of dead people and their words haunted her still. They seemed to know her and weren’t happy with her.

“Did I do something to them?” she pondered, feeling confused.

Then she remembered Physician Wei’s conversation about her special qi and Guo Jing’s identity.

“This must be the reason why I dreamed about it then.” She scratched her head, “…But why do they look so familiar?”

She could feel her head pounding again and started to massage her temples from her head. “Damn headaches. I need to stop thinking so much.”

SWOOSH! A strong gust of wind blew at her side followed by clattering hoofs made by galloping horses. They startled her, making her moved out of their way before being trampled. As the horses passed by, she saw two men on them. Her eyes narrowed at these rude horsemen and clenched her fists. There was a rock on the ground so she quickly picked it up. Like a baseball pro, she threw the rock and surprisingly, it hit one of the horses’ butts. It startled the horse, threw its master off from the saddle, and the master landed hard onto the dirt ground.

The other horseman turned his horse around and saw his partner lying on the ground. Then he shifted his attention to Cecilia. Her arms crossed in front with a smirk on her face, and he wondered who this gutsy woman was. He turned his attention back to his fallen partner and rode toward him. He got off his horse and ran to his partner’s side. The fallen man sat on the ground with his legs sprawled, brushing the excessive dirt from his silky robe.

“Young Master, are you alright?”

The fallen man was too upset to say anything. Then he saw the rock that she threw on the ground and picked it up. He got up, but felt a sharped pain from his ankle and fell back to the ground. 

“My ankle.”

His partner helped lift his body up and grabbed a hold of him before he fell again. The fallen man turned his attention to Cecilia and narrowed his eyes at her. Angry, he pulled his arm away from his partner’s grip and limped toward Cecilia. 

“Young Master!”

He ignored his partner. As the fallen man got closer to her, she noticed that he was a fine looking young man, wearing a navy robe. His long black hair was combed back, half tied into a low pony tail. Comparing to beautiful Guo Jing and  Xing Fu’s slender body, this man’s facial and body structures were very masculine-broad shoulders, fine jaw line, and sharp cheek bones that defined his heart shaped face. 

Bravely, she stood her ground and was ready for his confrontation. He stopped a foot away from her and stood there, glaring at her with his cold cinnamon eyes. He wondered who this obnoxious low-life woman was that would have the nerve to hurt him.

He showed the rock that she threw in front of her face and raised his voice, “You got the nerves to throw this at my horse!”

She huffed upsettingly, “You guys almost ran me over so YOU DESERVE IT,” and maliciously glared at him.

Infuriated, the fallen man clenched his fists and started huffing and puffing. “YOU!” He took another step forward but his partner grabbed a hold of his arm.

“Young Master, forget it. Let’s go to the nearest village to get your ankle check.”

The partner turned to her, “Miss…” She glanced at him and he continued, “I apologize on our behalf. We didn’t mean to harm you.” 

She huffed and looked the other way. The fallen man pulled his arm out of his grip again and turned to limp away from them. His partner glanced at Cecilia and shook his head, sighing. He turned around and rushed to catch up with his young master, while she stood cool, smirking at the falling man as he limped.

The fallen man got back to his horse and quickly grabbed his sword from the saddle. He pulled the blade out of its sheath and with his internal qi, he swung his sword at the ground dirt close to her. The ground exploded in multiple places, creating clouds of dirt everywhere around her. It happened so quickly that Cecilia wasn’t ready to prepare herself. The clouded dirt traveled up into her lungs, making her cough. Seconds later, it disappeared and Cecilia was left covered in dirt from head to toe. His partner stood in dismay of what his young master just did.

The fallen man’s right cornered lip curled up. “Ching Chen, NOW we can leave.”

He bowed his head, “Yes.”

The fallen man placed his sword back in its sheath and his partner helped him got up on his horse. Then they rode off, leaving Cecilia stunned and furious. She stared at her clothes and hands in disbelief of how much dirt she was covered in and dusted it off as much as she could. Then she stared at the horizon where the two horsemen began to disappear from her sight.

Clenching her fists and breathing hard, she yelled angrily at the horsemen. “****!” and kicked the dirt on the ground.


Mu village was packed with people from all over the kingdoms. She forgot how busy it was from the first time she was there. As she walked through the crowded street mumbling cursed words, people began to stare at her, disgusted by how dirty she looked. Some pinched their noses and distanced themselves from her, thinking that she was a beggar.

Her mind was too focus on being furious by the fallen man that she didn’t pay any attention to crowd’s behaviors. Finally she reached to the gate entrance of the clinic and looked up at the signage. She recognized the characters and easily read it. This made her happy and the image of the fallen man faded away from her memory.

In the front courtyard, injured people lied on the ground everywhere as they patiently waited to be seen by the physicians. All were in horrible state of conditions-some lost their limbs and others have deep scratched and bite wounds on their bodies. As Cecilia made her way through the crowd, moaned cries were all she that heard from these unfortunate souls. It was painful for her to see that her eyes started to weld up with tears. No matter if demons were true or not, something was attacking these people.

Cecilia saw two men treating the injured patients from afar and recognized them to be Xing Fu and Guo Jing. Her face lit up when she saw Xing Fu and ran toward him. Xing Fu was treating a patient’s wound when he felt a tap on the shoulder. He turned around and saw Cecilia smiling down at him. Happy to see her, he got up.

“Xiao Xing, I can’t believe you’re here!” then he saw how dirty she looked and thought about the chicken incident. “Did you try to catch chickens again?”

Offended, she raised her fist halfway. Xing Fu backed away a bit, knowing that she was about to punch him again, but she held back and lowered her fist to control her unknown habit.

She huffed upsettingly, “No!” and folded her arms in front instead.

Relieved that she didn’t punch him, he asked, “Then what happened to you this time?”

Embarrassed of telling him about the incident, she replied, “You do not want to know…”

Guo Jing heard her voice and a quivered of fear overcame him, making him nervous. Distracted by her presence, Guo Jing tied the cloth too tight on the injured patient that he yelped in pain. Cecilia and Xing Fu quickly turned and glanced at Guo Jing to see what happened. Guo Jing apologized to the patient and loosened the knot. Cecilia had a big smile on her face and walked toward Guo Jing, while Xing Fu trailed behind. She knelt down next to Guo Jing and it made him even more nervous that his hands began to tremble. She slightly chuckled by his paranoid behavior.

“Physician Guo, you don’t have to be afraid of me. I will never hurt you.”

Hearing those words made his body less tense and he let out a sigh of relief. While he applied medicine on another patient’s wound, he asked, “Why are you here?”

“I didn’t want to be alone, so I came here.” She glanced at the wounded people and then turned back to Guo Jing. “Can I help?”

“Do you know medicine?”


“Then how can you help?”

Xing Fu overheard their conversation and interrupted them. “Physician Guo, another helping hand will be really helpful right now.”

Guo Jing panned the place and saw many people lying on the ground in a verge of death, crying and moaning in pain. His heart ached and tears started to weld up in his eyes. He deeply sighed and nodded.

“Fine. You can start by helping Physician Wei inside then.”

Happy, she thanked him and quickly went inside the clinic to find Physician Wei.

Guo Jing turned to Xing Fu, “I guess I will have to get use to her presence then.”

Xing Fu nudged Guo Jing on the arm and the both of them chuckled. Then they went back to work.


Inside the medicine room, Physician Wei pounded different types of herbal medicines in the mortar, while he kept a close watch of the pots on the stone stove. Cecilia entered in and saw the hardworking Physician Wei worked up a sweat. He glanced up and saw her stood there at the doorway.

“How’s your headache?”

“It’s better now.” She saw the different types of herbs on the table. “Guo Jing told me to come and assist you.”

Glad to have another set of hands, he nodded smiling. He turned his head slightly to the side, directing her to the stone stove. On top were five big pots full of hot herbal medicines.

“The medicine should be ready now. Pour it into the bowls and give it to the patients.”


She went to the stove and grabbed a brewing pot with a cloth. Carefully, she poured the hot medicine into each bowls. The pungent mixed of herbal medicine stung her nose and she slightly turned her head away.

“What is this for?”

He answered while pounding, “It’s to minimize the pain. It’s the same medicine that Xing Fu brewed for you.”

She remembered her first time experiencing the bitter taste and shivered from the thought of it. After all bowls were filled, she picked up the tray and left to tend the patients.

Outside, she handed a bowl to a patient. “Drink this. It will minimize the pain.” The man took it from her and drank it.

While the man drank his medicine, Cecilia stared at the exposed flesh wound on his arm. Three distinct claw marks dug deep into the skin, revealing torn muscle tissues. It was a good thing that the physicians or Xing Fu had stopped the bleeding, otherwise he would have bled to death.

Curious, she asked, “What happen to you?”

The man answered in his weak tone of voice, “A demon attacked me in the forest…”

Demon? Physician Wei’s words of demon epidemic began to haunt her again. She saw a talisman hung from his belt and became confused. Weren’t talismans supposed to protect people from demons? She got up and went to the next person. Same answer from another patient-demon attacked her and she wore a talisman also. This continued throughout the day of nonstop investigation that she became speechless and second thought of her skepticism. Are demons real then?

Suddenly, she heard a woman’s utterly cry and turned to see what the commotion was about. A little girl lied motionless on the crying woman’s lap, rocking the child back and forth in her arms. With a feeling of instinct, she dropped the tray onto the ground, spilling the medicine everywhere and ran toward them.

When she got there, she told the woman to move so she could check the child’s wellbeing. Cecilia placed the girl down onto the ground and placed her index and middle fingers on the girl’s tiny neck to check for a pulse. Nothing. Without hesitant, she tilted the girl’s head back and started to breathe air into her mouth. Then she placed her hands on the girl’s chest and thrust it downward a couple of times. Physician Wei, Guo Jing, and Xing Fu rushed over to the crowd and made their way to the front. They saw Cecilia working hard on blowing air and thrusting on the girl’s chest and stood there in perplexed with the crowd. They had never seen anything like this before and watched.

The girl’s body started to transition into a male’s body right in front of her eyes. Then she heard her own voice echoing from the back of her mind, “Kai…” Frightened by what she was experiencing, she remained calm and continued to focus on the girl. As the slow transition took place, she glanced at the girl’s face and saw the child’s small chin transitioned to a man’s.

The girl coughed and everything that she saw vanished quickly from her sight. Shocked by what she had just experienced, she pulled her hands away from the girl’s chest. The girl coughed some more and cried for her mom. The woman quickly ran to her daughter and hugged her with joyful tears. Physician Wei and Guo Jing rushed to the girl’s side to make sure she was alright while Cecilia slowly got up.

Xing Fu came up to her. “I didn’t know that you can also raise the dead.”

She gave him a strange look and shook her head. “I don’t think it’s like that at all…” Since there was a crowd, she didn’t want to tell Xing Fu of her experience and remained silent.

He nudged her arm and smiled. “Well whatever you did, you’ve brought her back to life and reunited her with her mother again.”

She agreed with him. Whatever she did, she saved the girl’s life but the haunting image of the man still lied in her mind.

Was he the faceless man?

Physician Wei got up and walked toward her with a pleased look on his face.

“Is the girl ok?” she asked him.

He nodded, “She lost a lot of blood from the wound, but she will be fine. I believe that what you just did was something that you’ve learned from your past."

Knowing that it was something she learned was great news, but that didn’t explained what she saw.

He stroked his beard and told Guo Jing, Xing Fu and Cecilia, “We have many patients still waiting for us, so let’s get back to work.”

Throughout the day, she was their assistant. Whatever they needed, she grabbed it for them. When they tended the patients’ injuries, she observed carefully and learned from them. Once was a room full of patients was now an empty space. At the end of the day, they were exhausted but proud of what they had accomplished.

“It’s been a long day. Great work everyone,” commented Physician Wei. Then he turned to Xing Fu and Cecilia, “Thank you for your help. We couldn’t have done it without the both of you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Xing Fu.

Cecilia looked around and saw blood everywhere. It looked as if there had been a massacre that just took place. “This place is a mess; let us help the both of you clean before we leave.”

Guo Jing nodded, “Alright.”

Xing Fu turned to Cecilia and pointed at her with a serious look on his face. “YOU need to be cleaned also.”

She forgot how dirty she was because of the fallen man. Xing Fu brushed the excess dirt off from her hair and dirt fell down to the ground like a landfall. They laughed at her while she stood there with a huge grin on her face.


Ching Chen hurried into the clinic with his young master. It took a while for them to get to the clinic. The village was like a maze. There were too many detours and open areas that led to other places. As a visitor to Mu Village, it was wise to ask for directions from a local, but that was not the case for Ching Chen and his young master. His young master was too stubborn and full of pride, that he rather had Ching Chen led the way blindly to their destination.

“We’re finally here,” said Ching Chen relieved. The place was empty so he shouted for service.


Guo Jing heard them and came out to see them stood there at the entrance. He saw the injured man stood with one leg while he wrapped his arm around his partner’s shoulder for support. Guo Jing quickly went to help Ching Chen took his young master inside the clinic.

Both of the men helped the young master sat down on a chair. “What happened?” asked Guo Jing.

Ching Chen explained, “Young Master fell off the horse and sprained his ankle.” He left their encounter with Cecilia out due to not wanting to humiliate his Young Master.

Guo Jing took off the Young Master’s boot and sock carefully, revealing a swollen ankle as big as a plum. Guo Jing softly pressed the area with his fingers.

“OW! THAT HURTS!”                         

Guo Jing sighed and said, “This sprain is severe.” Both glanced at each other in dismay. Guo Jing continued, “You should be glad it is not broken. Wait here while I get the medicine prepare for your injury.”

Guo Jing got up and left while the young master slumped back into the chair. Upset, he slammed his hands on the chair handles. “Damn low life!” and breathed heavily.


Cecilia walked toward the clinic with a big bowl of water for her bath. She had been covered with dirt since early afternoon and her skin started get irritated. As she walked past the clinic, she saw two men inside, one was sitting and the other was standing. With their heads faced to the side, they looked familiar, but she didn’t remember where she had met them. The men felt a presence and turned their heads. Surprised, she instantly knew who they were; especially the man sitting down.

She mumbled to herself, “The **** is here.”

She held in her anger and walked toward the men with her bowl of water. The Young Master glared at her in disbelief to see the low life here and clenched his fists. To loosen the tension between his Young Master and Cecilia, Ching Chen smiled and formally greeted her.

“It’s nice to see you again Miss.”

The Young Master yelled at her, “Low life! Why are you here?!”

She scoffed and gave him an attitude, “And why can’t I?” Then she stared at his swollen ankle and then back at him with a smirk on her face. “I see that you’re here because of your ankle…”

The young master pointed at her and scolded, “IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU DID THIS!”

She pointed at herself, “Me? How is it my fault? I guess you shouldn’t be riding a horse then if you do not know how to land correctly!” She looked away with her arms folded in front.

Fumed by her words, the Young Master slammed his hands hard on the chair handles again and got up to confront her. He had forgotten about his sprained ankle and felt the sharped pain. He yelped and sat back down with Ching Chen’s help.

Tired of their bickering, Ching Chen walked up to Cecilia. “Miss, please forgive Young Master. Let’s start over by introducing ourselves properly. My name is Fu Ching Chen…” then he direct his hand toward the young master, “…and this is Young Master Wu Jian. May we know the maiden’s name?”

She glanced at Ching Chen. Comparing to his obnoxious Young Master, he was very respectful and polite. Since he was nice enough to apologize, she decided to tell them her name. “Xiao Xing.”

Wu Jian snickered when he heard her name. “Xiao Xing? You should be called, Dirty Xing!” and laughed.

She had enough of his insults and couldn’t control her anger anymore. SPLASH! She threw the bowl of water at Wu Jian. His eyes widened in horror to see his body drenched in water. Ching Chen blinked a couple of times and could not believe what just happened. He stood there frozen in disbelief. Satisfied, she brushed her hands together with a big grin on her face and left with the empty bowl in her hands.

Furious, Wu Jian pointed at her, “DIRTY LOW LIFE COME BACK HERE!”

She ignored him and continued to walk away until she disappeared from their sight. His eyes blazed with fire as he huffed and puffed. He turned to Ching Chen, “I want you to find out her background! She is going to pay severely for this.”

Ching Chen thought this was very childish of him. There were better things than spending a great amount of time to search for a pitiful woman’s identity. However, he cannot argue with his young master, so he bowed his head.


Guo Jing came back with the herbal medicine and some cloths.

“Sorry, it took…” He looked up and saw Wu Jian drenched. Stunned, he asked, “What happen to you?”

Ching Chen was about to speak but Wu Jian raised his hand to stop him from saying anything. It was too humiliating for him to lose face if explained that a woman did it. Ching Chen shut his mouth, slightly bowed, and then moved to the side. From the way how Ching Chen behaved obediently toward his hand gesture, Guo Jing became curious of the swollen ankle man’s true identity. He had a sense that this man was more than just a rich noble. He seemed to have more power and authority.

“Gentlemen, I haven’t formally introduced myself. My name is Guo Jing. May I know my guests’ names?”

Wu Jian scoffed upsettingly and turned his head away. Knowing that Wu Jian was in a bad mood already, Ching Chen decided to introduce themselves to him. Guo Jing thought for a second if he had heard of their names before but nothing came to his mind.

“Mr. Wu, since your clothes are wet, I can give you a set of dry clothes after I this.”

Wu Jian huffed angrily, “Fine.”

Guo Jing kneeled down and started to apply the herbs on his swollen ankle. “Are both of you traveling far?”

Wu Jian and Ching Chen glanced at each other puzzled by his question. “Why do you ask?” asked Ching Chen.

Guo Jing began to wrap his ankle with a cloth. He continued, “Your ankle needs to heal, so I suggest that you stay in Mu Village for the time being.”

Wu Jian led out a big sigh of disappointment and was silent for a bit. Then he asked, “How long will we have to stay?”

“Weeks, months…depending when you’re able to walk.” Guo Jing finished wrapping his ankle.

Stunned, Wu Jian shook his head. “No! I cannot stay long!”

“Sorry, unless you want to be handicap for the rest of your life.”

Ching Chen leaned close to Wu Jian and whispered, “We cannot delay or else…” he paused and forgot that Guo Jing was still in the room. He carefully continued, “Your father will be upset.”

Wu Jian pondered and then he asked Guo Jing, “Do you have a carriage or sedan in this village?”

Guo Jing nodded. “There is a sedan station at the east entrance of the village, but you will have to wait for a couple of days. The last sedan left this morning to a nearby village.”

Wu Jian nodded, “Fine. We will stay until then.”

“Since we have some guest rooms available in the clinic, the both of you can stay. It will be convenient for me to tend your injury anyway.”

Both of them agreed and thanked Guo Jing.

“Let me take the both of you to the guestrooms then.” Guo Jing helped Fu Ching get Wu Jian up on his feet by using their bodies to support Wu Jian’s weight. The three slowly made their way to the guestrooms.

During their walk, Wu Jian was curious about Cecilia and asked Guo Jing, “I saw a woman here; her name is Xiao Xing…”

Guo Jing’s face lit up in surprise that he knew her name. “Are you a friend of hers?”

He scoffed upsettingly and shook his head. “We recently met. Does she live here also?”

Guo Jing laughed. “No. She came here to help us tend our patients this afternoon.”

“I see…” pondered Wu Jian; then he asked, “Where does she live?”

Guo Jing became curious of why he wanted to know so much about Cecilia. He had a bad vibe from Wu Jian and thought about Cecilia’s safety.

He lied, “She was passing by Mu Village and saw that we needed help. Due to so many patients being sought, I did not have the chance to ask her. My apology kind sir for I do not know her residential place.”

“She is still here so take me to her.” Wu Jian demanded.

“Young Master, your health is more important now.” said Ching Chen.

Guo Jing agreed and nodded. “After settling down, I can look for her to see if she is still around.”

Wu Jian nodded. “Fine. I know she is taking a bath right now so you will find her there then.”

He was getting worried for Cecilia and pondered, ”Who is this man that seeks for her?”

Guo Jing faintly smiled, “I will.”

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Cecilia got dressed after taking a long bath. It took her almost two hours to completely get the dirt off of her. Her scalp took the longest. Every little pebble of sand that she felt and took out, she cursed and hated Wu Jian even more. She opened the door to leave the washroom when she saw Xing Fu and the Physicians stood outside having a conversation. Guo Jing stopped talking in midsentence and the men glanced at her.

“What were you guys talking about?” she asked, wanting to be in the conversation as well.

They looked around to see if there was anyone around. Then Xing Fu lightly grabbed Cecilia by the arm.

“Actually, we needed to speak with you.”

He pulled her back inside the washroom with Physician Wei and Guo Jing and closed the door behind them. Xing Fu let go of her arm.

Confused, she asked Xing Fu, “What is going on?”

Guo Jing got straight to the point. “Miss Xiao, do you recognize the two guests that just came in?”

“The limping man and his servant?”

“Yes. Do you know them?”

Her face darkened just thinking about Wu Jian and crossed her arms in front. “That ****!” The three men were dumbfounded of her comment. She raised her voice, “Of course I know them! I recently met them on my way to Mu Village. Why do you ask?”

“Mr. Wu asked about you and is looking for you.” 

She didn’t say anything and only shook her head upsettingly.

Physician Wei joined in the conversation. “Miss Xiao, you’ve seemed to be very upset at Mr. Wu. Cared to enlighten us?”

Cecilia decided to tell them about her encounter. She raised her voice, “Do you want to know what happened to that **** Wu Jian and why I was covered with dirt?”

They leaned forward, interested in hearing her explanation. “Why?” asked Physician Wei.

“As I was on my way to Mu Village, they rode passed me and I almost got trampled by their horses. I got mad and threw a rock at the ****’s horse and he fell. That is how he sprained his ankle. Then he took out his sword and swung at the ground…” she paused for a moment and was getting angry. She took a deep breath to calm down and continued, “…the next thing I knew, dirt came out of the ground and I was covered with it.”

Xing Fu clenched his fists. “How dare he…I’m going to teach him a lesson!” He turned around and took a couple of steps to leave.

“XING FU!” Physician Wei shouted.

Xing Fu stopped and slightly turned his head to the side. Physician Wei walked toward him and placed his hand on his shoulder. “I know that you are upset of what he did to Miss Xiao. In fact, I am too.”

Xing Fu turned around with a sullen look on his face.

Physician Wei continued, “Just by what Miss Xiao had told us, Wu Jian is not an easy man to deal with. He seems to be an expert swordsman and you’re not. Starting trouble with him will only cost your life.”

Guo Jing nodded, “I agree. Also, when I was observing their interaction, Mr. Wu seems to be from a powerful family…someone with huge authority.”

“I understand,” said Xing Fu as he lowered his head.

Cecilia jumped into the conversation and started to rant. “SO WHAT if he’s a powerful authority figure! He’s an egotistic bastard!”

Physician Wei stroked his beard. “Miss Xiao, even though you’re not afraid to step up to him, it is best to avoid him. He may be from a royal family, a duke…regardless he is from a noble family. With his powerful family background, you will be beheaded if your behavior is irrational.” He sighed and continued, “We don’t want anything bad happening to you that is all.”

She thought about it and understood their concern. “Alright,” and sighed.

“Since they are staying here for a couple of days, you and Xing Fu must leave now. Brother Wei will lead the both of you to the back entrance while I go deal with Mr. Wu,” said Guo Jing.

They nodded and all of them left the washroom. Physician Wei led Xing Fu and Cecilia to the back, while Guo Jing rushed to stop by the medicine room before he went back to Wu Jian. Afar and in hiding was Ching Chen. He had saw everything and quickly left the scene.


Wu Jian sat down in the guestroom’s main area, thinking of options that he could do to Cecilia. He thought about beheading her, but that would be too quick of a death. Then he thought about throwing her in prison for the rest of her life until she rot, but that wouldn’t be fun for him. Suddenly, Ching Chen entered in and closed the door behind him. His thoughts of torturing Cecilia disappeared and became anxious of what Ching Chen had found.


Ching Chen gathered his thoughts and then responded, “Physician Guo…he and the others…”

Then they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Wu Jian asked.

“It’s me, Physician Guo Jing.”

They stopped their conversation. “Come in.” said Wu Jian.

Guo Jing entered in with a tray, and on top was a hot bowl of medicine. “I’ve brought herbal medicine to help minimize the pain for your ankle.”

Wu Jian was glad that Guo Jing had made pain medicine. He was sick and tired of the pain that he was feeling. It got to the point where he started to have headaches, which annoyed him.

“Are you sure this will help reduce it?”

“Yes. I’ve used it all of the time for my patients.”

Guo Jing put the tray of medicine on the table next to Wu Jian. Without hesitation, Wu Jian grabbed the hot bowl, took a spoonful of the medicine, and drank it as Guo Jing and Ching Chen watched.

Wu Jian finished it and placed it back on the tray. Then he asked, “Were you able to find Miss Xiao?”

Guo Jing shook his head. “No. She had already left when I got there.”

Ching Chen stunned by his response and was about to say something to Wu Jian but held back. He didn’t want Guo Jing to know that they spied on them.

Wu Jian got upset and slammed the small table next to him with his hand hard. The tray and the empty bowl bounced from the force, making a loud clattering sound. 

“RUBBISH!” Then he pointed at Guo Jing. “You must have hid her!”

Guo Jing remained calm. Suddenly, Wu Jian started to yawn and then his eyes started to get droopy. He knew something was wrong with him and started to say something to- Guo Jing, but his speech slurred, making it hard to understand. Ching Chen also noticed something was wrong and glanced at the medicine bowl, then at Guo Jing. Wu Jian then slumped back of the chair and his head tilted back, snoring away.

“Young Master!” Angry, Ching Chen pulled his sword out of his sheath and aimed the blade at Guo Jing. “YOU POISONED HIM!”

Guo Jing folded his hands behind his back and turned to the side. “I’ve only sedated him. Your Young Master had been very belligerent lately; therefore, I felt that he needed a peaceful rest.”

Ching Chen couldn’t agree more to what Guo Jing just said. His Young Master had focused too much on getting even with Cecilia that he had forgotten about his main mission. Ching Chen lowered his sword down and put it back in its sheath.

“Thank you.”

Guo Jing was surprised of his answer and turned to him with a raised brow.

Ching Chen continued, “I’ve never seen Young Master get so worked up by someone; especially from a woman.” Flashback of Cecilia throwing water at Wu Jian came to his mind and he chuckled a bit. “Miss Xiao is a brave woman to trouble Young Master.”

Guo Jing smiled.

“Physician Guo, you lied and helped Miss Xiao escaped.”

Guo Jing then knew that they had been caught and shook his head, sighing. “I guess that your Young Master told you to spy on us.”

Ching Chen nodded. He was actually relieved that they helped her escape. He didn’t want to see her harmed by his Young Master’s wrath. Then he was curious of Guo Jing’s reasons. “Why?”

Guo Jing walked to the table where the tray was, while Ching Chen’s eyes followed him, and started to clean up.

“Because being angry at little things like this shouldn’t become big matters.” He picked up the tray with the empty bowl on it and turned to him. “Don’t you agree?”

“Yes. I thought the same also.”

“Then let bygones be bygones. Mr. Wu’s health should be his first priority and not to be stressed by someone who wronged him.” He started to walk out of the door with the tray and bowl in his hands.

Ching Chen stopped him, “Wait.” Guo Jing stopped. He turned his head slightly to the side and looked at Ching Chen from the corner of his eyes. Ching Chen continued, “Knowing Young Master’s childish behavior and hot temper, I’m afraid that he won’t let you off easily.”

“Do not worry. When he wakes up, he will be too happy to find trouble.”

He left, leaving Ching Chen with a puzzled look. He wondered what Guo Jing meant by what he said. Did Physician Guo put something else in the herbal medicine?


Xing Fu and Cecilia were at the exit gate of Mu Village when he saw a huge talisman that hung on the wall. It reminded him of theirs so he checked to make sure he had his. It hung from his belt, and then he glanced at Cecilia’s belt, but didn’t see hers.

“Where’s your talisman?”

She gave him a blank stare and then she began to search her clothes to find it. Nothing.

Worried, she glanced at him. “I don’t have it.”

Xing Fu shook his head, took off his, and handed it to her. “Here, take mine.”

“But what about you?”

He looked around and saw a mustached man selling talismans onto his right. He pointed at the vendor, “I’ll buy one over there.”

They walked to the vending table and greeted the owner. As Xing Fu was busy shopping for a talisman, she saw the owner stared at her up and down, twirling his mustache. He made her felt uncomfortable.

“Xing Fu, let’s go find another vendor.”

His attention was more on the talismans. “This place has a lot. I’ll just buy it here.”

The owner glanced at Xing Fu and nodded happily, “Yes and I have the best talismans in this village.” Then he glanced back at Cecilia, “You should buy one for this beautiful lady as well.”

Xing Fu looked up at the owner and shook his head. “It will only be for me.”

Then he gazed at Cecilia. In his eyes, she was indeed beautiful. He remembered when she first wore his sister’s yellow clothes and glowed from the sunlight, looking like a heavenly fairy. He started to blush, so he quickly looked down at the talismans and continued to browse before she noticed his red colored cheeks.

This time the owner winked and licked his upper lip seductively at Cecilia. Disgusted by his perverted behavior, Cecilia crossed her arms in front and looked away.

Xing Fu finally found one and picked it up to show it to her. “Look Xiao Xing!” he said happily.

Cecilia looked at the talisman that he held in his hands and saw that it was the exact replica like theirs. Her lips tightened with a smile.

“How much?” he asked the man.

“Ten pieces of silver.”

Xing Fu’s eyes widened in shocked, “WHAT? THAT MUCH?”

“From what we are going through with these demons, of course! Just remember, there are a lot of con artists out there and their prices are even higher than mine.”

Cecilia sneered. “So what if you’re a con artist yourself?”

The owner got offended and his face turned bright red. Angry, he pointed at her. “Woman, how dare you!” He turned to Xing Fu, “Sir, I won’t sell anything to you.”

He grabbed the string of the talisman that Xing Fu had in his hand and pulled, but Xing Fu’s grip was strong. He refused to give the talisman back to owner, so they started to tug the piece back and forth.

“Sir, let go!”

“No, I’m buying it…I…I’ll give you fifteen pieces of silver instead!”

The man’s angry face quickly changed to a huge grin, with teeth showing and let go of the string instantly. He extended his opened palm at Xing Fu.

“Fifteen it is.”

Happy, Xing Fu grabbed his little money pouch from his shirt pocket and started to count the pieces. He had exactly fifteen pieces of silver and showed it to the man. Cecilia rolled her eyes and couldn’t believe that Xing Fu would desperately go through all of this. She didn’t want to say anything; it was his problem. The man took the money right away from his hand and thanked Xing Fu for business.

Xing Fu showed her the talisman once more and then he puts it on his belt. “Let’s go,” and left first.

Cecilia leaned close to the man and stared coldly at him.

“You perverted bastard, if I find out that the talisman is fake, I’m coming back to find you,” she warned.

The man saw her hazel eyes full of flames and knew she was serious. He swallowed and smiled nervously. She huffed and turned around to catch up with Xing Fu.


Along the dirt road, Cecilia and Xing Fu enjoyed each other’s company. They talked about many things; their experiences at the clinic, Guo Jing’s identity as an ex demon, her vivid image of the possible faceless man and his name ‘Kai’, and her encounter with Wu Jian which made Xing Fu upset again, but Cecilia quickly eased his thought by letting him know about her splashing water at Wu Jian. It made Xing Fu laughed hard knowing that she took action, but then at the same time, he worried for her.

“What if he comes after you?” he asked.

“I’ll be ready for him then.”

“Xiao Xing, let me handle him. Even though I do not know martial arts, I am not afraid of his torture or dying. I rather have you be alive than be in his hands.”

She was touched by his courageous words and thanked him.

As minutes passed to hours, the sun’s scorching heat started to dehydrate them. Xing Fu saw a small stream to his right and pointed at it for Cecilia to see. Relieved, Xing Fu led them the way into the forest. As the running water got louder, their excitement increased and ran toward it. When they reached to the stream, they got on their knees, scooped clean water with their hands, and drank it.

“It’s so refreshing!” he took another drink.

Cecilia splashed water on her face to cool down from the heat. He glanced at her and saw water dripped down from her face, making her look exotic. His mouth wide opened and froze in place; he couldn’t resist gazing at her. She caught him staring and splashed some water at him. 

“Hey!” she said and laughed.

Xing Fu jumped by the suddenness and stared down at his wet clothes. He playfully splashed some water back at her and she gave a squealed of laughter. Then both of them splashed water at each other. Her troubled mind left her for the spur moment to enjoy this special time with Xing Fu. By the time they stopped, they were drenched with water and laughed some more. Xing Fu raised his hand up toward her face. Her eyes followed his hand and wondered what he was about to do.

Her heart pounded fast as his hand got closer to her cheek. What is this wonderful and nervous feeling that I’m having? She pondered.

His fingers reached to her lose strands of hair that covered her face, touching her wet soft skin, as he parted it to the side. He wanted to tell his hidden feelings for her and wanted to kiss those rosy lips; but, he could not. It wasn’t the right time. She was still searching for the owner of the heart necklace and her lost memories. He took a deep breath and again, reminded himself that he was only a friend.

Then he commented, “Now I can see your pretty face,” and put his hand down.

What did I just say?
He didn’t know that his words came out like that. Am I out of line? He asked himself again.

Cecilia’s face started to feel hot and she blushed, looking down. Then she splashed him with water one last time and they both laughed happily.

Since the sun was setting, they decided to stay for the night. Xing Fu made a fire to keep themselves warm. He also made a divider by using sticks and hung their wet clothes on it. He was on one side and she was on the other, wearing their undergarments while they sat and wait.

Xing Fu stared at the red orange sky. “Xiao Xing…”


“Doesn’t the sky look magical?”

She stared at the sky also, and saw its beautiful color. “Yes, it is.”

“My mother told me of a story about a forbidden love between a god and a mortal. Do you want to hear it?”

“Sure, why not.”

He cleared his throat to prepare for storytelling.

“Immortal Lu Bing Wei was a god of art who had a passion in painting. When he came down to Mortal Realm to help restore it to its original state, he met a beautiful mortal woman, Cheng Da Chun who was a weaving girl, and fell in love with her. In the Celestial Realm, there were very strict laws that no Celestial gods should ever break. One law was to never fall in love and have offspring between two worlds. If Celestial Emperor and his top generals ever found out of the forbidden love, then the gods would lose immortality or worse, they have to self-sacrifice their lives by vaporizing. As for the mortals, all of their memories of the gods that they had fallen in love with would be completely be erased, and the offsprings that they carried, would be destroyed.”

The story was getting interesting and Cecilia sat quietly as she continued to listen.

“After Lu Bing Wei finished his weekly task of painting the Mortal Realm, he and Cheng Da Chun would secretly meet at their hidden place to be together. However, their love story became tragic when Cheng Da Chun became pregnant. They were found by Celestial Emperor. Lu Bing Wei fought for his family’s life against Celestial Emperor’s top generals, but they were too powerful for him to defeat. He was held captive while he watched them take their unborn child from Cheng Da Chun’s womb. With one wave of the top general’s hand above her stomach, the unborn child disappeared and her stomach became flatten, like she was never pregnant in the first place. At that moment, Cheng Da Chun and Lu Bing Wei helplessly grieved for their lost. Then the top general laid his hand on her head and one shot of energy came out of his palm into her. In instant, her body lied motionless for him to see. Then it was his turn. Lu Bing Wei understood that he had broken the law so for his punishment, he chose death. It was already too painful for him to lose their child and have the woman he loved to forget everything about him. Therefore, becoming a Fallen Immortal and lived a short life was more of a torture to him. They freed him for him to say his last few words to Cheng Da Chun. He whispered in her ears that whenever she looked up and saw the colorful sky; that was his love looking down to her. Then his body vaporized into nothing. After she regained conscious, she was a new person with a new life; however, every time the sun sets and she saw beautiful colors in the sky, her heart felt unknowingly longing of a lost love.”

Xing Fu stopped talking and sighed sadly. There was silence between the two for a couple of minutes and then Xing Fu turned to the hanging clothes where it divided them.

“Xiao Xing?”

Cecilia had cried throughout his storytelling and wiped her tears.

“It’s not fair…” and sniffed.

Xing Fu could tell that the story had saddened her. “But you have to understand that love cannot exist between two different worlds.”

“Who says so? Love should be free and not be bind by stupid laws!” She sniffed again and continued her rant. “That Celestial Emperor is heartless and a murderer. Killing an unborn child, having the mother loses her memory, and the father drives to kill himself…That is too cruel for my sake!”

Xing Fu’s intention was to lighten the mood with the story, to show the hidden meaning that love was beyond just physical. Also, without his contribute to Mortal Realm, the sky wouldn’t be as colorful as it was now. There wouldn’t be mountains, flowers, waterfalls, and clouds. He was the god of art, the magical painter of Mortal Realm.

“Uh…I’m sorry Xiao Xing. I think I’ve lost the true interpretation when storytelling. I sometimes get carried away. Just forget about it. It’s only a myth that was passed for thousands of years…”

“It’s ok. Thank you for your tragic story.” She looked at the red orange sky and took a deep breath. “Actually, a story can have many interpretation s. I feel that with the story of Lu Bing Wei and Cheng Da Chun, in short, love conquers all.”

She looked down at her heart necklace and felt the diamonds. “I feel like Cheng Da Chen, my memory is lost, but I still have that unknown warmth feeling from this necklace…”


Outside of the palace gate in Wu Tribe, Jian Tao and his Chiefs walked the Elders out for their departure. Elder Tao and Elder Shi had thoroughly assessed the Black Forest and Bloody Devil Lake and found nothing unusual.

“Are you sure you and Elder Shi do not want to stay an extra day?” asked Jian Tao jokingly.

The Elders chuckled. “Next time,” said Elder Tao.

Jian Tao stared at the direction where Bloody Devil Lake was. “My heart can rest now knowing that the Demon Realm’s seal is safe. It could worsen the situation even more if it was broken.”

The Elders also turned to stare at the direction of the lake and nodded. They knew that if Demon Realm’s seal was broken, Mortal Realm would totally be destroyed. From the last battle, mortals were lucky to have the Celestials helped in defeating the Demon Lord and sealed off the Demon Realm forever. This time, it would be different. Mortals would have to defend their own realm without the help of the Celestials. It would really test their strength and endurance.

Elder Tao sighed, “That is why our Fallen Immortal Protectors Masters have taught us to be protectors of our Realm.” Then he glanced at Jian Tao, “You will need to pass the Five Element Qi Sword soon…”

Jian Tao closed his eyes as he sighed at the thought being old. His energy wasn’t as strong as it used to be. Over the past twenty of years of fighting demons, he had used up too much of his internal qi, especially for the Five Element Qi Sword.

Since the sword was a god sword, its powers were beyond extraordinary. It had no side effect when a god used it, but if a mortal took ownership of it, the sword would deplete his internal qi quicker and would take longer to recuperate. Age also played a huge role-the older the mortal, the harder to regain the loss of internal qi. No matter if the mortal was a master of martial arts for more than thirty years, he could not defeat the sword’s god-like powers. Now that trapped demons had escaped, Jian Tao’s life would be at risk if he continued to be the Mortal Protector.

Jian Tao folded his hands behind his back. “Since the encounter of the water demons, I have thought about it. It is time for my son to take my place.” He turned to Elder Tao and chuckled, “At least I have one burden off of my shoulder then.”

Elder Tao and the others chuckled as well. “Right. Now you have more time to focus on Wu tribe and let your son protect the Mortal Realm.”

Jian Tao nodded.


In Bloody Devil Lake where the Demon Realm’s portal was, the seal’s hidden crack got bigger. It cracked up to the top, releasing a ray of red light out of the lake and upward to the sky. However, with the Black Forest’s seal, it remained inside forest; but it tried vigorously to escape. The Elders, Jian Tao, and the Chiefs saw the red light and knew that their fear had come true.

Chief Li gulped nervously, “It’s happening now.”

“Quick. To Bloody Devil Lake,” said Elder Tao.

All five of them ran into the Black Forest with great speed. They arrived at Bloody Devil Lake and saw the huge crack. All five of them used their sealing spells to reseal the Demon Realm’s seal. The red ray was very powerful as it tried to fight off the spell. The five of them sweat profusely as they concentrate. Finally, they got it under control and the Elders quickly use their “Taoist Binding Spell” while Jian Tao and the Chiefs held it steady with their “Wu Sealing Spell”. A thick, gold transparent layer appeared on the cracked seal like glue. It covered the crack and the red ray of light disappeared. Everything was back to normal.

Jian Tao and the Chiefs never knew that the Demon Realm’s seal was that powerful. This was their first time encountering the seal and it had taken a huge toll on their bodies. As for the Elders, they had already been prepared for this kind of event, so their qi were stronger. Exhausted and weak, the three men staggered a bit. The Elders rushed to help them.

“Are you men alright?” asked Elder Shi.

The three men nodded.

“Let’s take the three of you back to the palace,” said Elder Tao. The Elders used their bodies to support the men as they walked away from area.


Jian Tao and his Chiefs sat down, crossing their legs, while the Elders sat behind them. The Elders placed their palms inches away from their back to transfer some of their internal energy to them. After they were done transferring, the three men opened their eyes and felt revived. The Elders helped them get up.

“Thank you Elders,” said Jian Tao.

Worried about the Demon Realm’s seal, Jian Tao sighed. “Now that the Demon Realm’s seal is about to be broken, mortal realm is in great danger.”

Elder Shi turned to Elder Tao, “We will have to report this to Grandmaster Huang and delay our departure. Wu tribe needs our help in detaining the Demon Realm Seal.”

Elder Tao nodded. “Our binding spell is not made for sealing realms, so sooner or later, our internal qi will deplete as well.” Then he looked at Jian Tao. “We need to find the Mortal Protectors.”

Jian Tao looked worried. “It’s been over twenty years. How will we find the other Mortal Protectors then?”

The Elders looked at each other and knew that he was right. Ever since the Demon Realm’s seal was sealed by the Celestial Emperor, the five Fallen Immortal Protectors went their own ways to find their five mortals students to prepare for these future events. Out of the five Mortal Protectors, only two that they knew for sure had been found-Wen Jian Tao the disciple of goddess Wu Li Ling and Lau Guo Wei the disciple of god Yu Ze Min. Wherever the other three are, it would be a challenge to search for them.

Elder Tao let out a sigh. “That will be hard to find them in these vast lands, but Grandmaster Huang may have some insights.” He turned to Elder Shi, “When we inform Grandmaster Huang, we will need some Taoist brothers here to help in the Binding Spell. This will help us control the seal until the other three Mortal Protectors are found.”


Jian Tao turned to the Elders, “How long can you and your Taoist brothers hold off with the binding spell?”

“Once every month for no more than three years,” responded Elder Tao.

“Can we really find them within three years?” asked Chief Wen.

The Elders sighed and Elder Shi responded, “We will have to at all cost.”

Jian Tao and the Chiefs glanced at each other, worried for the fate of mankind. Now, they only hope that Grandmaster Huang could find a way for them to search for the three missing Mortal Protectors soon.

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Warning, minor sexual content.


That night, Cecilia and Xing Fu had fallen asleep and their fire had died out. Thick fog started to appear onto the earth’s surface and blanketed them, making it invisible for anyone to notice their presence. Then a faint voice called out his name from a distant and it woke him up from his sleep. He noticed a cloudy mist above him and quickly sat up to realize it was fog. He began to feel unease from the haunting setting.

“Xing Fu…”

The faint voice sounded like Cecilia; however, it didn’t come from where she was sleeping. It came somewhere in the dark creepy forest.

He asked himself, "Why is she in the forest alone? ...What if it’s a demon instead?"

He began to have goosebumps and slowly turned his head toward their hung clothes.

"I have to make sure if the voice that I’m hearing is a demon or Cecilia…"

His hand reached to the draped clothes and lifted to the side. With thick fogs surrounded the area, it was hard to see if she was lying there. He began to fan the fog with his hand and as the fog moved away, Cecilia was not there. He exhaled in relieved.

“Xing Fu…”

He let go of the draped clothes and turned around. A hundred feet in front of him was Cecilia. She stood there with a radiant glow from the moonlight wearing only a thin red robe to reveal her bare upper shoulders, her cleavage, and slender silky legs. Her sexual appeal stunned Xing Fu and he wondered if this was a dream or reality. He pinched himself hard on his forearm and felt pain. This was indeed real. She started tp walk away from him. 

“Wait!” he shouted.

He grabbed his talisman and put it on around his neck. Then he got up and went after her. The deeper he went inside the forest, the thicker the fog was, which made everything around him difficult to see.

He stopped and panned around. “Xiao Xing?”

Then the fog died down and disappeared. He scratched his head from the strange sudden occurrence but was glad. Now, he could find Cecilia with ease.

“Xiao Xing! Where are you?!” he shouted.

Then her giggles echoed through the forest. His eyes wandered around in search for her, but he couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. He heard her giggle again. This time it was close to his left side. Xing Fu turned and saw her stood ten feet in front of him, giving him a leering look with those big hazel eyes of hers. She began to walk slowly toward him and her bottom robe opened to reveal her bare ivory thighs as it alternated every step she made.

He couldn’t help but gaped at her luscious body. His eyes stared down at her feet and made their way up to her legs, hips, her cleavage, and then her lips. His body started to get steamy hot and sweaty.

He gulped his saliva, “Xiao Xing…Wh…what are you doing?”

She didn’t answer and got closer to him. His head slightly turned to the side and he shut his eyes, not wanting to continue lusting at her. Suddenly, a strong musty fragrance stung his nose with heavenly sweetness. He couldn’t resist the strong scent and slowly turned his head back toward the front. Then he opened his eyes and saw her face up close to his; he jumped in fright, ready to scream, but she placed her index finger on top of his soft lips to calm him down.

“Shhh…” she whispered as his eyes locked into hers.

He stood frozen and closed his mouth. Her fingers slowly traced his lips as it made its way to his chin, then to his cheekbone to feel his soft skin. Cecilia threw herself forward to hug him tight. He felt her breasts on his chest and could feel her hot breath close to his neck. His heart began to race rapidly from the close physical contact and gulped his saliva nervously. Then she began to lick and suck his neck, which caught Xing Fu by surprise. He tried to pull her off, but her grip was too strong.

While she continue kissing him, he politely pleaded, “Xiao Xing…please…don’t…”

She ignored him and took off his shirt. Then she pushed him down to the ground and got on top of him. She continued her seductive behavior by sucking and licking him as she made her way down to his lower abdomen. He loved how her lips and tongue felt against his skin and enjoyed every bit of it. Then she gave him one, long lick up from his abdomen to his chin like an animal. His skin tasted deliciously against her tongue, turning her on, that she wanted him inside of her badly.

She took off her red robe and was completely naked. He gaped at her plumped breasts and was speechless. Quickly, she grabbed both of his hands and cupped her breasts, forcing him to squeeze them to feel its firmed tenderness. She rubbed herself against his groin to arouse him even further.

“Make love to me,” she moaned.

His eyes widened in bewilderment.


Back at the stream, the fog had already disappeared. Cecilia suddenly woke up with a strange feeling that something was wrong. She shouted Xing Fu’s name. Nothing. She went to check on him to make sure he was sleeping. She peered through the draped clothes and saw that he wasn’t there. Worried, she got up, quickly put on her top robe, and went to search for him.


Feeling Cecilia’s body on top of him felt so good. Touching her soft skin on her breasts and making his way down to her hips; he wanted her. However, back in his mind, he contemplated if he should or should not. He began to think about her complicated life. Although he loved her, this wasn't the right time.

She leaned forward to kiss him more on his chin and neck while her hand slowly slipped into his pants. He felt her fingers down there and knew what she was going to do next. He had to stop this immediately and pushed her off of him with all of his strength. Cecilia fell to the side and onto the ground. He quickly got up to fix his pants.

“Xiao Xing, I’m sorry that I pushed you away. As much as I want this…I…I can’t. I love you too much for you to not do this.”

Frustrated, she let out a high pitched cry and it made Xing Fu became flummoxed. Her naked body got onto all fours and suddenly shape shifted in front of his eyes as he watched in horror. Her beautiful ivory skin was torn off like nothing to reveal a thick charcoal fur. Her face extended into a bear-like beast, eyes glowed blood red, teeth transformed into huge fangs, and fingers morphed to huge sharped claws. Now, Xing Fu realized he was led into a forest by a demon beast. Too petrified to move, he let out a loud cry of terror. The demon beast mimicked his cry and roared loudly in unison with him.

Cecilia stopped in the middle of the forest when she heard Xing Fu’s and the monstrous cries. Her heart sank to know that Xing Fu was in trouble, so she ran with great speed to the direction of the cries.

Xing Fu frantically searched for his talisman on his neck and found it. His hand trembled as he held it in front of the demon beast to scare it away. It wasn’t affected by the talisman and leapt in the air toward him.

BAM! A huge stick struck the demon beast across the face so hard that the stick broke in half. It flew backwards and hit a nearby tree. Xing Fu turned to look who helped him and saw that it was the real Cecilia. She saw that he was half naked with red marks all over his chest and neck area. Then she looked down at his bulging pants and was disgusted. She didn’t want to know what just happened. It wasn’t a good time to ask questions now.

“Are you ok?”

Still trembling from the event, he nodded. Then she turned and glared at the demon beast. It shook its head to refocus from the blow. Besides Guo Jing, from hearing all of the demon encounters, she never thought that she would see one in person; especially an ugly one.

Still holding onto the broken stick, she stood firm, ready to fight it. It got back up onto its feet and saw her. Frightened, it quickly ran away and left her puzzled by its behavior. Then she knew why; it was because of her special qi.

The demon beast didn’t get too far though. As it leapt to the nearby bushes, two men flew out of with their swords and slashed the demon beast in the front. It let out a painful roar and fell to the ground. The men stood a couple of feet away with their swords aimed at it, ready to fight.

Xing Fu and Cecilia were surprised to see their unexpected presence. One was a young slender man. He had a cute baby face and big espresso eyes. His hair was up into a high bun, wearing a cleaned, midnight blue robe, and across his shoulder was a raggedy bag.

The other man was an older man. He looked very different comparing to the cute baby face man. He wore a tan, raggedy layered outfit and on his belt was a bottle of wine and a strange ivory vase. His beard was overgrown, but it matched with his scruffy hair. Only a small portion of his hair was tied back, leaving many strands of hair to cover his hidden face. Then Cecilia saw the old man’s sword was glowing with blue flames. She had never seen anything magical like it before and was intrigued by it.

The demon beast charged at the men with full force and swung its sharped claws at them. They swiftly dodged the claws and counter attacked with their swords. Then the old man shouted to the young man.

“Take out the holy beads!”

The young man stopped fighting and stuck his blade onto the ground. He searched in his sack for the beads while the old man continued to fight with the demon beast. The young man found it and wrapped it around his fingers. He started to chant and beads began to glow golden yellow. The chant was finished and he flung it in midair and the necklace expanded ten times it's width.

Little dust particles came out flying like blood and disintegrated every time when the old man slashed deep into the demon beast’s flesh with his sword. Then he kicked the demon beast and it fell to the ground injured. The young man aimed his index and middle finger at the demon beast.

“Capture,” he commanded the beads.

The beads quickly flew toward the demon beast and wrapped around it. The demon beast struggled to get out, but the more it did, the tighter the beads gotten to restrain it.

The old man stuck his blade onto the earth’s ground and pulled out the small ivory vase from his belt. He aimed the vase’s open hole at the beast and did a quick hand motion to activate it. Wind began to pick up as the vase’s open hole glowed golden yellow. It became a vacuum, sucking any supernatural beings that would be in front of it. Then with his index and middle finger, he commanded the beads.


The beads did as told, and as it got close to the vase, the demon was sucked into the hole and disappeared along with the wind. The beads came straight to his hand and he grabbed it. The golden-yellowish glow disappeared from the vase and he hung the vase back on his belt. The sword’s blue flame also disappeared and became a regular sword. He pulled it out from the ground and placed it back in its sheath.

While Xing Fu finished putting on his shirt, Cecilia stood dumbstruck by what she had just witnessed and wondered who they might be. The men regrouped and began to walk toward Xing Fu and Cecilia. They stood a couple of feet in front of them.

Xing Fu folded his hand in front, “Thank you for saving us heroes. My name is Yu Xing Fu,” then he guided his hand toward Cecilia to introduce her to them, “and this is Xiao Xing.”

The young man introduced themselves. “We are the demon hunters, but everyone calls us the Wanderers of Seven Seas. My name is Cui De Ming and this is my master, Ma Guo Wei.”

They exchanged greetings and then Guo Wei asked, “What brings the both of you here in the forest. You know that it is dangerous roaming at night.”

Xing Fu responded, “We fell asleep and thought with our talismans, we would be safe…” Then he took off his talisman from his neck and showed it to the demon hunters. He scratched his head. “I don’t get it. It supposed to protect me, so how come it didn’t?”

Guo Wei quickly grabbed it from his hand and threw it far into the dark forest. Cecilia and Xing Fu looked at him shocked.

“Why did you do that for?!” he said upsettingly.

Guo Wei huffed at him. “IT’S FAKE!”

Cecilia was upset and scoffed. “That perverted bastard was a con artist after all,” and crossed her arms in front as she glanced at Xing Fu.

Xing Fu blinked a couple of times in disbelief. He felt stupid from being conned by him. “I’ve lost fifteen pieces of silver…” and lowered his head.

She felt bad for him and patted his shoulder to comfort him. “It’s ok. You didn’t know.”

The demon hunters shook their heads, pitying Xing Fu as well.

Then Guo Wei turned to them. “Since it is very late, we will sleep here tonight. I will put up a protection spell so no demons can harm us.”

Xing Fu and Cecilia nodded.

Guo Wei did some hand formations and stomped his foot onto the ground. A huge gust of internal qi came out of his body followed by a wind. The wind brushed against her body and then she felt something hot for a split second, then back to normal.

“Why did my body feel hot?” she asked Guo Wei.

“That was the effect of the protection spell,” he answered. Then he turned to De Ming. “Get a fire started for the night.”



De Ming was hungry and caught a rabbit for a late midnight snack. It had been roasting on top of the fire for a while, so he pulled the stick with the meat out. He then handed it to his master, who sat next to him with a bottle of wine in his hands.

“Here master, eat.”

Guo Wei pulled out a leg and took a bite out of it. Then he signaled to De Ming using his head gesture.

“Offer some food for them.”

De Ming handed the meat to them in arm's reach, but Xing Fu and Cecilia shook their heads.

“No thank you,” she said.

De Ming shrugged, “Ok, more for me,” and took a bite of the meat. He started to converse with his mouth full. “You know, these types of demon used their victims’ hearts to find who they truly loved the most and shape shifted themselves into them. That was how they lured their victims.” He swallowed his meat and continued while he looked at Xing Fu, “When we saw you half naked with those red marks on your body, we knew you were the victim.”

Feeling embarrassed, Xing Fu’s head lowered to his chest. De Ming continued, “You were lucky that you didn’t sleep with it or else it would have sucked the life force out of you. Then you would have become a dry corpse.”

That freaked Xing Fu and Cecilia out. Xing Fu was so close to be dead, but at the same time, he was glad he resisted it.

Cecilia turned to Xing Fu, “So who did it shape shifted to?”

Xing Fu stared at her and then her naked body came into his mind. He blushed and turned away. The demon hunters saw his facial expression and knew who Xing Fu was thinking.

De Ming blurted out, pointing at her. “YOU!”

Guo Wei smacked De Ming back on the head.


“Shut your mouth!” Guo Wei scorned.

Stunned, Xing Fu and Cecilia’s eyes widened. Cecilia turned to Xing Fu and saw his face was red like a beet. Her heart fluttered with happiness to know it was her he loved the most. Besides the beast trying to kill Xing Fu, she was glad that his feelings were shown through it and tightened her smile. Then she thought about him being stupid to almost have sex with the demon beast and punched him on the arm.

“Ow…” he looked at her confused.

Guo Wei and De Ming froze with their food in their mouth. They were surprised that she had the nerve to hit him.

De Ming turned to his master. “She reminded me of you…”

Guo Wei got offended and raised his hand to smack his back head again, but De Ming was already prepared. He quickly scooted away from his master. Guo Wei saw what he was trying to do, so he took his sword and reached to hit him with its handle instead.

“Ow! That hurts even more!” De Ming rubbed his back head.

Both Cecilia and Guo Wei scorned De Ming, “You deserve it!”

De Ming was surprised of their similar behaviors and wanted to say something, but he remained quiet. He didn’t want to get smacked again.

She was disappointed at Xing Fu. “I can’t believe that you couldn’t tell the difference between me and the demon beast!”

“How…how can I? You were…I mean…it was…uh…never mind!”

Guo Wei interrupted, “Miss Xiao, you have to understand that when a man is approached by a seductive woman, it is very hard for him to control himself when being aroused.” He took a drink of his wine and continued, “You should be glad that Mr. Yu resisted. He’s a pure man. A lot of men in his situation usually cannot control their urges and die sleeping with these lustful demons.”

He turned to Xing Fu, “Here…” he threw the wine bottle at Xing Fu and he caught it. “Drink up. You are one strong man to resist a sexy demon..." Then Guo Wei dug into his shirt pocket, took a small pouch of wine out, and drank it.

Xing Fu gave him a slight smile and knew it was true. Then he looked at Cecilia from the corner of his eyes and saw her poking the dirt with a small stick vigrously.

“Still, he should know the differences…” she mumbled upsettingly.

Xing Fu's smile disappeared and took a big gulp of wine from the bottle. His face cringed from the bitter taste, but that didn’t stop him. He kept drinking so that he could forget the incident and her naked body.

While she continued to poke the stick through the dirt, she felt violated that the demon beast shape shifted into her to arouse him. Although it wasn’t her, Xing Fu may have seen her naked body now. She looked down at her body and sighed to know she couldn't do anything about it. Then she turned to Xing Fu and saw that he was already drunk.

He smiled at her.  “…I...didn’t sleep with you…” Then he plopped onto the ground, passed out.

“I guess he can’t handle alcohol,” commented Guo Wei and took a drink from his pouched wine.

Guo Wei got up and went to grab his bottle of wine on the ground next to Xing Fu and walked back to his seat.

She stared at Xing Fu and thought, "Xing Fu, you did fight the demon beast well. No matter if it tried to tempt you to have sex, you resisted..." She smiled, "You are a pure man; a man with a good heart and good intentions.Tha t was why I fell for you." Then she touched the heart necklace around her neck and felt the warm feeling.

"If I developed these new feelings toward Xing Fu, will it change my lost love for the faceless man, Kai? If not, how will I handle it if my memories come back?"

Not knowing what to do, she sadly sighed.


Early the next morning, Cecilia woke up from a faint hum. She sat up and saw Xing Fu and De Ming were still asleep, but Guo Wei was nowhere to be found. The humming continued. Curious of who it maybe, she got up to follow it. As she walked through the forest, the humming got louder. She listened carefully and the humming turned to out to be a melody. The melody was sweet and full of love, like it was meant for a love couple. The weird thing was that she felt like she heard it before.

Is this one of my lost memories? She asked herself.

Finally she reached to the place where the melody was being hummed and saw Guo Wei sitting on a big rock. His eyes were closed and head tilted up toward the sky, humming. In his hand, he held his magical sword closed by. She stared at him and wondered what his story was to hum such a lovely tune. Nevertheless, she wanted to know if there was a connection between him and her.

Could he be the faceless man?

With his thick beard, she couldn’t tell from his chin. She needed to know.

Her brows furrowed. “Kai?” she asked, interrupting him.

Guo Wei stopped humming and turned to her. He raised a brow and looked around to see who she was addressing to. He was the only one here with her, so he pointed at himself.

“Me? Are you talking to me?”

“Are you Kai?” she asked again.

He chuckled at her question and shook his head. “Miss Xiao, you have mistaken me. Have you forgotten my name already?” He got off of the rock and walked toward her. “You didn’t even drink wine last night…I’m Ma Guo Wei…”

She guessed he wasn’t Kai. “I’m sorry. I thought you maybe someone that I know…”

“Oh? And his name is Kai?”

She nodded.

He crossed his arms in front and stroked his beard. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not him.” Then he leaned forward and became curious. “Is he your…lover?”

She was stunned by his question. “I…I…think I am…”

He gave her a strange look. “Huh? It’s either you are or you aren’t. So which one is it?”

“It’s complicated.” She turned to the side and crossed her arms in front.

“Tell this old fellow what’s rambling in your head.”

She turned to him and lifted a quizzical brow.

“Ok…I guess not…”

He shook his head and sighed. They were silent for a bit and then she asked, “The melody that you’ve just hummed, did you composed it?”

His face lightened. “Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve been humming this melody since…I do not know when.” He stared at the blue sky, thinking deeply as he stroked his beard with one hand and the other hand placed on his waist. Then he continued, “You know…it’s always been a mystery to me.” Then he shrugged, “Oh well.”

He reminded her of the forbidden love story of Lu Bing Wei and Chen Da Chun. She thought to herself. Whatever this drunken demon hunter’s story was, it must have been tragic to hum a lover’s melody and not know why.  But surely she knew that her, Chen Da Chun, and Guo Wei had something in common; lost memories. She wondered how many people out there were like her.

Then a white dove flew overhead. Cecilia and Guo Wei stared at it as it circled in the sky; Guo Wei knew what it was. The dove unraveled into a letter and he started to read it. Cecilia was awed by this magic and stared at the characters in the letter. After he was done reading, he had an unpleasant look of urgency.

“What does it say?” she asked him.

Guo Wei was surprised that she couldn’t read. “It says I need to leave to go somewhere important.”

From what she could tell by the letter’s many characters, it was a lengthy letter. “You didn’t read to me what it really said.”

Guo Wei waved his hand up in the sky and the letter dispersed into many particles and disappeared.

“I summarized it.” Then he turned to her, “You do not need to know what it completely said because it wasn’t for you.”

She had a bummed look on her face. She thought he would at least teach her some of the characters from the letter so she could read.

“Come, let’s walk back to the site.”

He walked ahead while she trailed behind. They got back to the site and Xing Fu and De Ming were already up. Xing Fu ran to her.

“Where did you go? I was worried about you.”

“Don’t worry, she was with me,” answered Guo Wei. Then he asked, “Do you two perhaps know who Chen Guo Jing is?”

Both turned to glance at each other. Knowing that Guo Wei is a demon hunter and that Guo Jing was an ex demon, they wondered what Guo Wei wanted from him. Cecilia thought about the dove letter and pondered if it had something to do with Guo Jing.

Curious, she nodded. “We’ll take you to him.”

Xing Fu stared at her surprised by her answered. "Had she forgotten about Wu Jian?"

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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“What are you doing? You know that Wu Jian is still at Wei Chen Clinic right?” Xing Fu whispered to Cecilia as they traveled to Mu Village.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Oh well. I will have to face him then.”

He lifted his brow, “R…Really?”

Cecilia turned to Xing Fu and gave him a serious look. “Why are you so scared of that A**hole? Weren’t you the one that said you will risk your life to protect me?”

“I did, but that doesn’t mean to get into more trouble with him.”

Cecilia let out a sigh. “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything stupid to jeopardize everyone’s lives.”

Guo Wei and De Ming were ahead of them and heard their conversation. They glanced at each other and shook their heads.

“They are like a bickering old couple,” whispered De Ming.

Guo Wei drank his wine bottle and then responded, “That is why you should not get into a relationship. Women will only give you headaches.”

De Ming nodded, “Oh…”

She understood Xing Fu’s concern for her, but Wu Jian was the last person for her to worry about. She had too many things that were more important than to deal with an egotistic a**hole. Her main concerned now was Guo Jing due to his hidden true identity. When she saw Guo Wei’s expression after he read the magical letter, she knew something was wrong. Her concerned heighten even more when he wanted to meet with Guo Jing. All she knew was that their identities clashed-one was a demon hunter and the other was an ex demon. Her only main concerned was that Guo Wei may harm a good ex demon like Guo Jing or worse, trapped him into his jaded vase like what he did to the demon beast.

Guo Wei slightly turned his head to see them from the corner of his eyes. “What does Chen Guo Jing do for a living?”

Xing Fu answered, “He’s one of the village physicians.”

Guo Jing paused a bit. “I see…”

Curious she asked, “What do you want from him anyway?”

He stroked his scruffy beard, “Just…something,” and left it like that.

Since Guo Wei didn’t want to share his reason, she would have to force it out from his student, De Ming. At least he should know something. Guo Wei raised this bottle of wine to drink, but there were no more drops left. He put it back on his belt and took out his wine pouch from his shirt pocket. He shook the pouch and heard the sound of liquid. Relieved, he drank it

“Ah…De Ming, we will have to stop by a wine shop after our meeting.”


“All you do is drink. How can you hunt demons without a clear mind?” she asked.

Guo Wei burst out laughing, “My body can handle more than you think Miss Xiao. In fact, alcohol is my best friend. I cannot live without it.”

“Don’t get my master wrong, when he’s drunk, his mind is clearer and can defeat demons like nothing.”

Hearing De Ming’s boastful comment was impressive to Xing Fu; but as for Cecilia, she only rolled her eyes and thought it was ridiculous. She never heard alcohol could boost someone’s strength nor have a cleared mind. Usually a person would be drunk and do stupid stuff or be knocked out easily like Xing Fu..


They finally reached to Mu Village and De Ming was excited to see a lot of people. This was his and Guo wei's opportunity to get as much clients as they could during their stay. As a wanderer, one had to make a living to survive. For De Ming and Guo Wei, they offered their services of exorcism and fortune telling. The more people in the village, the more money they make. Due to the recent demon epidemic, their needed services had tripled and their income had increased.


Guo Wei interrupted him, “I know what you are thinking and the answer is NO.”

“But we’re low in money…”

“We can still survive for another month.”

Bummed, De Ming sighed sadly, “Fine…”

Guo Wei turned to Xing Fu, “Mu Village is a maze. How can visitors expect to find their way around here?”

“That is why they ask the locals. You see, this village was built to confuse enemies if there was ever an attack.”

Guo Wei stroked his beard, “I see…smart…”

As they continued walking, Xing Fu acted like their tour guide. While Xing Fu and Guo Wei walked ahead, Cecilia took the chance to ask De Ming.

She nudged his arm, “Ey, what does your master want with Physician Guo?” she asked.

De Ming shrugged. “I don’t know. This is my first time hearing Chen Guo Jing’s name.”

She thought that was odd. “Shouldn’t masters tell their students everything? Even secrets?”

He gave her a weird look. “Are you crazy? Not EVERYTHING should be shared. I do not want to know what he thinks, dreams, or even…” he whispered to her to only hear, “…does during his private times. That’s an invasion of privacy if you know what I mean…Anyway, why do you ask?”

She looked at the ground, “Oh Uh…it’s nothing important. I’m just curious…”

Since she couldn’t get any information from De Ming, all she could do was to wait and see. They finally reached the gate entrance to Wei Chen Clinic and walked inside. Guo Jing was outside in the front yard watering some flowers when he heard footsteps behind him.

“I’ll be right with you.”

“Physician Guo…”

Guo Jing recognized Xing Fu’s voice and stopped watering the plants. He turned around and saw Xing Fu and Cecilia stood a few feet away from him with two other people.

“Xing Fu…Miss Xiao? Why are the both of you back here again

Then he looked briefly at De Ming and Guo Wei; he immediately noticed the sword that Guo Wei carried.

“Ma Guo Wei?”

Guo Wei nodded with a big smile on his face. Both thrilled to see each other and hugged.

“It’s great to see you!” Guo Wei said happily.

“Old friend, it has been a long time!” He stared at Guo Wei’s scruffy physical appearance. “What happened to you? You look…horrible.”

Guo Wei looked down at himself and then back at Guo Jing.

“Why? You don’t like it?” he laughed jokingly.

Cecilia pointed at both of them with a puzzled face. “Y…you two…are friends?”

Guo Jing nodded. Cecilia let out a short laugh of relief, glad to know Guo Wei wasn’t here to harm Guo Jing after all.


In the backyard, Guo Jing and Guo Wei sat down around a stone round table. Guo Jing poured a cup of wine for Guo Wei.

“You have to try this. It’s Mu Village’s best wine.”

Guo Wei picked up the cup of wine and drank it. His face broke into a grin of pure pleasure. He shouted with a boisterous laugh, “This is indeed the best wine! What is it called?”

“Ten thousand years old wine made from Plum Blossom Inn’s winery.”

Guo Wei nodded, “It lives up to its name.”

Guo Jing poured another cup for him.

“It’s been twenty six years that we haven’t seen each other. I’m surprised that you found me.”

“I’ve met Miss Xiao and Mr. Yu along the way and they guided me to your place.”

“It’s fate that you crossed path with them or else there won’t be a reunion then.”

Both men guffawed at the comment and drank their wine.

“So old friend, what brings you here?

Guo Wei shook his head as he exhaled. “I’ve just gotten an urgent news that the Demon Realm Seal has been broken, so I came to seek for your guidance.”

Guo Jing’s smile disappeared.


Xing Fu and Cecilia took De Ming out to explore Mu village. During their walk, De Ming stopped by the vending tables to buy small figurines and crafts. He saw a table full of jades and walked toward it amazed.

“WOW! There are so many different types of jades here…”

Seeing De Ming full of enthusiasm, Xing Fu and Cecilia looked at the items on the table also. There was one particular item that caught Cecilia’s attention. It was a heart made out of purest green jade and in the middle, carved an unknown character. She picked it up to get a closer look at the craftsmanship. From the corner of Xing Fu’s eyes, he saw her interested in the item.

“Do you like it?”

She nodded. “I’ve never seen a jade this green before. It’s pretty.” Then she showed him the jaded heart, “What does the character say?”

“It says love.”

She repeated the word as she traced the lines that formed the character.

Xing Fu turned to the owner, “How much is it for this item?”

Cecilia quickly turned to him, surprised of what he was doing.

“Five silver pieces,” said the owner.

Xing Fu grabbed his money pouch from his shirt pocket but Cecilia grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Xing Fu…You do not need to buy me this jade. Save your money for something more important.”

He gazed at her with a warm smile, “You are important.”

She started to blush and couldn’t help but smiled happily by his comment. She let go of his arm and he pulled out the money pouch to pay for the item. After he was done, he turned to her.

“It’s yours now.”

“Thank you.”

De Ming also bought a jade and turned to them, “Are you two ready?”

“Yes,” replied Xing Fu.

They left the vending table and went to another. Throughout the day, De Ming continued his shopping, while Xing Fu and Cecilia enjoyed each other’s presence. Then he did the unexpected. Bravely, he grabbed her hand and held it. Surprised by what he did, she quickly turned and saw his smiling face stared down at her. She felt the tingling feeling of happiness and began to move her fingers to intertwine with his, feeling his soft fingers between hers. His brows lifted in surprise by the unexpected and felt overjoyed to know her feelings toward him. They chuckled, walking and holding hands as a couple.

Close to the end of their day, De Ming had a bag full of items that he had bought and started to have second thoughts.

“I think I’ve gone overboard on my spending…Mast…”

He turned around and they were far behind him. They took their sweet time walking and holding hands. He rolled his eyes and shook his head as he waited for them.

When they finally caught up with him, he stared down at their hands and teased, “Get a room you two.” Both blushed and let go of each other’s hands.

De Ming continued what he was about to say to them. “I think I’ve gone overboard on my spending…Master is going to kill me if he sees all of this stuff.”

Cecilia folded her arms in front and shook her head. “You should have stopped.”

“I can’t help it…” De Ming stared down at his bag full of items, “...These are for my small friends…”

They gave him a quizzical look. “What do you mean small friends,” asked Cecilia.

De Ming took out a small woven pouch that had a diamond shaped symbol sewn on it. Cecilia saw the shape and felt like she had seen it before, but couldn’t remember where. Making sure that nobody else was listening to the conversation, De Ming whispered loudly to them.

“Inside are three little fairies that I’ve brought with me. As I being the only student that traveled with master, it gets very lonely. They were my master’s, and he gave it to me as a child to keep me company.” He puts it back in his shirt pocket.

“Can you show it to us?” Xing Fu asked.

“No. They are very shy around people and only a few know of its existence…It took them three years just to get comfortable with me…Anyway, they love gifts.”

“You spoiled them too much,” she teased.

Guo Wei had also said that to him numerous of times, but De Ming couldn’t help it. Besides Guo Wei, the fairies were the only family that De Ming has, and they meant dearly to him. He shrugged his shoulders and gave her a wide grin.

“What can I say?”

As they continued to walk back to the clinic, they passed a restaurant. Inside next to the window, the con artist that Xing Fu and Cecilia had encountered was eating with a couple of men; this time, he didn’t have any mustache on. The con artist happened to glanced outside and saw her. Afraid, he immediately turned his head away and covered his face with his hand. The other men looked at him confused.

“What’s wrong?” asked the bearded man.

The con artist directed his eyes to Cecilia’s way for the men to see. “That woman…I sold a talisman to the man next to her. She threatened me that she would find me if the talisman was fake.”

Both men turned and saw Cecilia. They were immediately attracted to her and stared at her up and down at her body.

“That beauty over there?” asked the other man.

The con artist nodded.

The bearded man stroked his bottom beard, “Since this is our last day before we leave to do business elsewhere, let’s have a little fun with her…eh?”

All three had lustful grins and nodded.


There was a small performance on De Ming’s side and he was interested to see what it was. He made Xing Fu and Cecilia come with him to see. As they got closer, they saw a man showing off his sword skills for the crowd to watch. His skills were swift as he twisted his sword around with his body. The crowd cheered and clapped their hands for the swordsman. As the three watched, the bearded man from the restaurant shoved in between Xing Fu and Cecilia, pretending to unnoticed them. He cheered along with the crowd, while Xing Fu and Cecilia stared at him upsettingly by his rude intrusion.

“Hey!” she yelled at the bearded man.

The bearded man ignored her and continued to cheer. She and Xing Fu looked at each other and decided not to cause a scene. They went back to watch the performance, then she heard a familiar male voice.

“Talismans for sale!”

She knew instantly who the man was and turned to the side. There stood the con artist, holding talismans up for people to buy. She noticed that this time the man didn’t have a mustache, and her blood started to boil in anger.

Some people stopped by to take a look at his talismans. It made her anxious and worried for the people because their lives were going to be in danger because of him. She wanted to tell Xing Fu; but knowing him, he would stop her from doing anything stupid. She decided to take matters in her own hands and walked toward the con artist. The bearded man turned to see her leave and grinned; their plan worked.

The con artist turned his head and saw Cecilia approached him in a fast walking pace. Frightened to see her, he quickly dropped what he was doing and began to run away from her. She picked up her speed and started to run after him, shouting for him to stop. As she shouted, the bearded man purposely drowned her voice by cheering loudly at the swordsman so Xing Fu and De Ming couldn’t hear. After she disappeared from their sight, the bearded man stayed a couple of more minutes and then left.

Cecilia chased him through the village, turning corners and out of the alleys to another. The con artist was surprised that she was a fast runner and started to run with all of his energy, panting and sweating.

Not too far in front of them, Ching Chen strolled down the street while four men followed him from behind, carrying a sedan. He was glad that finally today, they were able to leave Mu Village. Since they were already late for their mission, Wu Jian wanted to stop by a couple of shops to buy some apologetic gifts. Then Ching Chen heard a familiar female voice shouting from behind.

“Stop right there!”

He turned and saw the con artist ran passed him followed by Cecilia. His eyes widened in shock to see her again. He turned to the sedan and saw Wu Jian had already peered out from the cloth. His cold piercing eyes narrowed at her as she ran passed them. Ching Chen knew that there was no chance for them to leave Mu Village now since he had seen her. He became frustrated, but remained calmed, not wanting to reveal his impatience with Wu Jian..

“That was the dirty low life.”

Ching Chen couldn’t lie. “Yes, it was her.”

Ching Chen knew what Wu Jian was going to say next, but he asked anyway. “Do you want us to follow her?”


He tried to find a way for Wu Jian to forget Cecilia. “But your ankle…”

Wu Jian grabbed the crutches inside the sedan. “With these and my Lightness Skill, I can fly with ease. I am not going have my ankle stop me from chasing after her.”

He put the crutches underneath each arm and with his internal qi, he pushed his body off the sedan with full force using the crutches and flew to the roof. The four men felt the pressure from their shoulders and dropped the sedan. The village people saw him and were struck in awed as he swiftly flew from one rooftop to another. All Ching Chen could do was sighed at the sight; he had tried his best.

He turned to the four men, “Wait here.” Then he flew up to the roof to follow him.


The con artist took a sharp right turn around the corner and disappeared from her. She also took that sharp turn and stopped. It was a dead end and there the con artist was, bending down as he tried to catch his breath.

He pointed at her, “You’re…ve…very…fast…”

She folded her arms in front and smirked. “Perverted bastard, I’ve warned you that I would find you if the talisman was fake.”

Just then, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw two other men stood, holding their large knives, as they blocked the exit. She recognized the bearded man from the crowd and instantly knew that this was a trap. The con artist purposely lured her to a dead end, and she couldn’t believe that she felt for it.

The con artist snickered at her. “You have nowhere to go beautiful.”

They came toward her and she took some steps backwards until her back was against the wall. Her heart began to pound fast, knowing she was in trouble.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Since my sworn brothers and I are leaving tonight, we’ve decided to enjoy ourselves…” the con artist stared at her body and licked his lips “…with you…and if you don’t cooperate…” The men showed her their knives to taunt her. He continued, “…we will make sure your pretty face and body be full of scars.”

The con artist got close to her with his knife placed onto her face. By instinct, she grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm back hard. He yelped in pain and turned to his sworn brothers.


The two men charged toward her with their knives. She kicked the con artist from behind and he ran uncontrollably toward them. They moved out of the way as he fell to the ground, and continued charging at her. Their knives swung at her from every direction, but she dodged them with ease to avoid being stabbed. The bearded man thrust the knife forward to stab her but she grabbed his wrist and knocked the knife out of his hand. As the knife fell, she quickly grabbed the handle before it hit the ground and stabbed him on his right thigh. He screamed in pain as blood started to seep through; then she pulled the bloody knife out and quickly swung it around to cut deep across the bearded man’s chest. She kicked him and he flew to the ground wounded.

Their knives clanged as it made contact. Every time they tried to stab her, she used the knife to block it as if it was a sword. The other man tried to stab her, but she dodged to the side and stabbed him on the forearm with her knife, making him dropped his knife, and he cried in pain.

The con artist quickly came from behind her and she slightly turned to see him. She pulled out the knife from his forearm and threw it at him. It flew like dagger and struck his upper shoulder with force. He fell down onto the ground and lay on his back. She picked up the other knife and got on top of the con artist’s chest, aiming the point blade down at his face. Struck with horror, he pleaded.

“P…Please don’t kill me…!”

She let out an anguish roar as she forced the knife down at him. He screamed in terror and shut his eyes tightly.

“I’M SORRY!” he cried loudly as tears streamed down his face.

Everything became dark and there was only heavy breathing. He was still alive and slowly peeked with one eye. He saw the blade aimed at him; she had stopped in close range, about a centimeter, from his forehead. He was so scared of her that he peed in his pants. Realizing what she did, she got off of him and sat on the ground. The con artist quickly got up to join his other two wounded brothers. Too scared to continue fighting with her, they limped away out of the exit.

In shock, Cecilia stared down at her trembling hands by the sight of blood. Hot tears streamed down her face and fell onto her bloody hands. She was in disbelief that she almost killed the three men. This wasn’t like her special qi of healing or killing demons, this time it different. She was driven to kill and felt that she had done it many times before from her past. Now, her lost memories terrified her even more than ever.

“Who am I really?”

She buried herself in the comfort of her own arms as she cried.

“Get up dirty low life.”

She stopped crying and instantly knew that the voice was Wu Jian. Her head lifted to see him staring down at her as he shook his head and sighed. Then he stared down at her bloody hands. She knew that he was looking at them and quickly hid it from his sight. He lifted one of his crutches up to the side and pointed at a huge clayed jug against the wall.

“There’s water over there so get yourself clean up.”

Surprised that he didn’t scold or fought her, she slowly got up. At the entrance, Ching Chen finally caught up with Wu Jian and saw them standing. On the ground, he saw the knives and then his eyes shifted to her bloody hands.

“What happened?”

She was still in shock and couldn’t speak, so Wu Jian spoke for her.

“Three men tried to assault Miss Xiao, so she defended herself.”

He saw everything?! She wondered how long he had watched her fought those men and turned to stare at him. He saw her facial expression and gave a short huff as he grinned.

“I never knew that you could fight Miss Xiao…”

Ching Chen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Is that true Miss Xiao?” he asked to be certain.

She nodded as tears fell again and quickly wiped them with her sleeve.

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Hi Surikoo, do you by any chance have this in a word document?  To be honest I dislike reading long things on the computer because I start getting dizzy after a while.  If not, I hope you don't mind I compile the story on to a word document.  I promise you I will not publish it behind your back and not split the millions, which I may or may not have already made by selling your work to a movie producer in China, with you.

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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Hi Surikoo, do you by any chance have this in a word document?  To be honest I dislike reading long things on the computer because I start getting dizzy after a while.  If not, I hope you don't mind I compile the story on to a word document.  I promise you I will not publish it behind your back and not split the millions, which I may or may not have already made by selling your work to a movie producer in China, with you.

LOL...You better split the millions if made.  ;D

I do have it in word document. How about PDF form?

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Re: Orig Story: Enter the Past
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LOL...You better split the millions if made.  ;D

I do have it in word document. How about PDF form?
That works too.  Do you have it hosted somewhere so I can grab it?

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That works too.  Do you have it hosted somewhere so I can grab it?

I'll PM you.

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